Oaths sworn at The house of Richard Squire, Chittlehampton, 20 September 1723 before Arthur Chichester and John Hacche esq

Henry Gubb of Marwood [Marked "G"]
William Heale of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "H"]
Edward Ratcliffe of Landkey [Signed]
Peter Tucker of Swimbridge [Signed]
Grace Hutchins als Franklen (Hutchins) of Swimbridge [Marked]
John Howard of Swimbridge [Marked "H"]
Mary White of Swimbridge [Marked "M"]
Thomas Beare of Swimbridge [Marked "B"]
Henry Tibbs of Swimbridge [Marked "T"]
?Jane [Residence illegible] of Swimbridge [Not signed]
John Huxtable of Swimbridge [Signed]
John Gill of Swimbridge [Marked "J"]
Alexander Gould of Swimbridge [Marked "G"]
John Mules of Swimbridge [Marked "M"]
Thomas Pasmoore of Swimbridge [Marked "P"]
George Shobrook of Swimbridge [Signed]
Lewis Sommerwill of Swimbridge [Signed]
William Phillips of Swimbridge [Signed]
Thomas Fairchild (Faierchild) of Swimbridge [Signed]
Edward Palmer of Swimbridge [Marked "P"]
John Jope of Swimbridge [Marked "J"]
George Trible (Trebell) of Swimbridge [Signed]
Stephen Pincombe of Swimbridge [Signed]
William Templer of Swimbridge [Signed]
George Huxtable (Hustabell) of Swimbridge [Marked "G"]
William Utton of Swimbridge [Marked "U"]
Edmund Clark of Swimbridge [Marked "C"]
John Jenkins of Swimbridge [Marked "J"]
Lewis Striblin of Swimbridge [Signed]
John Bowdon of Swimbridge [Marked]
Thomas Pasmore of Swimbridge [Marked "P"]
Edward Tucker of Swimbridge [Marked "T"]
William Smitham of Swimbridge [Signed]
Damaris Smitham of Swimbridge [Marked "D"]
Frances Harwood of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "H"]
Thomas Chappell of Swimbridge [Marked "C"]
Henry Hill of Chittlehampton [Signed]
John Chapple (Chappell) of Chittlehamholt [Signed]
Jonathan Courtis of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
Lewis Bird of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
John Bird jun of Chittlehampton [Marked] [Second entry gives forname as "Lewis".]
Andrew Bowden of Chittlehampton [Marked]
Gabriel Budd of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Humphrey Somers of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
Robert Maire of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Lewis Striblin of Landkey [Marked "L"]
George Davie of Landkey [Signed]
Hugh Walland (Wallond) of Landkey [Marked "W"]
John Barrow of Landkey [Marked "B"]
William Heddon of Landkey [Marked "H"]
William Bendell (Bendle) of Landkey [Marked "B"]
James Mayne of Landkey [Signed]
Anne Ackland of Landkey [Marked "A"]
Mary Westacott of Landkey [Marked "W"]
Anne Westacott jun of Landkey [Marked "W"]
Joane Smale of Landkey [Marked "S"]
Ann Gill of Landkey [Marked "A"]
Agnes Gamon of Landkey [Marked "G"]
Margaret Brown of Landkey [Marked "B"]
John Zeale (Zeal) of Mariansleigh [Signed]
John Sanger of Mariansleigh [Signed]
Robert How of Mariansleigh [Marked "H"]
William Rock (Rooke) of Mariansleigh [Signed]
Gregory Cotty of Molton, North [Marked "C"]
Edmund Saunders of Bishop's Nympton [Signed]
Roger Sanger of Mariansleigh [Marked "R"]
Ann Westacott of Landkey [Marked "W"]
James Lugger, gent of King's Nympton [Signed]
William Budd of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "B"]
Ursula Dart of Swimbridge [Marked "U"]
Jane Vigures of Swimbridge [Marked "V"]
John Blackmore of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "J"]
John Bowdon of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "B"]
Richard Hernaman of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "R"]
John Easeman of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "E"]
William Pincombe of Bishop's Nympton [Marked]
Francis Blackmore of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "B"]
