Oaths sworn at The Seven Stars, St. Thomas (Exeter), 7 August 1723 before Samuel Cook, Bampfylde Rodd, John Gibbs esqs and Daniel Newcomb Clerk

Letitia Carew, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Katherine Pennick (Penneck), wife of William Pennick of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Hamley, gent of Exminster [Signed]
Robert Trevant, gent of Exminster [Marked]
John Sowdon, gent of Alphington [Signed]
Richard Browncy, yeoman of Exminster [Marked]
William Harris, gent of Exminster [Signed]
William Green, gent of Topsham [Signed]
Joseph Hodder, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
John Pidgeon, gent of Topsham [Signed]
Michael Moggridge, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Mary Drake, widow of Topsham [Signed]
Thomas Carpenter, gent of Alphington [Signed]
Mary Brand, widow of Topsham [Marked "MB"]
Susanna Morris, widow of Topsham [Marked]
Martha Stokes, widow of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Marsh, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Samuel Cook, yeoman of Powderham [Signed]
William Forward, doctor of physick of Sowton [Signed]
Richard Wilcocks, gent of Pinhoe [Signed]
Simon Morris, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Edward Crockhay, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Jonathan Snow, maltster of Topsham [Signed]
John Ewens (Ewings), mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Sarah Ewens (Ewings), widow of Topsham [Signed]
Elizabeth Sanford, widow of Topsham [Signed]
Alice Sanford, spinster of Topsham [Signed]
Mary Smith, widow of Topsham [Marked]
Katherine Spicer, widow of Exminster [Signed]
George Meaffeild, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Richard Fursdon, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Susanna Dark, spinster of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Morris, mariner of Topsham [Not signed or marked]
Henry Stafford, mariner of Exmouth [Signed]
John sen Stafford, mariner of Exmouth [Signed]
Elizabeth Harward, widow of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
John Harward, mariner of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
Elizabeth Laskey, widow of Bradninch [Marked]
John Skinner, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Tobias Hunt, yeoman of Topsham [Signed]
William Randal (Randall), surgeon of Topsham [Signed]
Amy Stevens, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Sarah Davy, spinster of Heavitree [Signed]
Elizabeth Davy, spinster of Heavitree [Signed]
John Shapleigh, esq of Topsham (Newcourt) [Signed]
Arthur Ceely, esq of Farringdon [Signed]
Benjamin Oliver (Olliver), esq of Brampford Speke [Signed]
John West, gent of Sowton [Signed]
Anne Elworthy, widow of Silverton [Signed]
Martha Wade (Waud), widow of Topsham [Signed]
Richard Burnell, yeoman of Brampford Speke [Signed]
Jane Fletcher (Flatcher), widow of Powderham [Signed]
Lucy Kingwell, widow of Powderham [Marked]
William Horsham, trader of Topsham [Signed]
Hugh Horsham, yeoman of Berry Pomeroy [Signed]
Michael Martyn, teacher of Lympstone [Signed]
William Moore, gent of Broadclyst [Signed]
Benjamin Hoder (Hodder), mariner of Topsham [Signed]
John Ware (Weare), roper of Topsham [Signed]
Philip Ware (Weare), mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Palmer, shipwright of Topsham [Signed]
Roger Lane, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Margaret Matthews, widow of Topsham [Marked]
Anne Earle (Earell), widow of Topsham [Signed]
Edmund Starr, merchant of Topsham [Signed]
Margaret Warry, widow of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
James Fisher, sadler of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Simon Rowden, fuller of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Smith, roper of Topsham [Signed]
Henry Elliot (Ellott), cooper of Topsham [Signed]
Nicholas Peters, surgeon of Topsham [Signed]
Samuel Truslake, baker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Samuel Owens, sugarbaker of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Pym, shipwright of Topsham [Signed]
Benjamin Buttall, distiller of Topsham [Signed]
Dorothy Ratcliff, widow of Alphington [Signed]
Dorothy Carpenter, widow of Alphington [Signed]
Mary Ellacott, widow of Alphington [Marked "E"]
Thomas Ware, thatcher of Dunchideock [Signed]
Jeffery Woolacott, sergemaker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Samuel Cooke, esq of Exminster [Signed]
Mary Cook, spinster of Powderham [Marked "M"]
Henry Odam, victualler of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Henry Fisher, hosier of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Christopher Taylor, sergemaker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Hannah Reynolds, widow of Brampford Speke [Signed]
Henry Sowden, gent of Brampford Speke [Signed]
Alice Hunt, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Thomas Taylor, yeoman of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Vowler, gent of Heavitree [Signed]
George Webber, taylor of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Joseph Sharp, glover of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Joseph Wrayford (Wreyford), sergemaker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
James Capel, shoemaker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Gully, husbandman of Alphington [Marked "T"]
John Roberts, husbandman of Exminster [Signed]
Joan Lysle, widow of Dunchideock [Marked "I"]
George Parr, yeoman of Exminster [Marked "P"]
Andrew Lavinton, fuller of St. Leonard (Exeter) [Signed]
