Oaths sworn at The George, Hatherleigh, 10 September 1723 before Richard Yeo and William Oxenham esq

William Dennaford of Tawton, North [Not signed]
Robert Warr (Ware) of Merton [Signed]
William How of Merton [Signed]
John Peardon (Pardon) of Merton [Signed]
Jerome Dennis of Merton [Marked "J"]
John Longman of Merton [Signed]
Thomas Langdon of Merton [Signed]
William Hill of Merton [Signed]
John Strange of Highampton [Marked "+"]
Christopher Weeks of Broadwoodkelly [Signed]
Peter Jillard (Jilleard) of Buckfastleigh [Signed]
Rowland Leverton of Iddesleigh [Not signed]
Edmund Collacott of Shebbear [Not signed]
Roger Kerslake (Karslake) of Lew, North [Signed]
Richard Martin of Northleigh [Marked]
John Hutchins of Petrockstowe [Not signed]
George Newcombe of Inwardleigh [Signed]
John Newcomb (Newcombe) of Inwardleigh [Signed]
Robert Hutchins of Buckland Filleigh [Marked "H"]
William Phips of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Christopher Reed of Hatherleigh [Marked "R"]
Israel Abell of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Francis Rous (Rowse) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Thomas Williams of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Mary Friend, widow of Hatherleigh [Marked "M"]
Grace Oxenham of Winkleigh [Marked]
Thomas Ford of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Henry Speare of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Richard Turner of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Robert Frost of Exbourne [Signed]
Dorothy Hooper of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Phillipa Brock of Monk Okehampton [Marked]
Mary Tottershill of Tawton, North [Marked]
William Underhill of North Petherwin [Signed]
John Allin of Lew, North [Marked]
Benjamin Turner of Lew, North [Signed]
David Vallance of Lew, North [Signed]
Hugh Watkins of Lew, North [Signed]
Thomas Smale of Lew, North [Marked "T"]
Thomas Smale jun of Lew, North [Marked "T"]
Jerome Hooper of Lew, North [Signed]
John Hooper of Lew, North [Signed]
John Browning of Lew, North [Signed]
John Jackman of Lew, North [Signed]
John Martyn of Lew, North [Signed]
John Glass of Lew, North [Signed]
Josias Tucker of Lew, North [Marked "+"]
Anne Hooper, widow of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Martha Jacob (Hooper) of Hatherleigh [Marked, second entry gives surname as "Hooper"]
William Tucker of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Christopher Reed of Hatherleigh [Not signed]
Hannah Burdon of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Michael Lillecrap (Lillicrap) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Mary Tucker of Hatherleigh [Marked]
John Norcott of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Thomas Hodge of Hatherleigh [Signed]
William Friendship of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Luxmore (Luxmoore) of Bratton Clovelly [Signed]
Nathaniel Richards of Hatherleigh [Signed]
William Coombe of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Richard Vogwell of Sheepwash [Signed]
Thomas Tucker of Tawton, North [Signed]
William ?Hill of Bratton Clovelly [Not signed]
John Sergeant (Seargant) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
George Lucas of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Robert Richard Ball of Hatherleigh [Marked "RB"]
Philip Chrispin of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Robert Hall of Broadwoodkelly [Signed]
Christopher Weeke of Broadwoodkelly [Not signed or marked]
Hugh Ackland (Acland) of Meeth [Signed]
William Westaway of Sampford Courtenay [Marked]
John Raddon of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Simeon Ellis of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Richard Newcombe of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "R"]
Simeon Newcombe (Newcomb) of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
John Palmer of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Joan Snell of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "+"]
Margaret Guscott of Sampford Courtenay [Marked]
Roger Willcocks of Sampford Courtenay [Marked]
John Arscott of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Avis Downe of Sampford Courtenay [Marked]
Anne Quick of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "X"]
