Oaths sworn at The Dolphin, Honiton, 2 October 1723 before John Drake bart and Richard Hellet esq

Bridget Southwood, widow of Churchstanton [Marked]
Joane Southwood, spinster of Churchstanton [Signed]
Mary Southwood, spinster of Churchstanton [Marked]
Mary Markes, spinster of Churchstanton [Marked]
Alice Dommett, widow of Churchstanton [Marked "X"]
Bridget Rowsewell, widow of Churchstanton [Marked]
Catherine Rowsewell, widow of Churchstanton [Marked "K"]
William Byshop, yeoman of Churchstanton [Signed]
Ambrose Gill, yeoman of Churchstanton [Signed]
Robert Dummett, yeoman of Churchstanton [Signed]
John Toller, yeoman of Churchstanton [Signed]
Thomas Doble, yeoman of Churchstanton [Marked]
Elizabeth Marke, spinster of Churchstanton [Marked "+"]
Mary Marke, spinster of Churchstanton [Marked]
Mary Tucker, widow of Clayhidon [Marked]
Anne Lee, widow of Clayhidon [Marked]
Joane Wyatt, spinster of Clayhidon [Marked "I"]
Elizabeth Troke, widow of Clayhidon [Marked]
Francis Waldron, gent of Hemyock [Signed]
Aaron Scadding, yeoman of Hemyock [Signed]
Mary Danbeney, widow of Cotleigh [Marked]
Mary Waldron, spinster of Honiton [Signed]
Margaret Strode, widow of Honiton [Marked]
Richard Gill, apothecary of Honiton [Signed]
William Carter, maltster of Sidmouth [Signed]
Daniel Calle, scrivener of Honiton [Signed]
Jane Burrough, widow of Honiton [Signed]
Anne Clarke, widow of Honiton [Signed]
Joanna Hollway, spinster of Honiton [Signed]
Eunice Williams, widow of Honiton [Signed]
Richard Downing, yeoman of Shute [Marked "R"]
Edmund Davey, yeoman of Dunkeswell [Signed]
William Denner, yeoman of Dunkeswell [Marked "W"]
Mary Burford, widow of Dunkeswell [Marked "B"]
Henry Scadding, yeoman of Dunkeswell [Signed]
Humphrey Hunt of Broadhembury [Signed]
Robert Gold, yeoman of Feniton [Marked "R"]
Henry Cooke, yeoman of Churchstanton [Marked]
James Sheppard, gent of Honiton [Signed]
Eleanor Oden, spinster of Shute [Marked]
John Reed, butcher of Luppitt [Marked]
Mark Drake, yeoman of Churchstanton [Signed]
Roger Mayne, yeoman of Dunkeswell [Signed]
Daniel Pring of Awliscombe [Marked]
Henry Devenish of Buckerell [Signed]
Hannah Chard of Awliscombe [Marked "H"]
Philip Wright, esq of Feniton [Signed]
John Swayne of Farway [Signed]
Agnes Coxs of Farway [Marked] [Surname altered from "Cook"]
Samuel Venn (Ven) of Colyton [Signed]
Walter Mayne of Colyton [Signed]
Rachel Waters (Walter) of Honiton [Signed]
John Hussey (Husey) of Awliscombe [Signed]
Eleanor Shapley of Gittisham [Marked]
Joseph Chilcott, clerk of Honiton [Signed]
William Baker of Honiton [Signed]
Edward Pyne (Pine) of Combe Raleigh [Signed]
John Humphry of Honiton [Marked "H"]
John Smith of Honiton [Marked "S"]
Peter Humphry of Honiton [Marked "H"]
Cornelius Rutter of Colyton [Marked "R"]
Cornelius Junr Rutter of Colyton [Marked "CR"]
Elizabeth Brown, widow of Upottery [Not signed]
Margaret Stamp of Upottery [Not signed]
Elizabeth Bishop (Bishopp) of Feniton [Marked "B"]
John Husey jun of Awliscombe [Signed]
Henry Drake of Awliscombe [Marked "HD"]
Ellis Veryard, gent of Colyton [Signed]
William Moxworthy of Honiton [Marked WM"]
Thomasin Toose of Honiton [Marked "TT"]
Mary Toose of Honiton [Marked "MT"]
William Michell of Honiton [Marked "M"]
Robert Roach of Honiton [Marked "R"]
Francis Roach of Honiton [Signed]
George Westcott of Honiton [Marked "GW"]
Jane Bradly of Honiton [Marked "B"]
