Oaths sworn at The School House, Axminster, 30 September 1723 before John Drake Bart, Francis Gwyn and Richard Hallet esq

Charles Hopping, clerk of Musbury [Signed]
Henry Suger of Axmouth [Signed]
Benjamin Gaaich (Gaich) of Axmouth [Signed]
William Crosse (Cross) of Axmouth [Marked "WC"]
William White of Axmouth [Signed]
John White of Axmouth [Marked "JW"]
William Keat of Axmouth [Marked "WK"]
William Restarick of Axmouth [Marked "WR"]
Christopher Hurlestone (Hurlstone) of Axmouth [Signed]
John Broadbear (Broadbear) of Axmouth [Signed]
John Restarick of Axmouth [Marked "JR"]
Richard Mew of Axmouth [Signed]
Thomas Mew of Axmouth [Signed]
Mary Gibbs of Axmouth [Marked "MG"]
Ralph Hill of Axmouth [Marked "RH"]
Honour Mew of Axmouth [Marked "HM"]
John Gaich of Axmouth [Marked "JG"]
Thomazin French of Axmouth [Marked "TF"]
Joseph Mew of Axmouth [Marked "JM"]
John Turner of Axmouth [Marked "JT"]
John Paddick of Axmouth [Marked "JP"]
Bernard Gay of Axmouth [Signed]
Thomas Whittey (Whitty) of Axminster [Signed]
Thomas Whittey (Whitty) jun of Axminster [Signed]
Thomas Hallet of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
William Stocker of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Joan Roussell of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Marked "J"]
Richard Browney of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Marked]
Mathew Fossey (Forsey) of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
John Johnson of Yarcombe [Marked "J"]
Joseph Vincent of Yarcombe [Signed]
Joshua Hitchcock of Yarcombe [Signed]
Richard Burridge of Yarcombe [Signed, signature unclear]
John Lumbard of Yarcombe [Signed]
Simon Hallet of Yarcombe [Marked]
Robert Allen of Yarcombe [Signed]
James Wale of Yarcombe [Signed]
John Bragg of Yarcombe [Signed]
William Collyer of Yarcombe [Marked "W"]
Richard Staple of Yarcombe [Marked "R"]
John Baker of Kilmington [Signed]
Hester Williams of Kilmington [Marked "H"]
Nathaniel Whittey (Whitty) of Axminster [Signed]
George Southcott, esq of Kilmington [Signed]
Richard Hallet, esq of Axmouth [Signed]
William Drake, esq of Musbury [Signed]
John Aysford (Ayshfor), clerk of Uplyme [Signed]
Susanna Perem of Axminster [Marked]
Susanna Anning of Musbury [Marked]
William Anning of Musbury [Signed]
Jane Southcot (Southcott) of Kilmington [Signed]
Thomas Bovet (Bovett) of Yarcombe [Signed]
Sarah Newton of Axminster [Marked "N"]
George Henly of Axminster [Marked "H"]
Joseph Peream of Axminster [Marked "P"]
Sarah Newton, widow of Axminster [Marked "N"]
Richard Churchill (Churchell) of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
John Nossiter (Nositer) of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Stephen Bowditch of Uplyme [Signed]
John Warry of Yarcombe [Marked "W"]
William Tucker of Axminster [Signed]
Mary Broughton of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Robert Gregory of Combpyne [Marked "RG"]
James Pound of Combpyne [Marked "JP"]
Roger Jefford of Musbury [Marked "RJ"]
Robert Cox of Axmouth [Marked "R"]
William Crow of Axmouth [Signed]
William Rapsy of Axmouth [Signed]
William Tucker jun, esq of Kilmington [Signed]
Thomas Parsons of Kilmington [Not signed]
Bernard Fisher of Kilmington [Signed]
William Baker of Kilmington [Signed]
Anne Newton of Kilmington [Marked]
Samuel Coyle of Kilmington [Marked "S"]
Jane White of Kilmington [Signed]
Caleb Tucker of Kilmington [Signed]
John Edwards of Kilmington [Signed]
John Batstone jun of Kilmington [Signed]
Peter Swetland of Kilmington [Signed]
Robert How of Kilmington [Signed]
William Sheppard (Shepherd) of Kilmington [Signed]
William Symes of Kilmington [Marked]
John Smith of Kilmington [Signed]
Samuel Coyle jun of Kilmington [Marked]
Charity How of Kilmington [Marked]
James Dight of Kilmington [Marked]
