Oaths sworn at Town Hall, Tavistock, 6 September 1723 before Thomas Pyne MD, William Clobery and John Elford esq

John Tucker (Tooker) of Milton Abbot [Signed]
George Fortestcue of Milton Abbot [Signed]
John Axworthy of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Richard Hawkins of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Edward Hawkins of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Sarah Ann Alden of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Richard Tickel (Tickle) of Milton Abbot [Marked]
Thomas Escott (Eastcott) of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
Amos Rice of Sourton [Marked]
George Grills of Lamerton [Signed]
James Edwards of Milton Abbot [Marked]
Alice Beasly of Lamerton [Marked]
Elizabeth Skelly of Milton Abbot [Marked]
John Truscott, clerk of Lewtrenchard [Signed]
Roger Austen (Austyn) of Lifton [Signed]
Samuel Rendall of Milton Abbot Lifton [Marked]
Richard Westlake of Milton Abbott ye same [Marked]
Samuel Gist of the same [?Lifton/Milton Abbot] [Marked] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Peter Reddiclift (Reddeclife) of Tavistock [Signed]
John Cader of Stowford [Marked]
Richard Youlden of Bridestowe [Marked]
Robert Foot of Stowford [Marked]
Christopher Fleming of Lifton [Signed]
Joseph Philp of Lifton [Signed]
Thomas Doidge of Tavistock [Signed]
Elizabeth Doige (Doidg), wife of Thomas Doige of Tavistock [Signed]
John Moreton (Moorton) of Lifton [Signed]
Nicholas Rendall (Rundle) of Sydenham (Marystowe) [Signed]
Thomas Maynard of Kelly [Signed]
Richard Courtis (Curtis) of Marystow [Marked]
Roger Crocker of Virginstow [Marked]
Thomas Blight of Virginstow [Not signed or marked]
William Callacutt of Virginstow [Marked]
Roger Aish of Virginstow [Marked]
Robert Hockady (Hockaday) of Virginstow [Signed]
Thomas Hall of Virginstow [Marked "T"]
Margaret Wanacott (Wannacott) of Virginstow [Marked "M"]
Mary Blight of Virginstow [Marked]
Benjamin Gayer of Coryton [Not signed or marked]
Joseph Wood of Lewtrenchard [Not signed or marked]
Edward Herring of Lamerton [Not signed or marked]
John Doidge of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Jane Doidge of Milton Abbot [Signed]
John Spry of Thrushelton [Signed]
Vivian Spry of Tavistock [Signed]
William Bond of Marystow [Not signed or marked]
Nicholas Philp of Lifton [Signed]
Julian Nicholles of Brentor [Not signed or marked]
Elizabeth Nicholles of Brentor [Not signed or marked]
Susannah Rendell of Sydenham (Marystowe) [Not signed or marked]
Richard Martin of Thrushelton [Signed]
Jane Burnaford of Lamerton [Marked] [Forename altered from "Joane"]
Anne Toll of Lamerton [Not signed or marked]
Edward Downing of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
John Burnaford of Tavistock [Signed]
William Burnaford of Lamerton [Signed]
Mrs Joane (Tillam) Tillham of Bradstone [Signed]
Mary Skelly of Bradstone [Marked]
Katherine Combe of Bradstone [Marked "C"]
Thomas Parsons of Bradstone [Signed]
Sampson Symons of Bradstone [Signed]
Samuel Prest of Bradstone [Signed]
John Burnaford of Lamerton [Signed]
Thomas Burnaford of Lamerton [Signed]
[Alex]sander Woodrow of Bridestowe [Signed]
Mr Richard Beare of Sourton [Signed]
Mrs Charity Bird of Sourton [Marked]
Samuel Foot of Tavistock [Signed]
Arthur Tremayne, esq of Sydenham (Marystowe) [Signed]
Joseph Wood, esq of Lewtrenchard [Signed]
Edmund Herring, gent of Lamerton [Signed]
Benjamin Gayer, gent of Coryton [Signed]
Mrs Susannah Kelly of Kelly [Signed]
Mrs Grace Kelly of Kelly [Signed]
Anne Collison of Stowford [Marked]
John Kelly, esq of Kelly [Signed]
Hannah Edgcombe of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Grace Doidge of Lamerton [Marked]
John Caunter of Lamerton [Not signed or marked]
Jane Browne of Lamerton [Not signed or marked]
John Langford of Kelly [Marked]
John Maynard of Kelly [Signed]
Benjamin Folly of Kelly [Not signed or marked]
Mary Adams of Kelly [Marked]
John Egbor of Kelly [Not signed or marked]
