Oaths sworn at The Bell, Chulmleigh, 22 October 1723 before William Fellowes and Bampfylde Rodd esqs

Thomas Lewis, clerk of Chulmleigh [Marked "L"]
Walter Stephens, clerk of Roborough [Signed]
John Besley, clerk of Chawleigh [Signed]
John Vicry (Vickry), clerk of Coldridge [Signed]
Richard Hole, clerk of Tawton, North [Signed]
John Stafford of St. Giles on the Heath [Signed] [Parish inferred from place of swearing, entered as St. Giles]
Robert Hole of Zeal Monachorum [Signed]
Clement Watson of Roborough [Signed]
Dudley Smith of Chulmleigh [Signed]
Thomas Tanner of Chulmleigh [Signed]
Grace Packer of Buckerell [Marked "P"]
William Northcot (Northcote) of Chawleigh [Signed]
Edward Way of Chawleigh [Signed]
William Amery of Chawleigh [Marked]
Joan Snell (Snel) of Chawleigh [Signed]
Robert Gay of Chawleigh [Marked "G"]
Roger Goss of Chawleigh [Marked "G"]
Joan Snell of Chawleigh [Marked "S"]
Joan Rudall of Chawleigh [Marked "R"]
Samuel Rudall of Chawleigh [Signed]
Agnes Reed of Chawleigh [Marked "R"]
Sarah Reed of Chawleigh [Signed]
Susanna Call of Chawleigh [Marked "C"]
Hester Colman (Collman) of Chawleigh [Signed]
John Searle of Chawleigh [Marked "S"]
John Hockin of Chawleigh [Signed] [Surname has been altered.]
Margaret Goss of Chawleigh [Marked "G"]
Robert Brutton of Nymet Rowland [Signed]
Susanna Brutton of Nymet Rowland [Signed]
Richard Delbridge sen of Chawleigh [Marked "D"]
Richard Delbridge jun of Brushford [Marked "D"]
William Northcot (Northcote) jun of Lapford [Signed]
John Alford of Winkleigh [Marked "A"]
Mary Howard of Winkleigh [Marked "H"]
Judith Luxton of Winkleigh [Marked "L"]
Martha Lethbridge of Winkleigh [Marked "M"]
Richard Northcot (Northcote) of Winkleigh [Signed]
Robert Alfrod (Allford) of King's Nympton [Signed]
Elizabeth Haywood (Heywood) of King's Nympton [Marked "H"]
Henry Dart of Winkleigh [Signed]
John Heard of Dowland [Signed]
John Heard jun of Dowland [Signed]
Lawrence Heard of Dowland [Signed "Laurence"]
Charles Alford of Winkleigh [Marked "A"]
Rose Saunders of Chawleigh [Marked "S"]
Wilmot Baker of Chawleigh [Marked "B"]
John Cruse of Winkleigh [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Rattenbury of Ashreigny [Marked "R"]
George Wackerell of Winkleigh [Signed]
Thomas Wackerell of Winkleigh [Marked "W"]
Ann Rattenbury of Winkleigh [Marked "R"]
William Heywood of Winkleigh [Signed]
Mary Luxton of Brushford [Marked "L"]
Susanna Luxton of Brushford [Marked "L"]
Patience Luxton of Brushford [Marked "L"]
Deborah Luxton, widow of Brushford [Marked "L"]
Mary Steer of Brushford [Marked "S"]
Susanna Steer of Brushford [Marked "S"]
Mary Moore of Brushford [Marked "M"]
Mary Heywood of Brushford [Marked "H"]
Jane Hammet of Molton, North [Not signed or marked]
Ann Turner of Burrington [Marked "T"]
Mary Elliot of Down St. Mary [Marked "E"]
Ann Nott of Chulmleigh [Marked "N"]
Joan Kelland of Molton, North [Marked "K"]
Thomas Webber of King's Nympton [Signed]
John Pasford of Tawton, North [Signed]
Joan Kelland of Tawton, North [Not signed]
James Kelland of Tawton, North [Signed]
John Kelland of Tawton, North [Signed]
Richard Collihole of Tawton, North [Marked "R"]
Peter Ware of Tawton, North [Marked "P"]
John Hole of Tawton, North [Signed]
Richard Kelland of Tawton, North [Marked "K"]
John Sommers of Tawton, North [Signed]
Christopher Snell of Tawton, North [Signed]
James Barrey of Tawton, North [Marked "B"]