Roger Jefferies (Jefferyes) of Kilmington [Marked]
James Anning of (Annig) Kilmington [Signed]
William Drew of Kilmington [Signed]
Richard Hayman of Kilmington [Signed]
Thomas Parsons of Kilmington [Signed]
Barnard Newton of Kilmington [Marked]
Samuel Lidden of Axminster [Not signed]
Thomas Hooke of Combpyne [Marked "TH"]
Richard Hooke of Combpyne [Signed]
Hannah Loreing of Combpyne [Marked "HL"]
Dorothy Board of Combpyne [Signed]
Honour Davey of Combpyne [Marked "HD"]
Joanna Palmer of Combpyne [Marked "JP"]
Philip Morrish of Combpyne [Marked "PM"]
Daniel Hoar of Combpyne [Signed]
James Bishop of Combpyne [Marked "JB"]
John Collings of Combpyne [Signed]
William Tucker of Combpyne [Signed]
Caleb Bradbear of Combpyne [Marked "CB"]
Thomas Byrd of Combpyne [Signed]
Richard Manning (Maning) of Combpyne [Signed]
Jon: Lymbery of Combpyne [Marked "JL"]
Ralph Tucker of Combpyne [Marked "RT"]
Armada Lymbery of Combpyne [Signed]
Ralph ?Tucker of Combpyne [Not signed]
Henry Fowler of Combpyne [Signed]
Elizabeth Cheek (Cheeke) of Combpyne [Marked "EC"]
Dinah Gaich of Axmouth [Marked "DG"]
Sarah Teap of Axmouth [Marked "ST"]
Sarah Quick of Axmouth [Marked "SQ"]
William Vincent of Yarcombe [Marked "W"]
Thomas Vincent of Yarcombe [Signed]
Henry Vincent of Yarcombe [Marked "H"]
James Vincent of Yarcombe [Signed]
Henry May of Yarcombe [Signed]
Richard Stevens of Yarcombe [Marked "R"]
Samuel Burrows of Yarcombe [Signed]
William Lintal of Yarcombe [Marked "W"]
Robert Spiller of Yarcombe [Marked "S"]
Samuel Pound of Yarcombe [Marked "P"]
Susannah Carew of Membury [Marked "C"]
Martha Penney (Penny) of Membury [Marked "P"]
William Matthew (Mathew) of Membury [Signed]
William Long of Membury [Marked "L"]
Mary Long of Membury [Marked "M"]
Anna Matthew of Membury [Marked "AM"]
Elizabeth Turner of Membury [Marked "T"]
Francis Baker of Membury [Signed]
Mary Bragge (Bragge) of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Sarah Otton (Ottan) of Yarcombe [Marked "M"]
Mary May of Yarcombe [Marked "M"]
Prudence Vincent of Yarcombe [Marked "P"]
Henry Parker of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
George Warry of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Robert Liddon of Axminster [Signed]
Ben: Guppy of Axminster [Signed]
John Whitty of Axminster [Marked "W"]
Joseph Cross (Crosse) of Axminster [Signed]
John Woolley of Axminster [Marked "W"]
John Hill of Axminster [Signed]
Henry Pulman of Axminster [Marked "P"]
John Sprake of Axminster [Signed]
John Pinny (Pinney) of Axminster [Signed]
William Welman of Axminster [Signed]
Mary Towgood of Axminster [Signed]
Hannah West of Axminster [Signed]
Ann Kerby (Kereby) of Axminster [Signed]
Thomas Seward of Uplyme [Signed]
John Sivoll of Uplyme [Signed]
James Thomas of Uplyme [Marked "JT"]
Joseph Speed of Uplyme [Signed]
Thomas Fowler of Uplyme [Marked "TF"]
Roger Jefford of Uplyme [Marked "R"]
Thomas Cook of Uplyme [Signed]
John Treadwell of Uplyme [Marked "JT"]
Philip Newton of Uplyme [Signed]
George Marsh of Uplyme [Signed]
John Hooke of Uplyme [Signed]
Giles Battiscomb of Uplyme [Signed]
John Hayne of Uplyme [Signed]
William Hayne of Uplyme [Signed]
George Marsh of Uplyme [Not signed]
Elizabeth Marsh of Uplyme [Marked]
Mary Browne (Brown) of Uplyme [Signed]
William Aysford (Ayshford) of Uplyme [Signed]
John Newbery of Membury [Signed]
Elias ?Starr of Axmouth [Not signed]
Elizabeth Star of ?Axmouth [Marked] [Residence unclear due to previous crossing out]
Josias Butcher of ?Axmouth [Marked] [Residence unclear due to previous crossing out]
Sarah Limbery (Lymbrey) of Combpyne [Signed]
William Greening of Axminster [Marked "G"]
Abraham Bragg (Bragge) of Axminster [Signed]
Thomas Turner of Axminster [Signed]
Grace Gibbs of Axminster [Marked]
George Warry of Axminster [Signed]
Anne Battiscombe (Battascomb) of Axminster [Signed]