Thomas Pincombe of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "P"]
William Abraham of Bishop's Nympton [Signed]
John Chapple (Chappell) of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "C"]
Andrew Maning (Manning) of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "M"]
John Waring of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "W"]
Jacob Bowdon of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "B"]
George Eames of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "E"]
Henry Lowsmore of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "L"]
Giles Skinner of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "S"]
William Hunt of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "W"]
Hugh Morish of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "M"]
Lewis Southcombe of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "S"]
Thomas Blackmore of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "B"]
Hugh Blackmore of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "H"]
Morish Blackmore of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "M"]
Jonathan Tanner of Bishop's Nympton [Not signed]
John Goss of Bishop's Nympton [Not signed]
John Bray of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "B"]
Henry Zeale of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "H"]
William Tanner of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "T"]
Richard Clift of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "C"]
Philip Bowden of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "B"]
Anne Masey of Bishop's Nympton [Marked "M"]
John Kindon (Kingdon) of Bickington, High [Signed]
John Frayne of Bickington, High [Marked]
John Cowman of Bickington, High [Marked "C"]
Thomas Hart of Bickington, High [Signed]
Simon Squire of Bickington, High [Marked "S"]
Joseph Day of Bickington, High [Marked "D"]
Barbara Crocker, widow of Bickington, High [Marked "C"]
John Bright of Bickington, High [Marked "B"]
Bernard Voysey of Bickington, High [Marked "V"]
Samuel Squire of Bickington, High [Marked "S"]
John Natt of Bickington, High [Marked "N"]
Nicholas Pow of Bickington, High [Marked "P"]
John Crocker of Bickington, High [Marked "C"]
Dorothy Crocker, widow of Bickington, High [Marked "D"]
Robert Wollacott of Bickington, High [Marked "W"]
Richard Williams of Bickington, High [Signed]
Rachel Shutt, widow of Bickington, High [Marked "R"]
Humphrey Rattenbury of Bickington, High [Marked "H"]
Mary Cobley, widow of Bickington, High [Marked "M"]
Arthur Fuine of Bickington, High [Marked "A"]
John Foss of Bickington, High [Signed]
Robert Natt (Nott) of Bickington, High [Signed]
John Matcott of Bickington, High [Marked "M"]
William Wollacott (Woollacott) of Bickington, High [Marked "W"]
John Copper (Cooper) of Bickington, High [Marked "J"]
Simon Hockins of Bickington, High [Marked "S"]
Thomas Darch of Bickington, High [Marked "T"]
John Williams of Bickington, High [Signed]
Nicholas Hooper of Bickington, High [Marked "H"]
John Crispin of Bickington, High [Marked "J"]
James Barry of Bickington, High [Signed]
Richard Jope of Bickington, High [Marked "R"]
Laurence Hayne of Yarnscombe [Marked "L"]
John Wollacott of Bickington, High [Marked "W"]
Roger Wollacott of Bickington, High [Marked "R"]
John Wollacott of Bickington, High [Signed]
John Ford of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "J"]
William Peake (Peak) of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "P"]
Mellis Vigures, widow of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "V"]
Catherine Sheppard of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "C"]
William Dobb of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "W"]
Philip Mogridge of Molland [Marked "M"]
Lewis Courtney of Molland [Marked "C"]
