Oaths sworn at The George, Kingsbridge, 29 August 1723 before Samuel Wotton William Ilbert and John Fowell

Elizabeth Ford of Kingsbridge [Signed]
John Phillips of Thurlestone [Signed]
John Lakeman of Thurlestone [Marked]
Richard ?Davy of Kingsbridge [Signed]
James Ford of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Mikhole Garland (Garland) of Stokenham [Marked]
Maud Cole of Stokenham [Marked]
Mark Garland of Stokenham [Signed]
John Lakeman (Lakeman) jun of Thurlestone [Signed]
Joseph Wakeham of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Richard Hardy of Chivelstone [Marked]
Robert Bastard of Alvington, West [Signed]
John Birdwood jun of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Francis Edwards of Malborough [Signed]
Thomas Grove of Malborough [Signed]
Robert White of Kingsbridge [Signed]
John Browne of Alvington, West [Signed]
John Elliott of Alvington, West [Signed]
Rachel Gest of Modbury [Signed]
Andrew Pearce (Pearse) of Charleton [Marked]
Edward Jeane of Charleton [Marked "E"]
John Lee of Churchstow [Marked]
Philip Lydstone (Lidstone) of Thurlestone [Signed]
Samuel Lydston of Thurlestone [Marked]
James Gilbert of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Daniel ?Elly of Kingsbridge [Signed]
John Hawkins of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Robert Vitroy of Kingsbridge [Signed, signature unclear]
John Mudge of Aveton Gifford [Marked]
James Roope of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Benjamin Wyatt of Churchstow [Marked]
Nicholas Lyscombe (Luscombe) of Stokenham [Signed]
John Crewys of Stokenham [Marked]
Andrew Cranch of Kingsbridge [Not signed]
Samuel Hele of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Michael Jeffery of Malborough [Signed]
John Tabb (Tabbe) of Thurlestone [Signed]
Mary Gillard (Jillard) of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Samuel Crebar of Thurlestone [Marked]
Susanna Tripe of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Joyce Kennaway of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Simon Broadmead of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Philip Evans of Malborough [Signed]
John Penny (Penhay) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Mary Lampen of Dodbrooke [Signed]
James Adams of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Margaret Hingston of Alvington, West [Marked]
Alexander Wills of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Mary Wills, wife of Alexander Wills of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Jane Roop (Roope) of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Nicholas Blank of Charleton [Marked]
Anne Seaman of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Elizabeth Bere of Kingsbridge [Marked]
John Clarke of Malborough [Signed]
Thomas Waymouth of Kingsbridge [Not marked or signed]
Crispin Tucker of Slapton [Signed]
Roger Hyne of Slapton [Signed]
Richard Page (Peage) of Slapton [Signed]
Simon Pepperell of Slapton [Marked]
Christopher Gillard of Slapton [Marked]
Joan Andrews of Slapton [Marked]
Edward Andrews of Slapton [Signed]
Richard Coles of Stokenham [Signed]
Nicholas Adams of Malborough [Signed]
Francis Weymouth of Malborough [Signed]
Thomas Clift (Cleife) of Charleton [Signed]
Steven Mitchelmore (Michelmore) of Dodbrooke [Marked]
John Elliott of Charleton [Marked]
Stephen Collings of Charleton [Signed]
Nicholas Stephens of Loddiswell [Signed]
Richard Bound of Loddiswell [Signed]
Steven Bound of Loddiswell [Marked "B"]
Nicholas Blank jun of Charleton [Not signed]
Thomas Facy of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Richard Weekes (Weeks) of Sherford [Signed]
Richard Weekes jun of Sherford [Signed]
Simon Sumpter of Charleton [Signed]
John Gould of Sherford [Signed]
William Adams of Stokenham [Signed]
Mary Terry of Churchstow [Marked]
John ?Doure (?Dure) of Alvington, West [Signed]
Robert Adams of Chivelstone [Signed]
Gawen Hayman, clerk of Pool, South [Signed]
Dorothy Martyn of Slapton [Marked]
Robert Elliott of Portlemouth, East [Marked]
Elizabeth Lamble of Chivelstone [Marked]
Avis Edwards of Chivelstone [Marked]
Honour Furring of Charleton [Marked]
James Perrott of Malborough [Signed]
Arthur Horrell of Malborough [Marked "AH"]
William Adams of Malborough [Signed]
Elizabeth Fisdall of Malborough [Marked]
Caleb Edwards of Chivelstone [Signed]
Agnes Mitchel (Michell) of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Dorothy Pearse of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Richard Hoyles of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Thomas Gillard of Dodbrooke [Signed]
George Gillard of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Thomas Sumpter (Sampter) of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Philip Crammer of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Leonard Smith of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Philip Preston of Dodbrooke [Marked]
George Eales of Sherford [Marked]
Richard [Surname illegible] of Charleton [Signed] [Page worn, entry partly illegible]
James Criddel of [Residence unclear] [Signed] [Page worn, entry partly illegible ]
Samuel Rule of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Richard Came of Cornworthy [Signed]
Ellis Lamble of Portlemouth, East [Marked]
Thomas Jarvis of Portlemouth, East [Marked "T"]
William Cornish of Thurlestone [Signed]
Andrew Lakeman of Thurlestone [Signed]
John Squire (Square) of Thurlestone [Signed]
Henry Phillips of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Margaret ?Vingston of Alvington, West [Not signed or marked]
