Oaths sworn at Buckland Brewer, 13 September 1723 before Joseph Davie, George Buck and William Cleveland esqs

Roger Giffard, esq of Parkham [Signed]
Abraham Barnfield of Langtree [Signed]
John Velley (Velly) of Hartland [Signed]
Roger Melhuish of Northam [Signed]
Thomas Newcombe of Frithelstock [Signed]
William Docter (Docton) of Northam [Signed]
John Welsh of Torrington, Little [Signed]
Stephen Ley of Weare Gifford [Signed]
Nicholas Cholwill of Parkham [Signed]
John Edwards of Torrington, Little [Marked "I"]
Robert Palmer of Torrington, Little [Marked]
Thomas Start (Stert) of Putford, West [Signed]
Mary Mill of Putford, West [Signed]
Tobias ?Stert [Residence not stated] [Not signed]
Thomas Saltern (Saltren), esq of Parkham [Signed]
John Saltern (Saltren) of Monkleigh [Signed]
Charles Davie jun of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Degory Bragginton of Hartland [Signed]
Benjamin Honycombe (Honycomb), rector of Weare Gifford [Signed]
Joseph Moore, clerk of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
John Caddy of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Richard Stevens, esq of Frithelstock [Signed]
Henry Stevens of Frithelstock [Signed]
Elizabeth Bragg of Crediton [Marked]
Susanna Palmer of Monkleigh [Signed]
Elizabeth Spurr, widow of Northam [Marked]
Margaret Cory of Putford, West [Marked]
Charles Cory of Putford, West [Marked]
Margaret Cory jun of Putford, West [Signed]
Mary Edy of the same Shebbear Putford, West [Marked]
Philip Edy of the same Shebbear [Not signed or marked]
Thomas Vernam of Northam [Signed]
Robert Isaack (Isaac) of Shebbear Northam [Signed]
John Wood of Northam [Signed]
George Burden of Northam [Signed]
Isaac Littlejohn of Northam [Signed]
Richard Norman of Northam [Signed]
George Gorden of Northam [Signed]
Thomas Rogers of Northam [Signed]
John Webber of Northam [Signed]
John Burnard of Northam [Marked]
Lewis Buck, gent of Bideford [Signed]
Richard Coffin, esq of Alwington (Portledge) [Signed]
Dorothy Spurway of Alwington (Portledge) [Signed]
John Meddon of Alwington (Portledge) [Signed]
George Rook, gent of Frithelstock [Signed]
Richard Stevens jun, gent of Frithelstock [Signed]
Elisha Newcombe of Monkleigh [Signed]
Richard Pettle of Monkleigh [Signed]
Thomazin Manning, widow of Northam [Marked]
John Darracott of Northam [Signed]
Zachary Chapman of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Joanna Barnfield of Buckland Brewer [Marked "X"]
Philip Webb of Buckland Brewer [Marked "+"]
William Hooper of Buckland Brewer [Marked "X"]
John Collings of Buckland Brewer [Marked "X"]
John Caddy jun of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Philip Rowcliffe of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
James Rowse of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Humphrey Cole of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
Charity Palmer of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
Edward Luxton of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Richard Rowcliffe of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
James Ashton of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
Thomas Alford of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
William Hogg of Northam [Signed]
Frances Elstone, widow of Langtree [Marked]
Anthony Robins of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
John Stapleton sen of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
John Stapleton jun of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
John Tucker of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Elizabeth Galsworthy of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
John Simons of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
Hugh Bridgeman (Bridgman) of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Alice Tallamy of Buckland Brewer [Marked "T"]
Nicholas Baker of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Richard Dennis of Buckland Brewer [Marked "X"]
Elizabeth Whitlocke of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Signed]
Mary Whitlocke of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Signed]
Thomazin Hammett of Clovelly [Signed]
John Squire of Bulkworthy [Signed]
John Newcombe of Bulkworthy [Marked]
John Yealand of Bulkworthy [Marked "X"]
Hugh Squire of Bulkworthy [Signed]
Mary Blake of Bulkworthy [Marked]
Hannah Hockins of Bulkworthy [Marked "H"]
Anthony Gread of Putford, West [Signed]
Richard Bate of Putford, West [Signed]
Humphrey Fry (Fray) of Putford, East [Signed]
