Oaths sworn at Bideford, 27 December 1715 before Bowchier Wrey, Arthur Chichester bart, William Harris and William Cleveland esqs

William Kingford, rector of Parkham [Signed]
James Croston, tidesurveyor [Signed]
Thomas Orchard, rector of Holsworthy [Signed]
Richard Roberts, clerk of Bideford [Signed]
Edmund Bickford [Signed]
James Cooke of Littleham [Signed]
George Blake, rector of Alwington [Signed]
Joseph Moory, curate of Pancrasweek [Signed]
George Follet (Follett), C[onstable] of Northam [Signed]
George Turner, clerk [Signed]
Richard Bastard of Northam [Signed]
Robert Isaac of Northam [Signed]
Charles Carter, constable of Hartland [Signed]
John Short, gent of Woolfardisworthy [Signed]
John Greenaway of Abbotsham [Signed]
Hugh Rogerman, constable of Clovelly [Signed]
George Orchard, constable of Abbotsham [Signed]
Joseph Dennard, C[onstable] of Abbotsham [Not signed or marked]
Richard Mervin, vicar of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Richard Nash [Signed]
Edward Chapman [Signed]
John Smale, schoolmaster of ?Ha... [Signed]
William Bear, vicar of Abbotsham [Signed]
Thomas Earle, vicar of [query] [Signed]
John Honnacott [Signed]
Richard jun Nash of Bideford [Signed]
Daniel Cory, minister of Peters Marland [Signed]
William Bond of Bideford [Signed]
Robert sen Whitheare, tidesman of Northam [Signed]
William Limbory, tidesman of Northam [Signed]
William Rosier, tidesman of Northam [Signed]
Robert jun Whitheare, tidesman [Signed]
Christopher Paul, tidesman [Marked "P"]
Edward Trapnell, tidesman [Signed]
John Phillips, tidesman of Fremington [Signed]