Oaths sworn at Buckland Brewer, 14 September 1723 before George Buck and William Cleveland esqs

Margaret Bernwood (Barnard) of Northam [Signed]
Mary Physicke of Northam [Signed, signature unclear]
Phillipa Lemen of Northam [Signed]
Philip Haynes (Hayne) of Littleham (Bideford) [Signed]
William Smith of Northam [Signed]
Phillipa Whitson of Northam [Signed]
Jone Vernam of Northam [Marked "X"]
Wilmot Wills (Wills) of Northam [Marked]
Margery Weltch of Northam [Marked]
Agnes Haynes of Northam [Marked]
Joan Lake of Northam [Signed]
Grace Vernam of Northam [Signed]
Sarah Hutchins of Northam [Marked "+"]
Elizabeth Limbrey of Northam [Marked "+"]
Martha Small of Northam [Marked "X"]
Susanna Lamprey of Northam [Marked "SL"]
Philip Gribble of Northam [Signed]
Agnes Anderton of Northam [Signed "Agniss"]
Anne Copner of Northam [Signed]
Elizabeth Thomas Copner of Northam [Marked]
John Cook of Hartland [Signed]
Thomas Berryman of Hartland [Marked]
James Limbrey (Lembery) of Northam [Signed]
Rowland Rogers of Northam [Signed]
Philip Rashley of Northam [Marked "PR"]
John Wyatt of Northam [Signed]
Robert Pearse of Hartland [Marked "Rd"]
Richard Dennis of Hartland [Signed]
Jonathan Cann of Cookbury [Marked]
John Dark of Hartland [Signed]
Mary Bennett of Northam [Marked]
Rachel Lake of Northam [Marked] [Forename altered from "?Roger"]
Ann Moore of Northam [Marked]
Elizabeth Copner Thomas of Northam [Marked "X"]
Richard Smale of Northam [Marked "X"]
John Rogerman of Monkleigh [Marked "I"]
John Cooke of Hartland [Marked]
Henry Rowe of Hartland [Signed]
John Dymond (Daymand) of Hartland [Signed]
William Rowe of Hartland [Signed]
Robert Clouteman (Cloutman) of Hartland [Signed]
Francis Rowe (Row) of Hartland [Signed]
Joseph Buse of Hartland [Signed]
Hannah Rowe of Hartland [Marked "H"]
Leonard Trick of Hartland [Marked "L"]
Philip Prust of Hartland [Marked "P"]
Lawrence Tucker of Hartland [Signed]
Joseph Burch of Northam [Signed]
Anthony Welsh, clerk of Littleham (Bideford) [Signed]
Christopher Coplestone of Abbotsham [Signed]
Anna Shebbear (Shebber) of Abbotsham [Signed]
Margaret Brooks of Abbotsham [Marked "M"]
Mary Honicott of Parkham [Marked]
James Crelock (Crealocke) of Monkleigh [Signed]
John Honicott (Honnacott) of Parkham [Signed]
Sarah Dorracott of Northam [Marked "S"]
Dorothy Bowman of Newton St. Petrock [Marked "B"]
Joane Pickard of Northam [Marked "P"]
Joane Pope of Northam [Marked "P"]
Joane Pollard of Northam [Marked "P"]
Katherine Jones of Northam [Marked "J"]
Katherine Barnish of Northam [Marked "B"]
Sarah Downe of Northam [Marked "D"]
Anne Ford of Northam [Marked "A"]
Mary Chinn of Northam [Marked "C"]
Sarah Cobner of Northam [Marked "C"]
Katherine Nicholls of Northam [Marked "K"]
Jane Hammett of Northam [Marked "J"]
Mary Richards of Northam [Marked "M"]
Thomazin Goarding (Gording) of Northam [Marked "X"]
Mary Vernham of Northam [Marked "V"]
Patience Voscombe of Northam [Marked "P"]
Prudence Hernaman of Northam [Marked "P"]
Mary Yeo of Northam [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Short of Northam [Marked "S"]
Mary Maddick of Northam [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Lee of Langtree [Marked "L"]
Joane Quant of Sutcombe [Marked "J"]
Agnes Ashdon of Welcombe [Marked "A"]
Mary H...tt of Parkham [Not signed]
Elizabeth Lewis of Langtree [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Martin of Langtree [Marked "M"]
Margery Burnaford of Weare Gifford [Marked "B"]
Mary Pokinghorn of Weare Gifford [Marked "P"]
Grace Prust of Hartland [Marked "P"]
Grace Beare of Hartland [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Bale of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Marked "B"]
Mary Trick of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Gliddon of Alwington [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Joane Dennis of Monkleigh [Marked]
Emm Denis of Monkleigh [Marked] [Forename altered from "Emlin"]
Elizabeth Braddon of Monkleigh [Marked "B"]
Deborah Smale of Monkleigh [Marked "S"]
