Oaths sworn at The Half Moon, Moreleigh, 26 August 1723 before Samuel Wootton, John Fowell and William Ilbert esqs

Clement Deever of Harberton [Marked]
James Churchward of Stoke Gabriel [Marked]
Wilmot Evens, widow of Dartington [Marked]
John Harvey of Harberton [Signed]
Elizabeth Gildon of Harberton [Signed]
Welthin Burt of Dartington [Marked "WB"]
Richard Holditch of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Thomas Petherbridge (Pethebridge) of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
William Muchermore (Michelmore) of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
William Muchermore (Michelmore) jun of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
John Muchermore (Michelmore) of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Nicholas Endacott of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
William Gilbert of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
James Wade of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
William Moore of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Thomas Callard of Buckfastleigh [Marked "C"]
John Bastow of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Othnell Gidley of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Alan Windeat of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Richard Elliott (Elliot) of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Thomas Tonkin (Tompkin) of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Thomas Roper of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Grace Sheppard of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Robert Luscombe (Luscomb) of Brent, South [Signed]
Joane Luscombe of Brent, South [Marked]
Sampson Moore of Holne [Signed]
Richard Disting (Disting) jun of Dartington [Signed]
Benjamin Petherick of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Thomas Pomery of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Priscilla Pomery of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Joane Nicholls of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Mary Petherbridge of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
John Ford of Holne [Signed]
Thomas Stranger of Holne [Marked]
Richard Stranger of Holne [Marked]
John Hewett of Holne [Signed]
Thomas Tolchard of Holne [Signed]
John Butland of Holne [Signed]
Edward Beard of Holne [Signed]
Daniel Tolchard of Holne [Marked]
Edward Foster of Holne [Signed]
Nicholas Harris of Holne [Marked]
Nicholas Barter of Holne [Marked]
Mary Pearse of Holne [Marked]
Sarah Webber of Holne [Marked]
Nicholas Boon of Holne [Marked]
Richard Ford of Holne [Signed]
Samuel Gaye of Harberton [Signed]
Joan Drew of Harberton [Marked]
William Evelin (Eveling) of Harberton [Signed]
Andrew Evelin of Harberton [Marked]
William Almond of Harberton [Marked]
Alexander Farley of Harberton [Marked]
John Knowling of Harberton [Marked]
William Pack of Harberton [Marked "W"]
Steven Lee of Harberton [Marked]
Christopher Murrow of Harberton [Marked "C"]
Alice Legg of Harberton [Marked]
John Colton of Harberton [Signed]
John Luscombe of Harberton [Marked]
Edward Street of Harberton [Marked]
Henry Feild of Dartington [Marked]
John Brown of Harberton [Signed]
Walter Miller of Harberton [Marked]
William Blacklar (Blackalar) of Harberton [Signed]
Thomas Huxham of Harberton [Signed]
John Wooland of Harberton [Marked]
Richard Hamlyn of Harberton [Marked]
Absolom Annis of Harberton [Marked]
Hester Peek of Harberton [Marked]
Mary Lucas of Harberton [Marked]
Margery Voysey of Harberton [Marked]
John Narracott of Dittisham [Signed]
Edward Voysey of Harberton [Signed]
Sarah Bickford of Harberton [Marked]
William Soper of Harberton [Marked]
Thomas Luscombe, esq of Rattery (Luscomb) [Signed]
John Savery, gent of Rattery (Luscombe) [Signed]
Richard Luscombe of Rattery (Luscomb) [Signed]
Dorothy Russell of Huish, North [Signed]
Grace Full of Dittisham [Signed]
William Roope, esq of Blackawton [Signed]
George Strode, esq of Dittisham [Signed]
Christopher Narracott of Dittisham [Signed]
John Full of Dittisham [Signed]
Josias Full of Dittisham [Signed]
William Baddaford of Dittisham [Signed]
Alexander Baddaford of Dittisham [Signed]
Thomas Shellabear (Shillabeere) of Harberton [Signed]
Robert Brown (Browne) sen of Harberton [Signed]