John Courtney of Molland [Marked "J"]
Richard Elworthy of Molland [Marked "E"]
Henry Quartely of Molland [Marked "H"]
John Mogridge (Mogeridge) of Molland [Marked]
Richard Moore of Molland [Marked "M"]
John Moore of Molland [Marked "J"]
Hugh Zelley of Molland [Marked "Z"]
Thomas Moore of Molland [Marked "T"]
Philip Shapcott of Molland [Marked "P"]
Alice Hynam of Molland [Marked "A"]
Amos Gale of Molland [Marked]
Mary Yealland of Molland [Marked "Y"]
Richard Snow of Molland [Marked "S"]
Robert Bartlett of Molland [Signed]
George Cockram of Molland [Signed]
Alice Blackford of Molland [Marked "A"]
William Hynam of Molland [Marked "H"]
James Mayne of Atherington [Marked "M"]
William Hayman of Atherington [Marked "H"]
Anthony Holmes of Atherington [Marked "A"]
Andrew Edworthy of Bickington, High [Marked "+"]
Thomas Wollacott of Bickington, High [Marked "W"]
Margaret Barnes of Swimbridge [Marked "M"]
Robert Sommerwill of Swimbridge [Marked "S"]
Pasko Fairchild of Swimbridge [Marked]
John Allyn of Swimbridge [Marked "A"]
John Haydon jun of Swimbridge [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Pasko Barnes of Swimbridge [Marked "B"]
John Haydon of Swimbridge [Marked "H"]
Philip Acty of Swimbridge [Marked "A"]
Samuel [Surname illegible] of Swimbridge [Not signed]
Christopher Squire of Swimbridge [Marked "S"]
John Westacott of Landkey [Marked "W"]
John Honnacott of Landkey [Marked "H"]
John Hogan of Landkey [Marked "J"]
George Smale of Landkey [Marked]
William Lewes of Landkey [Marked "L"]
Christopher Thorne of Landkey [Marked "T"]
Robert Bowcher of Landkey [Marked "B"]
William Harris of Landkey [Marked "H"]
Christopher Leworthy of Landkey [Marked]
Patience Hornbrook of Tavistock [Signed]
John Paule of Landkey [Marked "P"]
Charles Hunt of Landkey [Signed]
Thomas Southwood of Landkey [Marked "S"]
Richard Squire of Landkey [Signed]
Roger Dart of Landkey [Marked "D"]
George Prideaux of Landkey [Marked "G"]
John Joce of Landkey [Signed]
John Wall of Landkey [Signed]
Walter Westacott of Landkey [Signed]
Gregory Davey of Landkey [Marked "G"]
Humphrey Sommers of Landkey [Marked "S"]
John Barnes of Landkey [Marked "B"]
Hugh Pincombe of Landkey [Marked "P"]
Gregory Parkin of Landkey [Marked "P"]
Laurence Moore of Swimbridge [Signed]
Michael Slader of Swimbridge [Signed]
Nicholas Andrews of Swimbridge [Marked "N"]
Mary Pasmore of Swimbridge [Marked "P"]
Robert Parminter (Parmynter) of Swimbridge [Signed]
John Yeo of Swimbridge [Signed]
Hannah Davey of Swimbridge [Marked "H"]
Bartholomew Yeo of Swimbridge [Signed]
William Brayly (Brayley) of Landkey [Marked "B"]
Mark Badcock of Landkey [Marked "M"]
Richard Taylor of Landkey [Marked "T"]
William Upcott of Landkey [Signed]
William Mildon of Landkey [Signed]
William Jones of Landkey [Signed]
Anthony Baker of Goodleigh [Marked "B"]
John Tallyn of Goodleigh [Marked "T"]
Robert Ackland of Goodleigh [Marked "R"]
Adam Harris (Harris) of Goodleigh [Marked "H"]
Jonas Cowler of Goodleigh [Marked "J"]
Philip Mules of Goodleigh [Marked]
John Meller of Goodleigh [Marked "J"]
Jane Tucker, wife of Francis Tucker clerk of Landkey [Signed]
Grace Rosier, widow of Landkey [Marked "R"]
Southcombe Sanger of Landkey [Signed]
John Blake of Warkleigh [Marked "B"]
William Nott of Warkleigh [Marked "N"]
Charles Lawday of Warkleigh [Marked "L"]
George Gullock of Warkleigh [Marked "G"]
Josiah Follett of Molton, North [Signed]
Elizabeth Follett of Molton, North [Marked "Eliz"]
William Burgess of Molton, North [Marked "W"]
William Tucker of Molton, North [Signed]
Grace Tucker of Molton, North [Marked "T"]
Robert Mole of Molton, North [Signed]
William Lock (Locke) of Molton, North [Signed]
Jonathan Dee of Molton, North [Signed]
William Squire of Molton, North [Marked "S"]
