Oaths sworn at Horrabridge, Buckland Monachorum, 5 September 1723 before Thomas Pyne MD and John Elford esq

John Ford of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Honour Foot of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
William Olover (Oliver) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Joan Allin (Allen) of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Richard Wilcocks [Altered from "Woolcott"] of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Robert Werring of Walkhampton [Not signed or marked]
Elizabeth Coward of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
David Filkins of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Mary Puckie of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Mary Finnemore of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
John Pengelly of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Samuel Pick of Stoke Damerel [Marked "S"]
Thomas Masters of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
John Hunt of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Thomas Chilly of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Edward Ford of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Apollo Walker of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
William Brey (Bray) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
John Ridgman of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
David Williams of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
John Trefry of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
John Morish of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Joseph Reed of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John Hollock of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
William Bennet (Bearnet) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Elias Dowe of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
John Secombe (Seccombe) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
William Bues of Buckland Monachorum [Marked "W"]
Grace Knighton of Buckland Monachorum [Marked "G"]
Elias Southwood of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
John Shellaber (Shillaber) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Charles Pearse of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Mary Edgcombe of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
John Browne of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Robert Stoyell (Stoyle) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
William Ratcliff (Ratcliffe) of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Francis Drake of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John Blackdon of Buckland Monachorum [Marked "+"]
Richard Fursman of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Edmund Clark (Clarke) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Charles Barsey of Bere Ferrers [Marked "C"]
John Toll of Bere Ferrers [Marked "T"]
John Stephens of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Oliver Williams of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Robert Stephens of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
William Fursman of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Henry Mathews of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
William Foot of Walkhampton [Signed]
Dorothy Coplestone, spinster of Ugborough [Marked "D"]
Caleb March of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
William Head of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
John Jeffery of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
John Rowe (Row) of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Marked]
David Collacot of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
William Soper of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed, signature unclear]
James Ash of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Marked]
Richard Harris of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Mathew Stephens of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Henry Ham of Bere Ferrers [Marked "H"]
John Mathews of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Samuel Stephens of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Nathaniel Jermans of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Samuel Forestreet (Fostreet) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Christian Foot of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Henry Wills of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Elizabeth Stephens of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Henry Cloak of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Mary Williams of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
William Tooll (Toale) of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Daniel Tolly (Toley) of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Richard Pike of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Edward Wills of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Robert Pike of Bere Ferrers [Marked "R"]
John Knighton of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Ambrose [Surname illegible] of Bere Ferrers [Not signed]
Thomas Stetson (Stitson) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
John Stephens of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Nicholas Tapson of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Nicholas Hamling of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Elizabeth Tickle of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Thomas Williams of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Stephen Wadland of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Elizabeth Coward of Stoke Damerel [Not signed]
Christopher Rogers of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
Walter Reep (Reepe) of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
John Crosman (Crossman) of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
Roger Scritch of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Marked]
William Maddicot (Mattac) of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
John Nils (Nile) of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
John Glub (Glubb) of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Voisey Robens (Robins) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Joan Standford (Sanford) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Florence Deane of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
George Physick (Phsick) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
John King of Peter Tavy [Signed]
