Oaths sworn at The Crown and Sceptre, Holsworthy, 12 September 1723 before William Bickford and Richard Yeo esq

William Bickley of Clawton [Signed]
John Facy (Facey) of Clawton [Signed]
Francis Weslake (Westlake) of Clawton [Marked "+"]
John Bailey (Baily) of Clawton [Signed]
Martin Gilbert (Gilbertt) of Clawton [Signed]
Jacob Doble of Clawton [Signed]
Elizabeth Doble, wife of Jacob Doble of Clawton [Signed, signature unclear]
Beatrice Hammett of Clawton [Marked]
John Reeve of Clawton [Marked]
John Merrifield of Clawton [Marked]
Stephen Smale of Beaworthy [Marked]
John Bayleigh of Beaworthy [Marked]
Margery Jakeman of Beaworthy [Marked] [Surname altered from "?Galeman"]
Susannah Bickle of Beaworthy [Marked]
Richard Peard of Beaworthy [Marked]
Sampson Lewis of Beaworthy [Marked]
Tristram Paige (Page) of Halwill [Signed]
Samuel Pearse (Pearce) of Ashwater [Signed]
William Hamly of Ashwater [Marked "+"]
Richard Bassett of Ashwater [Marked]
Thomas Brown (Browne) of Ashwater [Signed]
Thomas Martyn of Ashwater [Signed]
Mary Martyn of Ashwater [Marked]
Philip Smale of Ashwater [Signed]
Hugh Cann of Ashwater [Marked]
Henry Hamly of Ashwater [Marked "H"]
Joseph Lashbrook (Lashbrooke) of Hollacombe [Signed]
Mary Soudon, spinster of Lew, North [Marked]
John Moore of Ashwater [Marked "I"]
Thomas Moore of Ashwater [Signed]
Th... B... of Ashwater [Not signed]
William Trick of Northcott Hamlet (Boyton in Cornwall) [Signed]
William Bickley (Bicklo) of Northcott Hamlet (Boyton in Cornwall) [Signed]
John Pellow of Northcott Hamlet (Boyton in Cornwall) [Signed]
George Band of Bradworthy [Marked]
Rd[?Richard] Grills of Bradworthy [Marked]
Richard Pellow (Pellowe) of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
John Walkey of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
Thomas Harry of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
Leonard Ford of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Marked]
Samuel Rockwell of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
Jonathan Pearse of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Marked "I"]
William Osbourn (Osborn) of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
Edward Creeper of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Marked]
Josias Physick of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Marked "IP"]
John Maynerd (Maynard) of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
John Benoy of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Marked]
Grace Facy, widow of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Signed]
Thomas Palmer of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Marked]
John Cory of Werrington (now Cornwall) [Marked]
John Bickle of Lew, North [Signed]
Grace [Illegible deletion] Gearn of Bradford [Marked]
Samuel Browne of Bradford [Signed]
Elias Eastaway of Bradworthy [Signed]
Josias Bishop (Bishopp) of Bradworthy [Signed]
Robert Turner of Bradworthy [Signed]
Anthony Denis (Denys) sen of Bradworthy [Signed]
Nicholas Ellyott of Bradworthy [Signed]
Mathew Liell of Bradworthy [Signed]
Richard ?Grill of Bradworthy [Not signed]
Richard Skinner of Bradworthy [Signed]
Jonas Prudham of Bradworthy [Marked]
George ?Bond of Bradworthy [Not signed]
John Jolliffe of Bradworthy [Signed]
John Beare of Bradworthy [Signed]
John Braddon of Bradworthy [Marked "B"]
Richard Vosper of Bradworthy [Marked "V"]
Elizabeth Veale, wife of William Veale of Bridgerule [Marked "E"]
Richard Veale of Bridgerule [Signed]
Richard Kite (Kiet) of Bridgerule [Signed]
Caleb Cory of Bridgerule [Signed]
Gideon Cory of Bridgerule [Signed]
Mathew Knill of Bridgerule [Marked]
Richard Gord (Goard) of Bridgerule [Signed]
John Sloman of Bridgerule [Signed]