Charles Gregory of Putford, West [Signed]
Daniel Yeo of Bradworthy [Signed]
Richard Oxenham of Putford, West [Signed]
William Nicholls (Nickolls) of Putford, West [Signed]
Thomas Hancocke (Hancock) of Putford, West [Marked "X"]
Thomas Oxenham of Putford, West [Marked "T"]
Susannah Nicholls of Bradworthy [Marked]
James Bonds (Bond) of Putford, West [Marked]
Jone Nicholls of Putford, West [Marked "+"]
James Holman of Putford, East [Marked "X"]
Christopher Durant of Putford, East [Marked "X"]
John Mill of Putford, East [Signed]
Thomas Blight of Bulkworthy [Marked "X"]
Alice Vallet of Bulkworthy [Marked "X"]
Samuel Drake of Shebbear [Marked "X"]
Christopher Lamb of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
Elizabeth Lamb (Lambe) of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Jane Lamb of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
Henry Heard of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
William Bridgeman of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
Luke Glubb, clerk of Monkleigh [Signed]
William Turner of Buckland Brewer [Signed]
Roger Deane (Dene) of Frithelstock [Signed]
Anne Coveny of Frithelstock [Marked]
Joan Downe of Frithelstock [Marked]
Bartholomew Cook (Cooke) of Clovelly [Signed]
Thomas Cleverdon (Cliverdon) of Clovelly [Signed]
Anthony Cleverdon of Clovelly [Signed]
Henry Prust of Clovelly [Signed]
John Bryant of Clovelly [Marked]
John Ball (Balle) of Clovelly [Signed]
Thomas Huxtable of Clovelly [Marked "X"]
John Prust of Clovelly [Marked]
Philip Littlejohns (Litteljohn) of Clovelly [Signed]
James Burdon of Clovelly [Signed]
Richard Lyle of Clovelly [Signed]
Anthony Hamlyn jun of Clovelly [Marked]
Archelaus Ball of Clovelly [Signed]
George Reed of Clovelly [Marked]
John Cooke of Clovelly [Marked "C"]
Robert Gifford of Clovelly [Signed, signature unclear]
Hugh Rogerman of Clovelly [Marked]
Anthony Hamlyn sen of Clovelly [Signed]
Richard Crews of Clovelly [Marked]
Mary Saunders of Clovelly [Marked "M"]
Thomas Comber (Comer) of Clovelly [Marked "+"]
John Palmer of Clovelly [Marked "X"]
Henry Higens of Clovelly [Marked]
Richard Vine of Hartland [Signed]
John Pearse of Northam [Signed]
Richard Carter of Hartland [Signed]
John Abbott of Frithelstock [Signed]
John Ball of Frithelstock [Signed]
William Smale of Frithelstock [Signed]
John Cobledick of Frithelstock [Marked]
William Palmer (Pallmer) of Frithelstock [Signed]
William Lewis of Frithelstock [Signed]
Roger Mayne of Frithelstock [Signed]
John Ayer of Frithelstock [Signed]
Richard Merrill of Frithelstock [Signed]
Ralph Arscott of Northam [Signed]
Thomazin Owens of Northam [Marked]
Humphrey Vigures of Frithelstock Monkleigh [Marked]
Michael Deane of Shebbear [Marked]
John Judd of Langtree [Signed]
John Tytherly (Titherly) of Langtree [Signed]
Honour Tytherly of Langtree [Marked]
John Futts of Langtree [Signed]
John Blight (Bleight) of Langtree [Signed]
John Balkwill of Langtree [Signed]
Joane Bragg of Langtree [Marked]
Theophilus Bowman of Langtree [Marked]
Anne Rattenbury of Langtree [Marked]
Thomas Darracott of Langtree [Marked]
John Pincombe of Langtree [Signed]
Thomas Fry of Langtree [Signed]
Richard W...ock of Langtree [Not signed]
James Gaye (Gay) of Frithelstock [Signed]
Henry Cleverton (Cleverdon) of Hartland [Signed]
Margaret Bruton of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Elizabeth Stevens, wife of Richard Stevens of Frithelstock [Signed]
Hannah Berry of Abbotsham [Signed]
Abraham Barnfield of Putford, East [Signed]
Thomas Barnfield of Bulkworthy [Signed]
John Short of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Signed]
John Abbot (Abbott) of Frithelstock [Marked]
John Prust of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Signed]
John Elston of Parkham [Signed]
Lawrence Harward of Welcombe [Signed]
William Orchard of Hartland [Signed]
Anthony Hender of Clovelly [Signed]
Michael Chappelman (Chapelman) of Clovelly [Signed]
Joseph Greening of Weare Gifford [Signed]
Robert Ellis sen of Northam [Signed]
Mary Comber (Comer) of Northam [Signed]
Hannah Aller of Langtree [Marked "X"]
Thomas Limbrey (Limbery) of Northam [Signed]
Samuel Pyke (Pike) of Northam [Signed]
Edward Smith, Clerk gent of Westleigh [Signed]
George Blake, clerk of Alwington [Signed]
Winifred Lee, widow of Hartland [Signed]
Anne Carter of Hartland [Signed]
William Gorwill of Abbotsham [Signed]
John Collacott of Alwington [Signed]
Roger Dart of Alwington [Signed]
John Hockeridge (Hockridg) of Alwington [Signed]
James Paddon of Alwington [Signed]
