Oaths sworn at The School House, Braunton, 18 September 1723 before Henry Incledon and George Buck esqs

George Follott of Northam [Marked "F"]
William Browning of Northam [Signed]
Robert King of Northam [Signed]
Samuel Hoyll (Hoyle) of Northam [Marked "H"]
Thomas Ellis of Northam [Marked "E"]
William Hogg of Northam [Signed]
Thomas Brook of Northam [Marked]
William Ellis of Northam [Marked "E"]
Robert Ellis of Northam [Marked "R"]
James Comer of Northam [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Cobner of Northam [Marked "C"]
Abigail Thomas of Northam [Marked "T"]
Hannah Comer of Northam [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Nicholls of Northam [Marked "N"]
Philip Dyer of Ilfracombe [Marked "D"]
Richard William Parminter of Pilton [Marked "P"]
Edward Walters of Ilfracombe [Marked]
Philip [Illegible surname] of Ilfracombe [Not signed]
William Smith of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
John Reed of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
William Harris of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Philip Stevens of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
William Parmynter (Parminter) of Stoke Rivers [Signed]
Nicholas Vellacott of Stoke Rivers [Marked "V"]
William Hunt of Stoke Rivers [Marked "H"]
Richard Rogers of Stoke Rivers [Marked "R"]
Mary Goard of Stoke Rivers [Marked "M"]
James Leyworthy of Stoke Rivers [Marked "J"]
George Crocombe of Arlington [Marked "C"]
Thomas Ackland of Arlington [Marked "A"]
John Wheake of Arlington [Marked "W"]
Thomas Carder of Arlington [Marked "C"]
James Tamlyn jun, gent of Arlington [Marked "J"]
Hugh Hammond of Arlington [Marked "H"]
John Symons of Arlington [Marked "S"]
Joan Giles of Arlington [Marked "G"]
John Harris of Arlington [Marked "H"]
Sarah King of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
John Slee of Pilton [Marked "S"]
John Croscombe of Pilton [Marked "C"]
George Rogers of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
Josias Frost of Ilfracombe [Marked "J]
Joan Watcher of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
Thomas Brown of Ilfracombe [Marked "B"]
Jeremiah Webber of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
John Webber of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
Adam Britton (Briton) of Ilfracombe [Marked "B"]
Philip Nott of Ilfracombe [Marked "N"]
Thomas Carr of Ilfracombe [Marked "C"]
Joan Venner of Ilfracombe [Marked "V"]
George Manly of Ilfracombe [Marked "M"]
John Bathor of Ilfracombe [Marked "B"]
Richard Ottoway of Ilfracombe [Marked "O"]
Amos Ottaway (Ottoway) of Ilfracombe [Marked "O"]
Thomas Mules of Ilfracombe [Marked "M"]
Luce Hole of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Jeffery Cornish of Ilfracombe [Marked "C"]
Ann Frost of Ilfracombe [Marked "A"]
Austin White of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
Giles Stanbury of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Peter Comings (Commyns) of Braunton [Signed]
Richard Neyle (Kneyl) of Braunton [Marked "N"]
Lewis Stevens of Braunton [Marked]
John Hunt of Braunton [Marked "H"]
Gilbert Kneyl (Knill) of Pilton [Signed]
Edward Hunt of Pilton [Marked "H"]
Grace Flemming of Pilton [Marked]
Benjamin Budd of Pilton [Marked "B"]
Philip Harris of Braunton [Marked "H"]
Rebecca Barwick of Pilton [Marked "R"]
Agnes Cloutman of Pilton [Marked "C"]
