Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 22 April 1718 before Thomas Putt bart and Andrew Quick esq

Includes declaration against transubstantiation.

John Elford, esq of Longstone (in Sheepstor) [Signed]
William Arthur, excise officer [Signed]
Stephen Adams [Signed]
Scutt Langbridge of Tawton, South [Signed] ["the abjuration only"]
Hugh Yard (Yarde), rector of Ashton [Signed]
George Street, weigher of Topsham [Signed]
Thomas Burrington, clerk of Exminster [Signed]
Robert Bradford, clerk of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
William Bankes, excise officer [Signed]
George Humberstone, Gager [Signed]
Robert Vicary, Gager [Signed]
Francis Tonken, excise officer [Signed]
John Prideaux, esq of ?Soldon [Signed]
John Brosier, excise officer [Signed]
James Sewell, excise officer [Signed]
Mark Luke, gent of Membury [Signed]
William Venn, excise officer [Signed]
Hammond Tucker, gent of Teignmouth [Signed]
Edward Hartley, tidesman of the port of Exeter [Signed]