Oaths sworn at The School House, Braunton, 17 September 1723 before Henry Incledon and George Buck esqs

William Downe, gent of Pilton [Signed]
Mary Downe (Down) of Pilton [Signed]
Elizabeth Downe (Down) of Pilton [Signed]
Sarah Down of Pilton [Signed]
John Vellacott of Lynton [Signed]
Anthony Litson of Lynton [Marked "A"]
William Vellacott of Lynton [Marked "V"]
William Hardy of Lynton [Signed]
Margaret Litson of Lynton [Marked]
Jane Dyer of Lynton [Marked "J"]
Daniel French of Lynton [Marked "D"]
Mary Larsham of Lynton [Marked "M"]
Joseph Fry of Lynton [Marked "J"]
Walter Knight of Lynton [Signed]
John Peard of Combe Martin [Signed]
Richard Smith of Combe Martin [Marked "S"]
Richard Nutt of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Richard Reed of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Nicholas Witheridge (Witheridg) of Combe Martin [Signed]
Robert Gammon of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Joan Pilcock of Combe Martin [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Smith of Combe Martin [Marked "S"]
William Reed of Combe Martin [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Blackmoore of Combe Martin [Marked "B"]
Anne Ley of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
Edward Martin of Combe Martin [Marked "M"]
Nicholas Lancy of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
John Loverin of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
George Ley, esq of Marwood [Signed]
Hugh Lee sen of Pilton [Signed]
Susanna Thorne of Pilton [Marked "ST"]
Christopher Lethbridge, esq of Pilton [Signed]
Philip Rogers, gent of Pilton [Signed]
George Lee of Pilton [Signed]
Thomas Blackwill of Pilton [Signed]
Richard Mervin, esq of Marwood [Signed]
Hannah Lee of Pilton [Signed]
Walter Bryant (Briant) of Brendon [Signed]
Hugh Lee jun of Pilton [Signed]
William Thorne of Brendon [Signed]
Gregory Rawle of Brendon [Marked "R"]
Henry Rawle of Brendon [Marked "R"]
Robert Parkin of Brendon [Marked "R"]
Robert Mogeridge of Brendon [Marked "R"]
Philip Squire of Brendon [Marked "S"]
Gregory Barnes of Brendon [Marked "B"]
William Sloley (Sloly) of Brendon [Signed]
William Barnes of Brendon [Marked "B"]
Robert ?Parkin of Brendon [Not signed]
Richard Parkin of Brendon [Not signed]
Gabriel Bale of Brendon [Marked "G"]
Sarah Mogeridge of Brendon [Marked "M"]
Richard Bowden of Brendon [Marked "R"]
William Eames of Brendon [Marked "W"]
John Saunders of Brendon [Marked "S"]
John Ley of Combe Martin [Signed]
Richard Hobbs of Brendon [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Hooper jun, esq of Pilton [Signed]
William Churchward, clerk of Goodleigh [Signed]
Richard Harding, clerk of Marwood [Signed]
Carew Hoblyn, clerk of Georgeham [Signed]
John German of Marwood [Signed]
Philip Jones of Pilton [Marked "J"]
William Partridge (Partridg) of Challacombe [Signed]
John Hartnoll of Challacombe [Signed]
Amos Partridge of Challacombe [Signed]
John Ridd of Challacombe [Signed]
Ambrose Dallyn of Challacombe [Marked]
John Lord of Challacombe [Signed]
Humphrey Ridd of Challacombe [Marked "H"]
William Ridd of Challacombe [Signed]
Thomas Dallyn of Challacombe [Marked "T"]
John Ridd of Challacombe [Signed]
Henry Fry of Challacombe [Marked "H"]
Humphrey Leworthy of Challacombe [Marked "H"]
Humphrey Richards of Challacombe [Marked "H"]
William Kindon of Challacombe [Marked "W"]
George Tucker of Challacombe [Marked "T"]
William ?Richards of Shirwell [Not signed]
Philip Wadland of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Thomas Bowen of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Edward Harper of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Harris of Ilfracombe [Signed]
David Griffith of Ilfracombe [Marked]
Nathaniel Vye of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Marshall of Loxhore [Signed]
Mary Marshall, wife of John Marshall of Loxhore [Signed]
Philip Rogers of Loxhore [Signed]
Humphrey Rooke of Loxhore [Marked "R"]
Anthony Gregory, clerk vicar of Braunton [Signed]
Henry Stevens of Braunton [Signed]
Thomas Deane of Georgeham [Signed]
John Seldon of Fremington [Signed]
William Rogers of Braunton [Signed]
John Dennis (Denis) of Braunton [Signed]
Charles Hunt of Braunton [Marked "H"]
