Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 8 Oct 1723 before John Gibbs and John Elford esqs

Includes declaration against transubstantiation.

Richard Oxenbeare, excise officer of Sydenham Damerel [Signed]
John Love, excise officer of Witheridge [Signed]
John Pierce (Peirce), excise officer of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Signed]
Thomas May, tidesman of Exeter [Signed]
Simon Tregay (Tregea), excise officer of Kenton [Signed]
Thomas Carew, esq of Broadhembury [Signed]
James Rivers, excise officer of Sidmouth [Signed]
John Ley, excise officer of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
James Buckley, mayor of Totnes [Signed]
Oliver Wakeham, esq, justice of the peace (Totnes borough) of Totnes [Signed]
Michael Pretor (Preter) of Colyton [Signed]
Samuel Coleman of Shute [Signed]
Michael Dyer, excise officer of Bampton [Signed]
Gilbert Clapp, mariner of Dawlish [Signed]