Edmund Hunt of Braunton [Marked "H"]
Nathaniel Harris of Braunton [Marked "H"]
Charles Symons of Braunton [Not signed]
Mathew Symons of Braunton [Signed]
Samuel Gregory of Braunton [Signed]
William Barniss (Barnhouse) of Pilton [Signed]
Peter Scamp (Scampe) of Pilton [Signed]
Justinian Hancock of Pilton [Marked "J"]
Grace Johns of Pilton [Marked "G"]
Julian Parminter of Pilton [Marked "P"]
John Pudner of Pilton [Marked "J"]
Barbara Marks (Marks) of Pilton [Marked "M"]
Francis Hooper of Pilton [Marked "H"]
Richard Hunt of Braunton [Marked "R"]
William Heard of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
John Tucker of Braunton [Marked "T"]
Philip Hording of Braunton [Marked "H"]
John Huxtable of Ilfracombe [Marked]
William Elliott of Down, West [Marked "E"]
William Tamlyn (Tamlyns) of Stoke Rivers [Signed]
Anthony Comer of Stoke Rivers [Marked "A"]
John Joce jun of Stoke Rivers [Marked "J"]
John T...pitt of Stoke Rivers [Not signed]
Richard Berry of Braunton [Marked "B"]
John Nott of Braunton [Marked "N"]
Philip Hooper of Braunton [Marked "H"]
George Pyke of Braunton [Signed]
Jane Berry of Braunton [Marked "B"]
Mary Langdon of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Alexander Bishop of Braunton [Marked "A"]
Simon Crosman of Braunton [Marked "S"]
William Scamp of Braunton [Marked "W"]
Thomas Lake of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Thomas Sutton of Braunton [Marked "S"]
William Clogg of Ashford [Marked "C"]
George Thorne of Ashford [Marked "T"]
Thomas Berry of Westleigh [Signed]
George Horwood of Marwood [Signed]
Thomas Draper of Marwood [Marked "D"]
Adam Symons of Marwood [Marked "A"]
William Snow of Marwood [Marked]
William Bidder of Marwood [Marked "B"]
William Clogg (Clougg) of Marwood [Signed]
William Bamont of Marwood [Signed]
Oliver Smith of Marwood [Marked "S"]
John Gammon of Marwood [Marked "G"]
Richard Symons of Marwood [Marked "R"]
Edmund Elliott of Marwood [Signed]
John Heale of Marwood [Signed]
William Heale of Marwood [Signed]
Jeffery Hartnoll of Mortehoe [Marked "H"]
Henry Fare of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
John Pyke of Northam [Signed]
Philip Darver of Northam [Signed]
William Irwin (Irwins) of Northam [Signed]
Adam Thorne of Marwood [Marked "T"]
Richard Kelley of Marwood [Marked "K"]
Henry Watts of Marwood [Marked "W"]
Amos Lang of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Richard Avery of Braunton [Marked "A"]
Thomas Hodge of Braunton [Signed]
Robert Stanbury of Braunton [Marked "S"]
Ann Langdon of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Grace Gording of Braunton [Marked "G"]
Richard Chapman of Ilfracombe [Marked "C"]
John Hearding of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
John Foss of Ilfracombe [Marked "J"]
Joane Britton of Ilfracombe [Marked "B"]
George Cawsey of Braunton [Marked "G"]
Thomas Horden of Braunton [Marked "H"]
William Baker of Braunton [Marked "B"]
Robert Pawle of Braunton [Marked "P"]
Mary Langdon of Braunton [Marked "L"]
James Symons of Braunton [Marked "S"]
John Roberts of Braunton [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Hunt of Braunton [Marked "H"]
Susanna Parminter of Braunton [Marked "P"]
Peter Hording (Horden) of Braunton [Marked "H"]
Stephen Chilcott of Braunton [Marked "C"]
John Gubbins of Braunton [Marked]
Andrew Alford of Braunton [Marked "A"]