Katherine Mann of Northam [Marked "M"]
John Willett of Abbotsham [Signed]
Thomas Rowe (Rowe) of Hartland [Signed]
Christopher Fursman of Bradford [Marked "C"]
Robert Saunders (Sanders) of Bradford [Signed]
Isaac Jones of Bradford [Signed]
Thomas Jones of Bradford [Marked "+"]
Philip Lobbitt of Bradford [Marked "P"]
William Galsworthy of Bradford [Signed]
Richard Lyle of Bradford [Marked]
John Hobbs of Bradford [Signed]
Samuel Gregory of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Marked "S"]
William Lamerton of Weare Gifford [Signed]
Thomas Barnes of Weare Gifford [Marked]
William Barnes of Weare Gifford [Marked "+"]
John Strange of Northam [Marked "J"]
John Hoarden (Hording) of Northam [Signed]
John Lymbery (Lembery) of Northam [Signed]
William Burch (Bourch) of Northam [Signed]
Richard Biddar of Northam [Signed]
William Lymbery (Limbery) of Northam [Signed]
Nathan Keen of Northam [Signed]
Thomas Gribble of Northam [Marked]
Richard Holmes of Northam [Signed]
Joseph Darracott of Northam [Signed]
Thomas Nicholls of Northam [Signed]
Jonas Williams of Northam [Marked "J"]
Philip Fetherstone of Northam [Marked "+"]
John Yeo of Northam [Marked "J"]
Hugh Scamp of Northam [Marked "S"]
James Burner of Northam [Marked "JB"]
Arthur Day of Northam [Signed]
John Bond of Northam [Signed]
John Griffin (Griffey) of Northam [Signed]
George Limbery of Northam [Signed]
William Peters of Langtree [Marked "W"]
William Tucker of Langtree [Marked "W"]
James Piper of Langtree [Marked "J"]
Richard Bowman of Langtree [Marked "R"]
Stephen Lee of Langtree [Marked]
Henry Bragg of Langtree [Marked]
Richard Whetlock (Whitlock) of Langtree [Signed]
William Allin of Langtree [Marked]
Thomas Troughton of Langtree [Marked "Tho"]
Humphrey Horne of Langtree [Marked "H"]
Humphrey Holeman of Langtree [Marked "H"]
Robert Herne of Langtree [Marked "H"]
John Smale of Langtree [Marked "J"]
Henry Nethaway of Langtree [Marked "N"]
William Blight of Langtree [Marked "B"]
Samuel Blake of Langtree [Signed]
Tristram Cann of Langtree [Marked "T"]
Daniel Tucker of Langtree [Marked "T"]
George Saunders (Sanders) of Langtree [Signed]
Robert Aplin of Langtree [Marked]
Walter [Illegible deletion] Blight of Langtree [Marked]
Thomas Cholwill of Hartland [Signed]
Peter Legall of Northam [Signed]
William Stephens of Northam [Marked]
William Mules of Northam [Signed]
Thomas Jones of Northam [Marked "T"]
James King of Northam [Marked]
Henry Manning of Parkham [Signed]
John Hockridge of Northam [Marked]
Rice Davy of Northam [Marked "R"]
Simon Crang of Landcross [Marked]
George Sage of Landcross [Marked "X"]
William Snow of Littleham (Bideford) [Signed]
Henry Smith of Northam [Marked "H"]
Robert Searle (Sarel) of Northam [Signed]
Richard Dark of Parkham [Signed]
Mathew Yealand of Peters Marland [Marked]
Thomas Clogg of Northam [Marked "C"]
Robert Sparks (Spark) of Northam [Signed]
Samuel Turner of Northam [Signed]
John Aishton of Welcombe [Signed]
John Adams of Welcombe [Signed]
Abraham Cleverdon of Welcombe [Marked]
William Bate of Welcombe [Marked "W"]
William Aishton of Welcombe [Marked]
Philip Branton of Welcombe [Marked]
Joan Prist (Prus) of Welcombe [Signed]
Francis Aishton of Welcombe [Marked]
William [Surname illegible, residence not stated] [Not signed]
John Bragg of Langtree [Marked "X"]
Edward Chapman of Monkleigh [Signed]
William [Illegible deletion] Blinch of Buckland Brewer [Marked]
Bartholomew Haines (Haynes) of Monkleigh [Marked "H"]
James Dennis (Denis) of Monkleigh [Signed]
John Pasmoore (Pasmore) of Monkleigh [Signed]
John Ellis of Monkleigh [Marked "J"]
Thomas Ley jun of Monkleigh [Signed]
James Aishton of Monkleigh [Signed]
John Tawtton (Tawton) of Monkleigh [Signed]
Thomas Hogg of Monkleigh [Signed]
John Venton of Monkleigh [Signed]
John Harding of Northam [Marked]
Michael Chapman of Shebbear [Signed]
John Slade of Torrington, Little [Marked "S"]
Samuel Burdon of Torrington, Little [Marked "S"]
Anthony Britton of Parkham [Marked]