James Heard of Alwington [Signed]
William Yeo of Alwington [Signed]
Rice Thomas of Alwington [Marked]
Peter Bigford (Bickford) of Alwington [Signed]
Walter Hilton of Alwington [Marked]
William Prust of Alwington [Signed]
George Stanbury of Alwington [Signed]
Mary Pyne of Alwington [Marked]
Patience Nicholls of Alwington [Marked]
William Neyle (Nelle) of Alwington [Signed]
John Britton of Alwington [Marked "+"]
John Watts (Wats) of Alwington [Signed]
Thomas Rogerman of Abbotsham [Marked "X"]
Honour Rowe of Abbotsham [Marked "X"]
William Shebber, gent of Abbotsham [Signed]
William Hamling (Hambling) of Abbotsham [Marked "+"]
Mathew Williams of Abbotsham [Signed]
Loveday Maddicks of Abbotsham [Marked "X"]
Robert Bond of Abbotsham [Signed]
John Hammett (Hammutt) of Abbotsham [Signed]
George Orchard of Abbotsham [Signed]
Thomas Cholwill (Chollwill) of Abbotsham [Marked "C"]
Giles Bass of Alwington [Marked]
John Drew (Drewe) of Bideford [Signed]
John Barness jun of Northam [Signed]
Elstone Whitlocke, clerk of Langtree [Signed]
Philip Baker of Abbotsham [Signed]
Richard Stavely (Stavelly) of Abbotsham [Signed]
David Bevens of Abbotsham [Marked "X"]
William Hodge of Abbotsham [Signed]
Ballamy Baker of Abbotsham [Signed]
Elizabeth Baker of Abbotsham [Signed]
Joseph Dinnerd (Dinnard) of Abbotsham [Signed]
Mary Berry of Abbotsham [Signed]
David Burdick of Abbotsham [Marked]
William Short jun of Abbotsham [Marked]
William Pricombe of Abbotsham [Marked]
Hugh Braund sen of Putford, West [Marked "H"]
Hugh Braund jun of Putford, East [Signed]
John Holman of Putford, West [Marked]
William Stroud of Clovelly Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Signed]
Philip Bale of Torrington, Little [Marked]
Thomas Lewis of Torrington, Little [Marked "X"]
Joseph How (Howman) of Torrington, Little [Marked "+"]
Richard Johns of Torrington, Little [Marked "X"]
Philip Lake of Merton [Marked]
Trephana Ashton of Torrington, Little [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Pilman of Torrington, Little [Marked "P"]
Wilmot Pilman of Torrington, Little [Marked]
Edmund Page of Merton [Marked]
John Wollacott of Petrockstowe [Marked]
William Ayre of Peters Marland [Marked "W"]
Henry Smale of ?Dulland [Marked]
John Durrent of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Bartholomew Bragg of Beaford [Signed]
Francis Payne of Beaford [Signed]
John Alford of Beaford [Signed]
Arthur Chapleman of Beaford [Marked]
John Cann of Beaford [Marked "+"]
John Blackmoore of Beaford [Marked "X"]
William Dymond of Beaford [Marked "W"]
Thomas Marshall of Beaford [Marked "M"]
Thomas Gowman of Beaford [Marked "T"]
John Ley of Beaford [Marked]
Margaret Holman of Beaford [Marked]
Mary Parsmoore of Beaford [Marked]
Sarah Mitchell of Beaford [Marked]
John Webber of Beaford [Signed]
John Marshall of Beaford [Marked]
Alice Alford of Beaford [Marked]
Robert Chapple (Chappell) of Northam [Signed]
James Dennis of Frithelstock [Signed]
John Balch of Frithelstock [Signed]
Katherine Smale of Frithelstock [Marked]
Christopher Cobledick (Cobbledick) of Frithelstock [Signed]
Christopher Hocking (Hockin) of Frithelstock [Signed]
Abel Ginn of Frithelstock [Marked "+"]
Thomas Stabledon sen of Frithelstock [Marked "+"]
John Lang of Frithelstock [Marked]
Sara Stevens of Frithelstock [Marked]
John Rowe of Hartland [Signed]
Nicholas Marshall of Welcombe [Marked]
William Dymond/Dyman (Dayman) of Hartland [Signed] [Surname appears to have been altered from "Dymond" to "Dyman".]
Margaret Dymond/Dyman (Dyman), widow of Hartland [Marked "D"] [Surname appears to have been altered from "Dymond" to "Dyman".]
Thomas Score of Hartland [Signed]
John Tricke of Hartland [Signed]
James Vine of Hartland [Signed]
William Stanbury of Hartland [Marked]
Thomas Prust of Hartland [Signed]
Peter Nicholls (Nicholl) sen of Hartland [Signed]
Peter Nicholls (Nichols) jun of Hartland [Signed]
Michael Vine (Vine) of Hartland [Signed]
John Vine of Hartland [Not signed]
Robert Mugford of Hartland [Signed]
William Littlejohns of Hartland [Marked]
Henry Jeffery of Hartland [Signed]
John Littlejohns (Littlejohn) of Hartland [Signed]
Richard Pearse of Hartland [Signed]
James Cooke of Hartland [Signed]
Nicholas Marshall of Welcombe [Not signed]
John Ashton of Welcombe [Signed]
Jasper Williams of Welcombe [Signed]
Thomas Marshall of Northam [Signed]
Anne Brook (Brooks) of Northam [Signed]
Alice Ashton of Welcombe [Marked]
James Haines (Haynes) of Hartland [Signed]
Thomas Stabledon (Stapledon) jun of Frithelstock [Signed]