Edward Phillips of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Mary Bowen of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Barbara Whitely of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Robert Elliott (Elliot) of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
John Lamble of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Walter Lamble of Portlemouth, East [Marked]
Joseph Bareweather of Malborough [Signed, signature unclear]
John Cole of Loddiswell [Signed]
John Ching of Slapton [Marked "Jo"]
Richard Wood of Sherford [Marked]
Susanna Lavers of Slapton [Marked]
Susanna Winchelsy of Charleton [Marked]
Nicholas Collings of Stokenham [Signed]
John Collings (Collinge) of Sherford [Signed]
Thomas Sheppard (Shepherd) of Stokenham [Signed]
Henry Tucker of Slapton [Marked]
Hannah Waymouth of Malborough [Marked]
Rebecca Dunsford of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Benedict Bastard of Stokenham [Marked "B"]
Nicholas Liscombe of Stokenham [Not signed or marked]
Margery Clarke (Clark) of Woodleigh [Marked]
Joan Steer (Steere) of Thurlestone [Marked]
Thomas Pierce (Pearse) of Malborough [?Signed] [Unclear whether signature entered by clerk or by Thomas Pierce]
George Lindon of Malborough [Signed]
James Harvey of Loddiswell [Signed]
Elizabeth Bent of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Mary Hurle of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Sarah Burnell of Kingsbridge [Marked "Sara"]
Joan Yeabsley of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Eleanor Wannell of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Agnes Lavers of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Susanna Harwood of Alvington, West [Marked]
Mary ?Bond of Alvington, West [Not signed]
Richard George of Malborough [Marked]
Amy Cranch of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
John Geyle of Loddiswell [Signed]
Richard Eales of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Elizabeth Goss of Malborough [Marked]
Elizabeth Phillips of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Nicholas Adams of Slapton [Signed]
Thomas Earle of Huish, South [Signed]
John Ewens (Ewen) of Stokenham [Signed]
Samuel Avery (?Evrey) of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Mary Avery of Portlemouth, East [Marked]
George Jarvis of Malborough [Entered by clerk, not marked or signed]
Nathaniel Jarvis of Malborough [Marked]
Samuel Sowden of Malborough [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked] [Surname altered from Sowten/ton]
Jane Luckraft of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Richard Willing of Loddiswell [Signed]
William Bickford of Loddiswell [Marked]
John Perrott of Stokenham [Marked]
Andrew Jillard of Stokenham [Marked]
Benjamin Edwards of Chivelstone [Signed]
William Jarvis of Huish, South [Marked]
Daniel Yeoman of Moreleigh [Signed]
Johan Yeoman of Moreleigh [Marked]
John Barry of Kingsbridge [Marked]
John Mingoe of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Samuel Waymouth (Waymoth) of Malborough [Signed]
Thomas Jarvis of Malborough [Marked]
Joseph Hardy of Chivelstone [Signed]
William Weeks of Pool, South [Marked "W"]
Samuel Weeks of Venn Ottery [?Signed]
John Hawkings (Hawkins) of Churchstow [Marked "I"]
Andrew Cranch of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Jane Jarvis of Malborough [Marked]
Agnes Adams of Malborough [Marked]
Rebecca Hyne of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Jacob Waymouth of Malborough [Signed]
Daniel Waymouth of Malborough [?Signed]
Philip Waymouth (Weymouth) of Malborough [Signed]
George Tolcher of Pool, South [Marked]
Thomas Welsh (?Wash) of Chivelstone [Signed]
Abraham Jarvis of Huish, South [Signed]
Elizabeth Rider of Huish, South [Marked]
Nicholas Hawkings of Chivelstone [Marked]
John Putt of Aveton Gifford [Marked]
Amy Cranch of Portlemouth, East [Not signed]
Elizabeth Stone of Chivelstone [Marked]
Rebecca Brockerton (Brocerton) of Dodbrooke [Marked]
James Jarvis of Huish, South [Not signed]
Robert Stevens (Stephens) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Thomas Clarke of Malborough [Marked "TC"]
Jonas Blank of Malborough [Signed]
Willm John Gold (Gould) of Malborough [Signed]
Stephen Cranch of Huish, South [Signed]
Nicholas Randall of Malborough [Marked "N"]
John Chope of Huish, South [Marked "I"]
Richard Tucker of Huish, South [Marked]
William Ford of Sherford [Marked "W"]
John Hooper of Dodbrooke [Marked "H"]
Ann Goss of Malborough [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked ]
Julian Steer of Malborough [Marked]
Thomas Taylor of Kingsbridge [Marked]
John Issell of Stokenham [Signed]
John Hext of Stokenham [Signed]
Thomas Gould of Stokenham [Marked]
Edward Stoneing of Chivelstone [Marked]
Richard Trout of Chivelstone [Signed]
William Trout of Stokenham [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Mary Ford of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Sarah Fursman of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Naomi Smith of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Philip Cornish, gent of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Stephen Mydhope, gent of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Michael Hayman, gent of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Nicholas Goss of Alvington, West [Marked]
John Cranch of Kingsbridge [?Signed]
John Date of Milton, South [Signed]
Joseph Jarvis (Jervis) of Huish, South [Signed]
John Luke of Charleton [Signed]
Thomas Wise (Wys), gent of Harberton [Signed]
James Adams of Stokenham [Signed]
John Lydstone of Thurlestone [Signed]
John Wakeham of Thurlestone [Signed]
John Edmunds of Sherford [Signed]
Frances? Helmer of Dodbrooke [Signed] [First name initially entered as "Frances", but signed as "Ann".]