Margery Sommers of Tawton, North [Marked "S"]
Mathew Mare of Tawton, North [Marked "M"]
Nathaniel Battishill of Tawton, North [Marked "B"]
William Molland of Ashreigny [Signed]
George Letheren of Chulmleigh [Marked "L"]
John Foss of Chulmleigh [Signed]
William Foss of Chulmleigh [Signed]
Richard Webber of Chulmleigh [Signed]
Joan Davy of Roborough [Marked "D"]
William Webber of Chulmleigh [Marked "W"]
Christopher Kingdon of Coldridge [Signed]
John Collings of Coldridge [Signed]
Robert Shobrook (Shobrooke) of Coldridge [Signed]
George Packer of Coldridge [Signed]
John Drake of Coldridge [Signed]
Jane Clarke of Coldridge [Marked "C"]
Grace Steevens of Coldridge [Marked "S"]
Francis Raymont of Coldridge [Signed] [Surname altered from "Raymond"]
William Webber of Coldridge [Marked "W"]
Samuel Luxton of Coldridge [Marked "L"]
Mary Olden of Coldridge [Marked "O"]
John Olden of Coldridge [Marked "O"]
Jonas Packer of Coldridge [Signed]
John Reed of Coldridge [Signed]
Henry Reed of Coldridge [Signed]
John Raymond (Raymont) of Coldridge [Signed]
Joan Down of Coldridge [Marked "D"]
William Collings of Coldridge [Marked "C"]
Richard Evans of Coldridge [Signed]
Agnes Pile of Coldridge [Marked "P"]
George Whitpin of Zeal Monachorum [Marked "W"]
Henry Dart of Down St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Slee of Coldridge [Signed]
William Warren of Coldridge [Marked "W"]
Thomazin Pike of Coldridge [Marked "P"]
Philip Sage of Coldridge [Marked "S"]
Abraham Kelly of Coldridge [Marked "K"]
William Newcomb (Newcombe) of Coldridge [Signed]
Peter Scott of Coldridge [Marked "S"]
George Steephens of Coldridge [Signed]
John Cockram of Coldridge [Marked "C"]
Arminell Thomas of Coldridge [Marked "T"]
Philip Dart of Coldridge [Signed]
Mary Wey of Coldridge [Marked "W"]
Robert Wey of Coldridge [Marked "W"]
John Packer of Coldridge [Marked "P"]
Henry Underhill of Coldridge [Marked "U"]
Christopher Osmond of Coldridge [Marked "O"]
Edmund Evans of Coldridge [Marked "E"]
Philip Dart of Coldridge [Signed]
Walter Moxhay of Coldridge [Marked "M"]
Augustine Warring of Eggesford [Signed]
John Gove of Zeal Monachorum [Marked "G"]
Richard Cockram of Molland [Signed]
Edmund Osmond of Coldridge [Signed]
Henry Row of Tawton, North [Marked "R"]
Charity Shore of Tawton, North [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Mare of Tawton, North [Marked "M"]
William Mare of Tawton, North [Marked "M"]
Thomas Mare sen of Tawton, North [Marked "T"]
Thomas Mare jun of Tawton, North [Marked "T"]
Thomas Bibins of Tawton, North [Marked "B"]
Evans Pafford of Tawton, North [Signed]
Richard Gove of Tawton, North [Marked "G"]
Thomas Croote of Tawton, North [Marked "T"]
John Frost of Tawton, North [Marked "F"]
Jonathan Stonehouse of Tawton, North [Not signed]
George Kerswell of Tawton, North [Marked "K"]
William Farley of Tawton, North [Signed]
Thomas Bishop of Tawton, North [Marked "B"]
Thomas Day of Tawton, North [Signed]
John Tancock of Tawton, North [Marked "T"]
John Western of Tawton, North [Marked "W"]
Robert Luxton of Tawton, North [Signed]
Mary Bowden of Tawton, North [Marked "B"]
Richard Bowden of Tawton, North [Marked "R"]
John Gard of Tawton, North [Signed]
John Brock (Brocke) of Tawton, North [Signed]
William Hooper of Tawton, North [Signed]
William Hawkins of Tawton, North [Signed]
Henry Hooper of Tawton, North [Signed]
George Durant of Tawton, North [Signed]