Oaths sworn at The George, Kingsbridge, 28 August 1723 before William Ilbert and John Fowell

Nicholas Hyne of Slapton [Marked]
William Browne of Stokenham [Signed]
John Browne of Stokenham [Signed]
Peter Winter of Stokenham [Signed]
Peter Winter jun of Stokenham [Signed]
Richard Tuckeman (Tuckerman) of Stoke Fleming [Signed]
John Bastard, yeoman of Slapton [Signed]
Mary Brockadon, widow of Malborough [Marked]
Mary Pearse, widow of Sherford [Marked]
Stephen Bastard of Charleton [Signed]
Peter Winter of Stokenham [Marked]
Nicholas Michemore of Stokenham [Marked]
Robert Trout of Stokenham [Signed]
Peter King of Stokenham [Marked]
Francis Hele, gent of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Daniel Shath of Stokenham [?Mark]
Nicholas Prittejohn (Prettejohn) of Stokenham [Signed]
Philip Watts of Stokenham [Marked]
Peter Prinn of Stokenham [Signed]
Mary Downing of Kingsbridge [Marked]
William Foster of Pool, South [Signed]
William Garland of Pool, South [Signed]
John Pearse of Alvington, West [Signed]
Elizabeth Mudge of Harberton [Signed]
Ann Rumbalow (Rumbelow) of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Peter Stone of Pool, South [Marked]
Joan Shath of Pool, South [Marked]
Nayomy Harding of Churchstow [Marked]
Amy Harding of Churchstow [Signed]
Peter Gillard of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Edward Randle of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
William Hamlyn of Stokenham [Marked]
Amy Adams, widow of Sherford [Marked]
Elizabeth Prowte, widow of Allington, East [Marked]
Robert Kennaway (Kennaway) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
James Adams of Allington, East [Marked]
Jane Luke of Malborough [Marked]
John Adams, yeoman of Sherford [Marked]
William Gilbert (Gilberd) of Stokenham [Signed]
John Slout of Slapton [Signed]
John Harris of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Peter Gillard of Stokenham [Signed]
Mary Grant of Churchstow [Signed]
William Putt of Churchstow [Marked]
John Putt of Churchstow [Marked]
Walter Gist of Churchstow [Signed]
Elizabeth Gillard of Slapton [Marked]
John Langmead of Brent, South [Marked "I"]
Henry Veal (Veale) of Brent, South [Signed]
Nicholas Ford of Pool, South [Signed]
Jonathan Ford of Sherford [Signed]
William Hurrell of Sherford [Signed]
Michael Steel of Stokenham [Marked]
William Adams, gent of Thurlestone [Signed]
William Adams jun, gent of Thurlestone [Signed]
Richard Wakeham of Sherford [Signed]
John Leyman of Sherford [Marked]
Richard Mogran of Thurlestone [Marked]
Nicholas Randal (Randall) of Stokenham [Signed]
George Woody (Udy) of Stokenham [Signed]
Edward Follet (Follett) of Huish, South [Signed]
Nathaniel Prettyjohn of Stokenham [Marked]
Solomon Cross of Stokenham [Marked]
Achiacus Randle of Stokenham [Signed, signature unclear]
Edward Hewitt (Huit) of Huish, South [Marked]
John Roberts (Robert) of Stokenham [Marked]
John Winter of Alvington, West [Marked]
Julian Pearse of Alvington, West [Marked]
John Gay of Sherford [Marked]
John Gillard of Slapton [Marked]
Richard Gillard of Slapton [Not signed or marked]
William Stantaford of Brent, South [Marked]
John Stantaford of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Roger Yellond of Brent, South [Marked]
John Yellond of Brent, South [Marked]
John Sheppard of Thurlestone [Marked]
John King of Churchstow [Signed]
Thomas Head of Churchstow [Signed]
John Codd of Slapton [Marked]
Agnes Codd of Slapton [Marked]
Nicholas Cole of Churchstow [Signed]
