Oaths sworn at The house of Samuel Lee, Ottery St. Mary, 3 October 1723 before William Hull esq, Daniel Newcombe clerk and Richard Duke esq

Robert Newbery of Yarcombe [Signed]
John Knight of Axminster [Signed]
Samuel Skinner of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Staplehill Heath of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Andrew Jeffery of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
John Eveleigh of Gittisham [Signed]
John Lane of Gittisham [Signed]
Samuel Price of Gittisham [Signed]
Gideon Hodge of Gittisham [Signed]
Thomas Sanders of Gittisham [Marked "S"]
Richard Connet of Gittisham [Marked "C"]
Benjamin Connet of Gittisham [Marked "BC"]
William Hill of Gittisham [Marked "H"]
William Garland of Gittisham [Marked "G"]
Charles Priddice of Gittisham [Marked "P"]
Susanna Chapman of Gittisham [Marked "C"]
Joseph Connet of Gittisham [Marked "JC"]
Christopher Palmer of Gittisham [Marked "P"]
George Trevant of Gittisham [Marked "T"]
Thomas Bovett of Gittisham [Marked "B"]
William Levermore of Gittisham [Marked "L"]
Humphrey Seller of Gittisham [Marked "S"]
William Pomroy (Pomorey) of Gittisham [Signed]
Alice Pyn of Sidbury [Not signed or marked]
Susanna Turner of Sidbury [Marked "T"]
John Harding of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
John Knolls of Salcombe [Signed]
Ann Michell of Gittisham [Marked "M"]
Nicholas Priddice (Pridice) of Gittisham [Signed]
Elizabeth Palmer of Gittisham [Marked "P"]
Patience Staple of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "S"]
Francis Drake of Salcombe [Signed]
Margaret Drake of Salcombe [Marked "D"]
Rebecca Evans of Salcombe [Marked "E"]
Stephen Mare of Salcombe [Marked "M"]
William Nossiter of Salcombe [Marked "N"]
Robert Smith of Salcombe [Signed]
Thomas Smith of Salcombe [Signed]
Thomas Clarke of Salcombe [Signed]
John French, rector of Southleigh [Signed]
Josias Parris of Whimple [Marked "P"]
Clement Sanders sen of Whimple [Signed]
Richard Sanders of Whimple [Signed]
James Sanders of Whimple [Signed]
John Welch of Whimple [Signed]
Henry Eveleigh of Whimple [Signed]
Julian Gould of Whimple [Marked "G"]
Abraham Smith of Whimple [Signed]
Constance Force of Whimple [Marked "F"]
Joseph Bartlett of Whimple [Signed]
John Hutchings of Whimple [Marked "H"]
Grace Wilson of Whimple [Marked "W"]
Robert Sillick of Whimple [Marked "S"]
John Carnell of Whimple [Marked "C"]
John Westcott of Whimple [Marked "W"]
Nicholas Wills of Whimple [Marked "W"]
William Lee of Whimple [Marked "L"]
Josias Godfrey of Talaton [Signed]
Thomas Channon of Whimple [Marked "C"]
John Tizzard of Whimple [Marked "T"]
Robert Sheppard of Whimple [Marked "S"]
Thomas Pile (Pyle) of Whimple [Signed]
Joseph Richards of Whimple [Marked "R"]
Joane Farrant of Whimple [Marked "F"]
Elizabeth Finch of Whimple [Marked "EF"]
Thomas Copp of Whimple [Signed]
John Smith sen of Whimple [Marked "S"]
John Patch of Whimple [Signed]
William Hutchings of Whimple [Signed]
Thomas Marsh of Whimple [Signed]
Richard Westcott of Whimple [Signed]
John Ratcliffe of Whimple [Signed]
William Adams of Whimple [Marked "A"]
John Channon of Whimple [Marked "C"]
John Havill of Whimple [Marked "H"]
Edward Wright of Whimple [Marked "W"]
John Pool (Pooll) of Whimple [Signed]
Alice Brooke of Whimple [Marked "B"]
John Baston (Bastone) of Salcombe [Signed]
Joane Baston (Bastone) of Salcombe [Marked "B"]
John Ponning of Salcombe [Signed]
William Grigg of Salcombe [Marked "G"]
Elias White of Salcombe [Marked "W"]
George Satchell of Salcombe [Marked "GS"]
John Slee of Salcombe [Marked "S"]
Ann Godfrey of Salcombe [Marked "G"]
Richard Baron of Salcombe [Marked "B"]
Robert Lee of Salcombe [Signed]
John Goldsworthy of Salcombe [Marked "G"]
Samuel Cawley of Salcombe [Signed]
Roger Conautt of Salcombe [Signed]
John Hopping of Otterton [Signed]
Joseph Mander of Otterton [Signed]
Robert Venn (Ven) of Otterton [Signed]
Joseph Searle of Otterton [Signed]
Thomas Searle of Otterton [Signed]
James Searle of Otterton [Marked "S"]
Richard Yard of Broadclyst [Signed]
John Lake of Broadclyst [Signed]
Harris Wills of Broadclyst [Signed]
Edmund Bishop of Broadclyst [Signed]
William Banks of Broadclyst [Marked "B"]
Paul Voysey of Broadclyst [Signed]
Mary Bishop of Broadclyst [Marked "B"]
William London of Broadclyst [Marked "L"]
William Perry (Perery) of Broadclyst [Signed]
Christopher Pike of Broadclyst [Signed]
Joseph Chappell of Broadclyst [Signed]
John Clarke (Clark) of Broadclyst [Signed]
William Dyer of Broadclyst [Not signed]
