Oaths sworn at The George, Holsworthy, 12 September 1723 before William Bickford and Richard Yeo esqs

Mathew Kingford of Holsworthy [Signed]
Richard Peate of Holsworthy [Marked]
Ruth Bond of Holsworthy [Marked]
Susanna Smith of Holsworthy [Signed]
Jane Crabb of Holsworthy [Marked]
Leonard Facy of Holsworthy [Signed]
Grace Betty of Holsworthy [Marked]
Thomazin Chrispen (Chrispin) of Holsworthy [Marked]
Thomas Brooke of Holsworthy [Signed]
Roger Allin (Allyn) of Holsworthy [Marked "R"]
Samuel Smith of Holsworthy [Signed]
Hannah Hooper of Holsworthy [Marked]
Phillipa Hooper of Holsworthy [Marked]
William Natt of Holsworthy [Marked "W"]
Bartholomew Gooding of Holsworthy [Signed]
Elias Sloman (Slooman) of Holsworthy [Signed]
Martha Ebbott of Holsworthy [Signed]
Elizabeth Fanstone of North Petherwin [Marked]
Robert Hockady (Hockaday) of Broadwoodwidger [Marked]
Elizabeth Bulland of Lifton [Marked]
Sarah Bullock of Holsworthy [Marked]
Elizabeth Brumhill of Holsworthy [Marked]
Hannah Edwards of Holsworthy [Marked]
Heaster Bowhay of Holsworthy [Marked]
Martha Drew of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Tetherly of Holsworthy [Marked]
Elizabeth Bennett of Holsworthy [Marked]
Grace Staddon of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Ballamy of Holsworthy [Marked]
William Bassett of Holsworthy [Marked]
Richard Honywill of Holsworthy [Marked]
Richard Taddrew of Holsworthy [Marked]
John May of Cookbury [Signed]
John Gay (Gaye) of Cookbury [Signed]
Philip Venton of Cookbury [Signed]
Charles Anderton of Cookbury [Marked]
John Anderton of Cookbury [Signed]
Nathaniel Gilbert (Gilbertt) of Cookbury [Signed]
Isaac James of Cookbury [Signed]
Stephen Bramacombe (Brammacombe) of Cookbury [Marked]
Mary Gay of Cookbury [Marked]
John Long of Cookbury [Marked]
Eliza: Buckpitt of Cookbury [Marked]
Andrew Hockaday of Cookbury [Marked]
David Harris of Cookbury [Marked]
Gregory Jeffery of Cookbury [Marked]
John Sloggett of Cookbury [Signed]
Thomazin Fortescue of Cookbury [Marked]
Robert Jeffery of Cookbury [Signed]
Daniel Prest of Cookbury [Entered by clerk, not marked or signed]
Thomas Wonnacott of Cookbury [Marked]
James Symons (Symones) sen of Cookbury [Signed]
James Symmons (Symons) jun of Cookbury [Signed]
Peter Jeffery of Cookbury [Marked]
?John ?Wonnacott of Cookbury [Not signed]
Thomas How of Cookbury [Signed]
James Gilbert of Cookbury [Signed]
John Hammett of Cookbury [Marked]
Humphrey Jeffery of Cookbury [Marked]
William Barnard of Cookbury [Marked "W"]
John Hart of Cookbury [Signed]
Honour Bassett, wife of Arthur Bassett of Ashwater [Marked]
Valentine Jory of Ashwater [Marked]
Thomas Buckingham of Ashwater [Marked]
Richard Lashbrook of Ashwater [Signed]
Sarah Mitchell of Torrington, Black [Marked]
John Wonnacott of Thornbury [Signed]
John Budd of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
Margaret Short, widow of Meeth [Marked]
Gertrude Edmonds of Torrington, Black [Marked]
William Vogwell of Ashwater [Signed]
Humphrey May of Ashwater [Signed]
John Baskervill of Ashwater [Marked]
Richard Veale (Veall) of Ashwater [Signed]
John Wade of Putford, West [Marked]
John Galsworthy of Putford, West [Marked]
John Borrough of Putford, West [Marked "I"]
Anthony Nicholls (Nickolls) of Putford, West [Signed]
Mary Lock of Putford, West [Marked]
Mary Alice Eastaway (Eastway) of Bradworthy [Signed]
William Cann of Bradworthy [Signed]
Amy Fish, spinster of Bradworthy [Marked]
Hugh Callard of Highampton [Signed]
Robert Burdon of Highampton [Signed]
James Crocker of Ashwater [Signed]
John Davy of Ashwater [Signed]
John Beare of Ashwater [Marked]
Joseph Phillips (Phillipps) of Ashwater [Signed]
Richard Ball of Ashwater [Marked "B"]
James Kittow (Kittoe) of Ashwater [Marked]
John Veale of Ashwater [Signed]
Anthony Beare of Ashwater [Signed]
Sydreck Baskervill of Ashwater [Marked "S"]
Thomas Beare sen of Ashwater [Marked "T"]
Richard Crocker of Ashwater [Marked]
William Beare of Ashwater [Marked]
Lewis Davids of Ashwater [Signed]
Margery Pearse of Ashwater [Marked "M"]
Joan Hambly of Ashwater [Signed]
Mary Rockey of Ashwater [Marked]
Joseph Facy (Facey) of Ashwater [Signed]
Andrew Horrell of Tetcott [Signed]