John Kindon of Molton, North [Marked "K"]
John Slader of Molton, North [Marked "S"]
Arthur Davy of Molton, North [Marked "A"]
John Bryant of Molton, North [Marked "B"]
John Lock of Molton, North [Marked "J"]
John Hammott of Molton, North [Marked "H"]
John Way of Molton, North [Marked "W"]
Christopher Lock of Molton, North [Marked "L"]
Lewis Gould of Molton, North [Marked "G"]
Alice Burgess of Molton, North [Marked "B"]
Henry Smith of Molton, North [Marked "S"]
George Kindon of Molton, North [Marked "K"]
Robert Pasmore of Molton, North [Marked "R"]
Margaret Thorn (Thorne) of Molton, North [Marked "T"]
Joan Davey of Molton, North [Marked "J"]
Peter Kindon (Kingdon) of Molton, North [Signed]
George Bendle (Bendell) of Molton, North [Signed]
John Thorn (Thorne) of Molton, North [Marked "T"]
John Thorn (Thorne) jun of Molton, North [Marked "J"]
Philip Davey of Molton, North [Marked "D"]
Philip Davey jun of Molton, North [Marked "P"]
George Smith of Molton, North [Marked "S"]
Charles Huxstable of Molton, North [Marked "H"]
Margaret Nogle of Molton, North [Marked "N"]
Margaret Nogle jun of Molton, North [Signed]
Richard Nogle of Molton, North [Not signed]
Elizabeth Nogle of Molton, North [Marked "E"]
John Nogle of Molton, North [Marked "J"]
George Westcott of Molton, North [Marked "G"]
Thomas Bright of Molton, North [Marked "B"]
Susanna Gould of Molton, North [Marked "S"]
William Rice of Molton, North [Marked "WR"]
John Mole of Molton, North [Signed]
William Shapland of Molton, North [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Mole of Molton, North [Marked "M"]
William Baker of Molton, North [Marked "W"]
William Baker jun of Molton, North [Signed]
Elizabeth Budd of Warkleigh [Marked "B"]
Joanna Furse, wife of John Furse gent of Dolton [Signed]
William Barnes of Anstey, East [Signed]
Thomas Debbridge of Anstey, East [Marked]
Richard Crooke of Anstey, East [Marked "C"]
John Cockeram of Anstey, East [Marked "J"]
John Eavens of Anstey, East [Marked "E"]
John Capron of Anstey, East [Marked "C"]
Hugh Beed of Anstey, East [Marked "B"]
?Ammery Chilcott (Chilcot) of George Nympton [Signed]
John Gread of George Nympton [Signed]
Roger Cock of George Nympton [Signed]
Richard Dockins of George Nympton [Marked]
John Williams of George Nympton [Marked]
Rose Ditchett of George Nympton [Marked "R"]
John Mill of Warkleigh [Not signed]
John Colings of Warkleigh [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth ?Budd, widow of Warkleigh [Not signed]
Henry ?Quanticke of Warkleigh [Not signed ]
Richard ?B... of Warkleigh [Not signed]
Grace ?Clarke of Warkleigh [Not signed]
Richard ?Boucher of Warkleigh [Not signed]
Mary Pearse of Warkleigh [Not signed]
William C...ke of Warkleigh [Not signed]
John Dyer of Warkleigh [Marked "D"]
William Milton of Atherington [Marked "M"]
Robert Gill of Atherington [Marked "R"]
Richard Tucker of Atherington [Marked "T"]
Leonard Squire of Atherington [Marked "S"]
William Hearding of Atherington [Marked "H"]
Thomas Milton of Atherington [Marked "M"]
George Cotty of Atherington [Marked "C"]
Samuel Fairchild of Atherington [Marked "F"]
Jane Radmore of Atherington [Marked "R"]
Anthony Pethebridge of Atherington [Marked "P"]
John Milton of Atherington [Marked "M"]
Thomas Coale of Atherington [Marked "C"]
John Pow of Atherington [Marked "J"]
Mary Isaack of Atherington [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Dobb of Atherington [Marked "D"]
Grace Wilcocks of Atherington [Marked "G"]
Lewis Cawsey of Atherington [Signed]
John Fisher of Atherington [Signed]
Ann Berry of Atherington [Signed]
Lewis Cawsey of Atherington [Marked "L"]
Sara Cawsey of Atherington [Marked "S"]
John Holman of Yarnscombe [Marked "H"]
Edmund Dobb of Bickington, High [Signed] [signed "Edmond D".]