John Richards of Harberton [Signed]
John Savery jun of Rattery [Marked]
Nicholas Perring of Stoke Fleming [Signed]
Thomas Gill of Brent, South [Signed]
Jarvis Veale jun of Brent, South [Signed]
William Andrew of Brent, South [Signed]
John Andrew jun of Brent, South [Signed]
John C... [Surname illegible] of Brent, South [Not signed]
Abraham Foot of Dartington [Marked "A"]
John Adams, gent of Blackawton [Signed]
Peter Chillard (Jillard) of Blackawton [Signed]
Richard Tuckerman of Blackawton [Marked "R"]
Susanna Cholwich of Blackawton [Signed]
Joane Hickston (Hingston) of Blackawton [Marked]
Margaret Osborne of Blackawton [Marked]
Joan Sweetland of Blackawton [Marked]
Wilmot Rendle of Dartington [Marked]
Joseph Baker of Dartington [Marked]
Thomas Feild of Dartington [?Signed]
Thomas Feild (Field) jun of Dartington [Signed]
Abraham Willing of Dartington [Signed]
Andrew Hanaford (Hannaford) of Rattery [Signed]
Robert Burt of Rattery [Signed]
John Muchermore (Mickelmore) of Rattery [Signed]
John Muchermore (Michelmore) jun of Rattery [Signed]
Solomon Hele of Diptford [Marked]
Philip Goodman of Dean Prior [Marked]
William Prowse of Dean Prior [Marked]
Joseph Hingston of Dean Prior [Marked]
William Goodman of Dean Prior [Signed]
Christopher Hore of Dean Prior [Marked]
Richard Parnell of Dean Prior [Marked]
Mary Pearse (Pearsy) of Dean Prior [Signed]
Joseph Bastard of Moreleigh [Marked]
Lawrence Wills of Rattery [Signed]
Thomas Lear of Harberton [Not signed]
John Langworthy of Dartington [Not signed]
Edward Luscombe of Dittisham [Signed]
Hester Blampey of Dittisham [Marked]
Elizabeth Harris of Dittisham [Marked]
Rupert Harris of Dittisham [Marked]
William Mawry of Dittisham [Marked]
Nicholas Tuckerman (Ticker) of Dittisham [Signed]
Grace Tuckerman of Dittisham [Marked]
James Browne of Harberton [Signed]
Ruth Stevens of Harberton [Not signed]
Mary Tamlyn of Harberton [Marked]
William Ching of Blackawton [Marked]
Elias Tucker of Blackawton [Signed]
Robert Hays of Blackawton [Marked]
Robert Pearse of Blackawton [Signed]
Thomas Lavers of Harberton [Marked]
William Eales of Harberton [Signed]
Tobias Browne of Harberton [Signed]
Philip Lavers of Harberton [Signed]
Robert Mugford of Harberton [Signed]
Robert Browne of Harberton [Not signed]
George Gurner of Blackawton [Signed]
Richard Pearse of Blackawton [Signed]
James Goodridge of Blackawton [Signed]
John Watson of Harberton [Signed]
Thomas Hingston of Blackawton [Marked]
Roger Pierce (Pearse) of Dean Prior [Signed]
John Hamlin (Hamlyn) of Dean Prior [Marked]
John Efford jun of Cornworthy [Signed]
Richard Effer (Efford) jun of Cornworthy [Signed]
John Effer of Cornworthy [Marked "I"]
Mary [Surname illegible] of Stoke Fleming [Not signed]
Christopher [Surname illegible] of Dean Prior [Not signed]
Thomas Skinner of Harberton [Signed]
William Sandow (Sando) of Dartington [Signed]
Thomas Effer (Efford) of Cornworthy [Signed]
Robert Ford of Cornworthy [Not signed]
Thomas Trist of Cornworthy [Marked]
Thomas Trist jun of Cornworthy [Signed]
Amy Efford of Cornworthy [Marked]
Elizabeth Trist of Cornworthy [Marked]
Nicholas Holditch of Cornworthy [Marked]
Joane Holditch of Cornworthy [Marked]
Richard Effer (Efford) of Cornworthy [Marked]
Joane Waymouth of Cornworthy [Marked]
Josias Hine (Hyne) of Cornworthy [Signed]
John Ford of Brent, South [Signed]
Thomas Ford of Brent, South [Signed]
John Dachford of Dartington [Signed]
William Gill of Dean Prior [Signed]
John Thuel of Brent, South [Not signed]
John Thuel (Thuell) jun of Brent, South [Marked]
Jarvis Veal of Brent, South [Not signed]
Andrew Smith (Smth) of Brent, South [Signed]
William Heale of Brent, South [Marked]
Richard Willing of Dartington [Signed]
Richard Soper of Brent, South [Signed]
William Weeks of Brent, South [Marked]
Jane Foot of Brent, South [Marked]
Richard Codd of Brent, South [Signed]
Richard Hoskins of Brent, South [Not signed]
James [Surname illegible] of Brent, South [Not signed]
Paschow ?Floote of Brent, South [Not signed]
John ?Floot of Brent, South [Not signed]
Anthony ?Harvey of Brent, South [Not signed]
John Stidston of Brent, South [Marked]
John Parnell of Rattery [Signed]
Thomas Edwards of Rattery [Not signed]
Th[omas?] ?Soper of Rattery [Not signed]
Henry Neale (Neal) of Stoke Fleming [Signed]