John Popkins of Braunton [Signed]
George Leworthy of Charles (N. Devon) [Signed]
Joan Heard of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "J"]
Catherine Harder of Marwood [Signed]
Henry Parmingter (Parminter) of Marwood [Signed]
John Cutleife (Cutcliffe), esq of Marwood Ilfracombe [Signed]
Robert Cutleife (Cutcliffe), esq of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Hearding (Harding) of Combe Martin [?Signed]
John Newell of Ilfracombe [?Signed]
William Stanbury of Shirwell [Signed]
Humphrey Saunders, clerk of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Harris of Marwood [Signed]
Robert Harris of Marwood [Signed]
Abraham Edger of Pilton [Signed]
William Rogers of Braunton [Not signed]
Jeffery Lock of Combe Martin [Signed]
Dorothy Edger of Pilton [Signed]
Elizabeth Cock of Georgeham [Marked "C"]
Simon Lake of Weare Gifford [?Signed]
John Comer of Marwood [Signed]
Robert Kelley (Kelly) of Marwood [Signed]
John Elliott of Georgeham [Signed]
Francis Ward of Shirwell [Marked "W"]
Gregory Rogers of Shirwell [Signed]
Jonathan Heale of Shirwell [Signed]
John Symons of Shirwell [Signed]
Mary Pyne of Shirwell [Marked]
John Hartnoll of Shirwell [Marked "H"]
John Hunt of Shirwell [Marked "H"]
John Stanbury of Shirwell [Marked]
Edward Smith (Smyth) of Shirwell [Signed]
James Ward of Shirwell [Signed]
William Huxtable (Hoxtabel) of Shirwell [Signed]
Barbara Symons of Shirwell [Marked "S"]
Joseph Joce of Shirwell [Marked "J"]
Nicholas Breach of Shirwell [Marked "B"]
Francis Ward jun of Shirwell [Signed]
John Slee of Shirwell [Signed]
John Horwood of Shirwell [Marked "H"]
William Baker of Shirwell [Signed]
William Joce of Shirwell [Marked "WJ"]
Philip Joce of Shirwell [Marked "P"]
Richard Joce of Shirwell [Marked "R"]
Jane Lang of Shirwell [Marked "L"]
Roger Turner of Shirwell [Marked "T"]
John Stanbury of Shirwell [Marked "J"]
John Ford of Combe Martin [Signed]
John Brook of Combe Martin [Marked "B"]
William Ward of Combe Martin [Marked "W"]
Anthony Ley of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
William Lewis of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
Edward Webber of Combe Martin [Marked "W"]
Francis Spurraway of Combe Martin [Marked "F"]
William Courtney of Combe Martin [Signed]
Thomas Tucker of Combe Martin [Signed]
Thomas Lancy (Lancey) of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
John Vickery of Combe Martin [Marked "V"]
Samuel Harris of Combe Martin [Marked "S"]
Peter Fraine (Frayne) of Molton, North [Signed]
John Reed of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Robert Willis of Combe Martin [Signed]
Humphrey Rook of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Richard Charly of Combe Martin [Signed]
George Nott of Combe Martin [Marked "N"]
Timothy Hearding of Combe Martin [Marked "TH"]
Richard Comber of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Wilmot Harris of Combe Martin [Marked "H"]
Rebecca Launcy (Lancy) of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
William Dendle of Combe Martin [Marked "W"]
John Nutt of Combe Martin [Signed]
Edward Pearse of Combe Martin [Marked]
Anthony Berry of Martinhoe [Signed]
David Richards of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Walter Lewill of Combe Martin [Signed]
John Stoyle of Combe Martin [Signed]
Edward Heddon of Combe Martin [Marked "H"]
Richard Lancy of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
John Knight sen of Lynton [Signed]
Richard Knight of Lynton [Signed]
David Knight of Countisbury [Marked "K"]
Peter Squire of Lynton [Marked "S"]
David Bale of Lynton [Marked "DB"]
Amos Gammon of Lynton [Marked "G"]
John Fry of Lynton [Marked "F"]
Richard Vellacott of Lynton [Marked "V"]
Mary Burges, widow of Lynton [Marked]
John Squire of Lynton [Marked "J"]
Walter Fry of Lynton [Marked "W"]
Hugh Groves of Lynton [Marked "H"]
John Groves of Lynton [Marked "H"]
Richard Richards of Lynton [Marked "R"]
John Pile of Lynton [Marked "P"]
George Pile of Lynton [Marked "P"]
Hugh Courtis of Lynton [Marked "C"]
Ann Strait of Lynton [Marked "S"]
Emanuel Headdon of Shirwell [Signed]
Margaret Lugg of Shirwell [Signed]
Catherine Score of Shirwell [Marked "S"]
Joan Trezilian of Shirwell [Marked "T"]