John Kingdon (Kingdon) of Molton, North [Signed]
John Manning of Bishop's Nympton [Signed]
Naboth Eames of Bishop's Tawton [Marked]
Thomazin Govier of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
Elias Nott of Chittlehampton [Marked "N"]
John Mulland of Ashreigny [Marked "M"]
John Batt of Burrington [Signed]
Ann Nott of Swimbridge [Marked "N"]
Hugh Gould of Swimbridge [Signed]
Richard Baker of Swimbridge [Marked "B"]
Anthony Andrew of Swimbridge [Marked "A"]
John Bond of Swimbridge [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Vellacott of Swimbridge [Marked]
Jone Davey of Swimbridge [Marked "J"]
James Ley of Swimbridge [Signed]
Baldwin Halls (Hals) of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Elizabeth Halls (Hals) of Chittlehampton [Marked "E"]
Robert Moore of Chittlehampton [Marked "M"]
William Smale of Chittlehampton [Signed]
John Giffard of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Sarah Giffard of Chittlehampton [Signed]
John [Surname unclear] of Chittlehampton [Not signed]
Elizabeth Burgess of Chittlehampton [Marked "E"]
Richard Chappell of Chittlehampton [Marked "R"]
William Sommers (Somers) of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Winiford Berry of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Susanna Price of Chittlehampton [Signed]
John Saige of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
James Chorley of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
Francis Morris of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Anthony Saunders of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Coffin of Chittlehampton [Marked "N"]
John Ley of Chittlehampton [Marked "L"]
Henry Leworthy of Chittlehampton [Marked "H"]
Richard Squire of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
Mary Gould of Chittlehampton [Marked "G"]
John Tremlett of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
Susanna Milton of Chittlehampton [Marked "M"]
Richard Pope of Chittlehampton [Marked "P"]
Thomas Gould of Chittlehampton [Marked "G"]
Peter Moxhay of Chittlehampton [Marked "M"]
John Pope of Chittlehampton [Marked "J"]
William Short of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
John Gould of Chittlehampton [Marked "G"]
William Pedler of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Joan Pedler of Chittlehampton [Marked "P"]
John Callard of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
Jane Braginton of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
John Baker of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Thomas Ward of Chittlehampton [Marked "W"]
John Tucker of Chittlehampton [?Signed]
Anthony Tucker of Chittlehampton [Signed]
John Cowler of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
Charles Parker of Chittlehampton [Marked "P"]
Nicholas Kelland of Chittlehampton [Marked "K"]
William Beere of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Alexander Randle of Chittlehampton [Marked "R"]
Richard Drake of Chittlehampton [Marked "D"]
Joan Fetherstone of Chittlehampton [Marked "J"]
Honour Nicholls of Chittlehampton [Marked "N"]
Mathew Hobbs of Chittlehampton [Marked "H"]
Anne Cann of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
John Skinner of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
Baldwin Ackland of Chittlehampton [Marked "A"]
Elizabeth Keener of Burrington [Marked "K"]
Mary Batt of Burrington [Marked "B"]
William Arnold of Burrington [Marked "A"]
Baldwin Goss of Atherington [Marked]
Henry Hooper of Dolton [Signed]
John Heaman of Dolton [Signed]
Thomas Hackwill of Dolton [Signed]
Charles Snell of Dolton [Signed]
Jonas Dullan of Dolton [Marked "D"]
William Ward of Dolton [Signed]
John Webber of Dolton [Marked "W"]
William Godfrey of Dolton [Marked]
Dunstan Stacey of Dolton [Marked "D"]
Mary Bulteel, wife of James Bulteel esq of Holbeton (Fleet) [Signed]
Robert Shutt of Dolton [Marked "S"]
William Ridge of Dolton [Marked "R"]
Richard Budd of Dolton [Marked "B"]
John Madge of Dolton [Signed]
John Dullam of Dolton [Marked "D"]
Robert Ward of Dolton [Marked "W"]
Hannah Snell of Dolton [Marked]
Robert Hocking of Dolton [Marked "H"]
Hannah Shutt of Dolton [Marked "S"]
Frances Padden (Paddon) of Dolton [Marked "P"]
Joan Shutt of Dolton [Marked "J"]
William Wilmots (Willmots) of Dolton [Signed]
Rowland Leverton of Dolton [Marked "R"]
John Short of Dolton [Marked "S"]
Samuel Bragg of Dolton [Signed]
Henry Leverton of Dolton [Marked "L"]
George Heaman of Dolton [Marked]
Henry Drake of Dolton [Marked "D"]
James Ditchett of Chittlehampton [Marked "D"]
Mary Davy of King's Nympton [Marked "M"]
Richord Beere of Warkleigh [Marked "B"]
Henry Upham of Chittlehampton [Marked "V"]
William Davey of Chittlehampton [Marked "D"]
