Oaths sworn at The School House, Braunton, 17 September 1723 before Henry Incledon and George Buck esq

Elizabeth Bassett, widow of Heanton Court [Signed]
Richard Parminter, gent of Pilton [Signed]
Catherine Davis of Ilfracombe [Marked "C"]
John Richards of Ilfracombe [Marked "J"]
James Parking of Ilfracombe [Marked "J"]
Anthony Peake of Combe Martin [Signed]
William Clogg of Combe Martin [Signed]
Elizabeth B... of Ilfracombe [Not signed]
Joan Vye of Ilfracombe [Marked "V"]
Hannah Sommers of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Reed of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
Thomas Rudd of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Susanna Boundy of Combe Martin [Marked "B"]
Richard Challacombe of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
William Huett (Hewett) of Combe Martin [Marked "H"]
Humphrey Bussacott of Combe Martin [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Nutt of Combe Martin [Signed]
John Rumsham (Rumsam) of Combe Martin [Signed]
Lewis Peake (Peak) of Combe Martin [Signed]
Hannah Bennett of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Berry of Ilfracombe [Signed]
John Scott of High Bray [Signed]
Jacob Scot (Scott) of Buckland, East [Signed]
Joan Scott (Scott) of High Bray [Signed]
Edward Richards of Georgeham [Signed]
George Cooper of Pilton [Signed]
Joseph Courtis of Pilton [Signed]
Jane Blackmoore of Parracombe [Marked]
Henry Hearding of Parracombe [Signed]
John Gammon of Parracombe [Signed]
John Eames of Parracombe [Marked "J"]
Simon Berry of Parracombe [Marked]
Mary Dovell of Parracombe [Marked "M"]
Edward ?Knight of Parracombe [Not signed]
Dorcas Dovell of Parracombe [Marked "D"]
Mary Dovell jun of Parracombe [Marked "M"]
Margaret Dovell of Parracombe [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Dovell of Parracombe [Marked]
Philip Tucker of Parracombe [Marked "T"]
Humphrey Norman of Parracombe [Marked "N"]
Richard Crang of Parracombe [Marked "C"]
Hugh Richards of Parracombe [Marked "H"]
John Parkin of Brendon [Signed]
Robert Parkin of Brendon [Marked]
Richord Parkin, widow of Brendon [Marked]
Hugh Charley of Combe Martin [Signed]
George Parminter of Ilfracombe [Marked "P"]
Edward Frank of Ilfracombe [Marked "E"]
William Bale of High Bray [Marked "W"]
Henry Mooreman of High Bray [Marked "M"]
George Radley of High Bray [Marked "G"]
Edward Hammond of High Bray [Signed]
Richard Abbott of High Bray [Marked "A"]
Walter Kelley of Countisbury [Marked "W"]
William Laund of Countisbury [Marked "L"]
Peter Coats of High Bray [Signed]
Stephen Berry of Pilton [Signed]
Humphrey Lake of Pilton [Marked "H"]
Hezekiah Warminton of Weare Gifford [Marked "H"]
Rice Hoblyn of Weare Gifford [Marked "H"]
William Saunders of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
Thomas Saunders of Combe Martin [Marked "T"]
Henry Somers of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Mary Tamlyn of Ilfracombe [Marked "T"]
John Jones of Ilfracombe [Marked "J"]
Walter Laund of Ilfracombe [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Dennis of Ilfracombe [Marked "D"]
Michael Harris of Ilfracombe [Not signed]
Robert Edwards of Ilfracombe [Marked "E"]
Francis Snow of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
George Moore of Ilfracombe [Marked "M"]
Thomas Hart of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
John Norman of Ilfracombe [Marked "N"]
William Odam of Stoke Rivers [Marked "O"]
Richard Harris of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
Richard Harris of Arlington [Marked "H"]
William Hewett of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Richard Hancock of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
John Hancock of Ilfracombe [Marked "J"]
John Cock of Ilfracombe [Marked "C"]
Nicholas Blackmore of Ilfracombe [Marked "B"]
George Harris of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
John Mould of Ilfracombe [Marked "M"]
Mary Oliver of Ilfracombe [Marked "O"]
Elizabeth Avery of Pilton [Signed "Elizabeth".]
Mary Avery of Pilton [Signed]
William Partridge jun of Pilton [Signed]
George Gould jun of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "G"]
William Bennett of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "W"]
William Bennett jun of Charles (N. Devon) [Signed]
George Gould (Goude) of Charles (N. Devon) [Signed]
George Leworthy of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "L"]
John Huxtable of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "H"]
Thomazin Davy of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "E"] [Second entry has "Elizabeth" as forename.]
