Oaths sworn at The George, Rudgeway, Plympton St. Mary, 2 September 1723 before John Rogers Bart and Thomas Coplestone

Thomas Hele, esq of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Robert Edgcombe, gent of Ermington [Signed]
Thomas Mogridge, gent of Wembury [Signed]
Welthin Kincombe of Wembury [Marked]
John Harrys, esq of Plymstock [Signed]
Amy Harrys, widow of Plymstock [Signed]
Arthur Stert, esq of Holbeton [Signed]
Walter Stert, clerk of Yealmpton [Signed]
Elizabeth Stert, widow of Brixton [Signed]
John Bludworth, esq of Yealmpton [Signed]
John Stevens of Brixton [Signed]
Grace Stevens, widow of Brixton [Signed]
Hannah Kember of Brixton [Marked]
Thomasin Woolcombe (Woollcomb), widow of Yealmpton [Signed]
John Croker of Yealmpton [Signed]
Joseph Bastard of Yealmpton [Signed]
Dorothy Egcombe (Edgcombe), wife of Robert Egcombe of Ermington [Signed]
Lewis Jutsham of Revelstoke [Signed]
Robert Worthy of Brixton [Signed]
Philip Jutsham of Holbeton [Signed]
Elizabeth Avent, widow of Brixton [Marked "El"]
Margaret Winston, widow of Brixton [Signed]
William Towson of Brixton [Marked]
Benjamin Woodman of Brixton [Marked]
Mary Hughes, spinster of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Anne Ashford of Kingston [Marked "A"]
William Mason of Cornwood [Signed]
James Gist (Gestt) of Kingston [Signed]
Thomas Martyn, esq of Broadhempston [Signed]
Nicholas Wyatt of Cornwood [Marked]
John Harris, esq of Weston Peverell (i.e. Pennycross) (Manadon) [Signed]
John Harris, gent of Weston Peverell (i.e. Pennycross) (Manadon) [Marked "J"]
Thomas Were of Weston Peverell (i.e. Pennycross) (Manadon) [Marked]
Richard Grills of Weston Peverell (i.e. Pennycross) [Marked]
William Harris of Weston Peverell (i.e. Pennycross) [Not signed]
Budley Spetigue (Spettigue), gent of St. Budeaux [Signed]
Thomas Pollard of St. Budeaux [Signed]
Thomas Watts of St. Budeaux [Signed]
Philip Risdon of St. Budeaux [Marked]
John Nicholls of Buckfastleigh [Marked]
John Furlong of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
John Rawley (Rawleigh) of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Henry Bernacott of Yealmpton [Marked]
Elias Baker of Yealmpton [Marked]
Edmund Babbage of Cornwood [Signed]
Richard Coleman (Colman) of Ermington [Signed]
John Park of Revelstoke [Entered by clerk, not marked or signed]
Jonathan Hodge of Revelstoke [Marked "Jo"]
Susanna Hodge of Revelstoke [Marked "X"]
John Gilbert of Revelstoke [Signed]
Henry Avent of Modbury [Signed]
Christopher Pearse of Cornwood [Marked]
George Wall of Ermington [Signed]
James Tippett of Ermington [Signed]
Elizabeth Lavers of Ermington [Marked]
Andrew Tozer of Ermington [Marked]
John Row (Roe) of Ermington [Signed]
William Gully of Yealmpton [Signed]
Solomon Dunn of Yealmpton [Signed]
Andrew Brooke (Brookes) of Yealmpton [Marked "X"]
John Axworthy of Yealmpton [Signed]
Francis Dennis (Dennes) of Yealmpton [Signed]
William Treby of Yealmpton [Signed]
Robert Phillips of Yealmpton [Signed]
Margaret Algar of Yealmpton [Marked]
Henry Brooking of Yealmpton [Marked]
Edmund Dearing (Deering) of Yealmpton [Signed]
Philip Worth of Brixton [Signed]
Philip Light of Brixton [Signed]
Walter Light of Brixton [Not signed or marked]
Joseph Rouse of Brixton [Marked]
John Bounshole of Brixton [Marked]
William Tope of Brixton [Marked]
John Candige of Brixton [Entered by clerk, not marked or signed]
Samuel Gilbert of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Marked]
Robert Lee of Ringmore (near Kingsbridge) [Marked]
Christopher Hake of Plymstock [Marked]
Orlando Slade of Modbury [Marked "O"]
John Light of Modbury [Marked]
Mary Spurwell of Modbury [Marked]
John Martyn (Martin) of Yealmpton [Signed]
William Bower of Ugborough [Marked]
Nicholas Crispin of Newton Ferrers [Marked]
John Algar of Yealmpton [Signed]
John Trust of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
Richard Penhay of Ermington [Signed]
James Cardin (Carding) of Ermington [Signed]