Benjamin Warren of Chittlehampton [Marked "W"]
Thomas Dobb of Chittlehampton [Marked "D"]
Lewis Randle of Chittlehampton [Marked "R"]
Roger Wollacott of Chittlehampton [Marked "R"]
Hugh Wind of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Ann Champin of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
Enoch Smalridge of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Margaret Smalridge of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
George Chappell of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
Richard Tidball of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
Jesse Sommer of Chittlehampton [Marked "J"]
Agnes Barker of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Agnes Berry of Chittlehampton [Marked "A"]
Margaret Chappell (Chaple) of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
Humphrey Thorne of Chittlehampton [Marked "H"]
George Thomas of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
John Saunder (Saunder) of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Cicely Saunder, wife of John Saunder of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
Bartholomew Glass of Chittlehampton [Marked "G"]
Mary Glass of Chittlehampton [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Geaton of Chittlehampton [Marked "E"]
John Gilford of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Philip Ley of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Bartholomew Tomms of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
John Whitefield of Chittlehampton [Marked "W"]
Richard Tucker of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
Wilmot Ley of Chittlehampton [Marked "L"]
Edward Smalridge of Chittlehampton [Signed]
John Melhuish of Chittlehampton [Marked "M"]
Robert Davy of Chittlehampton [Marked "R"]
William Thorn (Thorne) of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
Mary Thorn (Thorne) of Chittlehampton [Marked "M"]
William Budd of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Agnes Huxtable of Chittlehampton [Marked "A"]
Edmund Huxtable of Chittlehampton [Signed]
George Balmont of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
John Pope of Chittlehampton [Marked "J"]
William Thorne of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Amos Rowcliffe of Chittlehampton [Marked "R"]
Peter Harris of Chittlehampton [Marked "H"]
Hugh Gould of Chittlehampton [Marked "G"]
John Pearse of Chittlehampton [Marked "P"]
John Mildon of Chittlehampton [Marked "M"]
William Nott of Chittlehampton [Marked "N"]
Thomas Colymoor (Colymoore) of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
John Lake of Chittlehampton [Marked "L"]
William Lake of Chittlehampton [Marked "W"]
John Landwill of Chittlehampton [Marked "L"]
John Brayley of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
William Chappell of Chittlehampton [Marked "W"]
Edmund Norris of Chittlehampton [Marked "N"]
James Parkin of Chittlehampton [Marked "J"]
Anthony Nott of Chittlehampton [Signed]
John Beare of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Henry Thomas of Chittlehampton [Signed]
Joan Ley of Dolton [Marked "L"]
William Hooper of Beaford [Marked "H"]
Lewis Rowcliffe (Rowcliff) of Dolton [Signed]
Thomas Lyne (Line) of Dolton [Signed]
George Short of Dolton [Marked "S"]
Simon Folland of Dolton [Marked "F"]
Robert Mules of Dolton [Signed]
Charles Rowcliffe (Rowcliff) of Dolton [Signed]
James Hoar (Hore) of Dolton [Signed]
Roger Buckingham of Twitchen [Marked]
John Buckingham of Twitchen [Marked "J"]
William Buckingham of Twitchen [Marked "W"]
John Tapp of Twitchen [Marked "T"]
Hugh Tapp of Twitchen [Marked "H"]
Roger Tapp of Twitchen [Signed]
Thomas Tapp of Twitchen [Signed]
John Martin (Martain) of Twitchen [Signed]
Richard Cockeram of Twitchen [Marked "C"]
Emlin Huxtable of Chittlehampton [Marked "E"]
Edmund Saunder of Chittlehampton [Marked "S"]
Bartholomew Brailey of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Joan Mountjoy of Chittlehampton [Marked "J"]
William Butler of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
James Hoare of Chittlehampton [Marked "H"]
John Ireland of Chittlehampton [Marked "I"]
Francis Cotty of Chittlehampton [Marked "C"]
John Chappell of Bickington, High [Marked "C"]
John Mountjoy of Bickington, High [Marked "M"]
Jasper Tucker of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
Richard Hill of Chittlehampton [Marked "R"]
Thomas Tibbs of Chittlehampton [Marked "T"]
Richard Nogle of Molton, North [Marked "N"]
John Bright of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Bartholomew Berry of Chittlehampton [Marked "B"]
Henry Warren of Chittlehampton [Marked]
Jeffery Parkin of Molton, North [Marked "P"]