Robert Bendle of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "B"]
Humphrey Baker of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "H"]
George Treble of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "T"]
Edward Thorne of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "T"]
Joan Mare of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "M"]
Samuel Leworthy of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "S"]
Samuel Sweet of Georgeham [Marked "SS"]
Thomas Dene (Deane) jun of Georgeham [Signed]
John Mash of Parracombe [Marked "M"]
John Locke (Lock) of Parracombe [Marked "L"]
Thomas Willis of Parracombe [Marked "W"]
Roger Hardy of Parracombe [Marked "R"]
Thomas Harris of Parracombe [Marked "H"]
John Burch of Parracombe [Marked "B"]
John Dovell of Parracombe [Signed]
William Harton of Parracombe [Marked "H"]
Jeffery Harris of Parracombe [Marked "J"]
Richard Harton of Parracombe [Marked "H"]
David Berry of Parracombe [Marked "B"]
William Gubb of Parracombe [Marked "W"]
Henry ?H...g of Parracombe [Not signed]
Richard Morrice (Morris) of Parracombe [Signed]
Charity Roach of Parracombe [Marked "R"]
William Charley of Parracombe [Signed]
Elizabeth Norman of Parracombe [Marked "N"]
John Hearding of Parracombe [Marked "H"]
Wilmot Squire of Parracombe [Marked "S"]
Thomas Pile of Parracombe [Marked "P"]
Margaret Bale of Parracombe [Marked "M"]
William Harton of Parracombe [Marked "H"]
William Allyn of Parracombe [Marked "W"]
Joan Harton of Parracombe [Marked "H"]
George Davis of Parracombe [Marked "D"]
Thomas Roach of Parracombe [Signed]
Amy Dovell of Parracombe [Marked "A"]
Robert Cording of High Bray [Signed]
John Pongsley of High Bray [Marked "J"]
Henry Westacott of High Bray [Signed]
Elizabeth Spurrier, widow of High Bray [Marked "E"]
Ann Kidwell of High Bray [Marked "K"]
Charles Crosman of High Bray [Signed]
Edward Kidwell (Kedwill) of High Bray [Signed]
John Gill of High Bray [Marked "J"]
Jacob Gill of High Bray [Marked "J"]
William Barrow of High Bray [Marked "B"]
John Barrow of High Bray [Marked]
Michael Thorne of High Bray [Marked "T"]
William Wyett of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Anne Parkin of Ilfracombe [Marked "P"]
Thomazin Perrin of Ilfracombe [Marked "T"]
Peter Hooper of Down, West [Signed]
Joan Gould of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "G"]
John Parminter of Down, West [Signed]
Richard Bale of Countisbury [Marked "B"]
Peter Hooper of Countisbury [Marked "P"]
Joan Hooper of Countisbury [Marked "J"]
John Frye of Countisbury [Marked "J"]
Thomas Frye of Countisbury [Marked "T"]
Christopher Slocombe of Countisbury [Marked "S"]
William Bale of Countisbury [Marked "W"]
George White of Countisbury [Marked "W"]
Sarah Eames of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Nutt of Combe Martin [Marked "N"]
Henry Yelland of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
John Parminter of Ilfracombe [Marked "P"]
Charity Snow of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Walter Frost of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
Nicholas Wyett of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
Henry Meyrick of Ilfracombe [Signed] [Surname altered from Merrick]
William Sommers of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
John Sommers of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Witheridge of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
John Fare of Ilfracombe [Marked]
Richard Stanbury of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Joan Wilcocks of Ilfracombe [Marked "J"]
Mary King of Ilfracombe [Marked "K"]
Dorcas King of Ilfracombe [Marked]
Elizabeth King of Ilfracombe [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Williams of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
Robert Challacombe of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
Philip Reckett (Richot) of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Priscilla Cornish of Ilfracombe [Marked "P"]
Philip Neyle of Ilfracombe [Marked "N"]
Henry Hewett of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
John Knight of Ilfracombe [Marked "K"]
Philip Challacombe of Ilfracombe [Marked "C"]
Mary Rogers of Ilfracombe [Marked "M"]
Richard Thorne of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
John Blake of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "B"]
Susannah Bondy of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "S"]
Thomas Clarke of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "C"]
John Hole of Charles (N. Devon) [Marked "H"]
Humphrey Snow of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
George Coates of Ilfracombe [Marked "G"]
Priscilla Coates of Ilfracombe [Marked "P"]
Michael Harris of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Thomas Neyl of Ilfracombe [Marked "N"]
Mary Fern of Ilfracombe [Marked "M"]
Thomas Somers of Ilfracombe [Marked "T"]
John Dyer of Ilfracombe [Marked "J"]
Charles Whittingham of Ilfracombe [Marked "C"]
Edward Price of Ilfracombe [Marked "E"]