Oaths sworn at The Crown and Sceptre, Holsworthy, 11 September 1723 before Arthur Arscott, William Bickford and Richard Yeo esq

Grace Brand of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Richard Eastway, clerk of Sutcombe [Signed]
Charles Burdon, gent of Highampton [Signed]
William Harrington of Shebbear [Signed]
Jane Harrington, wife of William Harrington of Shebbear [Signed]
Mary Braund of Putford, West [Signed]
John Cory of Putford, West [Signed]
Hugh Mill of Putford, West [Signed]
Amos Balsdon of Sheepwash [Marked]
Thomas Short of Sheepwash [Signed]
John Rockey (Rockhey) of Sheepwash [Signed]
John Morcomb of Sheepwash [Signed]
Robert Balkwill of Sheepwash [Signed]
Samuel Yoldon (Youlden) of Sheepwash [Signed]
William Moore of Sheepwash [Signed]
Thomas Rockey (Rockhey) of Sheepwash [Signed]
Joseph Rockey of Sheepwash [Signed]
Robert May of Sheepwash [Signed]
Thomas Graddon of Sheepwash [Marked "T"]
Robert Spear of Sheepwash [Marked]
Richard Rowcliff (Rowcliffe) of Sheepwash [Marked]
Elizabeth Summers of Sheepwash [Marked]
Walter Tawton of Sheepwash [Marked "T"]
Mary Johns of Torrington, Black [Marked "M"]
Michael Bradford of Sheepwash [Signed]
Joseph Shaply of St. Giles [on the Heath] [Marked "I"] [Parish inferred from place of swearing, entered as St. Giles]
Richard Yeo, esq of Huish [Signed]
John Mill of Putford, West [Signed]
John Webb of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Signed]
Jonathan Kittoe (Kittowe) of Putford, West [Signed]
Joane May of St. Giles [on the Heath] [Signed] [Parish inferred from place of swearing, entered as St. Giles]
Degory Martyn (Martin), gent of Hatherleigh [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
John Northam of Lew, North [Signed]
George Gidley of Northleigh [Signed]
Katherine Gidley of Northleigh [Marked "X"]
John Pincombe of Northleigh [Signed]
John Square of Northleigh [Marked "I"]
William Norcott of Beaworthy [Marked]
Clement Rich of Inwardleigh [Marked]
Charles Soper of Broadwoodwidger [Marked]
Richard Harvey of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
Henry Martin of Broadwoodwidger [Marked "+"]
Wilmot Palmer of Broadwoodwidger [Marked "X"]
William Bayly of Beaworthy [Marked "X"]
Richard Bickle (Bickell) of Beaworthy [Signed]
William Lillycrapp (Lillicrap) of Beaworthy [Marked "X"]
John [Surname illegible] of Beaworthy [Not signed]
John Hatche (Hatch) of Beaworthy [Signed]
William Braund of Halwill [Signed]
Robert Stanlake of Halwill [Signed]
Grace Stanlake of Halwill [Marked "+"]
William ?Norcott of ?Beaworthy/Halwill [Not signed]
Mary Palmer of St. Giles [on the Heath] [Marked] [Parish inferred from place of swearing, entered as St. Giles]
Joan Turner of St. Giles [on the Heath] [Marked] [Parish inferred from place of swearing, entered as St. Giles]
Elizabeth Harvey of Broadwoodwidger [Marked]
John Braund of Halwill [Marked]
Grace Venton of Cookbury [Marked]
Margaret Brayly of Halwill [Marked]
John Brayly of Halwill [Marked]
James Brayly of Halwill [Marked "J"]
John Mabin (Mabyn) of Clawton [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
John Keener of Clawton [Marked "+"]
Henry Lavers of St. Giles on the Heath [Signed]
John Hutch of St. Giles on the Heath [Signed]
John Mill of St. Giles on the Heath [Signed]
Bennedick Courtice of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked]
Valentine Norkett of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked]
Joshua Barrett of Abbots Bickington [Signed]
Mary Barrett of Abbots Bickington [Marked]
Wilmot Gilbert of Abbots Bickington [Marked]
Giles Cawsey of Abbots Bickington [Signed]
Elizabeth Saunders of Abbots Bickington [Marked "E"]
John Lillicrap of Ashwater [Marked]
Richard Baskervill of Ashwater [Marked]
Thomas Fry of Ashwater [Marked "T"]
Sampson Beale (Beall) of Ashwater [Signed]
William Harris of Ashwater [Marked]
William Martyn of Ashwater [Signed]
Sydreck Senr Baskervill of Ashwater [Marked]
Sydrack Junr Baskervill of Ashwater [Marked]
John Mathew of Ashwater [Marked]
Susannah Harris of Ashwater [Marked "H"]
Margery Fry of Ashwater [Marked]
Grace Hedgerdon of Ashwater [Marked]
Abraham Smale of Ashwater [Marked]
