Oaths sworn at The White Hart, Cullompton, 26 September 1723 before Richard Nutcombe and Thomas Brown

Hugh Fort (Foort) of Huntsham [Signed]
John Thorn of Molton, North [Not signed]
William Jope of Plymtree [Signed]
John Jope of Plymtree [Signed]
Charles Jope of Plymtree [Signed]
Fitzwilliam Jope of Plymtree [Signed]
John Back of Cadbury [Marked "JB"]
John Lewis of Cullompton [Signed]
Thomas Carter of Halberton [Signed]
John Gill of Halberton [Not signed]
John Chaplin of Halberton [Signed]
Thomas Leathern of Halberton [Marked "TC"]
Thomas Stone of Halberton [Signed]
Daniel Scadding of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Francis Raddon of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Elizabeth Salter of Cullompton [Marked "E"]
William Mugford of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Marked "WM"]
Christopher Cross of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Marked "C"]
John Crosse of Cullompton [Signed]
Theophila Selleck, wife of William Selleck of Cullompton [Signed]
Thomas How of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Signed]
Thomas Drew of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Marked "D"]
Thomas Woodward of Thorverton [Signed]
Thomas Carpenter of Silverton [Signed]
Mary Hill of Cullompton [Signed]
Mary Clarke of Cullompton [Signed]
Elizabeth Evans of Cullompton [Signed]
Priscilla Whitrow of Cullompton [Marked "P"]
Susanna ?Warham (Warram) of Cullompton [Signed]
George Back of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
Ann Dunnet of Cullompton [Marked "D"]
Richard Dun of Tiverton [Signed]
Zachary Arthur of Tiverton [Signed]
Hugh Melhuish of Tiverton [Signed]
Henry Chave of Tiverton [Signed]
James Taylor of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Seymour of Tiverton [Marked]
John Shapcot (Shapcott) of Tiverton [Signed]
William Cannington of Tiverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Ingram of Tiverton [Marked "E"]
John Whitefeild of Tiverton [Signed]
John Thorn (Thorne) of Molton, North [Signed]
Daniel Back of Tiverton [Marked "DB"]
Daniel Back jun of Tiverton [Signed]
John Wilkins of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Christopher Frost of Tiverton [Marked "CF"]
Agnes Stone of Tiverton [Marked "AS"]
Francis Kerslake of Tiverton [Marked "FK"]
John Holmes of Tiverton [Marked "JH"]
Robert ?Ho...ell of Tiverton [Marked "RH"]
Mary Beare of Tiverton [Signed]
William Badcock of Cadeleigh [Marked "WB"]
James Badcock of Cadeleigh [Not signed]
Humphrey Saunders (Sanders) of Cadeleigh [Marked]
William Kerslake of Cadeleigh [Marked "W"]
Agnes Saunders (Sanders) of Cadeleigh [Signed]
Bridget Delve of Cadeleigh [Marked "D"]
George Darby (Derby), clerk of Cullompton [Signed]
Mary Darby (Derby), spinster of Cullompton [Signed]
Richard Manly of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Signed]
Paul Dunkley of Cullompton [Signed]
Edward Crosse, gent of Cullompton [Signed]
James Crosse, gent of Cullompton [Signed]
Ursula Blynman of Cullompton [Signed]
Simon Harris of Cullompton [Signed]
Bernard Skinner of Plymtree [Signed]
Mary Salter of Plymtree [Marked "M"]
Robert Ellicott of Cullompton [Signed]
John Wright of Cullompton [Signed]
Robert Baker of Cullompton [Marked "R"]
Ambrose Thorn (Thorne) of Cullompton [Marked "T"]
John Peircy (Pearcy) of Cullompton [Signed]
John Cross of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Marked]
Jane Taylor of Tiverton [Marked "T"]
Joan Shapcot of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
Samuel Hopkins of Halberton [Signed]
Richard Short of Cadbury [Signed]
John Crumb (Croum) of Thorverton [Signed]
John Fort of Thorverton [Marked]
Thomas Milford of Thorverton [Signed]
Anstice Pope of Thorverton [Marked "AP"]
Roger Martyn (Martin) of Thorverton [Signed]