Anne Lewis of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Richard Talling of Braunton [Marked "T"]
Charles Lampery of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Philip Gould of Braunton [Marked "P"]
Robert Balleman of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "B"]
Thomas March of Braunton [Marked "M"]
Thomas Dennis of Mortehoe [Signed]
Robert Collamore of Mortehoe [Marked "C"]
John Mules of Mortehoe [Marked "M"]
John Phare of Mortehoe [Marked "P"]
William Heddon (Headon) of Mortehoe [Marked]
Thomas Prinn of Mortehoe [Marked "P"]
Philip Mules of Mortehoe [Marked "M"]
Daniel Lewis of Mortehoe [Marked "L"]
James Butler of Mortehoe [Marked "B"]
George Headon of Mortehoe [Marked "H"]
Henry Mules of Mortehoe [Marked "M"]
John Garland of Mortehoe [Marked "J"]
Henry Tucker of Mortehoe [Marked "T"]
John Jones of Torrington, Little [Marked "J"]
Stephen Harris of Marwood [Marked "H"]
John Chantrill of Marwood [Marked "C"]
Roger Dyer of Marwood [Marked "D"]
Tobias Hawks of Marwood [Marked "T"]
Joan Dendle of Marwood [Marked "D"]
Sr John Chichester, bart of Shirwell [Signed]
John Spooner (Sponer), gent of Down, East [Signed]
Edulp Dom (Dome) of Georgeham [Marked "D"]
Charles Perrin of Georgeham [Marked]
George Perriman of Georgeham [Marked "G"]
William Pow of Georgeham [Marked "P"]
Humphrey Tallyn of Georgeham [Marked "T"]
Edward Nicholls of Georgeham [Marked "N"]
George Wright of Georgeham [Marked]
John Ramsey of Georgeham [Marked "R"]
Alexander Phare of Georgeham [Marked]
William Baxter of Georgeham [Marked "B"]
William Tallyn jun of Georgeham [Marked "T"]
George Howard of Georgeham [Marked "H"]
Richard Clarke of Georgeham [Marked "C"]
Nicholas Cock of Georgeham [Marked "C"]
Peter Challacombe of Georgeham [Marked "P"]
Robert Webber of Georgeham [Marked "W"]
John Langdon of Georgeham [Marked "L"]
Lewis Scamp of Georgeham [Marked "S"]
Anstis Foot (Foott) of Georgeham [Marked]
Grace Tallyn of Georgeham [Marked]
Elizabeth Wood of Georgeham [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Clement of Georgeham [Marked "C"]
Mary Balch of Georgeham [Marked "B"]
Joan Headdon (Headon) of Georgeham [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Parminter of Georgeham [Marked]
Joan Scamp of Georgeham [Marked "S"]
Agnes Matthews of Georgeham [Marked "M"]
John Gould of Georgeham [Marked "G"]
Dorothy Richards of Georgeham [Marked "R"]
Daniel Moon (Moone) of Georgeham [Marked "M"]
William Berry of Buckland, West [Signed]
William Nichols (Nicholls) of Pilton [Signed]
Thomas Hartnoll of Marwood [Marked "H"]
John Cock of Marwood [Marked "C"]
Jo Luccis of Marwood [Marked "J"]
Joseph Tucker of Marwood [Marked "T"]
George Smith of Marwood [Marked "G"]
William Coates of Marwood [Marked "C"]
James Reed of Marwood [Marked "R"]
James Reed jun of Marwood [Marked "R"]
John Thorne of Ashford [Signed]
Philip Upcott of Ashford [Signed]
John Bynon of Ashford [Marked "B"]
Lewis Bynon of Ashford [Marked "L"]
Philip Whiddon of Ashford [Marked "W"]
John Davis of Combe Martin [Marked "D"]
Nicholas Smith of Combe Martin [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Smith jun of Combe Martin [Marked "N"]
Simon Hodge of Combe Martin [Marked "SH"]
John Joce of Stoke Rivers [Marked "J"]
John Snow of Stoke Rivers [Marked "S"]
Agnes Carder of Stoke Rivers [Marked "C"]
Robert Cornish of Braunton [Marked "R"]