Sampson Coombe of Ashwater [Marked]
Michael Davy (?Daley) of Ashwater [Signed]
Stephen Rendle of Ashwater [Marked "R"]
Andrew Durant of Ashwater [Marked]
Charles Sheer of Ashwater [Marked]
William Oliver of Ashwater [Marked "O"]
Tabitha Oliver of Ashwater [Marked "+"]
Elizabeth Downe of Ashwater [Marked]
Nicholas Moone (Moon) of Ashwater [Signed]
Simon Philps (Philp) of Clawton [Signed]
Thomas Symons of Halwill [Marked]
Thomas Bazely of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked]
Susannah Tinck of Clawton [Marked]
Thomas Sing of Halwill [Signed]
John Durant (Durrant) of Halwill [Signed]
John Palmer of Petrockstowe [Marked]
Richard Martin (Martyn) of Petrockstowe [Marked]
Maud Loveis (Lovis) of Torrington, Black [Marked "+"]
Henry Row (Rowe) of Bratton Clovelly [Marked "R"]
John Cock of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
John Cock of Broadwoodwidger [Not signed]
Richard Turner of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
Peter Spry of Broadwoodwidger [Marked]
John Blinch of Germansweek [Signed]
Roger Seccombe of Germansweek [Signed]
John Bickle of Broadwoodwidger [Marked "+"]
Richard Axford of Lew, North [Marked]
John Axford of Northleigh [Signed]
Martha Axford of Northleigh [Marked "M"]
William Bickford, esq of Bradford (Dunsland) [Signed]
Clement Gay of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Hugh Balkwill of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Richard Oliver (Olliver) of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Thomas Bayley of Torrington, Black [Signed]
William Bayley of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Jane Oliver of Torrington, Black [Marked "X"]
John Horrill of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Mathew Kelloway (Kellaway) of Torrington, Black [Marked "X"]
John Paige of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Nicholas Paige of Torrington, Black [Marked "X"]
Christopher Durant of Torrington, Black [Marked "X"]
William Adams of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Henry Dennis of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Temperance Dennis of Torrington, Black [Marked "X"]
John Milford (Millford) of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Elizabeth Milford of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Henry Knight of Torrington, Black [Signed]
John Herson (Hearson) of Torrington, Black [Signed]
James Smale of Torrington, Black [Marked "X"]
Mark Smale of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Robert Stroud of Torrington, Black [Marked]
John Hore of Torrington, Black [Marked]
John Burdon of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Christopher Norley of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Richard Parkin of Torrington, Black [Marked "R"]
Mary Jeffery of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Samuel Jeffery of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Margaret Jeffery of Torrington, Black [Signed]
James Paige of Torrington, Black [Marked]
John Bayly of Torrington, Black [Marked]
James Short of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Richard Mabin (Mabyn) of Clawton [Signed]
Timothy Spettigue of Luffincott [Signed]
Thomas Spettigue of Luffincott [Signed]
Edmund Spettigue (Spettig) of Luffincott [Signed] [Forename altered from Edward]
Richard Cory, gent of Pancrasweek [Signed]
Thomas Yeo of Bradworthy [Signed]
Arthur Judd of Bradworthy [Signed]
Francis Ward of Bradworthy [Marked]
Thomas Osbourn (Osborne) jun of Bradworthy [Signed]
Thomas Osborn (Osbourn) of Bradworthy [Marked]
George Crumbe of Bradworthy [Marked]
John Mill of Bradworthy [Signed]
John Yeo of Bradworthy [Signed]
Stephen Cory of Putford, West [Signed]
William Metherell of Clawton [Signed]
William Methewell, the less of Clawton [Marked]
Lewis Veale of Clawton [Signed]
Tobias Saunders (Sanders) of Clawton [Signed]
Tristram Box of Clawton [Marked]
John Lane of Clawton [Signed]
Peter Spry of Clawton [Marked]
William Bayly of Clawton [Marked]
George Downe of Clawton [Signed]
Edmund Oliver of Clawton [Signed]
[Forename illegible] ?Hammett, widow of Clawton [Not signed]