William King of Peter Tavy [Marked]
John Colborne (Colborn) of Peter Tavy [Signed]
Roger Badcock (Badcocke) of Peter Tavy [Signed]
Nicholas Martyn of Peter Tavy [Marked "N"]
Thomas Cragg of Peter Tavy [Marked]
Wilmot Blachford of Peter Tavy [Marked]
Marmaduke Edgcombe of Peter Tavy [Signed]
John Rowe of Peter Tavy [Not signed]
Jonas Chubb of Peter Tavy [Marked "I"]
Roger Chubb of Peter Tavy [Marked "R"]
Robert Browne of Shaugh Prior [Marked "B"]
William Sourton of Walkhampton [Marked]
William Creber of Walkhampton [Signed]
Richard Sleaman of Walkhampton [Marked "R"]
Joan Pike of Walkhampton [Marked]
Bridget Williams of Walkhampton [Marked]
Elizabeth Collacot of Walkhampton [Marked]
John Giles of Walkhampton [Not signed]
William Willcock of Walkhampton [Signed]
Stephen Knighton of Walkhampton [Marked]
Mary Staddon of Walkhampton [Signed]
Eleanor Atwell of Walkhampton [Marked]
Edward Pearse of Walkhampton [Marked]
John Giles (?Giels) jun of Walkhampton [Signed]
Walter Crosman of Walkhampton [Marked]
Robert Warring of Walkhampton [Signed]
Thomas Butler of Walkhampton [Not signed]
Jeffery Warren (Warring) of Walkhampton [Marked]
Margaret Warren (Warring) of Walkhampton [Marked]
John Sprye of Walkhampton [Marked]
Michael Worth of Walkhampton [Marked "M"]
Jasper Cann (Canne) of Walkhampton [Signed]
Abraham Giles of Walkhampton [Marked]
James Barter of Walkhampton [Signed]
Edward Worth of Walkhampton [Signed]
Elizabeth Andrew of Walkhampton [Marked "A"]
William Pike (Peek) of Walkhampton [Signed]
John Atwel (Attwill) of Walkhampton [Signed]
Abraham Giles (Giells) of Walkhampton [Signed]
Richard Madock (Maddock) of Walkhampton [Marked]
Robert Williams of Walkhampton [Marked]
Mary Savage of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
John Wrayford of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Robert Stockman of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Thomas Willcocks of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
William Pike of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Ann Hussey (Husey) of Tamerton Foliot [Signed]
Josias Warren of Compton Gifford [Signed]
Elizabeth Babb of Egg Buckland [Marked]
Robert Collins of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Michael Mathews of Egg Buckland [Marked]
Philip Wherry of Egg Buckland [Marked]
Richard Giles of Sheepstor [Marked]
John Andrew of Sheepstor [Not signed]
Elias Dunrich of Walkhampton [Marked]
Sarah Hurrell of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Christobella Hurrell of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Rebecca Hurrell (Hurell) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Anne Hollock of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
William Jefford of Stonehouse, East [Signed]
Samuel Tooker (Toaker) of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Roger Cole of Walkhampton [Marked "R"]
Alexander Elford of Meavy [Marked]
Walter Westlak (Westlake) of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Stephen Edmonds (Edmond) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John Spurrell of Stoke Damerel [Marked "I"]
Richard Squire (Square) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Robert Tucker of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
James Harris of Stoke Damerel [Marked "H"]
Richard Northmore of Sheepstor [Signed]
John Andrew of Sheepstor [Marked]
William Creber of Sheepstor [Marked "W"]
Sarah Creber of Sheepstor [Marked]
John Corter (Courter) of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Nicholas Hender of St. Budeaux [Marked "H"]
Robert Atwell (Atwel) of Walkhampton [Marked]
John Andrews of Walkhampton [Marked]
Mary Warren of Walkhampton [Marked]
Thomas Butler of Walkhampton [Marked "B"]
Richard Pike of Walkhampton [Signed]
Ralph Cockle of Walkhampton [Marked]
John Skinner of Peter Tavy [Marked]
Thomas Daw (Dawe) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Anthony Ward of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Philip Daw of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Francis Pridle (Spridel) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Nicholas Stevens (Stephens) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John Stevens (Stephens) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John Drake of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Mathew Hame (Ham) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Katherine Bishop of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Agnes Bastow of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Mathew Row of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Nicholas Southwood of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Blanch Weeks of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Thomas Edgcombe of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Nicholas Nott (Not) of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
John Spry (Sprye) of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
William Stockman of Buckland Monachorum [Marked "X"]
Thomas Spry of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Sampson Tabb of Cornwood [Marked]
William Martyn, esq of Shaugh Prior (Colestone) [Signed]
Richard Lillycrap (Lillicrap) of Shaugh Prior (Colestone) [Signed]
George Champling of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Stephen Pearse of Egg Buckland [Signed]
John Revel (Revell) of Egg Buckland [Marked]
Elias Jessop of Egg Buckland [Marked]
George Wotten (Wotton) of Egg Buckland [Marked]
William Pearse of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Walter Coad of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Samuel Hellier (Hellyer) of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Elizabeth Crossman of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Richard Frankling of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Nicholas Carkett of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Abraham Moore of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Edward Mathew (Mthew) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Michael Doidge of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Abraham Clarke of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
John Colling of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Sarah Heal of Bere Ferrers [Marked]
Joseph Skirret (Skirrett) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Henry Skerret (Skirrett) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Philip Pearse of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [?Signed]