John Greenfield, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Mary Wantrick, widow of Alphington [Marked "M"]
William Thorne, weaver of Alphington [Signed]
Daniel Bishop, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
John Quick, yeoman of Brampford Speke [Signed]
John jun Burridge, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
William Downman, esq of Alphington [Signed]
James Camberlain, sergemaker of Brampford Speke [Signed]
Clement Weeks, maltster of Topsham [Signed]
Theodore Bere, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Benjamin Heath, merchant of St. Leonard (Exeter) [Signed]
George Hodder, mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Daniel Newcome, clerk of Whimple [not marked or signed]
Hannah Burnet (Burnett), widow of Exmouth [Signed]
John jun Ewins (Ewings), mariner of Topsham [Signed]
Samuel Moor, weaver of Alphington [Signed]
Mary Bless, widow of Alphington [Marked]
Robert Parker, sergemaker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Ellard, taylor of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Jasper Moore, woolcomber of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Griffin, sergemaker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Thomas Handleigh, weaver of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Richard Bickham, woolcomber of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Erlysman Peachy (Peachye), gent of Exmouth [Signed]
Samuel Ferris, gent of Powderham [Signed]
Thomas Kenwood, yeoman of Powderham [Signed]
Katherine Lee, widow of Alphington [Marked "O"]
Roger Bidgood, butcher of Budleigh, East [Signed]
Arthur Perryman, gent of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Mathew Lee, fuller of St. Leonard (Exeter) [Signed]
Joseph Bulford, baker of Alphington [Signed]
Philip Clarke, gent of Brampford Speke [Signed]
John Lightfoot, weaver of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Jury (Jewry), clothier of Alphington [Signed]
Barbara Buckingham, widow of Alphington [Marked]
John Hooper (Hoper), taylor of Alphington [Signed]
Anne Morris, widow of Alphington [Marked "A"]
Gideon Crossing, yeoman of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Susanna Durston, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Mary Knowsely (Knowsley), widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
James Preston, weaver of Alphington [Marked]
William Gee, tanner of Dunsford [Signed]
Benjamin Reynolds (Reynell), yeoman of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Thomas, tanner of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Ganicliff (Gannicliffe), cordwainer of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Joseph Cummings, butcher of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Simon Mayow, merchant of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Anne Brown, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "AB"]
Sarah Buckingham, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "SB"]
Joan Bussel, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "I"]
George Efford, gent of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Hannah Yeo, wife of Richard Yeom of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Alice Geere, widow of Alphington [Signed]
Anne Stone, widow of Alphington [Signed]
John Bragg (Bragge), woolcomber of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Richard Stone, gent of Alphington [Signed]
John Geere, esq of Kenn [Signed]
Humphrey Wilcocks, gent of Pinhoe [Signed]
James Flatcher, blacksmith of Dunchideock [Signed]
Elizabeth Sainthill, spinster of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Elizabeth Byrdall (Birdall), widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Mary Towe, widow of Alphington [Signed]
Margaret Potter, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Joseph Stone, fuller of Alphington [Signed]
John Saunders (Sanders) jun , yeoman of Pinhoe [Signed]
James Riggs, gent of Pinhoe [Signed]
Elizabeth Thorn, widow of Kenton [Marked]
John Endacott (Endicot), woolcomber of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Sarah Dally, widow of Pinhoe [Signed]
John Banks (Banckes), blacksmith of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Katherine Pascoe (Pascko), widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Liscombe (Luscomb), sergemaker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Elizabeth Banks, spinster of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Jane Williams, widow of Pinhoe [Marked "I"]
Elizabeth Salter, widow of Topsham [Marked]
William Rogers, miller of Sowton [Signed]
James Pincombe, weaver of Alphington [Marked]
John Chappell, woolcomber of Alphington [Signed]
Edward jun Hanbury, fuller of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Soper, woolcomber of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Edward Hanbury, fuller of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Priscilla Goddard (Godard), widow of Topsham [Signed]
John Hall, yeoman of Topsham [Signed]
Gabriel Prowse, yeoman of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Samuel Blackford, taylor of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Saunders (Sanders), weaver of Alphington [Signed]
Thomas Midden, yeoman of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked]
Henry Underhill, taylor of Alphington [Marked] [Signature barely legible, very poor handwriting.]
Samuel Cogan (Coggan), sergemaker of Heavitree [Signed]
Joseph Sheppard (Shepherd), merchant of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Rugg, baker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]