Richard Wipple (Wippell) of Thorverton [Signed]
John Kingdom of Thorverton [Marked "JK"]
Nicholas Dalley (Dally) of Thorverton [Signed]
Thomas Percy of Thorverton [Signed]
John Lovell of Thorverton [Signed]
John Wade of Thorverton [Signed]
John Welland of Thorverton [Marked "JW"]
William Smith of Thorverton [Marked "WS"]
John Niner of Thorverton [Marked "JN"]
John Stuckey of Thorverton [Marked "S"]
Robert Warren of Thorverton [Signed]
Peter Pepnell (?Peppernell) of Thorverton [Signed]
Grace Radmore of Thorverton [Signed]
Lawrence Smith of Thorverton [?Signed]
Thomas Tothill of Thorverton [Signed]
Richard Wills of Thorverton [Marked "RW"]
Samuel Milford of Thorverton [Marked "SM"]
John Holwell of Kentisbeare [Marked "JH"]
John Pooke of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Uriell Ford of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Edward Middell (Meddell) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Richard Lane of Kentisbeare [Marked "RL"]
William Hurley of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Samuel Salter of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Taylor of Kentisbeare [Marked "JT"]
John Pratt of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Endicott of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Gawen Lane of Kentisbeare [Signed]
George Pooke of Kentisbeare [Marked]
William Stone of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Leonard Pooke of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Joane Bond of Kentisbeare [Marked "JB"]
Elizabeth Hurley (Hurly) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Ann James of Kentisbeare [Marked "AJ"]
Elizabeth Sanders of Kentisbeare [Marked "ES"]
Alice Warrin of Kentisbeare [Marked "AW"]
Jane Major of Kentisbeare [Marked "JM"]
Susanna Bale of Kentisbeare [Marked "SB"]
Robert Major of Kentisbeare [Marked "RM"]
John Milles (Mills) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Brown (Browne) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Aneare of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Humphrey Starke of Kentisbeare [Marked "HS"]
John Starke of Kentisbeare [Marked "JS"]
Sarah Lane of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Roger Allen of Huntsham [Marked "RA"]
William Channon of Silverton [Signed]
Ambrose Lipscome of Silverton [Marked]
William Stick of Silverton [Marked "WS"]
John Hutchings of Silverton [Signed]
John Chamberlin of Silverton [Signed]
Nehemiah Hodge of Silverton [Signed]
John Whitty (Whittey) of Silverton [Signed]
William Mullings of Silverton [Marked "WM"]
Ed: Burnard of Silverton [Marked "EB"]
Mathew Melhuish of Silverton [Signed]
Bridget Troak of Silverton [Marked "BT"]
Richard Colchard of Silverton [Signed]
Joan Drake of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Marked "JD"] [Bickleigh appears to have been added later. Neighbouring entries are grouped together as "of ye same", i.e. Silverton.]
Robert Holman of Silverton [Signed]
Thomas Marsh of Silverton [Signed]
Samuel Hedgland of Silverton [Signed]
John Warren jun of Silverton [Signed]
Lewis Stick of Silverton [Marked "LS"]
George Harward (Harward) of Cullompton [Signed]
John Forse of Cullompton [Signed]
Stephen Peirce, gent of Cullompton [Signed]
John James of Cullompton [Signed]
Ambrose Shears (Shere) of Cullompton [Signed]
James Parkhouse of Cullompton [Signed]
Robert Blackaller (Blackaller) of Cullompton [Signed]
Humphrey Blackmore of Cullompton [Signed]
William Hake of Cullompton [Signed]
Henry Hake of Cullompton [Signed]
William Mills of Cullompton [Signed]
William Aires of Cullompton [Marked "WA"]
Joseph Atkins of Cullompton [Signed]
John James of Cullompton [Not signed]
Samuel Smith of Cullompton [Signed] ["Henry F" crossed through opposite name.]
