Oaths sworn at Stoke Damerel, 1 November 1715 before John Rogers bart, John Elford esq and John Harris esq

Includes declaration against transubstantiation, taken by Francis Drake, William Spry and John Ford only.

Francis Drake [Signed]
William Spry [Signed]
John Ford [Signed]
John Holler [Signed]
Thomas Gibbs [Signed]
William Kneller [Signed]
T Browne [Signed]
Samuel Cock [Signed]
Thomas Hart [Signed]
John Tompson [Signed]
William Thomas [Signed]
John Peters [Signed]
Thomas Hearle [Signed]
Edward ?Jowy/Jory [Signed]
Israel Perry [Signed]
J Hooper [Signed]
Peter Symons [Signed]
John Guy [Signed]
John Woodley [Signed]
William Cowling [Marked "WC"]
?C Wyatt [Signed]
Robert Sheire [Signed]
Henry Hollister [Signed]
William Parham [Signed]
Abraham Stoneham [Signed]
Thomas Ife [Signed]
Josiah Shepperd [Signed]
Jonathan Williams [Signed]
William Stidson [Signed]
Jared Stappers [Signed]
Crispin Woolcott [Signed]
Henry ?Wilton [Signed]
Robert Lobb [Signed]
Joseph Stephens [Signed]
George Hutchons [Signed]
John Skey [Signed]
John Jarrett [Signed]
Isaac Grant [Signed]
Peter Samwell [Signed]
Joseph Leach [Signed]
Henry Layton [Marked "+"]
Charles Gymblett [Signed]
Jonathan Stumbles [Signed]
Thomas Hayes [Signed]
Robert Westbrooke [Signed]
Stephen Rosekruge [Signed]
Peter Jope [Signed]
Nicholas Oxenham [Signed]
Thomas Westbrook [Signed]
John Cross [Signed]
William Baber [Marked "WB"]
William Blaxell [Signed]
Nathaniel Broad [Signed]
Thomas Hunking [Signed]
William Martin [Signed]
Samuel Hosking [Signed]
Ban: Howell [Signed]
John Warner [Marked]
Richard Crannaver [Signed]
Edward Sargent [Signed]
Elias Boll [Signed]
William Doubt [Signed]
William Oxenham [Signed]
John Knight [Signed]
William Little [Signed]
John Andrews [Signed]
Joseph Standard [Signed]
Anthony Ferris [Signed]
Samuel Kelly [Marked]
Charles Pomeroy [Signed]
Edward Spry [Signed]
John Spry [Signed]
John Morish [Signed]
Richard Sleeman [Signed]
John Wheatly [Signed]
John Hambly [Signed]
Thomas Holman [Signed]
Jerman Pollard [Signed]
Sampson Jope [Signed]
Robert Snook [Signed]
James Andrews [Signed]
John Olner [Signed]
John Dobson [Signed]
Stephen Mutton [Signed]
William Sims [Signed]
John ?Holland [Signed]
Parson Lock [Signed]
Edward Spry [Signed]
Nathaniel Troute [Signed]
Thomas Hooper [Signed]
Bartholomew Hooper [Signed]
William Hooper [Marked]
John Axford [Signed]
John Tozer [Signed]
Arthur Borman [Signed]
William Hartnoll [Signed]
Joseph Harris [Signed]
Degory Doidge [Signed]
John Nambrar [Signed]
Richard Fillis [Signed]
John Stoodly [Signed]
Arthur Stoodly [Signed]
Joseph Higman [Signed]
S Lake [Signed]
Thomas Chambers [Signed]
Thomas Clemens [Signed]
Zachary Cossen [Signed]
John Hingston [Signed]
William Higman [Signed]
Sampson Jope [Signed]
Joseph/Josiah Jewp [Signed] [Forename has been altered. Unclear which is correct.]