Francis Arscott of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Richard Arscott of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
John Aller of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Moses Brock of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
William Tickle (Tickell) of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
John Tickle (Tickell) of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
John Aller of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
William Gidley (Gidley) of Lew, North [Signed]
William Bonberry (Banbury) of [Residence not stated] [Marked]
Emanuel Northey of [Residence not stated] [Signed]
Sarah Northey of [Residence not stated] [Marked "N"]
Richard Martyn of [ Residence not stated] [Not signed]
Mary Northey of [Residence not stated] [Marked]
Richard Northy (Northey) of [Residence not stated] [Marked]
Roger Kerslake of [Residence not stated] [Not signed]
John Bedford of [Residence not stated] [Signed]
Thomazin Wonacott of [Residence not stated] [Marked "+"] [Forename altered from "Thomas"]
Grace Croker (Croaker) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Joan Robins of Huish [Marked]
Robert Risdon of Huish [Marked "RR"]
Mathew Taylor of Huish [Marked "M"]
Jane Hockin of Huish [Marked]
William Hockin of Huish [Marked "H"]
Mathew Brock of Huish [Marked]
Lewis Osburne (Osbourn) of Huish [Marked]
Richard Helman (Hellman) of Huish [Marked "R"]
Thomas Gorden of Merton [Signed]
Martha Parsons of Shebbear [Signed]
Grace Croker (Crocker) jun of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Mary Smith of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Reddaway of Hatherleigh [Signed]
George Lethbridge of Winkleigh [Signed]
Robert Clapp of Monk Okehampton [Signed]
Thomas Blackmore of Iddesleigh [Signed]
Thomas Powsland (Powlsland) of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
William Legg of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Robert Hyssett of Sheepwash [Signed]
Thomas How of Merton [Signed]
Anthony Coplestone (Copleston) of Merton [Signed]
Robert Venner of Merton [Marked "R"]
John Arnold (Arnell) of Merton [Signed]
Richard Johns of Merton [Marked]
John Weeks of Merton [Marked]
Edward Harvey of Merton [Signed]
Daniel Morrish of Merton [Marked "X"]
Dorothy Taylor (Taylour) of Huish [Marked]
Joseph Ekins of Buckland Filleigh [Signed "Joseph"]
Samuel Chambers of Broadwoodkelly [Signed]
John Balkwill of Sheepwash [Signed]
Thomas Moore of Sheepwash [Signed]
John Lewis of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Katherine Gayer, widow of Dowland [Signed]
Mary Lugg, wife of John Lugg of Meeth [Signed]
Thomas Luxton of Winkleigh [Signed]
Robert Wolland (Woolland) of Exbourne [Signed]
John Lugg of Meeth [Signed]
Thomas Veneer of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Richard Oxenham of Winkleigh [Signed]
Onesiphorus Sheere of Huish [Signed]
Daniel Budd of Petrockstowe [Signed]
John Hutchins (Hutchings) of Peters Marland [Signed]
Henry Rundle of Sourton [Signed]
Thomas Southcombe of Monk Okehampton [Signed]
Charles Clapp of Monk Okehampton [Signed]
John Beare of Highampton [Marked]
Nicholas Arnold (Arnell) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Wonnacott of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Mathew Perin of Merton [Marked "MP"]
Arthur Spear (Speare) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Robert Venning (Vening) of Highampton [Signed]
Edward Beatty of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Philip Hearn of Petrockstowe [Signed]
Rebecca Dennis (Denis) of Inwardleigh [Marked]
Charles Baron of Hatherleigh [Signed]
George Newcombe of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Mary Norcott of Iddesleigh [Marked]
Robert Leatherin of Winkleigh [Signed, signature unclear]
Hugh Luxton of Winkleigh [Signed]
James Bulhead of Winkleigh [Signed]
Thomas Weekes (Weeks) of Winkleigh [Signed]
Elizabeth Leatherin of Winkleigh [Signed, signature unclear]
John Leatherin (Letheren) of Winkleigh [Signed]
John Hammott (Hammot) of Winkleigh [Signed]
James Snell of Winkleigh [Signed]
Frances Bowden of Winkleigh [Marked]
Margaret Gay of Winkleigh [Marked "M"]
Robert Yeolland of Winkleigh [Marked]
Samuel Jope of Winkleigh [Signed]
Richard Beare of Winkleigh [Not signed]
