Oaths sworn at Axminster, 18 January 1715/16 before Richard Hallett esq, William Walrond esq and William Bragg esq

Includes declaration against transubstantiation.

Clement Bowdage, esq [Signed]
Charles Harward, clerk of Talaton [Signed]
William Frank (Franke), clerk of Talaton [Signed]
Charles Vaughan, esq of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
John Marker, gent of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Pottbury, clerk of Payhembury [Marked]
George Pottbury (Portbury), clerk of Payhembury [Signed]
Nicholas Lockyer, clerk of Luppitt [Signed]
John Burough (Burrough), clerk of ?Choliscombe [Signed]
William Palmer, clerk of Combe Raleigh [Signed]
Thomas Cooke, clerk of Buckerell [Signed]
Ezra Cleavland (Cleaveland), clerk of Honiton [Signed]
William Salter, clerk of Colyton [Signed]
Thomas Clarke, gent of Willand [Signed]
John Raymond, esq of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
Benjamin Michell of Salcombe [Signed]