Oaths sworn at The School House, Axminster, 30 September 1723 before John Drake Bart, Francis Gwyn and Richard Hallett esqs

[The subscribers to this roll were probably all Quakers since the wording differs from the main run of oath rolls. The words 'sincerely swear' are replaced with 'sincerely promise' in accordance with the Quaker Affirmation. The roll is filed out of sequence under class mark QS17/1, rather than QS17/2.]

Christian Stocker of Axminster [Marked "S"]
Mary Copp of Axminster [Marked]
John Irish of Axminster [Marked "I"]
Joseph Cosens (Cossens) of Axminster [Signed]
John Newton of Axminster [Marked]
Edward Smith of Axminster [Signed]
John Dyamond (Dymond) of Axminster [Signed]
William French of Axminster [Marked "F"]
William Eveleigh of Stockland [Not signed or marked]
John Smith of Stockland [Signed]
Hannah Smith of Membury [Signed]
Mary Smith of Membury [Marked "MS"]
James Seymour (Seymer) of Membury [Signed]
William Robins of Membury [Marked]
Mary Newbery of Membury [Marked "N"]
Daniel Smith of Membury [Signed]
John Allaway (Alloway) of Membury [Signed]
Mary Cload of Membury [Marked "M"]
Daniel Puss of Uplyme [Signed]