Henry Cornish of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Berry of Ilfracombe [Marked "B"]
?Arminiall/?Arminall Berry of Ilfracombe [Marked "B"]
George [Illegible surname] of ?Pilton [Not signed]
James Gilbert of Braunton [Marked "G"]
Bartholomew Joce of Stoke Rivers [Marked "J"]
Thomas Bynon of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "B"]
William Ruke (Rooke) of Braunton [Signed]
John Croscombe (Crascom) of Braunton [Signed]
Elizabeth Drew of Braunton [Marked "D"]
William Rook of Braunton [Not signed]
William Rook jun of Braunton [Marked]
Richard Dyer of Braunton [Marked "D"]
Edward Burgess of Braunton [Marked "B"]
Peter Hording of Braunton [Marked "H"]
Michael Lampery (Lampry) of Braunton [Marked]
Nathaniel Brook of Braunton [Marked "N"]
John Budd of Braunton [Marked "J"]
Joan Hutching of Braunton [Marked]
George Stevens of Braunton [Marked "S"]
John Gould of Braunton [Marked "G"]
John Parkin of Braunton [Marked]
Edward Lerwill of Combe Martin [Marked "L"]
Abel Jenn (Jenn) of Bradworthy [Signed]
John Symons of Braunton [Marked "S"] [Illegible crossing through above residence]
John Partridge of Braunton [Signed]
George Goarding of Braunton [Marked "G"]
Zachary Croscombe of Braunton [Marked]
Robert Dennis of Braunton [Marked "D"]
John Peake (Peak) of Braunton [Marked "P"]
John Hartnoll of Braunton [Marked "H"]
John Parker of Braunton [Signed]
Mary Hodge of Braunton [Marked "M"]
Thomas Tucker of Pilton [Marked "T"]
John Bowden of Pilton [Marked "B"]
Richard Gliddon of Pilton [Marked "R"]
Richard Parminter of Pilton [Marked "P"]
Samuel Landman (Lanman) of Pilton [Signed]
John Landman (Lanman) of Pilton [Signed]
John Ward of Pilton [Signed]
Robert Beere of Pilton [Marked]
Joseph Stawt of Pilton [Marked]
Edward Richards of Pilton [Marked]
Thomas Butcher of Pilton [Marked "TB"]
Thomas Alford of Pilton [Marked "A"]
George Coombe (Combe) of Pilton [Signed]
Philip Stawt of Pilton [Marked "S"]
Ralph Gould of Pilton [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Stawt of Pilton [Marked "S"]
Robert Gould of Marwood [Marked "R"]
Giles Comer of Marwood [Marked "C"]
Gertrude Avery of Marwood [Marked "A"]
William Kelly (Kelley) of Marwood [Marked "K"]
William Berry of Marwood [Marked "B"]
Edmund Berry of Marwood [Marked "E"]
Malcolm Hopkin of Marwood [Marked "M"]
Charles Courtney of Marwood [Marked "C"]
Francis Symons of Marwood [Marked "S"]
John Gould of Marwood [Marked "J"]
George Dowdle of Marwood [Marked "D"]
Christopher Gammin of Marwood [Marked "C"]
Robert Kelley of Marwood [Marked "K"]
William Dodderidge of Marwood [Marked "W"]
George Cornwall of Marwood [Marked "G"]
Nicholas March of Braunton [Marked "M"]
Margaret Emblin of Braunton [Marked "E"]
William Headon of Heanton Punchardon [Marked]
Philip Butler (Boteler) of Heanton Punchardon [Signed]
George Cawsey of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "C"]
Robert Hutchings of Braunton [Marked]
James Williams of Braunton [Marked "W"]
Robert Lampery of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Alice Davis of Braunton [Marked]
Sarah Staddon of Braunton [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Dunn of Braunton [Marked]
Frances Berry of Braunton [Marked "B"]
Charles Stanbury of Braunton [Marked "C"]
Ann Croscombe of Braunton [Marked "C"]
Balthara Mock of Braunton [Marked "B"]
