Oaths sworn at The Maidenhead, Maiden Down, Burlescombe, 27 September 1723 before Robert Bluet and Richard Nutcombe esqs

[The subscribers to this roll were probably all Quakers since the wording differs from the main run of oath rolls. The words 'sincerely swear' are replaced with 'sincerely promise' in accordance with the Quaker Affirmation.]

Peter Were of Uffculm [Signed]
Elizabeth Cabboreth (Cobboroth) of Uffculm [Signed]
Anthony Bale of Uffculm [Signed]
Anthony Bale jun of Uffculm [Signed]
Hugh Ellis of Uffculm [Signed]
Edward Skinner of Uffculm [Signed]
George Manning of Uffculm [Signed]
William Rugg of Uffculm [Signed]
John [Surname illegible] of Uffculm [Not marked or signed. Entry heavily crossed through]
Nicholas Sommers of Uffculm [Marked]
Edward Hitchcock of Uffculm [Marked]
Richard How of Uffculm [Signed]
Eleanor Ellis of Uffculm [Signed]
Susanna Holway of Uffculm [Marked]
John Westbere (Westbear) of Uffculm [Signed]
James Taylor of Holcombe Rogus [Signed]
John Maning of Culmstock [Signed]
Robert Southey (Sowthy) of Culmstock [Signed]
Thomas Were of Burlescombe [Signed]
Philip Stark of Burlescombe [Signed]
Richard Colman of Burlescombe [Signed]
William Webber of Burlescombe [Signed]
William Waye of Burlescombe [Signed]
Priscilla Amory of Burlescombe [Marked]
Alice Russell of Burlescombe [Marked]
Thomas Furse of Churchstanton [Signed]
Isaac Ackland of Hemyock [Signed]
Laurence Palmer of Uffculm [Signed]
John Prowse of Uffculm [Signed]
Nathaniel Ash of Cullompton [Marked]