Oaths sworn at The Kings Arms, Braunton, 25 October 1723 before Bourchier Wrey bart and Henry Incledon esqs

John Browning, clerk of Lynton [Signed]
Robert Hill of Lynton [Marked "H"]
John Curtis of Lynton [Marked "C"]
Thomas Crocombe of Lynton [Marked "C"]
Henry Curtis of Lynton [Marked "C"]
Charity French, widow of Lynton [Marked "F"]
Margery Curtis of Countisbury [Marked "C"]
Thomas Thorn (Thorne) of Countisbury [Signed]
Winifred Ridd, widow of Challacombe [Marked "R"]
Jonas Pugsley of Loxhore [Marked "J"]
David Grimshaw of Loxhore [Marked "G"]
Richard Blackmore of Kentisbury [Signed]
Henry Parminter (Parmynter) of Parracombe [Signed]
John Mogridge (Mogeridge) of Bratton Fleming [Signed]
Robert Triggs of Bratton Fleming [Marked "T"]
John Boyle of Kentisbury [Signed]
Prudence Ackland of Down, East [Not signed]
Walter Mare of Mortehoe [Signed]
William Rawle of Brendon [Signed]
Robert Molton of Fremington [Signed]
Richard Bond of Bratton Fleming [Marked "R"]
James Bennet of Braunton [Marked "B"]
Philip Hunt of Braunton [Signed]
John Leay of Braunton [Signed]
William Ewings of Braunton [Signed]
John Proutt (Prout) of Braunton [Signed]
George Haines [Not signed]
Samuel Rashby of Georgeham [Signed]
John Davis of Georgeham [Marked "D"]
Ezekiel Gammon of Marwood [Marked "G"]
Elizabeth Peard of Down, West [Marked "P"]
Mary Rogers of Braunton [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Hooper of Down, West [Marked "H"]
Henry Gordon (Gorden) of Northam [Signed]
John Knill of Braunton [Signed]
James Hartnoll of Braunton [Signed]
William Thomas of Heanton Punchardon [Marked]
John Remphrey, clerk of Brendon [Signed]
Thomas Limebear of Berrynarbor [Signed]
Anne Limebear, wife of Thomas Limebear of Berrynarbor [Signed]
Prudence Ackland of Down, East [Marked "A"]
Hugh Stevens, clerk of Westleigh [Signed]
Charles Jope, clerk of Huntshaw [Signed]
John Charter sen of Filleigh [Signed]
William Charter of Pilton [Signed]
Thomas Mills of Filleigh [Signed]
Simon Smith of Marwood [Marked "S"]
John Gore of Marwood [Signed]
Samuel Hearding of Marwood [Signed]
Henry Phillips of Marwood [Marked "P"]
William Gayre of Marwood [Marked "G"]
Mathew Berry of Marwood [Marked "B"]
Amos Jerman of Marwood [Marked "J"]
Edward Jerman of Marwood [Marked "J"]
Gregory Gould of Marwood [Marked "G"]
Steven Thomas of Marwood [Marked "T"]
William Forse of Marwood [Marked "F"]
George Dyer of Marwood [Marked "D"]
Mary Rendel of Marwood [Marked "R"]
Joan Williams of Marwood [Marked "W"]
John Smith of Marwood [Marked "S"]
David Rawle of Marwood [Marked "R"] [Surname altered, original spelling unclear]
Mathew Dobb of Marwood [Marked "D"]
Honour Collimore of Marwood [Marked "C"]
Isaac Rigby, clerk of Pilton [Signed]
William Cotty of Buckland, West [Marked "C"]
Edward Cotty of Buckland, West [Marked "C"]
John Gorton of Buckland, West [Marked "G"]
Thomas Challacomb of Mortehoe [Marked "C"]
Peter Tucker of Mortehoe [Marked "P"]
Sarah Steevens of Braunton [Marked "S"]
Eleanor Lamprey of Braunton [Marked "L"]
Philip Harris of Braunton [Signed]
John Tucker of Braunton [Signed]
Charles Darracott of Braunton [Signed]