Oaths sworn at Axminster, 18 January 1715/16 before Richard Hallett esq, William Walrond esq and William Bragg esq

William Langford, clerk of Axminster [Signed]
Thomas Upham, clerk of Combpyne [Signed]
William Keate, clerk of Seaton and Beer [Signed]
Edward Row (Rowe), clerk of Axmouth [Signed]
John Ashford, clerk of Uplyme [Signed]
Charles Hopping, clerk of Musbury [Signed]
Thomas Cooke (Cook), clerk of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
William Ash (Aish), clerk of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Stephen Towgood of Axminster [Signed]
Jerom Meynard (Maynard) of Axminster [Signed]
William Lee, hundred constable of Hundred of Axminster [Signed]
Bernard Fisher, hundred constable of Hundred of Axminster [Signed]
William Vincent, hundred constable of Hundred of Axminster [Signed]
William Ferry, constable of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Marked "X"]
John Michell, constable of Membury [Signed]
Robert Wood of Luppitt [Signed]
George Bradleigh (Bradley), constable of Luppitt [Signed]
William Martyn, esq, clerk of the peace [Signed]
Robert Cole, clerk of Widworthy [Signed]
James Dunning, gent of Axminster [Signed]
John Collins (Collings), constable of Axmouth [Signed]
William Rapsy, constable of Axmouth [Signed]
Jacob Pady, constable of Uplyme [Signed]
John Searle (Serle), constable of Combe Raleigh [Signed]
Robert Stokes, clerk of Stockland [Signed]
Walter Mew, constable of Combpyne [Signed]
William Palmer, gent [Signed]
James Bussell, gent of Colyton [Signed]
John Pittfield (Pitfield), gent of Colyton [Signed]
William Liddon, constable of Axminster [?Marked]
Robert Liddon, constable of Axminster [Signed]
William Woollmington, constable of Axminster [Signed]
Samuel Loring (Looring), constable of Musbury [Signed]
William Dummett (Dommett), constable of Offwell [Signed]
Nathaniel Pope, gent of Colyton [Signed]
Malachy Snooke, constable of Upottery [Signed]
Henry Carew, clerk of Kilmington [Signed]
John Bond, constable of Yarcombe [Signed]
John Smith, constable of Kilmington [Signed]
William Upcott, gent of Chard [Signed]