Samuel [Illegible deletion] Bunnafont of Shebbear [Marked "S"]
Sarah Collacott of Shebbear [Marked]
Alexander Gallsworthy (Galsworthy) of Hartland [Signed]
William Bray of Hartland [Marked "W"]
Roger Short of Hartland [Signed]
Richard Bartholamy (Bartholomy) of Hartland [Marked]
Henry [Illegible deletion] Score of Hartland [Signed]
James Nicholl of Hartland [Signed]
John Martyn of Hartland [Signed]
Jasper Shutt of Hartland [Signed]
George Marshall of Hartland [Marked]
John Cholwill of Hartland [Marked "+"]
Abraham Downe of Hartland [Signed]
Reyn [Illegible deletion] Bagglehole (Bagilholl) of Hartland [Signed]
Benjamin Cooke of Hartland [Signed]
John Smale of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Harris of Hartland Northam [Signed]
Samuel Phillips of Northam [Marked]
Christopher Stevens of Northam [Marked "CS"]
John Cowle (Cowll) of Hartland [Signed]
Alice Cowle of Hartland [Marked]
Elizabeth Tucker of Hartland [Signed]
Issett Fish of Hartland [Marked]
William Bragg of Hartland [Signed]
Silvester Whitley of Hartland [Marked "S"]
Margaret May of Hartland [Marked]
Benjamin Mugford of Hartland [Signed]
Lawrence Waldon of Hartland [Signed]
John Bragg of Hartland [Signed]
James Dennis of Littleham (Bideford) [Signed]
John ?Harris of Northam [Not signed]
Christopher Stevens of Northam [Not signed]
John Whitefield (Wheitfeild) of Northam [Signed]
John Yeo of Northam [Signed]
Katherine Hernaman of Northam [Signed]
Elizabeth Yeo of Northam [Marked]
Sarah Nicholls of Northam [Marked "SN"]
Susanna Jeffery of Northam [Marked "S"]
Sarah Hillman of Northam [Marked "X"]
Sarah Gliddon of Parkham [Marked "S"]
Thomas Jewell of Putford, East [Marked "T"]
Mary Chapman of Northam [Signed]
Ann Hill of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked]
Mary Dennis of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked]
Elizabeth Denis (Dennis) of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked]
Alice Heard of Hartland [Marked "H"]
Sarah Heard of Hartland [Marked "S"]
Susannah Tetherleigh of Northam [Marked "ST"]
Mary Shapleigh of Northam [Marked "S"]
Margaret Crun of Northam [Marked]
Rebecca Frase of Northam [Marked "R"]
William Greby of Weare Gifford [Signed]
Anne Palmer of Northam [Marked "P"]
Agnes Southcott of Northam [Marked "S"]
Mary Taylor of Northam [Marked "T"]
Sibella German of Northam [Marked "S"]
Wilmot Boundy of Northam [Marked "W"]
Grace Hammett of Northam [Marked "H"]
Margaret Arnoll of Monkleigh [Marked "MA"]
Honour Yoldon of Monkleigh [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Grible of Peters Marland [Marked "E"]
Jane Rawling of Welcombe [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Barnes of Parkham [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Webb of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Marked "W"]
Agnes Stroud of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Marked "A"]
Susanna Hernaman of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Marked "H"]
Mary Turner of Buckland Brewer [Marked "T"]
Solomon Spettigue, gent of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
Katherine Spettigue, wife of Solomon Spettigue gent of Newton St. Petrock [Signed]
William Short of Abbotsham [Marked "S"]
Grace Morcombe of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked "M"]
Mary Haynes of Parkham [Marked "H"]
Katherine Earle of Parkham [Marked "K"]
Catherine Robins of Parkham [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Jones of Parkham [Marked "J"]
Mary Yeo of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Signed]
Wilmot Browning of Northam [Signed]
Sarah Tetherly of Northam [Marked "ST"]
William Tetherly of Northam [Signed]
George Pollard of Northam [Signed]
Joan Hanford of Northam [Signed]
Joan Prist of Peters Marland [Marked]
John Atkins of Northam [Signed]
Jasper Husband of Northam [Signed]
John Palmer of Monkleigh [Signed]
John Judd of Langtree [Signed]
Mathew Tucker of Langtree [Signed]
John Bragington (Braginton) of Woolfardisworthy, [West] [Signed]