Samuel Bulhead of Winkleigh [Signed]
Richard Nichols, clerk of Inwardleigh [Signed]
Anne Nichols, wife of Richard Nicholas of Inwardleigh [Signed]
Christopher Stephens (Steephens) of Exbourne [Signed]
Richard Brock (Brocke) of Exbourne [Signed]
Richard Barrow of Exbourne [Marked "X"]
John Fairchild of Exbourne [Marked]
John King of Exbourne [Marked]
Robert Wolland jun of Exbourne [Signed]
Daniel Brock of Exbourne [Signed]
William Dennaford of Tawton, North [Signed]
Robert Venton of Sheepwash [Marked]
Mary White of Sheepwash [Marked "M"]
Mary Perkin of Buckland Filleigh [Marked "M"]
Arthur Facey of Hatherleigh [Signed]
George Newcombe of Hatherleigh [Signed]
William Brock (Brocke) of Iddesleigh [Signed]
Prudence Budd of Sheepwash [Marked]
William Davy of Iddesleigh [Marked]
Roger Heaman of Meeth [Marked "+"]
Andrew Doidge of Inwardleigh [Marked]
Elizabeth Doidge of Petrockstowe [Marked]
Oliver Rouse (Rowse) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Elizabeth Collings of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Thomas Marsh of Torrington, Black [Marked "T"]
John Skinner of Tawton, North [Signed]
Christopher Littlestar (?Litteltar) of Petrockstowe [Signed]
John Risdon of Petrockstowe [Signed]
John Cornish of Petrockstowe [Signed]
John Hutchings of Petrockstowe [Signed]
George Parkins of Petrockstowe [Marked]
Petronel Hutchings of Petrockstowe [Marked "+"]
Mary Bowhay of Petrockstowe [Marked]
Robert Nankevill jun of Petrockstowe [Signed]
Thomas Bowhay of Petrockstowe [Signed]
David Denford of Petrockstowe [Marked]
John Littletar (Litteltar) of Petrockstowe [Signed]
John Hearne of Petrockstowe [Signed]
Henry Vogwell of Petrockstowe [Signed]
William Hayman of Petrockstowe [Signed, signature unclear]
John Bound of Sheepwash [Signed]
William Westaway of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "W"]
Simon Tucker of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "T"]
Richard Weeks (Weekes) of Broadwoodkelly [Signed]
John Tapson of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Walter Mitchell of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Henry Shapton (Shepton) of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Andrew Potter of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "+"]
John Morris of Huish [Signed]
Richard Brimble (Bromill) of Huish [Marked]
Genson Gilbert of Langtree [Signed]
John Berry of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Benjamin Kelland of Merton [Signed]
John Barnbery (Barnbury) of Merton [Signed]
John Cornish of Merton [Signed]
Samuel Littletar (Littlestar) of Merton [Signed]
Thomas Fraine of Merton [Signed]
William Skriggin of Merton [Signed]
Philip Melhuish of Merton [Signed]
Mathew Heard of Merton [Marked "M"]
George Reed of Merton [Marked]
John Lashbrook of Merton [Marked]
Mary Fraine of Merton [Marked "M"]
Frances Fairchild (Fairchilld) of Merton [Signed]
Hannibal Gidley of Lew, North [Signed]
Mary Aller of Sampford Courtenay [Marked]
John Lashbrook of Hatherleigh [Signed]
James Milman (Millman) of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
John Route (Rowse) of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Humphrey Chugg of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
John Gilbert of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Charles Balkwill of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Anne Balkwill of Buckland Filleigh [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Stephen Vanstone of Buckland Filleigh [Marked]
Robert Collocott (Collacott) of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Christopher Morckomb (Morcombe) of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Joseph Parnicott (Parnacott) of Petrockstowe [Signed]
Walter Heywood of Winkleigh [Signed]
William Skinner of Tawton, North [Signed]
John Paddon of Highampton [Signed]
Joan Vawdon of Highampton [Marked "+"]
John Paddon jun of Highampton [Signed]
Brown Fortescue of Buckland Filleigh [Marked]
William Neynoe of Meeth [Marked]
Samuel Jerman of Meeth [Marked]
Thomas Jerman of Meeth [Signed]
Thomas Webber of Meeth [Signed]
Stephen Pow of Meeth [Marked]
George Pow of Meeth [Signed]
Peter Jerman (Jeman) of Meeth [Signed]
John Cruse of Meeth [Marked] [Surname has been altered in both entries.]