Thomas Willcock of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
William Mitchell (?Mit.) of Stoke Damerel [Signed, signature unclear]
Andrew Taylor of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Edward Stephens of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
William Dodge of Stoke Damerel [Marked "D"]
Thomas Williams of Stoke Damerel [Not signed]
Stephen Hawkings of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
John Sowder (Sowter) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Peter Williams of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Francis Geach of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Hugh Ford of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Richard ?Grantland [Altered from "Grantham"] of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
John Parsons of Peter Tavy [Marked]
Azerias Parsons of Peter Tavy [Signed]
Elizabeth Parsons of Peter Tavy [?Marked]
Elizabeth Parsons jun of Peter Tavy [Marked]
Margaret Parsons of Peter Tavy [Marked "M"]
William Warren (Waring) of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
Ambrose Stacy (Stacey) of Bere Ferrers [Signed]
Samuel Tucker (Tooker) jun of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Richard Spry of Whitchurch [Signed]
Thomas Williams of Stoke Damerel [Not signed]
James Arthur of Peter Tavy [Signed]
Walter Light of Brixton [Marked]
Walter Northmoor of Sheepstor [Marked]
John Willcock of Sheepstor [Marked]
Robert Northmoor (Northmor) of Sheepstor [Marked]
Nathaniel Andrew (Andree) of Sheepstor [Signed]
Robert Andrew of Sheepstor [Marked]
Edmund Drake of Whitchurch [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Spry (Sprye) of Whitchurch [Marked "E"]
Walter Willcocke of Whitchurch [Signed]
John Knighton of Whitchurch [Not signed]
Thomas Arendal of Whitchurch [Marked "A"]
Mary Arendal of Whitchurch [Marked "M"]
John Glanvell (Glanvill) of Whitchurch [Signed]
John Spry of Whitchurch [Marked]
Walter Cake of Whitchurch [Marked]
William Lang of Whitchurch [Signed]
William Thomas of Whitchurch [Marked]
Richard Hanover of Whitchurch [Marked "H"]
John Elford of Whitchurch [Signed]
John Bastoe (Bastow) of Whitchurch [Signed]
Richard Oxenham of Whitchurch [Signed]
Edward Ash of Whitchurch [Marked]
Dorothy Wadge of Whitchurch [Marked]
Thomas Taylor of Whitchurch [Marked]
Robert Browne of Whitchurch [Not signed]
John Towson of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Thomas Danger of Vaultershome (tithing in Maker parish, now Cornwall) [Signed]
Christopher Toll of Bickleigh (nr Plymouth) [Signed]
John King of Sampford Spiney [Signed]
Thomas ?Burybake of Sampford Spiney [Not signed]
George ?Radford of Sampford Spiney [Not signed]
Jone Whitborne (Whitborne) of Sampford Spiney [Marked "J"]
Mary Oxenham of Sampford Spiney [Marked "M"]
Nicholas Parnal (Parnall) of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
Walter Brownsdon of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
William Rentfree of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
Samuel Radford of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
Samuel ?Huish of Sampford Spiney [Not signed]
John Addams (Adams) of Sampford Spiney [Signed]
Alice Addams (Adams) of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
Jane Addams (Adams) of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
David Atwell of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
Edward Hicks of Sampford Spiney [Marked "E"]
Robert Stephens of Sampford Spiney [Marked "R"]
Edward Light of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
Richard Staddon of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
Eady Staddon of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
Tristram Atwell of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
John Addams jun of Sampford Spiney [Marked]
John Bowden of Meavy [Marked]
Mary Bowden of Meavy [Marked]
Joseph Bowden of Meavy [Marked]
William Brush of Meavy [Marked]
Bartholomew Nosworthy of Meavy [Marked]
John Frost of Meavy [Marked]
Richard Hawkings of Meavy [Marked]
John Willcocks of Meavy [Marked]
John Rogers of Meavy [Marked "J"]
John Moses of Meavy [Marked]
Abraham Beard of Meavy [Marked "A"]
Robert Tripe of Meavy [Marked]
Margery Lillycrap (Lillecrap) of Meavy [Marked]
Joan May of Meavy [Marked]
Nicholas Olaver of Meavy [Marked "O"]
Jane Blanchard of Meavy [Marked]
John Love, apothecary of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Edward Muddle (Muddell) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
John Reed jun of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Thomas Mangles of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Henry Livesey (?Limsey) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Samuel Edgcombe (Edgcomb) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
John Wise of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Elizabeth Eldrich of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
Richard [Surname illegible] of Stoke Damerel [Not signed]
William Spry, gent of Tavistock [Signed]
Thomas Badcock of Whitchurch [Marked]
Charles Rendle (Rundell) of Whitchurch [Signed]
John Knighton of Whitchurch [Marked]
Roger Maddaford of Whitchurch [Marked]
Simon Wilcocks (Willcock) of Whitchurch [Signed]
Richard Parsons of Whitchurch [Marked]
William Radford of Whitchurch [Marked "W"]
Richard Adams (Addams) of Whitchurch [Marked]
John Oxenham of Whitchurch [Signed]
William Riddaway (Reddaway) of Whitchurch [Signed]
Mary Glanvill (Glanvel) of Whitchurch [Marked "M"]
George Giles of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
John Newt (Nute) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Thomas Chubb of Buckland Monachorum [Marked "T"]
Joseph Wills of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Agnes Yelland of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Elizabeth Huddy of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Richard Tool of Buckland Monachorum [Marked "R"]
Elize Dunrich ( Dunrich) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
William Courter of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Joan Andrew of Buckland Monachorum [Marked "J"]
William Brush of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Elizabeth Buckler of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
Nicholas Yelland (Yeolland) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
John Elford of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
John ?Heayns (Heane) of Buckland Monachorum [Signed]
Edmund Dundridge (Dunrich) of Buckland Monachorum [Marked]
George Radford of Sampford Spiney [Marked "GR"]