Thomas Perring (Pering) jun of Stoke Fleming [Signed]
Henry Webber of Dartington [Not signed]
John Flute (Fluitte) of Brent, South [Signed]
Daniel Hyne of Brent, South [Marked]
William Willing of Brent, South [Marked]
Thomas [Not signed]
William Willing jun of Brent, South [Not signed]
William Bower of Brent, South [Marked]
Nicholas Rowland of Brent, South [Marked]
Sarah Beard of Brent, South [Marked]
Joane Head of Brent, South [Not signed]
Robert Foot of Brent, South [Marked]
Susanna Wyatt of Brent, South [Marked]
Richard Bullock of Brent, South [Signed]
Joane Andrew of Brent, South [Marked]
Robert Rowland of Brent, South [Signed]
John Thorne of Brent, South [Marked]
Philip Foot (Foott) of Brent, South [Signed]
Nicholas Andrew jun of Brent, South [Signed]
Richard Smerdon of Rattery [Not signed]
John Woolcott of Ashprington [Not signed]
Charles Crapp of Harberton [Signed]
John Ford of Stoke Fleming [Not signed]
Edward Lee of Ashprington [Not signed or marked]
Hugh Serle (Searell) of Dartington [Signed]
John Serle of Dartington [Not signed or marked]
Arthur Tolcher of Holne [Marked]
Elizabeth Philips (Phillips) of Dartington [Marked]
Mary Tucker of Dartington [Marked]
William Blacklar of the same ?Crees of Diptford [Unclear if marked or signed]
Nicholas Soper of Harberton [Marked]
[Name illegible] of Cornworthy [Not signed ]
Roger Hole of Brent, South [Signed]
Edmund Hine of the same [Not signed]
Thomas Waymouth of the same [i.e Cornworthy?] [Signed]
Richard Neyle of Allington, East [Signed]
Richard ?Hyne of the same [Not signed]
Edward Stout of Allington, East [Signed]
John? ?Perring of Blackawton [Not signed]
Lues Oldrive of ye same Blackawton [Signed]
William Bartlett of Blackawton [Not signed]
Michael Tucker of Blackawton [Signed]
Richard Sparke of Blackawton [Not signed]
Margaret Tucker of Blackawton [Marked]
John Lavis of Rattery [Marked]
Anne Tucker of the same [Not signed]
Mary Tucker of Blackawton [Not signed]
Sophia Peeke of the same [i.e. Blackawton?] [Marked]
John Andrews of the same [i.e. Blackawton?] [Marked]
John Michelmore (Mickelmore) of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
[Illegible entry]
John Madick of [Illegible deletion] Blackawton [Marked]
Joseph Courtis of Blackawton [Marked]
William Tuckerman of Blackawton [?Signed]
Edward Bastard of Brent, South [Signed]
Agnes [Surname illegible] of the same [Not signed]
Richard Smerdon of Rattery [Marked]
[Illegible entry]
Henry Mudge of Diptford [Signed]
John Wadland of the same [Not signed]
John [Surname illegible] of the same [Not signed]
William Prowse of the same [Not signed]
Richard Maddock of Harberton [Signed]
George Roope, esq of Dittisham (Clapton) [Signed]
Mary Nosworthy, spinster of Diptford [Signed]
Mary Cranch of Diptford [Signed]
John Hurrell of Loddiswell [Signed]
John Perring of Blackawton [Signed]
Roger Hurrell of Loddiswell [Marked]
Walter Hele, esq of Stokenham (Coleridge) [Signed]
John Newton, gent of Cornworthy [Signed]
Andrew Hannaford (Hanniford) of Dean Prior [Marked]
Edward Edmunds of Ashprington [Signed]
John Foss of Ashprington [Signed]
William Blackaller of Dartington [Signed]
Richoard Brooking of Dartington [Marked]
William Elliot of Stoke Fleming [Marked]
Christopher Gill of Dartington [Signed, signature illegible]
Andrew Watson of Harberton [Signed]
Elizabeth Philips of Dartington [Not signed or marked]
Mary Lavers, widow of Harberton [Signed]
Charles Crapp of Harberton [Not signed or marked]
Joan Leach of Dittisham [Marked]
Mary Grace Leach of Dittisham [Marked]
Mary Perring (Pering) of Stoke Fleming [Marked "M"]
Hugh Serle of Dartington [Not signed]
Robert Furse of Dean Prior [Signed]
Philip Luscombe of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Thomas Luscombe of Brent, South [Not signed]
Joan Andrew of Brent, South [Not signed]
Susanna White of Brent, South [Not signed]
George Luscombe of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Sarah Beard of Brent, South [Not signed]
Elizabeth Philips of Dartington [Not signed]
Philip Luscombe of Buckfastleigh [Not signed]
John Hore of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
George Stanning of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Philip [Rest of entry illegible.]
[Final entry on document completely illegible.]