Oaths sworn at The Half Moon, Moreleigh, 27 August 1723 before Samuel Wootton and John Fowell

Anne Smith of Blackawton [Marked]
Christopher ?Land/?Laud of Blackawton [Marked]
George Andrews of Blackawton [Marked]
John Woldrive of Blackawton [Signed, signature unclear]
John Berry of Blackawton [Not signed or marked]
John Wadland of Blackawton [Signed]
John Gill of Dartington [Marked]
John Luscombe of Dartington [Marked]
Henry Blacklar of Dartington [Marked]
Anthony Kelly of Berry Pomeroy [Signed]
Richard Perrott of Cornworthy [Signed]
Mary Efford of Huish, North [Marked]
Peter Rider of Diptford [Marked]
Peter Gillard (Jilleard) jun of Halwell [Signed]
Nicholas Follett of Halwell [Signed]
Richard Follett of Halwell [Marked]
Leonard Wadland of Halwell [Marked "L"]
Nicholas Jackson of Halwell [[unclear]]
John Tooly (Tooley) of Brent, South [?signed]
John Hayne (Hyne) of Brent, South [Marked]
Thomas Westbrooke of Brent, South [Marked "T"]
John Thorne jun of Brent, South [Marked]
William Rowland of Brent, South [Marked]
Arabella Roope, widow of Blackawton [Signed]
Henry Farley of the same Brent, South [Marked]
Joan Head of Brent, South [Marked]
Mary Prowse of Brent, South [Marked]
John Rowland of Brent, South [Marked]
William Luce of Brent, South [Marked]
Thomas Wayet (Wyat) of Brent, South [Marked]
William Rowland [illegible deletion] of Brent, South [Marked]
Gregory Emet (Emett) of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Anthony Sheppard of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Edward Sheppard of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Samuel Groose of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
William Pomery of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Joan Tozer of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
Sampson Sayer of Harberton [Signed]
Richard Penny (Pinhey) of Blackawton [Signed]
William Bartlett of Blackawton [Signed]
James Gill of Ashprington [Signed]
George Emet (Emett) of Ashprington [Signed]
Mary Sweet of Moreleigh [Marked]
Margery Gill of Harberton [Signed]
Henry Gill of Harberton [Signed]
Robert Perring of Ashprington [Signed]
Edward Westcott (Wescot) of Ashprington [Signed]
James Perrott (Parrott) of Ashprington [Signed]
Susanna Hilly of Ashprington [Marked]
Phillipa Butland of Ashprington [Marked]
John Edmunds of Ashprington [Marked]
Ursula King of Ashprington [Marked]
Roger Adams of Ashprington [Marked]
John Deever of Ashprington [Marked]
Edward Lee of Ashprington [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Nicholas Street of Ashprington [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Nicholas Mosey of Ashprington [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Jasper Perrott (Perrett) of Ashprington [Signed]
John Farley of Ashprington [Marked]
Christopher Hodge of the same Harberton [Marked]
Stephen Collings of Harberton [Marked "C"]
Richard Hilly of Ashprington [Marked]
Noah Mann of Allington, East [Signed]
Barnabas Putt of Allington, East [?Signed]
William Holditch of Allington, East [Signed]
John Murch of Allington, East [Signed]
Philip Pillidge of Allington, East [Marked]
John Morrish of Allington, East [Unlcear whether signed or marked]
Henry Skelly of Allington, East [Unlcear whether signed or marked]
Honour Clay of Allington, East [Unlcear whether signed or marked]
Peter Waymouth of Allington, East [Not signed]
Edward Shillibere of Harberton [Signed]
Atheran Shere of Harberton [Marked]
Joan Horrill of Stoke Fleming [Marked]
Thomas Knowling of Brent, South [Signed]
Henry Farly (Farleigh) jun of Brent, South [Signed]
Richard Ferris of Brent, South [Marked]
Thomas Liscombe (Luscombe) of Brent, South [?Signed]
Thomas Trist of Brent, South [Signed]
Thomas Wyatt of Brent, South [Not signed]
John P....land of Brent, South [Not signed]
Henry Mudge of Dean Prior [Signed]
Richard Partridge of Chivelstone [Signed]
Robert Camp (Campe) of Diptford [Marked]
Thomas Tucker of Diptford [Marked]
Roger Cotten (Cotton) of Diptford [Marked]
[Illegible deletion] of Diptford [Not signed]