The session is headed with the text "Devon' ss. Ad" only, giving no date or location. However, it appears to be a separate session from QS17/1/15/4b.

Bampfield Drake, clerk of Farway [Signed]
John French, clerk of Southleigh [Signed]
John Knight, clerk of Aylesbeare [Signed]
John Edgerton (Egerton), clerk of Lympstone [Signed]
Richard Balstar, clerk of Budleigh, East [Signed]
Joseph Gilling, clerk of Harpford [Signed]
Daniel Newcombe (Necome), clerk, rector of Whimple [Signed]
William Row (Rowe), vicar of Otterton [Signed]
Charles Tarleton (Tarlton), clerk of Bicton [Signed]
Hugh Eard (Yard), curate of Farringdon [Signed]
John Edwards, clerk of Northleigh [Signed]
Francis Webber, clerk of Clyst Honiton [Signed]
John Burrough, clerk of Gittisham [Signed]
Maximilian Woollcott (Wolcot), clerk of Feniton [Signed]
Richard Marker, clerk of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Joseph Shebbeare, clerk of Ilsington [Signed]
Thomas Forrester (Forester), clerk of Shute [Signed]
Thomas Warry, clerk of Littleham [Signed]
Edward Hollwell (Holwell), esq of Littleham [Signed]
Thomas Bowdage, gent of Colyton [Signed]
John Ball of Honiton [Signed]
John Walrond of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Edward Bishopp (Bishop) of Churchstanton [Signed]
Daniel Call (Calle) of Honiton [Signed]
Joseph Manston of Lympstone [Signed]
Samuel Staddon (Stoddon) of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Henry Morgan, gent of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Nowell, constable of Ilsington [Marked]
William Bartholomew, gent of Farringdon [Signed]
Joseph Langworthy, constable of Moretonhampstead [Signed]
George Merdon (Mardon), portreeve of Moretonhampstead [Signed]
Gilbert Langdon, clerk of Woodbury [Signed]
Thomas Eales, clerk of Butterleigh [Signed]
William Hewett (Youatt) of Colyton [Signed]
Roger Beaton (Beadon) of Otterton [Signed]
Francis Pease of Clyst St. George [Signed]
John Helford, constable of Butterleigh [Marked]
John Rosewell of Colyton [Signed]
James Saunders (Sanders) of Honiton [Signed]
John West, gent of Sowton [Signed]
Joseph Savage of Lympstone [Signed]
Robert Parkeman (Parkman) of Colyton [Signed]
Thomas Vaughan, clerk of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Barrington of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Morely, tidesurveyor of Topsham [Signed]
Cesar Savage of Topsham [Signed]
Thomas Davy (Davey) of Topsham [Signed]
Edward Walton (Wotton) of Topsham [Signed]
John Mead of Topsham [Signed]
James Slinger of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Duke of Sidmouth [Signed]
Christopher Saunders (Sanders), constable of Littleham [Signed]
Roger Wannell, constable of Littleham [Marked]
John White, constable of Lympstone [Signed]
William Dowell (Dowill), constable of Payhembury [Signed]
Nicholas Cregoe (Crago), constable of Payhembury [Signed]
Charles jun Churchill, gent of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
John Mitchell (Michell), gent of Gittisham [Signed]
Edmund Lockyer, constable of Honiton [Signed]
Abraham Reed, constable of Honiton [Signed]
Francis Ash, constable of Honiton [Signed]
John Staple, constable of Otterton [Signed]
Thomas Carter, constable of Otterton [Signed]
Robert Browne, clerk of Salcombe [Signed]
Maximilian Woollcott (Wolcot), clerk of Sidbury [Signed]
Thomas Hall, clerk of Cotleigh [Signed]
William Jellett (Gyllett), clerk of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
Abraham Smith, clerk of Yarcombe [Signed]
John Hopping (Hoppinge), gent of Otterton [Signed]
John Hooke, constable of Budleigh, East [Signed]
Faytor Braddick, constable of Budleigh, East [Signed]
Martin Randall (Randell), constable of Budleigh, East [Signed]
Samuel Cornish of Farringdon [Signed]
James Glanvill, gent of Drewsteignton [Signed]
John Bishopp (Bishop) of Gittisham [Signed]
Isaac Clarke (Clark) of Sidbury [Signed]
Jonas Guppy of Sidbury [Signed]
John Johnson of Yarcombe [Marked "I"]
Edward Clarke of Farway [Signed]
Josias Godfry (Godfrey), constable of Talaton [Signed]
Robert Stephens, constable of Talaton [Signed]
Isiah Farrington, hundred constable of Ottery Hundred [Signed]
Thomas Gore, gent of Gittisham [Signed]
Joseph White of Colaton Raleigh [Signed]
Edmund Bishopp (Bishop), hundred constable of Clyston hundred [Signed]
Nicholas Whiddon (Wheaton), constable of Sidbury [Signed]
John Channon, constable of Branscombe [Signed]
Matthew Bartlett, constable of Farway [Signed]
William Cox, constable of Farway [Signed]
John Spiller, constable of Colyton [Marked]
Thomas Baker, constable of Colyton [Marked]
Abraham Swaine (Swayne), constable of Colyton [Signed]
John Speed, constable of Colyton [Signed]
Aaron Reed, constable of Colyton [Signed]
Joseph Collier, constable of Colyton [Signed]
John Saunders (Sanders), constable of Bicton [Signed]
John Hayman, constable of Aylesbeare [Signed]
Richard Eveleigh, constable of Aylesbeare [Marked "R"]
Edward Hare, constable of Aylesbeare [Signed]
William Lugg, constable of Harpford [Signed]
William Webber, constable of Harpford [Signed]
Joseph Loveridge, constable of Seaton and Beer [Signed]
John Clark, constable of Branscombe [Signed]
John Warren, constable of Sidbury [Signed]
Richard Dawne, constable of Shute [Marked "R"]
John Leeves of Shute [Signed]