Thomas Perryman of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Nicholas Pearse of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Culme of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Mathew Fortescue of Cornwood [Signed]
Elizabeth Fortescue of Cornwood [Signed]
John Clift of Cornwood [Signed]
James Tabb of Cornwood [Signed]
Thomas Hart of Cornwood [Signed]
Ruth Bawden of Cornwood [Marked]
Philip Westlake of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Richard Bowen of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Johan Watts of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Elizabeth Oates of Plympton St. Mary [Marked "+"]
William Picken of Plympton St. Mary [Marked "W"]
Richard Crees of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Richard Trenaman of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
John Pearse of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
William Williams of Plympton St. Mary [Marked]
John ?Shire/?Shere of Plympton St. Mary [Marked]
William Tiley of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Nicholas Drew of Yealmpton [Marked]
Emanuel Drew of Yealmpton [Marked]
John Avent, gent of Modbury [Signed]
Walter Hamblyn of Holbeton [Signed]
Oliver Edgcomb of Ermington [Signed]
John Bridgeman (Bridgman) of Ermington [Signed]
Ralph Wakeham of Modbury [Signed]
Nicholas Jutsham of Holbeton [Signed]
Richard Adams of Cornwood [Marked]
Richard Chambern of ye same Ermington [Marked]
Mary Farley of Cornwood [Marked]
Susannah Nelder of Cornwood [Marked]
John Rogers of Plympton St. Mary [Marked]
Edward Reed (Reade), gent of Brixton [Signed]
Sylas Bickford of Plymstock [Altered from "Plympton St. Mary"] [Signed]
Agnes Rogers, widow of ?Plymstoke/Plympton St Mary [Marked] [Residence unclear because previous entry (Sylas Bickford) has been altered.]
Agnes Rogers, spinster of ?Plymstoke/Plympton St Mary [Marked] [Residence unclear because previous entry (Sylas Bickford) has been altered.]
William Hake of ?Plymstoke/Plympton St Mary [Signed] [Residence unclear because previous entry (Sylas Bickford) has been altered.]
Edmund ?Boger of ?Plymstoke/Plympton St Mary [Signed] [Residence unclear because previous entry (Sylas Bickford) has been altered.]
Richard Collins of Modbury [Signed]
Nicholas Shepherd (Sheppeard) of Cornwood [Signed]
Richard Maddock of Cornwood [Marked]
Richard Badcock of Cornwood [Signed]
Samuel Picken of Cornwood [Signed]
Richard Taylor of Harford [Marked]
Thomas Worth of Brixton [Signed]
Thomas Prideaux of Harford [Not signed]
William Scoble of Harford [Signed]
Priscilla Bickford of Aveton Gifford [Marked]
Honour Parker, widow of Shaugh Prior [Signed]
George Woodward, gent of Yealmpton [Signed]
Edmund Williams of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
John Woolcombe of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Thomas Edwards of Yealmpton [Signed]
John Andrews of Yealmpton [Marked "Jo"]
Josias Willing of Yealmpton [Signed]
Eunice Willcock (Wilcock) of Yealmpton [Marked]
Jane Gloyen of Yealmpton [Marked]
Elizabeth Lampen of Yealmpton [Marked]
Ursula Bickford of Yealmpton [Marked]
Edward Ale of Yealmpton [Marked]
John Walk (Walke) of Yealmpton [Marked]
John Webber of Yealmpton [Signed]
Christopher Brooks (Brookes) of Yealmpton [Signed]
Samuel Algar (Alger) of Yealmpton [Signed]
Laurence Slade of Yealmpton [Signed]
Bartholomew Scoble of Yealmpton [Marked]
Christopher Laverse of Yealmpton [Marked]
Elizabeth Ley of Newton Ferrers [Marked]
William Gloyen (Gloyne) of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Agnes Crust of Newton Ferrers [Marked]
Richard Baker als Mitchel of Holbeton [Marked]
John Tarring of Holbeton [Signed]
Thomas Woodmason of Kingston [Marked]
Richard Godfry of Modbury [Signed]
Gertrude Walk (Walke) of Yealmpton [Marked]
Christopher Walke of Yealmpton [Signed]
Richord Clouter (?Clowter) of Yealmpton [Signed]
Richard Cole of Yealmpton [Signed]
Elias Barret (Barratt) of Yealmpton [Signed]