William Stoneman of Kelly [Not signed or marked]
Nicholas Gerry of Kelly [Not signed or marked]
David Yoale (Yole) of Kelly [Signed]
John Skelly of Kelly [Signed]
John Hart of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Richard Mynard (Maynard) of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Humphrey Jeffery of Lifton [Signed]
John Cutlipp (Cudlipp) of Tavistock [Signed]
George Coram of Milton Abbot [Marked "G"]
William Coram of Milton Abbot [Marked "W"]
Thomas Jeffery of Tavistock [Signed]
Margaret Harvey of Lifton [Signed]
Mary Dinham (Dynham) of Lifton [Signed]
Thomas Palmer of Lifton [Signed]
Benjamin Folly of Kelly [Marked]
Edward Doidge of Thrushelton [Signed]
Samuel Martyn of Thrushelton [Marked]
John Williams of Thrushelton [Marked]
John Cox of Thrushelton [Signed]
John Haine of Thrushelton [Marked]
Shelston Pengelly (Pengelly) of Thrushelton [Signed]
John Martyn (Marten) of Lamerton [Signed]
Thomas Alford of Lifton [Signed]
Daniel Ward of Tavistock [Signed]
John Weeks (Weekes) of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
William Hill of Sourton [Signed]
Jasper Bond of Lifton [Signed]
John Badcock of Mary Tavy [Signed]
William Cake, esq of Mary Tavy [Signed]
Grace Drake of Mary Tavy [Signed]
Mary Pearce (Pearse) of Tavistock [Signed]
Philip Palmer of Lifton [Marked]
Richard Piper of Stoke Damerel [Marked]
John Andrews of Stoke Damerel [Marked "IA"]
John Painter of Lifton [Signed]
William Burnet (Barnett) of Tavistock [Signed]
John Harvy of Lifton [Signed]
William Doidge of Mary Tavy [Signed]
Robert Pearce of Thrushelton [Signed]
Peter Pellow of Sourton [Marked]
John Mill of Broadwoodwidger [Marked]
Richard Riddicliff (?Ridicliff) of Mary Tavy [Marked "R"]
John Harvey (Harvy) of Sourton [Marked]
Roger Pellow of Sourton [Signed]
Mathew Gloyne of Sourton [Marked "M"]
Edmund Lang of Sourton [Marked]
William Croker, gent of Tavistock [Signed]
Philip Robins of Mary Tavy [Signed]
Jonathan Candy jun of Tavistock [Signed]
John Venton of Tavistock [Signed]
Robert Williams of Tavistock [Signed]
Stephen Bunney of Tavistock [Signed]
John Pike of Tavistock [Signed]
Oliver Walkey of Tavistock [Signed]
Frances Rundell of Lamerton [Signed]
Mary Burges of Lamerton [Signed]
John Kemp (Kempe) of Lamerton [Signed]
John Toll of Lamerton [Signed]
Jane Browne of Lamerton [Marked]
William Candy jun of Tavistock [Signed]
Peter Burnaford, clerk of Lamerton [Signed]
John Luxmore (Luxmoor), gent of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
William Bridgman of Broadwoodwidger [Marked]
Robert Parsons (Parson) of Sydenham (Marystowe) [Signed]
George Bickell of Marystow [Marked]
George Hawton of Marystow [Marked]
Rebecca Ham of Marystow [Marked]
Robert Bickell of Marystow [Signed, signature unclear]
John Bickell of Marystow [Signed]
William Burley of Lamerton [Signed]
Thomas Jessop of Lamerton [Not signed]
John Doidge of Lamerton [Marked]
John Shortridge of Lamerton [Marked]
Robert Coombe of Kelly [Signed]
Edward Soper of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
John Soper of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
Thomas Blight of Virginstow [Marked]
Abel Croker of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
John Doige (Doidge) jun, esq of Lamerton [Signed]
Mrs Mary Anne Harris of Stowford [Not signed or marked]
Mr John Harris of Stowford [Not signed or marked]
Mr Thomas Bourne of Stowford [Signed]
Richard Martyn of Stowford [Signed]
William Hearson of Stowford [Signed]
John Martin (Martyn) of Stowford [Signed]
Peter Drawn (Drown) of Stowford [Signed]
James Cater of Stowford [Signed]
Margaret Doidge of Stowford [Marked]
Jane Bole of Stowford [Signed]
Margaret Doble of Stowford [Marked "M"]
Dunstan Pellow of Stowford [Not signed or marked]
Robert Foot of Stowford [Not signed or marked]
Anne Pengelly of Stowford [Marked]
Anne Harvey of Stowford [Not signed or marked]
John Cater of Stowford [Not signed or marked]
Philip Stanbury of Stowford [Marked]
Mr John Tooker of Milton Abbot [Signed]
