Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 15 January 1716/17. Justices not named

Sir Henry Langford, bart, high sheriff of Devon [Signed]
Robert Atkins, gent, undersheriff of Devon [Signed]
Thomas Roberts of Honiton [Signed]
William Peirce of Shute [Signed]
John Stephens, gent of Denbury [Signed]
Thomas jun Byrdall, clerk vicar of Dunsford [Signed]
Thomas Hiern, gent Major of Okehampton [Signed]
George Blagdon, portreeve of Honiton [Signed]
John Wreyford, portreeve of Chudleigh [Marked "I"]
William Whiteborne, curate of Shobrooke [Signed]
Phillip Kingdon, gent of Molton, North [Signed]