John Chapple of Gittisham [Marked "JC"]
John Clapp of Honiton [Signed]
Dame Julian Putt of Gittisham (Coombe) [Signed]
Frances Durant, wife of Nathaniel Durant of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Charity Hele, spinster of Gittisham [Signed]
Hannah Moulton, spinster of Feniton [Signed]
Nathaniel Durant, esq of Egg Buckland [Signed]
Richard Putt, gent of Gittisham [Signed]
John Palmer of Gittisham [Signed]
Richard Lavender of Gittisham [Signed]
Francis Robins of Membury [Signed]
Bertram Cosens of Membury [Signed]
Margery Cosens, wife of Bertram Cosens of Membury [Marked "M"]
Sarah Kyte of Membury [Marked "K"]
Robert Dunscomb of Yarcombe [Marked "D"]
Richard Paris (Parris) of Yarcombe [Signed]
William Broome of Yarcombe [Marked "B"]
Thomazine Knight, widow of Yarcombe [Marked "K"]
Samuel Turner of Yarcombe [Marked "ST"]
George Abbot of Yarcombe [Marked "A"]
Robert Knight of Yarcombe [Signed]
William Zane of Yarcombe [Marked "WZ"]
Joan Knight, widow of Yarcombe [Marked "JK"]
Clement Booett of Yarcombe [Signed]
Jonathan Bawden of Seaton and Beer [Signed]
Edward Clarke of Seaton and Beer [Signed]
Elizabeth Roberts als James of Seaton and Beer [Marked "E"]
Francis Stocker of Seaton and Beer [Marked "S"]
Joyce Tawll of Seaton and Beer [Marked "JT"]
John Clarke of Seaton and Beer [Marked "JC"]
Elizabeth Lee of Seaton and Beer [Marked "EL"]
William Culverwell of Churchstanton [Signed]
Joseph Lusemore (Lusmore) of Churchstanton [Signed]
Ann Broadmead, widow of Churchstanton [Marked "AB"]
Mary Burford, widow of Churchstanton [Marked "M"]
Bridget Sparke, widow of Churchstanton [Marked "BS"]
Susanna Bond, spinster of Churchstanton [Signed]
Elizabeth Toler, spinster of Churchstanton [Marked "ET"]
William Chard of Churchstanton [Marked "W"]
Henry Hussey of Cotleigh [Marked "H"]
Joseph Bucknoll of Farway [Signed]
James Tiller of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Ralph Rewalling of Ottery St. Mary [Signed] [Surname altered from "Rewarring"]
Samuel Deeme of Luppitt [Signed]
Thomas Francklyng (Frankling) of Buckerell [Signed]
Samuel Bird [Not signed]
Robert North of Luppitt [Marked "RN"]
Gabriel Huggins of Luppitt [Signed]
Sarah Heatfield, widow of Luppitt [Marked "H"]
Eleanor Payne, widow of Luppitt [Marked "P"]
Margaret Bonifant of Luppitt [Marked "M"]
Sarah Simons, widow of Luppitt [Marked "SS"]
William Holway of Hemyock [Signed]
Joan Cross, widow of Farway [Marked "C"]
William Cross of Farway [Signed]
Nicholas Pomeroy (Pomroy) of Farway [Signed]
Thomas Wish of Farway [Marked "W"]
Mary Wish, wife of Thomas Wish of Farway [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Way of Farway [Marked "EW"]
Eleanor Pomeroy, widow of Farway [Marked "P"]
John Serle jun of Combe Raleigh [Signed]
John Pyne (Pine) of Combe Raleigh [Signed]
Samuel Serle [Not signed]
John Dewdny (Dewdney) of Luppitt [Marked "D"]
Nicholas Cragoe (Crago) of Payhembury [Signed]
John Shapton of Combe Raleigh [Signed]
Edward Harrison of the same Luppitt [Signed]
Robert Reed of Luppitt [Signed]
Daniel Payne of Luppitt [Signed]
William Bishopp (Bishop) of Luppitt [Signed]
Thomas Byrd of Luppitt [Signed]
Henry Ham of Luppitt [Signed]
Nicholas Knight of Combe Raleigh [Signed]
John Prideaux of Northleigh [Marked "JP"]
John Mountstephen of Buckerell [Marked "M"]
Dorothy Ashford of Buckerell [Marked "A"]
Mary Wensley (Wensly) of Membury [Signed]