Oaths sworn at The George, Kingsbridge, 28 August 1723 before William Ilbert, John Fowell and Samuel Wotton esqs

William Gilbert of Alvington, West [Marked "W"]
Thomas Pearse of Bigbury [Signed]
Sampson Bastard of Churchstow [Signed]
John Quarme of Alvington, West [Marked]
Roger Quarme of Alvington, West [Signed]
William Prowte (Proute) of Stokenham [Signed]
Thomas Pope of Stokenham [Marked]
Nathan King of Stokenham [Marked]
Mary Owne (Ewen) of Stokenham [Marked]
Thomas Paine (Payne) of Alvington, West [Signed]
[Illegible entry, John ___]
John Gilbert of Alvington, West [Not signed or marked]
Mathew Hele of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
John Boone (?Beard) of Charleton [Signed]
Nathaniel Sheppard (Shepperd) of Stokenham [Signed]
Edward Locke of Thurlestone [Signed]
John Watts of Stokenham [Marked]
Robert Bastard of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Michael Trout of Stokenham [Marked]
Roger Stone of Stokenham [Signed]
Richard Garland of Stokenham [Signed]
Gregory Pike of Stokenham [Marked "P"]
Joshua Cranch of Chivelstone [Signed]
Roger Edwards of Stokenham [Signed]
Richard Collings of Stokenham [Marked]
Philip Cole of Stokenham [Marked]
William Lyfe of Stokenham [Marked]
Samuel Rendall (Randle) of Pool, South [Marked]
Grace Kingston of Malborough [Signed]
Joseph Pearse of Chivelstone [Signed]
Richard Hawkins of Kingsbridge [Signed]
William Saunders of Alvington, West [Signed]
Crispin Courtie (Courti) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Sarah Birdid of Alvington, West [Not signed]
[Forename unclear] Birdid of Alvington, West [Not signed]
Elizabeth Coker of Stokenham [Marked]
Petronel Wakeham of Stokenham [Marked]
Elizabeth Windston of Thurlestone [Marked]
John Cole of Stokenham [Marked]
Jonathan Coombe of Loddiswell [Marked]
George Furlong of Loddiswell [Signed]
Richard Eales of Chivelstone [Signed]
Richard Wakeham of Sherford [Marked]
Christian Wakeham of Sherford [Marked]
William Woolcott (Wolcot) of the same Dodbrooke [Signed]
Daniel Wed of Malborough [Signed]
Sarah Follett of Huish, South [Marked]
Samuel Thomas Brockerton (Brokerton) of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Charles Austine of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Roger Freely of Thurlestone [Marked]
Robert Hyne of Loddiswell [Signed]
Richard Milman of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Nathaniel Tope (Toope) of Charleton [Signed]
James Baker of Dodbrooke [Signed]
James Scobble of Loddiswell [Signed] [Residence altered from "Lodgwell"]
John Lavers of Loddiswell [Signed]
Richard Strong of Loddiswell [Marked]
Thomas Tucker of Loddiswell [Marked]
William Lakeman of Loddiswell [Marked]
William Harvey of Loddiswell [Marked]
Robert Lakeman of Loddiswell [Marked]
Roger Steere of Loddiswell [Marked "R"]
Bartholomew Harvey of Loddiswell [Marked]
John Helmer of Charleton [Signed]
John Hewett of Charleton [Marked]
Nicholas Came of Chivelstone [Signed]
Mary Collings of Pool, South [Marked "M"]
John Sheppard of Thurlestone [Not signed]
John Luscombe of Sherford [Signed]
Nicholas Luscombe of Pool, South [Signed]
Nicholas Luscombe of Chivelstone [Signed]
Richard Ford of Chivelstone [Signed]
Peter Rider (Ryder) of Charleton [Signed]
Thomas Rider (Ryder) of Charleton [Signed]
James James Stidston of Thurlestone [Signed]
William Lydstone of Loddiswell [Marked]
Roger Lydstone (Lidstone) of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Andrew Morgan of Loddiswell [Marked]
John Downman of Malborough [Signed]
William Downman of Malborough [Signed]
John Adams of Malborough [Signed]
Jonathan Tabb of Malborough [Marked]
Dorothy Evens of Malborough [Marked]
John Fowell, esq of Huish, North [Signed]
?Heath Brockerton of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Joseph Derey of Stokenham [Marked]
Andrew Langman of Thurlestone [Signed]
Agnes Shepard of Thurlestone [Marked]
Mary Dyer of Milton, South [Marked]
William Rodes (Rhodes) of Malborough [Signed]
Cyprian Pierce (Pearse) of Stokenham [Signed]
Christopher Fyall of Stokenham [Signed]
Ursula Head of Stokenham [Marked]
Joan Luke of Charleton [Marked]
Joan Stere (Steer) of Charleton [Marked]
Robert Buoon (Boon) of Charleton [Marked "R"]
Thomasin Langworthy of Stokenham [Not signed or marked]
William Adams of Malborough [Signed]
James Torring of the same Stokenham [Signed]
Alice Nicholas of Stokenham [Marked]
Isaac Cole of Stokenham [Marked]
William Wedd of Malborough [Marked]
James Elliott of Malborough [Signed]
James Evens of Malborough [Signed]
William Evens of Malborough [Marked]
Thomas Adams of Malborough [Signed]
Jane Adams of Malborough [Marked]
Nicholas Jarvis of Malborough [Marked]
Joseph Jarves (Jarvis) of Malborough [Marked]
Hugh Parrett of Malborough [Marked]
Walter Clark of Malborough [Marked]
Anne Tolly of Malborough [Marked]
John Ball of Malborough [Marked]
John Torring of Malborough [Marked]
William ?Trobridge (Troobridge) of Churchstow [Marked] [Surname has been altered, possibly from "Tolbridge/Telbridge".]