Ambrose ?Shares of Cullompton [Not signed]
James Parkhouse of Cullompton [Not signed]
Francis Murch of Cullompton [Signed]
Mark Ayres of Cullompton [Marked "MA"]
Henry Force (?Forse) of Cullompton [Signed]
Samuel Pearce of Cullompton [Signed]
Grace Wood of Willand [Marked "GW"]
William Trump of Cullompton [Marked "W"]
Joan Hill of Halberton [Marked "JH"]
Dorothy Bennet of Halberton [Marked "DB"]
Agnes Daw of Sheldon [Marked "A"]
Roger Taylor of Silverton [Signed]
Charles Row of Silverton [Signed]
John ?Truslade (Trislade) of Silverton [Signed]
John Pounsford (Ponsford) of Silverton [Signed]
Joan Hodder of Silverton [Marked "JH"]
Mary Burnard of Silverton [Marked "MB"]
Christopher Squire of Silverton [Marked "X"]
Christopher Squire jun of Silverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Squire of Silverton [Marked "E"]
George ?Barren (Barne) of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Signed]
Henry ?Dawbrey of Rewe [Signed]
William Andrew of Nether Exe [Signed]
John Turner of Silverton [Signed]
Joseph Skinner of Cullompton [Signed]
Robert Drew (Drewe) of Broadhembury [Signed]
John Simmons (Simons) of Broadhembury [Signed]
John Pring of Broadhembury [Marked "JP"]
Cyprian Pring of Broadhembury [Signed]
Nicholas Harris of Broadhembury [Signed]
James Lee of Broadhembury [Marked]
Elizabeth Shiles of Broadhembury [Marked "ES"]
George Harding of Broadhembury [Marked "G"]
Bridget Blackaller of Cullompton [Marked "B"]
Nicholas Thomas of Thorverton [Signed]
William Warren of Thorverton [Signed]
Jane Starke of Broadhembury [Marked]
Mary Palmer of Halberton [Marked "M"]
Rebecca Hull, widow of Cullompton [Marked "H"]
William Hopping of Cullompton [Signed]
Elizabeth Richards of Cullompton [Signed]
Margaret Axe of Cullompton [Signed]
Anne Yeo (?Yeane) of Cullompton [Signed]
Hannah Cross (Crosse) of Cullompton [Signed]
Elizabeth Smith of Cullompton [Marked "ES"]
Sarah Lott of Cullompton [Signed]
Ann Webber of Cullompton [Not signed]
Mary Lott of Cullompton [Signed]
Ann Webber of Cullompton [Marked "AW"]
John Salter of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Joane Hill of Kentisbeare [Marked "JH"]
Philip Southard of Kentisbeare [Marked "PS"]
William Osmond sen of Kentisbeare [Marked "WO"]
William Osmond jun of Kentisbeare [Marked "WO"]
Humphrey Wood of Kentisbeare [Marked "HW"]
Robert Burton of Kentisbeare [Signed]
William Chave of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Ayre of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Francis Pratt of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Ann Milles of Kentisbeare [Marked "AM"]
John Neeles of Kentisbeare [Marked "JN"]
Joshua Quick of Kentisbeare [Signed]
William Milles (Mills) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Bishopp (Bishop) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Mary Rowland of Kentisbeare [Marked "MR"]
Joane Sanders (Saunders) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Lempany (Limpany) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Hugh Brooke of Kentisbeare [Marked "HB"]
Mark Brooke (Brook) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Brooke of Kentisbeare [Marked "JB"]
Ann Brooke of Kentisbeare [Marked "AB"]
Thomas Limpany (Lempany) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
William Lane of Kentisbeare [Marked "WL"]
Jane Cross of Kentisbeare [Marked "JC"]
John Pratt of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Thomas Cross (Crosse) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Simon Bellamin of Halberton [Marked "SB"]