Elizabeth Abbot (Abbott) of Meeth [Marked]
Joan Smale of Meeth [Marked]
Margaret Smale of Meeth [Marked]
Philip Tawton of Meeth [Signed]
Samuel Clements of Meeth [Marked "X"]
John White of Meeth [Marked]
Frances Hutchins of Petrockstowe [Marked]
Lewis Bondon of Peters Marland [Marked]
Margaret Peake of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "P"]
Richard Reddaway of Inwardleigh [Signed]
George Cowle of Hatherleigh [Marked "Ge"]
Christopher Newcombe of Winkleigh [Signed]
John Rattenbury of Winkleigh [Marked "R"]
William Weeks of Winkleigh [Signed]
Thomas Pope of Winkleigh [Marked "+"]
Giles Keynor of Winkleigh [Marked]
George Colwill jun of Winkleigh [Signed]
Lewis Newcombe of Winkleigh [Signed]
John Hernaman of Winkleigh [Marked "H"]
Samuel Bulhead jun of Winkleigh [Marked "S"]
John Stephens (Stevens) of Winkleigh [Signed]
Walter Friend of Winkleigh [Signed]
Edward Langbridge of Winkleigh [Signed]
Thomas Luxmore (Luxmoore) of Bratton Clovelly [Signed]
Richard Metter of Sourton [Signed]
Stephen Cowper of Bratton Clovelly [Marked "S"]
John Potte of Bratton Clovelly [Marked]
Tristram Bayly of Beaworthy [Marked]
Andrew Rowliff of Merton [Marked "R"]
Mary Gorden of Merton [Marked]
Anthony Stacey of Merton [Marked]
Mary ?Penny/?Perry of Merton [Marked] [First entry of surname has been altered from "Perry". Second version unclear, but appears to read "Perry" not "Penny".]
Edmund Edge of Hatherleigh [Signed]
William Turner of Jacobstowe [Signed]
John Morcombe of Highampton [Marked "I"]
Christopher Mules of Beaford [Signed]
Samuel Gay of Beaford [Signed]
Joan Gay of Beaford [Marked]
William Webber of Beaford [Signed]
Nicholas Webber of Beaford [Signed]
John Ford of Beaford [Signed]
John Stapleton of Beaford [Marked "I"]
Simon Sampson of Broadwoodkelly [Signed]
Joan Ware of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "X"]
John Bowden of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Mary Smallacombe (Smalecombe) of Lifton [Signed]
Elizabeth Heddon of Lew, North [Signed]
Joan Bound of Lew, North [Marked "I"]
Honour Westlake of Lew, North [Marked]
Elizabeth Oxenham of Lew, North [Marked]
Honour Hill of Lew, North [Marked]
Robert Please of Lew, North [Marked "R"]
William Hobbs of Hatherleigh [Marked]
William Lucas of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Henry Hole of Hatherleigh [Marked "H"]
Thomas Medland (Meland) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Elizabeth Medland of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Patience Abel (Abell) of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Thomas Sheres (Sheer) of Germansweek [Signed]
Thomas Wood of Lew, North [Signed]
Richard Bullid of Winkleigh [Marked]
James Piper of ye same Petrockstowe [Signed]
John Moyles of Petrockstowe [Marked]
Jonas Martyn of Petrockstowe [Marked]
Arthur Southcombe of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Peekins of Monk Okehampton [Signed]
Richard Bowdon of Winkleigh [Signed]
John Coombe of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Longman of Merton [Marked "L"]
Ananias Bennet (Bennett) of Merton [Signed]
Francis Elston of Merton [Marked]
Amos Hamford of Merton [Marked]
Christopher Curtis (Courtice) of Merton [Marked]
John Heard of Merton [Signed]
Alice Bambery (Banbury) of Merton [Marked]
John S....p of Merton [Not signed]
Richard Mill of Germansweek [Marked]
George Rudd of Sheepwash [Signed]
Richard Medland of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John [Surname illegible] of Sheepwash [Not signed]
Francis Elstone of Peters Marland [Marked "E"]
David Bowhay of Petrockstowe [Signed]
Thomas Bowhay of Petrockstowe [Marked]