Thomas King of Northam [Signed]
Peter King of Hartland [Signed]
Richard Rowland of Hartland [Marked]
William Browne of Hartland [Marked]
Laurence Williams of Hartland [Signed]
Richard Heard of Hartland [Signed]
Richard Burman of Hartland [Marked]
Hugh Jenkyn (Jenkin) of Hartland [Signed]
John Dallyn (Dellyn) of Hartland [Marked "I"]
John [Illegible deletion] Fursier of Hartland [Marked]
Nicholas Bewes of Hartland [Marked]
William Prust of Hartland [Signed]
John Fursier jun of Hartland [Marked]
George Littlejohns of Hartland [Marked "L"]
Sampson Littlejohns of Hartland [Signed]
Anthony Dymond of Hartland [Marked]
Richard Harvey of Hartland [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Cooke (Cook) of Hartland [Signed]
Isaac Colwill of Hartland [Marked]
John Rudd of Hartland [Marked]
Abraham ?Tucker Trick of Hartland [Marked]
Lawrence Sloeman (Sloman) of Hartland [Signed]
William Baglehole of Hartland [Marked]
John Heard of Hartland [Signed]
John Harvey of Hartland [Not signed]
William Mountjoy of Hartland [Marked "W"]
Tristram Johns of Hartland [Marked "T"]
William Bucklar of Hartland [Marked "W"] [Surname altered from Buckland]
John King of Hartland [Signed]
Hugh Pitton of Hartland [Signed]
Sarah ?Nicholl of Northam [Not signed]
Henry Smith of Northam [Not signed]
Catherine ?H... of Northam [Not signed]
John ?Daracott of Northam [Not signed]
Sarah Daracott of Northam [Not signed]
Philip Cottell of Northam [Signed]
Peter ?Leg... of Northam [Not signed]
Francis Ashton of Welcombe [Marked]
Thomas Pridham of Welcombe [Marked "T"]
John Ashon (Ashton) of Welcombe [Marked]
Robert Band of Bradworthy [Marked "R"]
Richard Yeo of Bradworthy [Marked "R"]
Hugh Mountjoy of Hartland [Marked "M"]
John Honny (Honey) of Northam [Signed]
Thomas Richards of Northam [Marked "+"]
Edmund Lake of Northam [Signed]
William Score of Northam [Marked "W"]
William Fulfort of Northam [Marked "W"]
Nathaniel Wills of Northam [Marked]
John Yeo of Northam [Marked "J"]
Thomas Cade of Northam [Marked "Tho"]
Benjamin Ellis of Parkham [Signed]
Thomas Britton of Parkham [Marked]
Thomas Hanger of Parkham [Marked "T"]
William Hamblyn (Hamlyn) of Parkham [Signed]
Nicholas Ellis of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked]
William Crelock (Crealock) of Littleham (Bideford) [Signed]
John Butler of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked]
William Butler (Boteler) of Littleham (Bideford) [Signed]
John Veale of Littleham (Bideford) [Signed]
Zachary Cleverdon of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked]
Joseph Stapleton of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked "J"]
Nathaniel Helling of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked]
John Baily of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked]
Joan Nethaway of Littleham (Bideford) [Marked "J"]
Bernard Grigg of Weare Gifford [Marked "B"]
Samuel Wood of Weare Gifford [Signed]
John Pill of Northam [Marked "P"]
John Darracott of Northam [Marked "J"]
Reynold Veale of Northam [Signed]
Richard Bastard of Northam [Signed]
Jonas Honey of Northam [Marked "H"]
Anthony ?Sessex of Northam [Marked]
James Crelock (Crealocke) of Monkleigh [Signed]
Thomas Hogg of Torrington, Little [Marked "T"]
Edward Cudmoore (Cudmoore) of Torrington, Little [Marked "C"]
John Mercer of Northam [Marked "M"]
William Young of Northam [Marked "Y"]
John Shutt of Parkham [Marked]
William Prance of Parkham [Signed]
John Prance of Parkham [Marked]
William Bayly of Parkham [Marked "B"]
Thomas Danniell (Daniell) of Parkham [Marked "D"]
Robert Whitford of Parkham [Marked "W"]
Henry Hooper of Parkham [Marked "H"]
Robert Palmer of Parkham [Marked "P"]
John Prust of Parkham [Signed]
John Harris of Parkham [Marked "H"]
Thomas Austin of Parkham [Marked "T"]
Giles Prance of Parkham [Signed]
Thomas Frye of Parkham [Marked "+"]
Robert Bishop of Parkham [Marked "B"]
William [Surname illegible] of Parkham [Not signed]
John Glover of Parkham [Marked "JG"]
John Glover jun of Parkham [Signed]