Honour Hare of Yealmpton [Marked]
Joan Warring of Yealmpton [?Signed "Warrin Joan Warring"]
Anne Roach of Yealmpton [Signed]
Nicholas Solomon of Wembury [Signed]
Walter Prynn (Prynn) of Wembury [Signed]
Arthur Solomon of Wembury [Signed]
Jacob Ley of Wembury [Signed]
Robert Baker of Wembury [Signed]
Joshua Cope of Wembury [Signed]
John Warham of Wembury [Signed]
James Algar of Wembury [Marked "J"]
Nathaniel Avery of Wembury [Marked "Na"]
Jane Hake, widow of Wembury [Signed]
William Meatherick (Meatherick) of Wembury [Marked]
Mathias Sampson of Wembury [Signed]
John Galsworthy of Wembury [Marked]
John Hake of Wembury [Signed]
Robert Mabin of Wembury [Marked]
Elizabeth Hunn, widow of Wembury [Marked]
Sarah Willing, widow of Wembury [Marked]
Joan Warren, widow of Wembury [Marked]
Edward Kember of Wembury [Marked]
Anne Rouse of Wembury [Marked]
Thomas Kelloway of Wembury [Marked "+"]
Elizabeth Hensley, widow of Wembury [Marked]
Jane Page of Wembury [Marked]
Elizabeth Colling, widow of Wembury [Marked]
John Rouse (Rowse) of Wembury [Signed]
Benjamin Brooking of Wembury [Signed]
John Cause (Cawse) of Brixton [Signed]
William Pooke of Brixton [Signed]
Jane Hake of Brixton [Marked]
Joshua Ford (Foord) of Brixton [Signed]
Thomas Gubins of Brixton [Marked]
Henry Row of Brixton [Signed]
Samuel Williams of Brixton [Marked "+"]
John Dunn of Brixton [Signed]
Martin Rowse of Brixton [Signed]
George Nichols of Revelstoke [Marked]
Christopher Foster of Revelstoke [Signed]
Samuel Roe jun of Revelstoke [Signed]
John Winter jun of Revelstoke [Signed]
John Brooking of Revelstoke [Signed]
John Popham of Revelstoke [Signed]
John Pack of Revelstoke [Signed]
John Dean of Revelstoke [Marked]
William Pope of Revelstoke [Marked]
William Cook of Revelstoke [Marked]
Robert Courtis of Revelstoke [Signed]
Joseph Scoble (Scobell) of Revelstoke [Signed]
Jane Popham of Revelstoke [Marked]
John Treby of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Robert Roe of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
John White of Yealmpton [Signed]
John Boger of Plymstock [Signed]
Francis Hingston, clerk of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
William Allen (Allin) of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Richard Pedder of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
John Hingston of Plympton St. Mary [Marked]
Robert Maddock of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
William Pote of Plympton St. Mary [Marked]
John Freke, clerk of Newton Ferrers [Signed]
Andrew Watts, clerk of Plympton St. Mary [Signed]
Robert Luscombe of Kingston [Marked]
Mary Avent of Plympton St. Mary [Marked]
Thomazin Hammick of Ermington [Marked "TH"]
Richard Rosedew (Rosdew) of Yealmpton [Signed]
Simon Baker of Yealmpton [Signed]
Waltham Savery, esq of Cornwood (Slade) [Signed]
Thomas Hele, esq of Cornwood [Signed]
Henry Baskervill (Baskavill) of Cornwood [Signed]
Elizabeth Pearse of Brixton [Marked]
Daniel Richards of Brixton [Marked]
William Harvey of Brixton [Signed]
Walter Toape of Brixton [Marked]
John Harper of Brixton [Marked "H"]
Robert Taylor of Wembury [Marked]
John Poort of Wembury [Marked]
John Nichols (Ncholls) of Plymstock [Signed]
John Stidston (Stitson) of Revelstoke [Signed]
Nicholas Carn (Carne) of Plymstock [Signed]
Edmund Ley of Plymstock [Signed]
Charles Collins of Plymstock [Signed]
Richard Boorne of Plymstock [Signed]
Robert Percy of Plymstock [Signed]
John Vine of Plymstock [Signed]
Anne Wills of Plymstock [Not signed]
John Quick of Plymstock [Signed]
Elizabeth Hingston of Plymstock [Not signed]
George Broomell of Wembury [Not signed]
John Avent of Brixton [Signed]
John Avent of Brixton [Not signed]
Thomas Cawse of Brixton [Signed]
Samuel Bear of Brixton [Marked]
Mary Laves of Brixton [Marked]
William Drew of Yealmpton [Not signed]
Richard Luddra of Revelstoke [Signed]
John Crees of Ermington [Marked]
Robert [Illegible deletion] Harvey of Harford [Signed]
Thomas Windeatt of Harford [Marked "T"]