George Chope of Malborough [Marked]
Thomas Elworthy of Malborough [Signed]
Nathan Coles of Malborough [Marked]
John Blackaller of Woodleigh [Marked "IB"]
James Nichols of Malborough [Marked]
William Ewing of Pool, South [Marked]
Stephen Chalder of Huish, South [Marked]
Jonathan Phillips of Kingsbridge [Marked]
John Westway of Alvington, West [Marked]
Robert Friend of Kingsbridge [Marked]
John Easten of Kingsbridge [Marked]
William Thorning of Alvington, West [Signed]
Peter Pinwell of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Mary White of Kingsbridge [Marked]
John Hyne of Slapton [Marked]
William Hoar of Charleton [Marked]
John Randel (Randell) of Sherford [Signed]
Nicholas Jillard (Jellard) of Stokenham [Signed]
Peter Gould of Stokenham [Signed]
Hugh Wakeham (Wakham) of Stokenham [Signed]
John Croker of Kingsbridge [Signed]
John Croker (Crocker) jun of Kingsbridge [Signed]
John Stone of Pool, South [Signed]
William Elliott (Alliott) of Pool, South [?Signed]
Jacob Palmer of Stokenham [Signed]
John Davis of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Andrew Lydstone (Lidston) of Huish, South [Signed]
Thomas Waymouth (Weymouth) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Philip Kerslake (Karslake) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Benjamin Bidgood of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Lewes Tucker of Thurlestone [?Signed]
William Witheridge (Witredg) of Milton, South [Signed]
James Adams of Slapton [Signed]
Nathaniel March of Chivelstone [Signed]
Michael Partridge of Chivelstone [Marked "M"]
William Phillips of Slapton [?Signed]
Samuel Pomeroy of Dodbrooke [Marked "S"]
Bridget Bibell (Bebill) of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Robert Crocker of Dodbrooke [?Signed]
John Preston of Kingsbridge [?Signed]
Richard Milcom of Kingsbridge [Marked "RM"]
Richard Francis (Frances) of Malborough [Marked]
Alice Babony of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Susanna Rogers of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Edward Comings of Pool, South [?Signed]
John Phillips of Alvington, West [Signed]
Richard Harwood of Alvington, West [Signed]
Daniel Weymouth (Waymouth) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Peter Rogers of Loddiswell [Signed]
Thomas Wakeham of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Thomas Butson of Kingsbridge [Signed]
William Pulleblank of Thurlestone [Signed]
Joseph Avery of Malborough [Marked]
Elizabeth Chadd of Malborough [Marked]
Martin Darkcombe (Darkham) of Malborough [Marked]
John Cook of Malborough [Marked]
Josiah Yabbesly (Yoabsly) of Malborough [Signed]
Nicholas Clark of Malborough [Marked]
Andrew Quint of Malborough [Signed]
Nathaniel Yeebsly (Yabsley) of Malborough [Marked]
Thomas Jervis (Jarvis) of Loddiswell [Marked]
Armonell Jarvis of Huish, South [Marked]
Dorothy Mead of Dodbrooke [Marked]
Thomas Square of Alvington, West [Signed]
Elizabeth Gay of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Richard Bentleig (Bentley) of Stokenham [Signed]
Anne Pearse of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Joan Bowen of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Benjamin Bowen of Kingsbridge [Signed]
William Mingoe of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Nathaniel Croker (Crocker) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Christian Mumford of Dodbrooke [Marked]
James Lycense (Licesne) of Kingsbridge [?Mark]
William Rule of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Peter Crammer of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Nicholas Harding of Churchstow [Signed]
John Stidston of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Christopher Fole of Kingsbridge [Marked]
William Gould of Stokenham [Signed]
Thomas Knowles of Slapton [Signed]
John Page (Paige) of Sherford [Signed]
Richard Moodmason of Malborough [Signed]
Ambrose Hyne of Slapton [Signed]