Oaths sworn at The George, Hatherleigh, 10 September 1723 before Richard Yeo and William Oxenham

Thomas Brook of Monk Okehampton [Not signed or marked]
John Brook of Sampford Courtenay [Marked]
William Oliver of Highampton [Marked "W"]
Arthur Holman of Peters Marland [Signed]
Lewis Holman (Hollman) of Peters Marland [Signed]
Lewis Holman jun of Peters Marland [Signed]
John Haines (Hains) of Peters Marland [Marked "+"]
Lewis Ward of Peters Marland [Signed]
Henry Nott of Peters Marland [Marked "H"]
John Tombs of Peters Marland [Marked "T"]
Francis Ear (Eare) of Peters Marland [Marked]
Philip Quick of Peters Marland [Marked]
Thomas Watts of Peters Marland [Marked]
Margaret Battershill of Peters Marland [Marked "X"]
John Holman of Peters Marland [Signed]
Robert Balkwill of Peters Marland [Marked]
Mary Snell of Broadwoodkelly [Marked]
Edmund Collacot (Collacott) of Shebbear [Signed]
William Pearse of Shebbear [Signed]
John Ca...tt of Shebbear [Not signed]
John Hopper of Shebbear [Signed]
Thomas Robins of Shebbear [Marked "T"]
John Robins of Shebbear [Signed]
James Parsons of Shebbear [Signed]
James Walter of Shebbear [Marked]
Dorothy Walter of Shebbear [Marked]
Margaret Hopper of Shebbear [Marked "M"]
John Bowman of Shebbear [Marked]
William Smale of Shebbear [Signed]
William Larkworthy of Shebbear [Signed]
William Martin of Shebbear [Signed]
Elizabeth Spearman of Shebbear [Marked]
Richard Bridgeman of Shebbear [Signed]
George Walter of Shebbear [Marked]
Robert Allen of Shebbear [Marked]
George Allen of Shebbear [Marked]
Edward Eady of Shebbear [Signed]
Christopher Harvey of Shebbear [Marked]
Bartholomew Page (Paige) of Sheepwash [Signed]
John Rattenbury of Monk Okehampton [Marked]
John B...[Surname illegible] of Sampford Courtenay [Not signed]
Robert Leatherin (Letheren) of Iddesleigh [Signed]
Richard Ellis of Jacobstowe [Signed]
Charles Lasbrook (Lashbrooke) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Alexander Cornish of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Lydia Jasper of Meeth [Marked]
Francis Northy (Northey) of Germansweek [Marked]
John Jordan of Germansweek [Marked]
Samuel Rook (Rooke) of Iddesleigh [Marked]
Mary Moyse of Broadwoodkelly [Marked]
John Hollman (Holman) of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Patt (Pett) of Petrockstowe [Signed]
Stephen Balkwill of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Thomas Balkwill of Peters Marland [Signed]
Anthony Gregory of Petrockstowe [Marked "A"]
Mary Braund of Hatherleigh [Marked]
George Couch of Iddesleigh [Signed]
Sarah Eyme of Jacobstowe [Marked]
Joan Eyme of Jacobstowe [Marked]
Mary Medland of Jacobstowe [Marked "M"]
Mary Ellis of Jacobstowe [Marked]
Lavinia Balkwill of Peters Marland [Marked]
Thomas Gooscot (Guscott) of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Dameral Lillycrapp (Lillicrap) of Hatherleigh [Marked "D"]
Susanna Arnoll of Hatherleigh [Marked "A"]
Mary Harford of Hatherleigh [Marked "H"]
Ellery? Bowdon (Bowden) of Hatherleigh [Marked]
William Basset (Bassett) of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Giles Cooper of Hatherleigh [Signed]
George Medland of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Dorothy Rapson of Hatherleigh [Marked "R"]
Edward Hobbs of Hatherleigh [Marked]
John Collins of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Sarah Collins of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Thomas White of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Richard Edwards of Hatherleigh [Marked "+"]
James Collins of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Abel White of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Kellond (Kelland) of Hatherleigh [Marked "J"]
Edward Turner of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Margaret Hill of Hatherleigh [Marked "+"]
Rebecca Tucker of Hatherleigh [Marked "R"]
Joel Honicombe of Hatherleigh [Marked "J"]
Phillipa Glass of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Jane Glass of Hatherleigh [Marked "X"]
Anne Glass of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Thomas Haynes of Hatherleigh [Signed "Thomas".]
Thomas Short of Hatherleigh [Marked "T"]
John Harford of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Abel White of Hatherleigh [Not signed]
Susanna White of Hatherleigh [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Vanstone (Fanstone) of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Thomasin Cooper of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Sibella Heard of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Gertrude Strout of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Bartholomew Coombe of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Edmund Eady (Edye) jun of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Mary Reddaway of Hatherleigh [Marked "M"]
Anne Serjeant of Hatherleigh [Marked "A"]
John Sloman (Sloeman) of Hatherleigh [Marked]
Samuel Tawton of Meeth [Marked]
Richard [Surname illegible] of Meeth [Not signed]
Walter Madge of Meeth [Marked]
Anne Philips of ye same Inwardleigh [Marked]
Richard Brock (Brok) of Iddesleigh [Signed]
John Lyne of Munckleigh Broadwoodkelly [Signed]
Andrew Manning of Iddesleigh [Marked "And"]
Rice Bowens of Petrockstowe [Marked "R"]
Richard Hockins (Hawkin) of Shebbear [Signed]
Robert Hooper of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Joseph Collins of Hatherleigh [Marked "JC"]
Daniel Ware of Iddesleigh [Signed]
Obediah Ware of Iddesleigh [Marked]
?Leonard ?Shepheard of Hatherleigh [Not signed]