Jane Sloman, wife of John Sloman of Bridgerule [Marked]
Hugh Pooley of Bridgerule [Marked]
John Palmer of Bridgerule [Marked]
John Chapman of Bridgerule [Marked "J"]
Henry Goodman of Bridgerule [Signed]
Thomazin Vigures, widow of Bridgerule [Marked]
Jane Beatty, widow of Lifton [Marked]
Richard Peage of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Giles Braund (Brand) of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Barnabas May of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Thomazin Jeffery (Jeffrey), spinster of Bradford [Signed]
Gideon Jewell of Bradford [Signed]
Thomas Old of Pancrasweek [Signed]
Richard Dyman (Deyman) of Pancrasweek [Signed] [Surname altered from Dymond]
Petherick Smale of Pancrasweek [Signed]
Richard Deeme of Pancrasweek [Marked]
Francis Cove of Pancrasweek [Signed]
Peter Hatherly of Pancrasweek [Signed]
Edith Bridgeman of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked]
John Horrell of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked "+"]
James Martin of St. Giles on the Heath [Signed]
Sarah Smith, widow of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked]
John Venner of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked "I"]
Jonathan Palmer of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked "I"]
Richard Spettigue of St. Giles on the Heath [Signed]
William Martyn of St. Giles on the Heath [Marked "W"]
Grace Jeffery, widow of Cookbury [Marked "X"]
Thomas Orchard, clerk of Holsworthy [Signed]
Leonard Yeo, esq of North Petherwin [Signed]
John Tonkin, esq of North Petherwin [Signed]
Frances Tonkin, spinster of North Petherwin [Signed]
Degory Credacott, clerk of North Petherwin [Signed]
John Fortescue of Parkham [Signed]
Richard Hawke of North Petherwin [Signed]
Parmenas Penrose, gent of Holsworthy [Signed]
Grace Penrose, wife of Parmenas Penrose of Holsworthy [Marked "G"]
Roger Edgecombe of Holsworthy [Signed]
Elizabeth Edgecombe (Edgcombe), wife of Roger Edgecombe of Holsworthy [Signed]
Edward Pearse (Pearce) of Holsworthy [Entered in clerk's hand, not signed or marked]
Grace Pearse, wife of Edward Pearse of Holsworthy [Marked]
Daniel Warren sen, gent of Holsworthy [Signed]
Thomas Dark (Darke) of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Ebbott of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Doble of Holsworthy [Signed]
Margaret Doble, wife of John Doble of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Elliott of Holsworthy [Signed]
Gamaliel Sleman of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Roe of Holsworthy [Signed]
Mary Cole of Holsworthy [Marked]
Thomazin Trible, widow of Holsworthy [Marked]
Robert Mill of Holsworthy [Marked]
Ralph Brimill (Bromell) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Thomas Allin (Allen) of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Gregory of Holsworthy [Marked]
Richard Wood of Holsworthy [Marked "+"]
Richard [illegible] of Holsworthy [Not signed]
William Earle (Earl) of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Bennett of Holsworthy [Signed]
Nicholas Ryall of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Beckle of Holsworthy [Marked]
Francis Ebbott of Holsworthy [Marked]
Dorothy Bernard, widow of Holsworthy [Marked]
Avis Sleeman (Sleman) of Holsworthy [Marked]
William Crabb of Holsworthy [Marked]
Elizabeth Barry of North Petherwin [Marked]
Joan Tapson, wife of John Tapson of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Peter Chapman of North Petherwin [Signed]
Elizabeth B... of Lifton [Not signed]
Richard Jewell of Holsworthy [Marked]
Mary Mabin (Mabyn), wife of John Mabin of Clawton [Signed]
Henry Chapman of North Petherwin [Signed]
Joan Brammacombe of Holsworthy [Marked]