Robert Drew of Halberton [Marked]
John Holmead of Cadeleigh [Marked "JH"]
Grace Bamson, widow of Cadeleigh [Marked "GB"]
Robert Truman (Trueman) of Cadeleigh [Signed]
Susanna Redwood of Halberton [Marked "SR"]
Joane Beare of Halberton [Marked "JB"]
John Bremridge of Halberton [Marked "JB"]
John ?Laud/?Land of Halberton [Marked "JL"]
Mathew Babb of [Residence not stated] [Marked "MB"]
Ann Wood, widow of Tiverton [Signed]
Richard Bidgood of Halberton [Signed]
John Shallis of Halberton [Not signed]
John Saunders, clerk of Payhembury [Signed]
Martin Salter of Payhembury [Marked "M"]
Ralph Thorn (Thorne) of Payhembury [Signed]
John Pyle of Payhembury [Signed]
John Venn of Payhembury [Signed]
Bernard Wright of Payhembury [Signed]
Christopher White of Payhembury [Signed]
Nicholas Cregoe of Payhembury [Marked "NC"]
Edward Venn of Payhembury [Signed]
Richard Weekes of Payhembury [Signed]
John Pyle jun of Payhembury [Signed]
Samuel Pyle of Payhembury [Signed]
Lazarus Pinson of Payhembury [Marked "LP"]
Thomas King of Payhembury [Marked "TK"]
Peter Glanfield of Payhembury [Marked "PG"]
William Dowill of Payhembury [Signed]
Isaac Bonifant of Payhembury [Signed]
Joan Patch of Payhembury [Signed]
Ann Cookney of Payhembury [Marked "A"]
Catherine Parrock of Payhembury [Marked "KP"]
Roger ?John[..]line of Payhembury [Signed]
John Venn of Payhembury [Marked "JV"]
Robert Lee of Talaton [Signed]
Jonah Pinsent of Talaton [Signed]
Mary Pile of Talaton [Marked "M"]
John Trump (Trumpe) of Talaton [Signed]
Thomas Weekes of Talaton [Signed]
Joseph Hussey of Talaton [Marked "JH"]
Francis Mathews of Talaton [Signed]
Anthony Ball of Broadhembury [Marked "AB"]
William Marker of Broadhembury [Not signed]
William Marker of Broadhembury [Not signed]
John Salter of Broadhembury [Not signed]
John Richards of Broadhembury [Signed]
Peter Richards of Broadhembury [Signed]
John Ellis of Broadhembury [Signed]
William Pratt of Broadhembury [Signed]
Mary Pratt of Broadhembury [Not signed]
William Pratt of Broadhembury [Marked "WP"]
John Collings of Broadhembury [Marked "JC"]
Barnard Carpenter of Broadhembury [Signed]
William Carpenter of Broadhembury [Signed]
Elias Carpenter of Broadhembury [Marked "E"]
Thomas Robert Wish of Broadhembury [Marked "RW"]
Thomas Matthew of Broadhembury [Marked "TM"]
Giles Clarke of Broadhembury [Marked "G"]
Robert Drew of Broadhembury [Signed]
Samuel Bartlett of Broadhembury [Marked "B"]
William Hussey of Broadhembury [Signed]
Alice Patch of Broadhembury [Marked "A"]
William Marker of Feniton [Signed]
John Salter of Feniton [Marked "J"]
Joseph Melhuish of Broadhembury [Signed]
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick of Uffculme [Signed]
Mary Pratt of Broadhembury [Marked "M"]
Andrew Frank of Cullompton [Marked]
Thomas Whiteby (Whitby) of ?Cullompton [Signed] [Residence not stated for entries from Thomas Whiteby to John Harris. Cullompton inferred from Andrew Frank.]
Mary Woodrow of ?Cullompton [Marked "MW"]
Ann Ya... of ?Cullompton [Not signed]
Elizabeth Richards of ?Cullompton [Not signed]
Hannah Mudford of ?Cullompton [Signed]
Abigail Marker of ?Cullompton [Marked "M"]
John Cross of ?Cullompton [Signed]
James Cross (Crosse) of ?Cullompton [Signed]
Philip Broadmead of ?Cullompton [Signed]
John Harris of ?Cullompton [Signed]
John Cowling (Cowlen) of Sampford Peverell [Signed]
Mary Vinicomb of Halberton [Marked "V"]