Oaths sworn at Stoke Damrell, 21 January 1716/17 before John Rogers bart, Thomas Pyne MD, William Ilbert, John Elford and Thomas Coppleston esqs

Includes declaration against transubstantiation.

Francis Dove, ?Coll [Signed]
J Phillips [Signed]
?E Cole, storekeeper [Signed]
Robert Young, ?C:R: [Signed]
Edward Southcote of Dartmouth [Signed]
P Lock, builders assistant [Signed]
John Reed, chaplain [Signed]
W Bacons, surgeon [Signed]
John Perry [Marked]
Thomas Linzee [Signed]
Stephen Newell, master sailmaker [Signed]
Thomas Fawler, master caulker [Signed]
Jethro Brown [Signed]
Edmund Weedon, mast maker [Signed]
Ralph Sershall, Mr bricklayer [Signed]
Thomas Wetherill [Signed]
Thomas Netherton [Signed]
W Figant [Signed]
Arthur ?Clegg [Signed]
John Teague [Signed]
Thomas Hone [Signed]
?Edmund/Edward Jacob [Signed]
Richard Baggott [Signed]
William Baker [Signed]
Nicholas Ardin [Signed]
William Rounsivell [Signed]
George Pierce [Signed]
William ?Bowell [Signed]
William French [Signed]
John Orbell [Signed]
Phillip Huxham [Signed]
John Lancester [Signed]
Robert Chambers [Signed]
James Dorsett [Signed]
Walter ?Dodemem [Signed]
Nicholas Hockaday [Signed]
William ?Kelly [Signed]
William Fox [Signed]
Thomas Gibbs [Signed]
William Stone [Signed]
Hugh Hathaway [Signed]
Charles Pope [Signed]
J Chappell [Signed]
Richard Phinnes [Signed]
J Sanders [Signed]
Samuel Stevenson [Signed]
Daniel Brand [Signed]
James Beach [Signed]
Th: Hatt [Signed]
R[ichar]d Shales [Signed]
John ?Mory [Signed]
Henry Lavers [Signed]
John Saunders [Signed]
William Moore [Marked]
John Flood [Signed]
John Davies [Signed]
William Skeffington [Signed]
John Thomas [Signed]
Thomas Still [Signed]
John Brown [Signed]
Silas Hansford [Signed]
William Hussey [Marked "X"]
John Southwell [Signed]
Richard Vasser [Signed]
Robert ?Wooler [Signed]
William Lapthorn [Signed]
Jonathan Randall [Signed]
John Saintlo [Signed]
Edward Wiley [Signed]
James Colborn [Signed]
Robert Dove [Marked "R"]
William Andrews [Signed]
Cha[rle]s Hewman [Signed]
Walter Vickery [Marked]
William Hook [Signed]

N.B. All the persons who took the abovewritten oaths at the Adjournmt of the sessions abovementioned were Officers of the Dock near Plymouth or of some of his Ma[jes]ties Shipps (except onely Edward Southcott of Dartmouth) as by their certificates of Receiving the sacrament &c appears.