Oaths sworn at The Chiphouse Chamber als. the Shambles Chamber, Modbury, 30 August 1723 before James Bulteel, Thomas Coplestone and William Ilbert esqs

James Ivie of Ermington [Signed]
Richard Jackson of Ermington [Signed]
William Southmead of Ermington [Signed]
Andrew Tozer of Ermington [Marked]
Eliza: Perring (Pering) of Modbury [Signed]
Elizabeth Hake of Modbury [Signed]
Samuel Skinner of Modbury [Signed]
Thomas Harris of Modbury [Signed]
Richard Jutsham of Modbury [Signed]
Samuel Jutsham of Modbury [Signed]
John Adams of Bigbury [Signed]
Thomas Tuckerman of Ugborough [Marked]
Stephen Tozer of Ugborough [Marked]
Richard Brooking of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
William Willing of Modbury [Signed]
Robert Jeffery of Ugborough [Marked]
Orange Stidston (Stidson) of Ugborough [Marked]
Richard Gibbs of Ugborough [Signed]
Humphrey Parnell of Ugborough [Signed]
George Full of Ugborough [Signed]
Henry Lavers of Ugborough [Marked]
Richard Farley of Ugborough [Marked]
George Quarme of Modbury [?Signed]
Arthur Prideaux, gent of Ermington [Signed]
Anne Rackwood of Harpford [Marked]
John Leonard of Modbury [Not signed or marked]
Robert Frood, gent of Kingston [Signed]
Sarah Smith, widow of Ugborough [Signed]
Elizabeth Trenick of Ugborough [Marked]
William Ley of Holbeton [Signed]
John Coyte of Holbeton [Signed]
Hugh Coplestone, gent of Ugborough [Signed]
John Dunning of Ugborough [Signed]
Elizabeth Adams of Kingston [Marked "E"]
Deborah Sheppard of Kingston [Marked]
Thomas Prideaux of Holbeton [Signed]
John Ward of Modbury [Signed]
Richard Woodmason of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Signed]
Peter Lamble (Lambell) of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Signed]
Samuel Winter of Ermington [Signed]
John Friend of Modbury [Signed]
Edward Willing of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Francis Baron (Barron) of Ugborough [Signed]
Arthur Shepperd (Shepherd) of Bigbury [Signed]
John Moysey of Ermington [Signed]
Nicholas Winsor of Holbeton [Signed]
William Gaude of Holbeton [Signed]
Margaret Shepherd (Shephed) of Bigbury [Signed]
William Hill of Ugborough [Signed]
Timothy Hill of Ugborough [Marked]
Deborah Hext of Loddiswell [Marked]
William Ryder of Modbury [Signed]
John Frowde of Kingston [Signed]
Thomas Farley (Farleigh) of Ugborough [Signed]
John Hurle (Hurrell) of Ugborough [Signed]
Mary Agar of Modbury [Signed]
Thomas Sheppard (Shepheard) of Modbury [Signed]
Richard Gee of Modbury [Signed]
Simon Gee of Modbury [Signed]