George Gillard (Jylleard) of Shirwell [Signed]
William Stephens of Churchstow [Signed]
Nicholas Wats (Watts) of Stokenham [Marked]
Richard Evans of Malborough [Marked]
William Pridham of Alvington, West [Signed]
Richard Quaram of Huish, South [Not signed]
George Full of Allington, East [Signed]
Mary Lome of Alvington, West [Marked]
Nathaniel Pretty John (Prettejohn) of Stokenham [Signed]
Nicholas Pretty John (Prettejohn) of Stokenham [Signed]
Richard Hurle (Hurrell) of Sherford [Signed]
William Wallis (Walles) of Stokenham [Signed]
Ambrose Gillard of Stokenham [Marked]
Michael Head of Stokenham [Marked]
Daniel Hyne of Stokenham [Marked]
William Bargain (Bargin) of Stokenham [Signed]
John Chubb of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Richard Coaker (Coker) of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Milicon Chubb (Chubb) of Dodbrooke [Marked "C"]
Richard Lake of Stokenham [Marked]
Mary Blaky of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Nicholas Lome of Stokenham [Marked]
John Patridge (Partridge) of Chivelstone [Signed]
Joseph Watts of Chivelstone [Marked]
Richard Tarring of Chivelstone [Marked]
Joan Nichols of Malborough [Marked]
John Smith of Stokenham [Marked]
William Deary of Stokenham [Signed]
William Dement of Stokenham [Marked]
Joseph Pierce (Pearse) of Chivelstone [Marked]
John Squire of Malborough [Marked]
Thomasin Symons of Alvington, West [Marked]
Robert Luckham of Malborough [Marked]
Roger Nichols of Malborough [Marked]
Mary Tucker of Slapton [Marked]
Joan Tucker of Slapton [Marked]
Elizabeth Phillips of North Huish Milton, South [Marked "E"]
Anne Perrett of Malborough [Marked]
John Tucker of Slapton [Signed]
Richard Collings of Chivelstone [Marked]
Nicholas Cope of Chivelstone [Marked]
Joan Hardy (Hardy) of Chivelstone [Marked]
Philip Gibbs of Pool, South [Signed]
Alan Hext of Pool, South [Marked]
William Cleave of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Richard Gillard (Jelard) of Slapton [Signed]
William Langworthy of Loddiswell [Signed] [Residence altered from "Lodgwell"]
Jonah Holditch of Alvington, West [Signed]
John Bastard of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Elizabeth Holditch of Slapton [Signed]
James Bond of Malborough [Signed]
William Ford of Pool, South [Signed]
Jane Serjeant of Loddiswell [Marked]
John Gilberd, gent of Milton, South [Signed] [Surname altered from "Gilbert"]
Aaron Baker, clerk of Alvington, West [Signed]
William Cookesly (Cookesle) , clerk of Malborough [Signed]
Anthony Baker, Fellow of Wadham College now resideing in West Alvington [Signed]
John Scobel (Scobell) of Allington, East (Nutcombe) [Signed]
John Knowling of Churchstow [Signed]
James Adams of Alvington, West [Signed]
Gersham Adams of Malborough [Signed]
Philip Sweet of Slapton [Signed]
Samuel Randle (Randall) of Sherford [Signed]
Sarah Harris, widow of Thurlestone [Marked "S"]
Jonathan Luscombe of Stokenham [Signed]
Philip Gillard (Jellard) of Stokenham [Signed]
Mary Hinkson (Hinston) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
William Adams of Thurlestone [Signed]
Joan Lear, spinster of Alvington, West [Signed]
Philip Cawse of Alvington, West [Signed]
John Reeve of Thurlestone [Signed]
William Efford of Churchstow [Signed]
Andrew Gillard of Malborough [Signed] [Residence altered from "?Sherford"]
William Moore of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Nathaniel Gillard of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
William Waymouth of Malborough [Signed]
Nathaniel Smith of Charleton [Signed]
Andrew Gillard (Jyllard) of Sherford [Signed]
William Standon of Slapton [Signed]
Peter Bastard of Slapton [Signed]
William Ferris of Alvington, West [Signed]
John Lavers of Slapton [Signed] [Surname altered from "Davies"]
Samuel Cornish of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Richard Quarme of Huish, South [Signed]
Robert Brown (Browne) of Alvington, West [Signed]
James Cornish of Huish, South [Signed]
George Rumbelow of Stokenham [Signed]
John Pengelly of Charleton [Marked]
John Hurle (Hurrell) of Sherford [Signed]