Oaths sworn at The Chiphouse Chamber als. the Shambles Chamber, Modbury, 30 August 1723 before James Bulteel, William Ilbert and Thomas Coplestone esqs

Thomas Prestwood, esq of Huish, North (Butterford) [Signed]
Servington Savery, esq of Modbury [Signed]
Christopher Savery, gent of Modbury [Signed]
Anne Savery, widow of Modbury [Marked]
Adrian Sweet (Swet), esq of Modbury [Signed]
Prudence Saussure, widow of Cornwood [Signed]
Daniel Turpine of Cornwood [Signed]
Arthur Lee, gent of Holbeton [Signed]
Nan Savery of Ugborough [Signed]
Mary Savery of Ugborough [Signed]
Ambrose Rhodes, gent of Modbury [Signed]
Robert Chappell of Modbury [Signed]
James Chappell of Modbury [Signed]
Mary Chappell, widow of Modbury [Signed]
Henry Legassicke, gent of Modbury [Signed]
Pascho Legassick of Modbury [Signed]
Joan Rich, spinster of Modbury [Signed]
Elizabeth Cowns, widow of Modbury [Signed]
Peter Shepherd (Shepheard) of Modbury [Signed]
Richard Norris, gent of Modbury [Signed]
John Prideaux, gent of Ugborough [Signed]
Francis Freke, clerk of Loddiswell [Signed]
Eleanor Norris, widow of Modbury [Signed]
Stephen Revel (Revel), esq of Ermington [Signed]
Philip Moysey of Loddiswell [Signed]
Margaret Champernowne, widow of Ugborough [Signed]
Susanna Andrews (Andre), widow of Ermington [Signed]
Grace Hellier of Huish, North [Marked]
Elizabeth Skinner, spinster of Modbury [Signed]
Margaret Skinner, spinster of Modbury [Signed]
Dionysia Lang (Lang), widow of Modbury [Signed]
John Holberton of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
George Courtice (Corteis) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Elias Barret (Barratt) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
John Coombe of Newton Ferrers [Marked]
John Warham of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Robert Brooking (Brookinge) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Martin Dunne (Dunn) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
John Edwards of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Arthur Courtice (Courties) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Andrew Baker of Newton Ferrers [Marked "A"]
George Dunne of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Nicholas Head (Head) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
John Crispin of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Joseph Baker of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
John Barnacutt (Barnacot) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Edward Brooking of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Benjamin Hodder of Ugborough [Signed]
Servington Hodder of Ugborough [Signed]
John Hurle (Hurrell) of Ugborough [Signed]
John Tuckerman of Ugborough [Signed]
Francis Bearnes (Barron) of Ugborough [Signed]
William Disting of Ashprington [Signed]
Thomas Hele of Ugborough [Signed]
Agnes Stidson of Ugborough [Marked]
Orange Stidson of Ugborough [Not signed or marked]
Rebecca Bickford of Ugborough [Marked]
John King of Bigbury [Signed]
Jeffery King of Loddiswell [Signed]
Thomazin Barnes of Ugborough [Marked]
Thomas Bickford of Ugborough [Marked]
John Clarke of Ugborough [Marked]
Walter Northmore of Ugborough [Signed]
Christopher Bragwood (Breckwood) of Ugborough [Signed]
Thomas White of Ugborough [Signed]
John Hill of Ugborough [Marked]
John Damerell of Ugborough [Marked]
Edmund Damerel (Damerell) of Ugborough [Signed]
Susanna Damerell (Damrel) of Ugborough [Marked "S"]
Richard Hyne of Ugborough [Marked]
David Coffin of Cornwood [Signed]
Katherine Croker (Croke), wife of Courtenay Croker esq [Residence not stated, but Courtenay Croker esq of "Lineham in Yealmpton".] [Signed]
Admonition Pollexfen of Yealmpton [Marked "AP"]
Margaret Tucker, spinster of Yealmpton [Signed]
Mary Woodward, widow of Yealmpton [Marked "MW"]
Arthur Bowden of Cornwood [Marked "A"]
William Hare (Hear) of Cornwood [Signed]
William Treueman of Cornwood [Marked]
Robert Miller of Cornwood [Signed]
Roger Handcock of Cornwood [Marked]
Christopher Clift of Ugborough [Marked]
Sarah Dell of Modbury [Signed]
Ruth Horrell of Brent, South [Marked]
Richard Cranch, clerk of Diptford [Signed]
John Boon (Boone) of Brent, South [Marked]
Benjamin Hoswell (Horswell) of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
John Harris of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Moses Hellier (Hellyer) of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Anthony Cornish of Bigbury [Signed]
Thomas Adams of Bigbury [Signed]
Robert Michell (Mitchell) of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Walter Stere of Aveton Gifford [Marked]
Robert Winston of Modbury [Signed]
Agnes Robinson of Modbury [Marked]
Richard Dinning of Ugborough [Signed]
