Oaths sworn at The School House, Braunton, 18 September 1723 before Henry Incledon and George Buck esqs

John Peake of Down, West [Marked "P"]
Peter Coats (Coates) of Down, West [Marked "C"]
John Hutchings of Down, West [Marked "J"]
John Mare of Down, West [Marked "M"]
Mary Parminter of Down, West [Marked "P"]
George Fleming of Down, West [Marked "G"]
Charles Fleming of Down, West [Marked "C"]
Alexander Marsh of Down, West [Marked "M"]
Sarah Tucker of Down, West [Marked "S"]
Richard Challacombe (Challacomb) of Down, West [Marked "R"]
Richard Clarke of Down, West [Marked "C"]
Philip ?Coals/?Coats (Coales) of Down, West [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Headon of Down, West [Marked "H"]
Peter Coats of Down, West [Marked "P"]
Grace Hooper of Down, West [Marked "H"]
Thomas ?Knight of Down, West [Not signed]
John ?Parminter of Down, West [Not signed]
Joseph ?Tucker of Marwood [Not signed]
David Curtice (Courtice) of Tawstock [Marked "C"]
Grace Hearder of Berrynarbor [Marked "X"]
Mary Headon of Down, West [Marked "H"]
Robert Tucker of Ilfracombe [Marked "T"]
Richard Richards of Down, East [Marked "R"]
John Incledon of Pilton [Marked "J"]
Amy Rathleigh of Pilton [Marked "A"]
Patience Williams of Braunton [Marked "P"]
John Jeffery of Northam [Signed]
Humphrey [Surname unclear] of [Residence unclear] [Not signed]
William ?Hanmore of [Residence unclear] [Not signed]
Edward Lancey of Bratton Fleming [Signed]
Thomas Ridd of Bratton Fleming [Marked "T"]
Mary Gubb of Bratton Fleming [Marked "G"]
John Stanbury of Goodleigh [Marked "S"]
James Stawt of Pilton [Marked "S"]
Edward Parminter (Parmynter) of Pilton [Signed]
Benjamin Rook (Rooke) of Northam [Signed]
Bartholomew Rook (Rooke) of Northam [Signed]
Elizabeth Andrew of Northam [Marked "A"]
Orris Ball of Northam [Marked "B"]
Mary Griffy of Northam [Marked "M"]
Mary Burch of Northam [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Pyke of Northam [Signed]
Thomas Witheridge of Berrynarbor [Signed]
Thomas Witheridge jun of Berrynarbor [Signed]
Jeffery Vellacott of Berrynarbor [Signed]
John Witheridge of Berrynarbor [Marked "W"]
William Morrice of Berrynarbor [Marked "M"]
William Vellacott of Berrynarbor [Signed]
George Bowden of Berrynarbor [Signed]
Alexander Clark of Berrynarbor [Signed]
Thomas Knill of Berrynarbor [Marked]
Anthony Nutt of Berrynarbor [Marked "N"]
Thomas Squire of Berrynarbor [Marked "S"]
Thomas Brayley (Braily) of Berrynarbor [Marked "T"]
Thomas Hill of Berrynarbor [Marked "H"]
John Brayley (Brailey) of Berrynarbor [Signed]
Humphrey Snow of Berrynarbor [Marked "S"]
Edward Bowden of Berrynarbor [Marked "B"]
Robert Chichester of Berrynarbor [Signed]
Humphrey Popham of Berrynarbor [Signed]
John Gould of Berrynarbor [Marked "J"]
Thomas Whitlock (Widlocke) of Berrynarbor [Signed]
John Brayly jun of Berrynarbor [Marked "B"]
Nicholas Stanbury of Berrynarbor [Marked "S"]
Henry Harding of Combe Martin [Signed]
Timothy Harding of Combe Martin [Signed]
William Rawle of Combe Martin [Marked "R"]
Richard Hutchins of Kentisbury [Marked "H"]
Robert Slowly (Sloly) of Kentisbury [Signed]
John Charly (Charley) of Kentisbury [Signed]
Humphrey Lerwill of Kentisbury [Marked "L"]
Richard Blackmore of Kentisbury [Marked "B"]
William Bennet (Bennett) of Kentisbury [Marked "B"]
Robert Score of Kentisbury [Marked "S"]
William Connybear of Kentisbury [Marked "W"]
Philip Boyles of Kentisbury [Marked "P"]
William Harding jun of Kentisbury [Signed]
William Knight of Kentisbury [Marked "K"]
Robert Thomas of Kentisbury [Marked "T"]
Robert Thomas jun of Kentisbury [Signed]
John Richards of Trentishoe [Marked "R"]
James Hill of Trentishoe [Marked "H"]
Richard Willis of Trentishoe [Marked "W"]
Nicholas Fray (Fry) of Trentishoe [Marked "N"]
William Lock of Trentishoe [Marked "L"]
William Stanbury of Bratton Fleming [Marked "S"]
Robert [Surname unclear] of Bratton Fleming [Not signed]
John Collins of Bratton Fleming [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Levercombe of Bratton Fleming [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Triggs of Bratton Fleming [Marked "T"]
Grace Levercombe of Bratton Fleming [Marked "L"]
Joan Ridd of Bratton Fleming [Marked "R"]
Susanna Rawle of Bratton Fleming [Marked "S"] [Illegible crossing out before "Rawle".]