Thomas Phillips of Slapton [Signed]
Anne Bastard, widow of Alvington, West (Gerston) [Signed]
Sarah Birdwood (Burdwood) of Alvington, West [Signed]
Anne Birdwood (Burdwood) of Alvington, West [Signed]
Elizabeth Bastard of Churchstow [Signed]
Samuel Wotton, esq of Harberton [Signed]
Samuel Wotton jun of Harberton [Signed]
Philip Randle of Thurlestone [Marked]
Gideon Squire of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Edward Luscomb of [Residence not stated] [Not signed]
William Ilbert, esq of Alvington, West [Signed]
Edmund Lyscombe of Stokenham [Not signed or marked]
Jonathan Lyscombe of Stokenham [Not signed or marked]
Mary Phillips (Philips) of Malborough [Signed]
Jane Ham of Malborough [Marked "JH"]
Eleanor Randle of Malborough [Marked "E"]
Mary Fairwether of Malborough [Marked "M"]
Edward Lyscombe (Luscombe) of Chivelstone [Marked]
John Lyscombe (Luscombe) of Stokenham [Signed]
John Finston (Vinston) of Dodbrooke [Signed]
William Pope of Stokenham [Marked]
William Tabbe of Stokenham [Signed]
Norton Nelson, esq of Stokenham [Signed]
Mary Fountain (Fountayn) of Stokenham [Signed]
Honour Fountain (Fountaine) of Stokenham [Signed]
Martha Fountaine (Fountayn) of Stokenham [Signed]
Thomas Pope of Stokenham [Signed]
Sibella Prettyjohn of Stokenham [Marked]
John Tippet (Tippett) of Stokenham [Marked]
Humphrey Jutsham (Jutsha), esq of Modbury [Signed]
Benjamin Sheppard (Shepheard) of Modbury [Signed]
John Sheppard (Shepheard) of Modbury [Signed]
John Wakeham of Sherford [Signed]
John Hurrell of Sherford [Not signed]
William Urine of Pool, South [Not signed or marked]
Nicholas Gould of Stokenham [Marked]
Nicholas Pope of Stokenham [Signed]
John Phillips of Stokenham [Signed]
John Hyne of Stokenham [Marked]
Timothy Tolchard of Stokenham [Marked]
John Sheppard (Shepherd) of Chivelstone [Signed]
John Elliott of Pool, South [Signed]
John Burgin (Burgaine) of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Thomas Crammer of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Nicholas Huit of Allington, East [Marked]
Frances Roope, widow of Milton, South [Signed]
William Adams jun of Malborough [Signed]
Jacob Hyne of Malborough [Marked]
John Lucham of Malborough [Marked]
Samuel Nicholls of Malborough [Marked]
William Southill of Malborough [Signed]
Owen Waymouth of Huish, South [Marked]
Philip Waymouth of Huish, South [Signed]
William Wallis of Stokenham [Not signed]
Edward Cole of Stokenham [Signed]
John Yabbacombe of Stokenham [Marked "Y"]
John Steel of Stokenham [Marked]
Henry Toms of Stokenham [Marked]
Robert Lover of Stokenham [Marked]
Andrew Pillidge (Pilidge) of ?Milton [Signed]
Elizabeth Phillips of ?Milton [Not signed]
Sampson Sayer (Sayer) of ?Milton [Signed]
John Lidston of ?Milton [Marked]
Hugh Lidston of ?Milton [Marked]
John Hinston (Hingston) of ?Milton [Marked]
William Pritejohn (Prettyjohn) of Stokenham [Marked]
William Luscombe of Stokenham [Marked]
Solomon Burgan of Stokenham [Signed]
Sampson Stone of Stokenham [Signed]
Grace Lome of Stokenham [Marked]
Elizabeth Cole of Stokenham [Marked]
Nathaniel Gillard (Jellard) jun of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Thomas Paige of Stokenham [Signed]
John Fraill (?Fyall) of Stokenham [Signed]
John Crispins of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Thomas Moore of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Dorothy Head of Stokenham [Marked]
Mary Hurrel of Sherford [Marked "M"]
Nicholas Adams of Malborough [Signed]