William Richards of Shirwell [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Blackwill of Pilton [Marked "B"]
John Ward of Brendon [Signed]
John Walland of Brendon [Marked "W"]
Richard Slocombe of Countisbury [Marked "S"]
Silvester Mogeridge of Brendon [Marked "M"]
William Frye (Fry) of Martinhoe [Signed]
John Hackwell of Martinhoe [Marked "H"]
Mathew Lord of Martinhoe [Signed]
John Challacombe of Martinhoe [Marked "C"]
William Frye of Martinhoe [Marked]
John Fry of Martinhoe [Marked "J"]
Alexander Groves of Martinhoe [Marked "A"]
John Ley of Martinhoe [Marked "L"]
William Fry jun of Martinhoe [Not signed]
Amos Carder of Martinhoe [Signed]
Richard Blackmoore (Blackmore) of Martinhoe [Signed]
Richard Dalling of Martinhoe [Signed]
Henry Griffin of Martinhoe [Marked "H"]
John Prowle (Prole) of Martinhoe [Signed]
Nicholas Jugg of Martinhoe [Marked "J"]
Richard Latham of Martinhoe [Marked "L"]
John Blackmore of Martinhoe [Signed]
Edward Lutterell (Luttrell), esq of Braunton [Signed]
John Viccory of Combe Martin [Marked "V"]
John Lavercombe of Combe Martin [Signed]
Joan Decon of Combe Martin [Marked "J"]
Andrew Clogg of Combe Martin [Marked "A"]
Thomas Ward of Combe Martin [Marked "W"]
William Harris of Combe Martin [Marked "H"]
Joan Symons of Combe Martin [Marked "S"]
Robert Ley of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
Edward Cutliffe of Combe Martin [Marked "C"]
John Carr of Combe Martin [Marked "C"]
Francis Witheridge of Combe Martin [Marked "F"]
Thomas Challacombe (Chalacombe), schoolmaster of Combe Martin [Signed]
John Cutliffe of Combe Martin [Marked "C"]
Thomas Challacombe of Combe Martin [Marked]
John Courtiss of Loxhore [Marked "J"]
William Webber of Loxhore [Marked "W"]
Jeffery Comer of Loxhore [Signed]
William Harding of Loxhore [Marked "H"]
Anthony Pougsley of Loxhore [Marked "A"]
John Pougsley of Loxhore [Marked "J"]
Amos Tamlyn of Loxhore [Marked "A"]
John Hamond of Loxhore [Marked "H"]
Edward Pougsley of Loxhore [Marked "P"]
Philip Phillips (Philips) of Loxhore [Signed]
Jeffery Comer jun of Loxhore [Signed]
John Moor (Moore) of Loxhore [Marked "M"]
James Tamlyn of Arlington [Marked "T"]
Robert? ?R... of Combe Martin [Not signed]
Thomas Challacombe of the same Combe Martin [Marked "+"]
William Ervin of Combe Martin [Marked "W"]
Jeffery Lock of Combe Martin [Not signed]
William Barwick of Pilton [Signed]
Peter Foss of Ilfracombe [Marked]
Thomas Hunt of Loxhore [Marked "T"]
Richard Headon of Ilfracombe [Marked]
Agnes Stanbury of Ilfracombe [Marked "A"]
Elizabeth Reed of Ilfracombe [Marked "E"]
William Barnhouse of Bittadon [Signed]
Robert Blackmoore (Blackmore) of Ilfracombe [Signed]
George Bowen of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Robert Crick of Georgeham [Marked "C"]
William Knight of Lynton [Signed]
John Knight of Lynton [Signed]
Hugh Bale of Lynton [Signed]
David Knight of Lynton [Signed]
Thomas Harris of Ilfracombe [Signed]
James Davey (Davie) of Westleigh [Signed]
John Foss (Fosse) of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Peter Foss (Fosse) jun of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Abraham Harris of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Baker of Ilfracombe [Signed]
William Vye of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Jeffery Hartnoll of Ilfracombe [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Gregory? ?Rogers of Shirwell [Not signed]
Elizabeth Blackmoore (Blackmore) of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Elizabeth Sommers of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Dorothy Wood of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Headon (Heddon) of Ilfracombe [Signed]
William Somers of Ilfracombe [?Marked]
Richard Smith of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Thomas Harris jun of Ilfracombe [Signed]
William Vye of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Samuel Shares (Share) of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Brook of Combe Martin [Signed]
Stephen Dyment (Daymond) of Combe Martin [Signed]
Richard Brook of Combe Martin [Marked "B"]
John Knight of Bittadon [Signed]
David Lock (Locke) of Parracombe [Signed]
Robert Flemming (Fleming) of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Lerwill of Ilfracombe [Marked "L"]