James Hide [Signed]
John Vincent [Signed]
James Davis [Signed]
Peter Davis [Signed]
John Hammett [Signed]
Henry Peak [Signed]
John Gloyne [Signed]
Anthony Taylor [Signed]
William Blake [Signed]
John Collings [Signed]
William Hutchings [Signed]
John Battersby [Signed]
Christopher Elmstone [Signed]
Voysey Robins [Signed]
John Hawkes [Signed]
Peter Adams [Signed]
David Filkins [Signed]
Adam Kernott [Signed]
John Stevens [Signed]
Peter Chappel [Marked]
James Heale [Signed]
Robert Trelewen [Signed]
John Bowden [Marked "B"]
George Moone [Signed]
John Williams [Signed]
Stephen Marshall [Signed]
John Cortes [Signed]
Nicholas Roberts [Signed]
Alexander Johns [Signed]
Richard Trenworth [Signed]
Richard Courtis [Signed]
Thomas Hinkson [Signed]
Richoard Piper [Signed]
W Willand [Signed]
R Osborne [Signed]
T Fletchers [Signed]
John Reed [Signed]
T Hawkins [Signed]
?J [Surname unclear] [Signed]
[Illegible entry] [Signed]
T Gregson [Signed]
Lorem: Courtney [Signed]
Henry Mervyn [Signed]
John Collier [Signed]
Matthew Nickols [Signed]
William Bennetland [Signed]
John Vivian [Signed]
William Woods [Signed]
Edward Hampton [Signed]
John Caron [Signed]
William Cock [Signed]
John Kaye [Signed]
Richard Browne [Signed]
Robert Piper [Signed]
Edward Willcocks [Signed]
William Spare [Signed]
J Clarke [Signed]
John Pollard [Signed]
Thomas Wheadon [Signed]
Abraham Stidson [Signed]
Zachary Burrough [Signed]
Thomas Stevens [Signed]
Thomas Lesson [Signed]
James Ozenes [Marked]
William Newell [Signed]
Richard Square [Signed]
Nathaniel Maddox [Marked]
Thomas Miller [Signed]
Benjamin Cloke [Signed]
Richard Chenwoeth [Signed]
William Higman [Signed]
George Sandrs [Signed]
Matthew Piper [Signed]
William Drake [Signed]
Hugh Martyn [Marked "H"]
Silvanus Bickle [Signed]
Nicholas Pearse [Marked "X"]
[Forename unclear] Read [Marked]
William Lelyett [Signed]
Matthew Mullins [Signed]
Clement Rundels [Signed]
John Spurrell [Signed]
George Hodges [Signed]
John Rogers [Signed]
Edward Swan [Signed]
Nicholas Ellsey [Signed]
Thomas Staples [Marked "T"]
John ?Astin [Signed]
Richard ?Yold/Jold [Signed]
John Hughes [Signed]
Nathaniel Ball [Signed]
William Austin [Marked "+"]
Richard Lynzee [Marked "R"]
John Green [Signed]
Henry Cradock [Signed]
Henry Hodges [Marked "H"]
Thomas Bastard [Signed]
John Jane [Signed]
Richard Wood [Signed]
Andrew Cradock [Signed]
John Collier [Signed]
William Hoyton [Signed]
Thomas Linzee [Signed]
Thomas Langdon [Signed]
Richard Tregoweth [Signed]
John Fowler [Signed]
Henry Sansum [Signed]
Thomas Blake [Marked "T"]
Samuel Austin [Signed]
Thomas Tuck [Marked "T"]
Nicholas Peters [Marked]
Christopher Wootton [Marked]
John Webb [Marked "IW"]
Henry Luscomb [Marked "H"]
James Trapwell [Signed]
John Booker [Signed]
Thomas Parsons [Marked]
John Ellery [Signed]
Thomas Bird [Signed]
William Robins [Marked "W"]
William Dale [Signed]
Nehemiah Thomas [Signed]
John ?Popel [Marked "I"]
John Nichols [Signed]
Henry Cowland [Marked]
Thomas Bottom [Signed]
Nicholas ?Manfld/Manston [Signed]
Daniel Hussey [Signed]
Arthur Collings [Marked "A"]
Robert Truman [Signed]
Richard Parsons [Marked "R"]
Giles Gilson [Marked]
John Harris [Signed]
William Locks [Signed]
Thomas Hooper [Signed]
John Pote [Marked "I"]
Leonard Guscott [Marked]
John Veale [Signed]
Thomas Harris [Marked]
Robert Dawe [Signed]
John Hoblyn [Marked]
Richard Dawe [Marked]
John Sheerman [Marked]
Phillip Westlake [Marked]
Joseph Deaves [Signed]
Edward Avery [Signed]
John Burt [Signed]
Richard Evans [Signed]
Robert Bond [Signed]
John Reed [Signed]
Richard Kevern [Signed]
William Phillips [Signed]
Thomas Stephens [Signed]
William Hodgkin [Signed]
Richard Skinner [Signed]
John Towson [Signed]
Robert Moore [Signed]
Richard Earle [Signed]
Richard Puckey [Signed]
Gammallell Betts [Signed]
Robert Jeffery [Signed]
John Williams [Signed]
William Bowles [Signed]
Thomas Emerson [Marked]
William Wood [Marked]
Thomas Filkins [Marked]
William Gawden [Signed]
Abraham Thomas [Signed]
Peter Scott [Signed]
Jonathan Hele [Signed]
William Sappin [Signed]
Charles Brown [Marked "CB"]
Robert Oliver [Signed]
Charles Williams [Signed]
William Daggatt [Signed]
William Beard [Marked]
William Shuffell [Signed]
Thomas Newman [Marked "TN"]
Jonas Clarke [Signed]
Francis Snell [Marked]