Anthony Comber of Bratton Fleming [Marked "C"]
John Pugsley (?Pougsley) of Bratton Fleming [Marked "P"]
Anthony ?Gubb of Bratton Fleming [Not signed]
Rebecca Gubb of Bratton Fleming [Marked "G"]
Richard Gubb of Bratton Fleming [Marked "R"]
John Berry of Bratton Fleming [Marked "B"]
Amy Pasmore of Bratton Fleming [Marked "P"]
William Ridd of Bratton Fleming [Marked "R"]
William Dalling of Bratton Fleming [Marked "D"]
?Agnes B...d of Bratton Fleming [Not signed]
Thomasin Ridd of Bratton Fleming [Marked "R"]
Richard B...d of Bratton Fleming [Not signed]
George [Surname unclear] of Bratton Fleming [Not signed]
Margaret Moggridge (Moggeridge) of Bratton Fleming [Marked "M"]
Francis Joce of Bratton Fleming [Marked "J"]
Thomas Tallyn of Bratton Fleming [Marked "T"]
William Levercombe (Lavercombe) of Bratton Fleming [Signed]
John Lavercombe of Bratton Fleming [Signed]
John Courtenay (Courtney) of Bratton Fleming [Signed]
John Barwick of Bratton Fleming [Signed]
John Hawkin of Bratton Fleming [Marked "H"]
Thomas May of Bratton Fleming [Marked "M"]
Richard Barrow of Bratton Fleming [Marked "B"]
Anthony Gill of Bratton Fleming [Marked "A"]
Anthony Wilkey of Bratton Fleming [Marked "W"]
Rebecca? B... of Bratton Fleming [Not signed]
Mary Pasmore of Bratton Fleming [Marked "M"]
Julian Gubb of Bratton Fleming [Marked "G"]
John Sharland of Bratton Fleming [Marked "S"]
John Skinner of Goodleigh [Marked]
Nicholas Lock of Kentisbury [Marked "N"]
George Knight of Kentisbury [Signed]
William Tucker of Kentisbury [Signed]
Margaret Stoye of Kentisbury [Marked]
John Vellacott of Kentisbury [Marked "V"]
Charles Harris of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Katherine Morgan of Northam [Marked]
Elizabeth Neyles of Northam [Marked "N"]
Eleanor Brook of Northam [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Prance of Northam [Marked "P"]
Alexander Courtis (Courtice) of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "C"]
Thomas Heddon (Headon) of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "H"]
Hugh Hammond of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "H"]
Thomas Gould of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "T"]
John Gould of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "G"]
John Morris of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "M"]
Robert Stoat of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "R"]
Richard Rudd of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "R"]
Mary Hooper of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "M"]
Jane Gyles of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "J"]
John Simons (Symons) of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "S"]
Henry Gould of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "H"]
Mary Incledon of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "M"]
Edward Lancey of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "L"]
John Hammond (Hamond) of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "J"]
William Hammond (Hamond) of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "W"]
Anne Vellacott of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "A"]
Henry French of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "H"]
John Pillaven of Heanton Punchardon [Marked "J"]
Christopher Shapland of Goodleigh [Signed]
George Coates of Down, West [Marked "C"]
Peter Scamp of Down, West [Marked "S"]
Anthony Gubb of Bratton Fleming [Marked "A"]
Richard Gubb of Bratton Fleming [Marked "R"]
George Morris (Morris) of Bratton Fleming [Marked "M"]
Richard Hartnoll of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
Simon Stevens of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Henry Stevens of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
William Hartnoll of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Alexander Francklyn of Buckland, East [Marked "A"]
Anthony Southcombe of Buckland, East [Marked "S"]
George Gregory, clerk of Charles (N. Devon) [Signed]
John Quick, clerk of High Bray [Signed]
Andrew Hamond of Buckland, East [Marked "H"]
John Tucker of Berrynarbor [Signed]