Edward Downing of Holsworthy [Signed, signature unclear]
Philip Crispin of Holsworthy [Signed]
Robert Tayler of Holsworthy [Signed]
Humphrey Williams sen of Holsworthy [Signed]
Benjamin Bond of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Pearse of Holsworthy [Signed]
Gideon Pearse of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Symons of Holsworthy [Signed]
Elizabeth Marshall of Holsworthy [Marked "X"]
John Rendle of Holsworthy [Marked "X"]
John Bowhay of Holsworthy [Marked "X"]
William Hancocke of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Jackson of Holsworthy [Signed]
Henry Edwards of Holsworthy [Signed]
William Betty of Holsworthy [Signed]
Robert Bazely (Basely) of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Pethericke (Petherik) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Richard Metherell of Ashwater [Marked]
Clement Beare of Ashwater [Marked "C"]
Thomas Baskervill of Ashwater [Marked]
William Denis (Dennis) of Sutcombe [Signed]
Richard Denis (Dennis) of Sutcombe [Signed]
Richard Mungay of Sutcombe [Signed]
Hugh Cory of Sutcombe [Signed]
John Allyn (Allin) of Sutcombe [Signed]
Thomas Allyn (Allin) of Sutcombe [Signed]
John Shipheard of Sutcombe [Marked]
William Walter of Sutcombe [Marked]
Thomas Vigures of Sutcombe [Marked "T"]
Hugh Vigures (Viguers) of Sutcombe [Signed]
Richard Allyn of Sutcombe [Marked]
John Smith of Sutcombe [Signed]
James Mill of Sutcombe [Signed]
Robert Glyddon of Sutcombe [Signed]
Leonard Fishleigh of Thornbury [Marked]
Robert Fishleigh of Thornbury [Signed]
Richard Penhale of Thornbury [Signed]
Michael Bragg of Thornbury [Marked]
James Dennis of Thornbury [Marked]
Arthur Legg of Thornbury [Marked]
Fardinando Hooper of Thornbury [Marked]
Charles Petherick of Thornbury [Marked "P"]
John Hutchins (Hutchings) of Thornbury [Signed]
John Cole of Thornbury [Signed]
William Veale of Thornbury [Marked "V"]
Grace Harris of Thornbury [Marked]
John Hammett of Thornbury [Marked]
Jane Shapland of Thornbury [Marked]
John ?Brent of Shebbear [Not signed]
Edmund Cleverdon of Newton St. Petrock [Marked "E"]
Hugh Brent of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
John Andrew of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
John And[rew] of Newton St. Petrock [Not signed]
Francis Thorne (Thorn) of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
Richard Thorne of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
Jane Bowman of Newton St. Petrock [Marked "I"]
John Brent jun of Shebbear [?Signed]
Anthony Jeffery of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
Peter Bowman of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
Edward Piper of Newton St. Petrock [Marked "X"]
John Prest of Newton St. Petrock [Marked]
Richard Lyle (Liell) of Bradworthy [Signed]
John Gilbert of Bradworthy [Signed]
William Heard of Bradworthy [Marked]
Robert Bishop of Bradworthy [Marked]
John Band of Bradworthy [Marked "+"]
Richard Downe of Bradworthy [Marked]
Andrew Cory of Bradworthy [Signed]
Humphrey Heard of Bradworthy [Signed]
Mary Budley of Northcott Hamlet (Boyton in Cornwall) [Marked]
Oliver Veale of Ashwater [Marked "V"]
Benjamin Flavell (Flavel) of Pyworthy [Signed]
Anthony Mapowder of Pyworthy [Marked]
Degory Mapowder of Pyworthy [Marked]
Peter Person of Pyworthy [Signed]
Robert Pickerd (Peckard) of Pyworthy [Signed]
Mary Flavell, wife of Benjamin Flavell of Pyworthy [Signed]
Emanuel Harris of Pyworthy [Signed]
William Bray of Pyworthy [Signed]
John Courtis of Pyworthy [Signed]
Stephen Bramacombe (Bremacom) of Pyworthy [Signed]
David Mill of Pyworthy [Signed]
Aaron Ballamy of Pyworthy [Signed]
Hannah Cawker, spinster of Pyworthy [Marked]
William Cornish of Pyworthy [Marked]
Elizabeth Bond, widow of Pyworthy [Marked]