Honour Brice of Clawton [Marked]
Sampson Cornish of Clawton [Marked "S"]
Thomas Kingford of Clawton [Signed]
Mary Metherell of Clawton [Marked]
Henry Byne of Clawton [Signed]
John Langford of Clawton [Signed]
Jacob Hill of Clawton [Signed]
Mathew Webb of Clawton [Marked "M"]
Robert Bayly of Clawton [Marked]
Mary Gilbert of Buckland Filleigh [Not signed]
Dorothea Langford of Clawton [Signed] [Forename altered from Dorothy]
Thomas Jeffery of Bradford [Marked]
John Brown of Bradford [Signed]
Stephen Jeffery of Bradford [Marked]
George Jewell of Bradford [?Signed]
Christopher Braund of Bradford [Signed]
Joseph Jeffery of Bradford [Signed]
John Trick of Bradford [Marked]
William Gilbert of Bradford [Signed]
John Ward of Bradford [Signed]
Richard Standon of Bradford [Signed]
Zenobia Braund of Bradford [Marked]
William Andrew of Bradford [Marked]
Rd[?Richard] Maine of Bradford [Marked]
Mary Gilbert of Bradford [Marked]
William Veale of Bridgerule [Signed]
John Rigsby of Shebbear [Signed]
William Hockin of Shebbear [Signed]
David Collacott of Shebbear [Signed]
William Tracy of Shebbear [Marked]
Mary Allin of Shebbear [Marked]
Samuel Ley of Shebbear [Signed]
William Rigsby of Shebbear [Signed, "Wm Rigsby of Bradford"]
John Collacott of Shebbear [Signed]
Nathaniel Heard of Shebbear [Marked]
James Balson of Shebbear [Marked]
John Gregory of Merton [Signed]
Jonas Hunkin of Shebbear [Marked]
John Brent of Shebbear [Signed]
John Arnold of Shebbear [Marked]
Mary Fortescue of Shebbear [Marked]
Thomas Walter of Shebbear [Signed]
John Skriggin of Shebbear [Signed]
George Walter of Shebbear [Signed]
Leonard Pope of Shebbear [Marked "P"]
Alexander Brayly (Breyley) of Halwill [Signed]
John Browne of North Petherwin [Signed]
Thomas Barber of North Petherwin [Signed]
John Box of North Petherwin [Signed]
Degory Barry of North Petherwin [Signed]
Cornelius Petheck of North Petherwin [Marked]
John Sheere of North Petherwin [Marked]
William Hobbs of North Petherwin [Signed]
Thomas Badlam of North Petherwin [Signed]
Thomas Crodacott (Credacott) of North Petherwin [Marked "T"]
John Chapman of North Petherwin [Signed]
John C...h of North Petherwin [Not signed]
Walter Crodacott of North Petherwin [Not signed]
Margaret Crodacott of North Petherwin [Not signed]
Michael Trease of North Petherwin [Not signed]
Richard Allin of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Samuel Jewell of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Robert Fishley sen of Milton Damarel [Marked]
John Rattenbury of Milton Damarel [Marked "I"]
James Rattenbury of Milton Damarel [Marked]
Christopher Shapton of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Richard Slooman (Sloman) of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Thomas Lange (Lang) of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Richard Dennis of Milton Damarel [Signed]
William Lange of Milton Damarel [Marked]
Humphrey Lange (Lang) of Milton Damarel [Signed]
John Allen of Milton Damarel [Marked]
Isaac Hobbs of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Thomas Drew of Milton Damarel [Marked "T"]
Robert Tetherly of Milton Damarel [Marked]
Roger Drew of Milton Damarel [Marked "R"]
William Smale of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Jane Dunn, widow of Milton Damarel [Marked]
Mary Lange (Lang), widow of Milton Damarel [Marked]
Stephen Brammacombe of Milton Damarel [Marked]
Frances Drew, widow of Milton Damarel [Marked]
Richard Hendey (Hendy) of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Robert Fishley (Fishleigh) jun of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Francis Fishley (Fishleigh) of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Thomas Slocombe of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Edmund Townsend of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Mary Yeo of Bradworthy [Marked "M"]
Roger Hayman of Bradworthy [Signed]
Arthur Bassett of Ashwater [Marked "A"]
Robert Philp of Clawton [Marked]
Mary C... [Not signed]
Sarah Carwithin, widow of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed, signature unclear]
Abraham Sloman of Milton Damarel [Signed]