George Pyke jun of Braunton [Marked "P"]
Ann Pyke of Braunton [Marked "A"]
Richard Langdon of Braunton [Marked "L"]
John Mules of Braunton [Marked "M"]
John Rogers of Braunton [Marked "R"]
John Rogers of Braunton [Signed]
Hugh Hunt of Braunton [Marked "H"]
Susanna Cholwell (Cholwill) of Braunton [Marked]
Peter Croscombe of Braunton [Marked]
Elizabeth Gording of Braunton [Marked]
John Gordon (Gorden) of Braunton [Marked "J"]
John Langdon of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Susanna Tucker of Braunton [Marked "T"]
John Peard of Braunton [Marked "P"]
Thomas Hooper of Braunton [Marked "H"]
John Reed of Braunton [Marked "R"]
Humphrey Berry of Braunton [Marked]
Thomas Peard of Down, West [Signed]
Joan Bear (Beere) of Pilton [Marked "B"]
Simon Pow of Pilton [Marked "P"]
Alice Beere of Pilton [Marked "B"]
Peter Scamp of Pilton [Marked "S"]
John Gould of Braunton [Marked "G"]
Sarah Spreage (Spragg) of Braunton [Marked "S"]
John Comer of Braunton [Marked "C"]
Nicholas Roberts of Down, West [Marked "R"]
Mary Langdon of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "M"]
Peter Parminter of Georgeham [Marked "P"]
John Sweet of Georgeham [Marked]
Anthony Howell of Georgeham [Marked "H"]
Bartholomew Tucker of Georgeham [Marked "T"]
Nicholas Hartnoll of Georgeham [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Hartnoll jun of Georgeham [Marked "H"]
Henry Watts of Georgeham [Marked "H"]
Roger Headdon (Headon) of Georgeham [Marked]
Richard Headdon (Headon) of Georgeham [Marked "R"]
Edward Harper of Georgeham [Marked "H"]
George Harper of Georgeham [Marked]
John Jones of Georgeham [Marked "J"]
Amos Parker of Georgeham [Marked "P"]
Paul Baxter of Georgeham [Marked "B"]
John Baxter of Georgeham [Marked "B"]
William Tallyn of Georgeham [Marked "T"]
Robert Croscombe of Georgeham [Marked "C"]
Dame Elizabeth Chichester of Shirwell [Marked "E"]
Robert Skinner of Berrynarbor [Marked "S"]
William Bowden of Pilton [Marked "B"]
Tristram Oates of Berrynarbor [Marked "T"]
John Philips of Bittadon [Marked "P"]
Robert Budd of Braunton [Marked "R"]
George Benham of Braunton [Marked "B"]
Amy Talling of Braunton [Marked "A"]
Mary Parminter of Braunton [Marked "M"]
William Scamp of Braunton [Marked "S"]
Anne Herbert of Braunton [Marked "A"]
Thomas Gourding of Braunton [Marked "G"]
Richard Knill of Braunton [Marked "K"]
George Taylor of Braunton [Not marked or signed]
Richard Chant of Braunton [Marked "C"]
William Perriman of Braunton [Marked "P"]
Michael Murfey (Murphy) of Ilfracombe [Signed]
James Buckingham of Buckland, East [Marked "B"]
Charles Simons of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "S"]
Benjamin Wills of Northam [Signed]
Philip Lancey of Down, East [Signed]
Humphrey Hunt of Bratton Fleming [Marked]
Abraham Moggeridge of Bratton Fleming [Marked "M"]
William Perriman of Braunton [Marked "P"]
Joan Hill of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
John Hunt of Bratton Fleming [Marked "H"]
John Dallyn of Ilfracombe [Marked "D"]
William Richards of Kentisbury [Marked "X"]
George Mules of Down, West [Marked "M"]
Robert Coats of Down, West [Marked "C"]
John Hooper of Down, West [Marked]
David Peak of Down, West [Marked "P"]
Richard Parminter of Down, West [Marked "P"]
James Blany of Down, West [Marked "J"]
Henry Parminter of Down, West [Marked "H"]
John ?Peake of Down, West [Not signed]