Grace Mapowder, spinster of Pyworthy [Marked]
Susanna Jewell (Jewell), spinster of Pyworthy [Marked]
Lidea Soby of Pyworthy [Marked]
John Penwarne of Pyworthy [Marked]
Richard Keen of Pyworthy [Marked]
Richard Oliver of Pyworthy [Signed]
Simon Smith of Pyworthy [Marked]
John Webber of Pyworthy [Marked]
John Ballamy of Pyworthy [Signed]
Marks Facy (Facy) of Pyworthy [Signed]
Samuel Earle of Pyworthy [Marked]
Obediah Hutchins of Pyworthy [Marked "H"]
William Steer of Pyworthy [Marked]
Andrew Vowler of Pyworthy [Signed]
Leonard Palmer of Pyworthy [Marked "L"]
John Wickett of Pyworthy [Signed]
Urbanos Vigures (Vigors) of Pyworthy [Signed]
Mary Lake, widow of Pyworthy [Marked]
Mary Bayly, widow of Pyworthy [Marked]
Grace Pooly, spinster of Pyworthy [Marked]
Joane Cory, widow of Bridgerule [Marked]
Charles Kellaway of Halwill [Marked]
Thomas Beare of Ashwater [Marked "T"]
Thomas Bayley of Sutcombe [Marked]
James Brend of Highampton [Signed]
John Chubb of Highampton [Marked]
[Illegible deletion]
Abraham Ballamy of Pyworthy [Signed]
Peter Eymme of Pyworthy [Signed, signature unclear]
Mary Clifton of Holsworthy [Signed, signature unclear]
Thomas Kingford of Holsworthy [Signed]
William Hartopp (Hortopp) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Margery Hartopp (Hortopp), wife of William Hartopp of Holsworthy [Signed]
Samuel Wyett (Wyatt) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Elizabeth Wyett of Holsworthy [Signed "Elizabeth".]
Humphrey Rowland of Holsworthy [Signed, signature unclear]
Thomas Bowhay of Holsworthy [Signed]
Sidrack Horrell of Holsworthy [Signed]
Stephen Collins of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Staddon of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Hooper of Holsworthy [Signed]
Mathew Cole of Holsworthy [Marked "M"]
Mary Bassett of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Penrose of Holsworthy [Signed]
Alexander Peate of Holsworthy [Marked]
Thomas Mitchell of Holsworthy [Signed]
Elizabeth Horrell of Holsworthy [Marked "+"]
Richard Trible (Treble) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Priscilla Jones of Holsworthy [Marked]
Martha Smith of Holsworthy [Marked "MS"]
Edmund Bennett of Holsworthy [Marked] [Forename altered from "Edward"]
William Knight of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Tristram Daw of Torrington, Black [Marked "T"]
Alice Short of North Petherwin [Signed]
Susannah Jeffery of Clawton [Marked]
Margaret Coham, wife of John Coham of Bradford [Signed]
John Ebbott, gent of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Cornish of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Mill of Holsworthy [Signed]
Thomas Jewell of Holsworthy [Signed]
Humphrey Miller of Holsworthy [Marked "H"]
John Greenaway (Greenway) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Samuel Cawker of Holsworthy [Marked]
William Hanger of Holsworthy [Marked "H"]
Henry Bowhay of Holsworthy [Signed]
Joseph Bullock (Bullocke) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Samuel Steere (Steer) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Richard Jewell (Jewll) of Holsworthy [Signed]
William Trible (Treble) of Holsworthy [Marked]
Thomas Sargent (Serjeant) of Holsworthy [Marked]
Humphrey Williams jun of Holsworthy [Signed]
Nicholas Bond of Holsworthy [Marked]
Mary Cornish of Holsworthy [Marked]
Henry Gregory of Holsworthy [Signed]
John Mill of Holsworthy [Signed]
Rebecca Vinicombe of Holsworthy [Marked]
Anne Parsons of Holsworthy [Signed]
Margaret Brimble of Holsworthy [Marked]
William Edwards sen of Holsworthy [Marked]
Charity Allin of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Prout of Holsworthy [Signed]
William Edwards jun of Holsworthy [Signed]