Eneus? Newton, rector of Dunterton [Not signed or marked]
John Prest of Dunterton [Not signed or marked]
John Dawe of Dunterton [Signed]
Joseph Dawe of Dunterton [Signed]
Joseph Reed of Dunterton [Not signed or marked]
Mary Dawe of Dunterton [Not signed or marked]
Hannah Littlejohn of Dunterton [Marked "H"]
John Sleeman of Dunterton [Signed]
John Hodge of Dunterton [Signed]
John Downing of Dunterton [Signed]
Lydia Veale of Dunterton [Marked]
Honour Hancock of Dunterton [Marked]
Daniel Cornish of Dunterton [Signed]
Thomas Grigory (Gregory) of Dunterton [Signed]
Henry Collins of Dunterton [Marked]
Edward Foott (Foot) of Dunterton [Marked "E"]
Mr Richard Cowch of Lifton [Signed]
Mr Thomas Harris of Marystow [Signed]
Anne Bidlake of Bridestowe [Marked]
Elizabeth Hodge of ye same Tavistock [Marked]
Nicholas Edgecombe of ye same Milton Abbot [Signed]
Joan Robins of Milton Abbot [Marked]
John Moorton of Lifton [Signed]
Thomas Pomrey (Pomery) of Lifton [Marked "T"]
Anthony Palmor (Palmer) of Lifton [Marked]
William French of Lifton [Signed]
Joseph Roberts of Lifton [Signed]
Thomas Roberts of Lifton [Signed]
Hannah Roberts of Lifton [Marked "X"]
Joane Edcombe of Lamerton [Signed]
George Edgcombe of Lamerton [Signed]
Philip Norley of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
Jane Wills of Lamerton [Signed]
Mary Vosper of Tavistock [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Preston of Lamerton [Signed]
Nathaniel Beard, clerk of Tavistock [Signed]
Jane Parsons of Milton Abbot [Not signed or marked]
John Edgcombe, gent of Tavistock [Signed]
William Hawke of Tavistock [Signed]
William Condy of Tavistock [Signed]
John Loveis of Tavistock [Signed]
Samuel Hawksford of Tavistock [Marked]
James Paddon of Tavistock [Signed]
James Butler of Tavistock [Signed]
James Gill of Bridestowe [Signed]
Thomas Doidge of Tavistock [Marked "T"]
Joan Burnaford of Lamerton [Marked "X"]
Robert Bickell of Milton Abbot [Signed]
John Coram of Milton Abbot [Marked]
William Oxenham of Tavistock [Marked "O"]
Charles Parker of Okehampton [Marked "C"]
Walter Shellibear (Shellaber) of Tavistock [Signed]
John Sleman (Sleeman) of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
Philip Pedler (Pidler) of Marystow [Marked "P"]
William Ball of Sourton [Signed]
Obediah Birdwood (Burdwood) of Tavistock [Signed]
Loveday Brownsdon of Tavistock [Marked]
John Carter of Tavistock [Signed]
William Mezont of Broadwoodwidger [Marked]
John Prideaux of Lamerton [Signed]
Daniel Reddicliff (Reddecleff) of Tavistock [Signed]
William Skelly of Lifton [Signed]
John Woodie (Woodys) of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
William Tucker of Stoke Damerel [Signed]
William Collins (Collngs) of Lifton [Signed]
Joseph Gendle (Gendell) of Tavistock [Signed]
William Powl (Powell) of Lydford [Signed]
John Rendle (Rundle) of Sourton [Signed]
Andrew Doidge of Mary Tavy [Signed]
John ?Halse (Hall) of Broadwoodwidger [Marked "H"]
William Place (Pleace) of Sourton [Marked]
Jasper Crabb (Crab) of Tavistock [Signed]
Thomas Hawkin (Hawkins) of Mary Tavy [Signed]
Roger Bere (Beare) of Mary Tavy [Signed]
William Lillycrapp of Sourton [Signed]
William Smale (Small) of Thrushelton [Signed]
John Williams of Mary Tavy [Marked]
John Fursdon of Sourton [Marked "I"]
Thomas Windsor (Winsor) of Tavistock [Signed]
William Row of Lifton [Signed]
Roger Cole of Mary Tavy [Signed]
Degory Coombe of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
John Chard of Lamerton [Marked "JC"]
Thomas Caunter of Lamerton [Marked]
Rebecca Maddiford (Madiford) of Mary Tavy [?Mark]
George Stedson (Stidston) of Bridestowe [Marked]
Samuel Carew of Tavistock [Marked]
Richard Moreton (Morton) of Lamerton [Marked]
Elizabeth Payne of Tavistock [Marked]
Robert Budge of Tavistock [Signed]
Griffith Richards of Tavistock [Signed]
Elizabeth Richards, wife of Griffith Richards of Tavistock [Marked "X"]
William Croker jun of Tavistock [Signed]
Richard Gill of Lewtrenchard [Marked "R"]