Thomas Row [Signed]
John Thomson [Signed]
James Frank [Signed]
Joseph Weymouth [Signed]
John Langmead [Marked]
Alexander Mearns [Marked]
Richard Shepheard [Signed]
William Miller [Marked]
Thomas Tuck [Signed]
John Barker [Signed]
Stephen Rider [Marked "R"]
Samuel Ford [Signed]
John Geach [Marked]
George Hetherington [Signed]
William Purvis [Marked "P"]
John Sowter [Signed]
John Howard [Signed]
Ralph Hardman [Marked]
William Ragan [Marked]
John Sharpless [Signed]
John Dawkins [Signed]
Robert Paull [Signed]
Robert White [Signed]
Michael Cowling [Marked]
Thomas [illegibile] [Signed]
John ?Rollf [Signed]
Marmaduke Peckett [Signed]
Christopher Barter [Marked]
Henry Johns [Marked]
John Love [Signed]
William Staines [Signed]
Gustus Darpston/?Darpster [Signed]
George Lee [Signed]
John Pattinson [Signed]
William Avery [Marked]
John Rule [Marked "J"]
Stephen Jaye [Signed]
George Rule [Signed]
Henry Broadhurst [Marked "H"]
Richard Netting [Marked "N"]
William Shepherd [Marked]
Thomas Budd [Signed]
John Teague [Marked "T"]
William Hamlyn [Signed]
Edward Wise [Signed]
John Edry [Marked]
John Williams [Marked "I"]
Nicholas Willillams [Signed]
Richard Pokinhorn [Marked "P"]
John Sarah [Marked]
Robert Thomas [Marked]
Thomas Chelly [Marked "+"]
John Keaim [Signed]
William Bennett [Signed]
Henry Grantland [Signed]
Thomas Bingley [Signed]
John Hanken [Signed]
John Piles [Marked "IP"]
Anthony Knight [Marked]
Nicholas Jermain [Marked]
Richard Newberry [Marked "R"]
Bennatt Lobb [Signed]
John Roberts [Marked "I"]
Thomas Pearse [Marked "TP"]
Giles Chapman [Signed]
Jos[eph?] Pokinhorn [Marked]
Thomas Trusset [Marked "T"]
Rickard Steevens [Signed]
John Betty [Marked "I"]
Thomas Craft [Signed]
John Nile [Marked "IN"]
Thomas Williams [Marked "TW"]
Henry Purrel [Marked "H"]
Thomas Hartford [Marked]
Richard May [Signed]
Hugh Forth [Marked "H"]
William Doidge [Marked "D"]
Thomas Price [Marked "Tho"]
William Abraham [Marked]
Henry Trimbath [Marked "H"]
John Rogers [Signed]
Richard Grantland [Marked "R"]
Thomas Danggar [Signed]
Robert Bennet [Marked "R"]
Nicholas Murr [Signed]
Michael Spareman [Marked]
William Loase [Signed]
William Doney [Marked]
Peter Ball [Signed]
Matthew Moon [Marked "M"]
Nicholas Hare [Marked]
Digo Hubbard [Marked]
Henry Wood [Marked]
Phillip Percy [Signed]
Thomas Spareman [Marked]
Nicholas Butt [Signed]
Walter Launder [Marked]
Samuel Peke [Signed]
Richard Chapell [Signed]
John Wise [Signed]
Walter Paine [Signed]
William Paul [Signed]
Anor Spry [Marked]
Matthew Samelle [Signed]
Thomas Stevens [Signed]
Jose[ph?] Devonshr [Marked]
Peter Allin [Signed]
John Goach [Signed]
George Lobb [Marked]
Edward Scantlebery [Marked]
John ?Kereten/Keveten [Marked]
Roger Powet [Marked "Ro"]
Edward Wills [Signed]
Allnet Prinn [Signed]
William Way [Marked]
John Barret [Marked "B"]
William Tickell [Signed]
John Davie [Signed]
Giles Chapman [Signed]
Henry Lang [Signed]
Samuel Edgcomb [Signed]
Mark Tastock [Marked "M"]
Richard Johnson [Signed]
Thomas Cowling [Marked "T"]
John Harvy [Signed]
John Allyn [Marked]
John Rush [Marked]
John Jones [Marked "I"]
Edward Ivory [Signed]
Stephen Michael [Marked]
Thomas Stephens [Marked]
John ?Humfrey [Signed]
Edward Doney [Marked "+"]
John Smith [Signed]
Thomas Hancock [Signed]
James Ripp [Marked]
Thomas Crispin [Signed]
John Harris [Signed]
Richard Heller [Marked]
Thomas Percy [Signed]
William Beardon [Marked "B"]
Samuel Cowlling [Signed]
Franics Butland [Marked "B"]
William Teague [Marked]
John Giles [Marked "Joh"]
Thomas Tribe [Signed]
Joseph Whettham [Marked]
Teague Richards [Marked "R"]
Robert Pearn [Marked "R"]
Thomas Robinson [Marked]
Jacob Copping [Signed]
Thomas Milford [Signed]
Robert Ramsey [Marked]
Thomas Hardcastle [Signed]
Jeremia Jones [Signed]
David Williams [Signed]
John Jones [Signed]
John Sanders [Signed]
Benjamin Higgins [Marked]
Richard Cock [Signed]
John Puckry [Signed]
Edward Drake [Signed]
George Allyn [Marked]
John Gidney [Signed]
John Trefry [Signed]
George Williams [Signed]
Michael Palmer [Signed]
Robert Taylor [Marked]
Matthew Bond [Marked]
George Dane [Signed]
Caleb Harris [Signed]
Richard Rider [Signed]
Hugh Collier [Signed]
Samuel Stephens [Signed]
William Higgins [Marked]
John Wilton [Marked]
William Harris [Signed]