Oaths sworn at Maristow, Tamerton Foliot, 4 September 1723 before Thomas Pyne MD and William Colbery esq

Dame Elizabeth Modyford of Tamerton Foliot (Maristow) [Signed]
Richard Bold of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
William Gee, Clerk of Walkhampton [Signed]
Amy Elford of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John Herring, Clerk of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
Jonathan Easton, Clerk of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
Eneas Newton (Newton), Clerk of Dunterton [Signed]
Thomas Hurrell, Clerk of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Walter Langford of Whitchurch [Signed]
Richard Wilcocks of Crediton [Signed]
Mary Fillis of Tamerton Foliot [Marked]
Jonas Easton of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
Edmund Herring of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
James Gartrell of Tamerton Foliot [Marked]
Henry Blachford jun of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
Sarah Pike of Meavy [Signed]
Adam Kernott of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Philip Oxenham of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
John Wooclombe of Meavy [Signed]
Robert Warren of Meavy [Marked]
Mark Bawden of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
Samuel Bayley (Bealy) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Mathew Bayly (Bealy) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Agnes Bayly of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Rebecca Barsey (Barsley) of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
William Nicholls of Sheepstor [Signed]
John Nicholls of Sheepstor [Marked]