Thomas Fanston (Fanstone) of Tetcott [Marked]
Arthur Harris of Tetcott [Marked "H"]
John Kingford of Clawton [Marked "J"]
Robert Trick of Clawton [Signed]
William Abbott of Clawton [Signed]
Samuel Braund of Clawton [Signed]
Elizabeth Sleeman of Clawton [Marked]
John Northey of Northleigh [Signed]
John Howard of Northleigh [Signed]
Joan Kimbear of Northleigh [Marked]
Robert Crosman (Crossman) of Torrington, Black [Signed]
John Hatch jun of Beaworthy [Signed]
John Shaddock of Bradworthy [Signed]
John Mountjoy of Shebbear [Signed]
William Martyn of Shebbear [Signed]
William Parker of Shebbear [Marked]
George Hutchins of Shebbear [Marked]
Joan Lewis, widow of Shebbear [Marked]
Edward Piper (Pypar) of Milton Damarel [Signed]
Jerome Alley (Alle) of Bradford [Marked "J"]
George Vigors of Pyworthy [Signed]
William Metherell of Pyworthy [Signed]
John Hortop of Pyworthy [Marked]
John Cruse of Pyworthy [Signed]
Elizabeth Tucker of Pyworthy [Marked]
Mary Penwarden of Pyworthy [Marked]
Susanna Vigors, wife of ?Urbanns Vigors of Pyworthy [Marked]
Chammon Risdon of Halwill [Signed]
John Martyn (Martin) of Halwill [Signed]
Josias Soby of Halwill [Marked]
George Tuke of Halwill [Marked]
Elizabeth Haine of Halwill [Marked]
John Heard of Torrington, Black [Marked]
Zenoby [?Zenobia] Chapman of North Petherwin [Marked]
Rebecca Edwards of North Petherwin [Marked]
Mary Moyse of North Petherwin [Marked]
Rachel Durant of North Petherwin [Marked]
William Bate of North Petherwin [Signed]
Methuselah Langdon of North Petherwin [Marked]
Henry Painter (Panter) of North Petherwin [Signed]
John Reed of North Petherwin [Signed]
Margaret Credacott of North Petherwin [Marked]
Katherine Gubin of North Petherwin [Marked]
Richard Tilley of North Petherwin [Marked "T"]
John Pawling of North Petherwin [Marked]
Nicholas Voysay of North Petherwin [Marked]
Walter Bath of North Petherwin [Signed]
Jonathan Harvy (Harvey) of North Petherwin [Signed]
Thomas Harvey of North Petherwin [Marked]
Edward Credacott (Crodacott) of North Petherwin [Signed]
Nicholas Vosper of North Petherwin [Signed]
William Martyn of Shebbear [Marked]
John Sweet of Milton Damarel [Signed]
William Perkin (Perkins), gent of Bradford [Signed]
Robert Jeffery of Thornbury [Marked]
William Gay of Holsworthy [Marked]
John Gliddon (Glyddon) of Pancrasweek [Signed]
Azarias Southwood of Pancrasweek [Signed]
Charity Southwood of Pancrasweek [Marked]
Richard Fanstone (Fanson) of Pancrasweek [Signed]
Humphrey Gifford of Pancrasweek [Marked]
James Gilddon of Pancrasweek [Marked]
John Perriman of Pancrasweek [Marked]
Roger Gilbert of Pancrasweek [Marked]
John Hatherly of Pancrasweek [Signed]
John Oake (Oke) of Pancrasweek [Signed]
John Rowland of Pancrasweek [Marked "I"]
Phillipa Mill of Pancrasweek [Marked "+"]
Charles Beare of Pancrasweek [Marked "C"]
John Gifford of Pancrasweek [Marked "J"]
Mary Dymond of Pancrasweek [Marked]
Julian Dymond of Pancrasweek [Marked]
John Osbourn of Pancrasweek [Marked "+"]
John Burnett of Pancrasweek [Marked "B"]
John Johns jun of Thornbury [Signed]
John Jenn of Thornbury [Marked]
Samuel Jeffery of Thornbury [Signed]
Daniel Dennis (Denis) of Thornbury [Signed]
John Skinner of Thornbury [Marked "Jo"]
David Harris of Thornbury [Marked "H"]
Hugh Trick of Thornbury [Signed]
Ann Smith of Thornbury [Marked]
John Howell of Thornbury [Signed]
Joan Hutchins of Thornbury [Marked "+"]
William Bassett of Bradford [Marked "W"]
Frances Walter of Shebbear [Not signed or marked]
Samuel Battishill of Shebbear [Signed]
William Serjeant (Sargent) of Shebbear [Signed]
Richard Hockin of ?Breadpark [Marked]
Eluathan Petherick of Bradford [Marked]
Joseph Credacott (Crodacot) of Clawton [Signed]
John Hockaday (Hockday) of Hollacombe [Signed]
John Metherell sen of Hollacombe [Signed]
John Metherell jun of Hollacombe [Marked]
Mary Davis of Hollacombe [Marked "M"]
Thomas Browne of Hollacombe [Signed]
Sarah Allen of Hollacombe [Marked]
Ann? ?Smith of Thornbury [Not signed]
Sarah [Surname illegible] of Thornbury [Not signed]
John Skinner of Thornbury [Not signed]
Humphrey Perkin of Milton Damarel [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Skinner of Thornbury [Marked]