Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 3 October 1721 before Samuel Cooke, Thomas Browne and William Cholwich esqs

Includes declaration against transubstantiation.

William Cholwich, esq [Signed]
Thomas Brown, esq [Signed]
Richard Needs, gent [Signed]
Richard Perryman (Perriman), clerk of Molton, North [Signed]
Robert Austin (Austen) of Bishop's Tawton [Signed]
George Tremlett, esq, Mayor of Totnes [Signed]
Richard Cole, esq, Justice of Totnes [Signed]
Roger jun Berryman, gent of Totnes [Signed]
Edmund Bickford, esq of the Inner Temple [Signed]
John Salter, rector of Stoke Fleming [Signed]
Daniel Newcome, clerk, Justice of the Peace [Signed]
John Windsor, clerk of Uffculm [Signed]
Oliver Peard, esq, Mayor of Tiverton [Signed]