Mary Soper of Modbury [Signed]
Mathew Pope of Modbury [Signed]
William Prowse of Ugborough [Marked]
Lawrence Barnel of Brent, South [Marked]
John Coaker (Coker) of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Signed]
Walter Letherbridge (Lethbridge) of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Signed]
Walter Sunter of Aveton Gifford [Marked]
Andrew Waycombe (Wakeham) of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Signed]
Elizabeth Terry of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Marked]
Nicholas Hoopwell (Hooppell) of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Signed]
James Ward of Modbury [Signed]
John Scoble (Scobbell) of Ugborough [Signed]
Andrew Rowe of Ugborough [Marked]
Nicholas Gee of Newton Ferrers [Marked]
Joseph Hingston of Modbury [Signed]
John Hill of Ugborough [Signed]
George Hamlyn of Churchstow [Marked "H"]
Anthony Skinner of Modbury [Marked]
John Robins of Kingston [Signed]
Richard Wotton of Modbury [Marked]
Alice Collings of Modbury [Marked]
Thomas Sellecke (Sulleck) of Bigbury [Signed]
Nicholas Rendle of Bigbury [Marked]
Mary Wakeham of Bigbury [Marked]
Mary Bowden of Modbury [Marked]
Samuel Sweet (Swet) of Modbury [Signed]
John Keagle (Keagell) of Modbury [Signed]
John Prinn of Modbury [Marked]
Thomas Elliott of Modbury [Marked]
John Stevens of Modbury [Marked]
Henry Damrell (Damerll) of Ugborough [Signed]
Charles Taylor, gent of Ugborough [Signed]
Thomas Foxworthy of Modbury [Signed]
George Harris of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Nicholas Smith of Modbury [Marked]
Henry Winston of Modbury [Signed]
Robert Warren (Warring) of Ermington [Signed]
George Rogers, gent of Ermington [Signed]
Andrew Worthum of Holbeton [Signed]
Walter Worthum of Holbeton [Signed]
Mary Cowne, widow of Ugborough [Marked]
Thomas Elliott of Bigbury [Signed]
Philip Tozer of Ermington [Signed]
Elizabeth Witheridge (Witherdg) of Ermington [Signed]
Elizabeth Adams of Bigbury [Marked]
William Lee (Leigh) of Bigbury [Signed]
Richard Cole of Ugborough [Marked]
Robert Hammick of Modbury [Signed]
Bartholomew Fox of Modbury [Signed]
Robert Gullett (Gullet) of Holbeton [Signed]
Agnes Algar of Holbeton [Marked]
George Peach of Holbeton [Signed]
Peter Shale (Shall) of Holbeton [Signed]
Richard Andrews of Ugborough [Signed]
Thomas ?Lame of Ugborough [Marked]
Hugh Rattenbury of Modbury [Signed]
William Williams of Modbury [Signed]
John Leonard of Modbury [Marked]
Samuel Hart, esq of Modbury (Yarnscombe)
Thomas Wakeham of Modbury (Yarnscombe) [Signed]
Nicholas Hyne (Hayne) of Modbury [Signed]
Martin Davis of Modbury [Marked]
Thomas Rhodes of Modbury [Signed]
John Steere of Kingston [Marked]
Edward Elliott (Ellyatt) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Arthur Sheppard (Shepeard) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
John Hurrell (Hurrell) of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Richard Hilson (Hillson) of Cornwood [Signed]
Richard Fortescue of Cornwood [Marked]
Christopher Efford of Modbury [Signed]
John Bawden of Kingston [Signed]
Thomas Ellis of Bigbury [Marked]
Thomas Elliott of Bigbury [Not signed]
Christian Elliott of Bigbury [Marked]
Andrew Phillips of Bigbury [Marked]
Joan Pomeroy of Bigbury [Marked]
Deborah Cress (Crese) of Bigbury [Marked]
John Stere (Steere) of Ugborough [Signed]
William Petherick of Ugborough [Marked]
George Blake of Ugborough [Marked]
John Wakeham (Wakham) of Ugborough [Signed]
Elizabeth Lee of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Marked]
John Pridix (Prideaux) of Harford [Signed]
Mathew Soper of Ugborough [Marked]
John Luke of Churchstow [Signed]
Nicholas Adams of Kingston [Signed]
Thomas Palmer of Kingston [Signed]
Sarah Earle of Modbury [Marked]
John Shale of Ugborough [Signed]
Robert Phillips of Modbury [Marked]
Edmund Damrell (Damerell) of Ugborough [Signed]
John Screeth (Screech) of Ugborough [Signed]
John Fox of Modbury [Signed]
John Stidston of Holbeton [Signed]
John Algar of Holbeton [Marked]
Elionel Bowden of Holbeton [Marked]
Joan Lang of Ugborough [Marked]
John Perring of Modbury [Signed]
Mathew Hele of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
John Justsham of Modbury [Signed]
William Crispin of Modbury [Signed]
Henry Collings of Modbury [Marked]
Thomas Steart of Modbury [Signed]
Abigail Phillips of Modbury [Marked]
Richard Chaple of Ugborough [?signed]
Robert Hyne of Ugborough [Signed]
Christopher Manning of Ugborough [Marked]
Robert Dambrell (Damrell) of Ugborough [Marked]
Noah Clift of Aveton Gifford [Marked]
John Clift of Aveton Gifford [Marked]
Robert Tope of Modbury [Marked]
Robert Hunevill of Modbury [Marked]
John Lome of Churchstow [Marked]
Amy Stidston of Modbury [Marked]