Henry Boutcher of Broadclyst [Marked "B"]
Alice Wilcocks of Broadclyst [Marked "W"]
Mary Wilcocks of Broadclyst [Marked "W"]
John Ford of Broadclyst [Marked "F"]
Abraham Ford of Broadclyst [Marked "AF"]
John Symes of Broadclyst [Marked "S"]
William Vicary of Broadclyst [Signed]
Robert Boutcher of Broadclyst [Marked "B"]
Thomas Salter of Broadclyst [Signed]
Thomas Raw of Broadclyst [Marked "R"]
Joseph Heathfield (Heathfeild) of Broadclyst [Signed]
Thomas Cook (Cooke) of Whimple [Signed]
Mary Salter of Whimple [Marked "S"]
Hannah Parish of Whimple [Marked "P"]
Nicholas Warren of Sidbury [Signed]
Nicholas Warren jun of Sidbury [Signed]
Thomas Vaughan, clerk of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Samuel Bishop of Broadclyst [Signed]
Joseph Searle sen of Sidbury [Signed]
James Goold of Sidbury [Signed]
Jane Godfrey of Sidbury [Marked "G"]
Charity Austin of Sidbury [Marked "A"]
Richard Goddard of Sidbury [Signed]
Grace Davis of Sidbury [Marked]
Timothy Nossiter of Sidbury [Signed]
Ann Streat of Sidbury [Marked "S"]
Thomas Davy of Sidbury [Marked "D"]
William Raymond of Sidbury [Signed]
Robert Paige of Sidbury [Signed]
Elizabeth Westcott of Sidbury [Marked "W"]
Robert Stone of Sidbury [Marked "S"]
Simon Gollop of Sidbury [Marked "G"]
Mary Bishopp of Sidbury [Marked "B"]
Ann Wheaton of Sidbury [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Hayman of Sidbury [Marked "H"]
John Ebdon of Sidbury [Marked "E"]
Timothy Bayly (Baily) of Sidbury [Signed]
John Davy (Davey) of Sidbury [Signed]
Elizabeth French of Sidbury [Marked "EF"]
John Woolcot (Wolcot) of Sidbury [Signed]
Jonas Guppy of Sidbury [Marked "G"] [Surname altered from "Gupper".]
William Guppy (Guppy) of Sidbury [Signed] [Surname altered from "Gupper".]
Francis Harris of Payhembury [Signed]
Richard Palfrey of Otterton [Marked "RP"]
Isiah Farringdon (Farrington) of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
John Farringdon (Farrington) of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Isaac Ware (Weare) of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Mary Calliford (Colliford) of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Elizabeth Staple of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "S"]
Richard Evans of Broadclyst [Signed]
Richard Chaplen of Broadclyst [Signed]
Helena Churchill, wife of Charles Churchill of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Julian Beavis of Farringdon [Signed]
Rachel Carslake of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Mary Manston of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Elizabeth Staple of Ottery St. Mary [Not signed]
Francis Walrond, esq of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
John Clapp of Salcombe [Marked "C"]
Benjamin Mitchell (Michell) of Salcombe [Signed]
Nicholas Grigg of Salcombe [Signed]
John Grigg of Salcombe [Signed]
John Mattick of Salcombe [Marked "M"]
Sarah Hooper of Salcombe [Signed]
Grace Hooper of Salcombe [Signed]
Sarah Drake of Salcombe [Not signed]
William Clapp of Salcombe [Signed]
Joyce Wilson of Salcombe [Signed]
Martha Hill of Salcombe [Signed]
Elizabeth Parker of Salcombe [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Warren of Salcombe [Signed]
Lydia Hooper of Salcombe [Marked "H"]
Joshua Flea of Sidbury [Marked "F"]
Edward Cawley (Caley) of Sidbury [Signed]
Rebecca Howley of Sidbury [Marked "H"]
Martha Pidgeon of Sidbury [Signed]
William Flood of Sidbury [Signed]
Lidia Hooper of Sidbury [Not signed]
Richard Davie of Sidbury [Marked "RD"]
Edward Chamberlin of Sidbury [Marked "C"]
Martha Pidgeon of Sidmouth [Marked "P"]
Mary Elsworthy of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "E"]
Joan Robins [Not signed]
George Brooke of Whimple [Signed]
Elizabeth Brooke of Whimple [Signed]
Moses May of Whimple [Signed]
Joseph Sander of Whimple [Signed]
Mary Sander of Whimple [Marked "S"]
Thomas Northcot (Northcott) of Whimple [Marked "N"]
Sarah Chanon (Channon) of Whimple [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Adams of Whimple [Marked "A"]
Richard Ratcliffe of Whimple [Signed]
George Duke, esq of Colaton Raleigh [Signed]
Samuel Stoddon of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Nathaniel Pyne of Clyst Honiton [Signed]
Daniel Gundry of Sidmouth [Signed]
John Lee sen of Harpford [Marked "L"]
Walter Seaward of Harpford [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Chanon of Harpford [Marked "NC"]
Nathaniel Ramson of Harpford [Signed]
Sarah Potbury of Harpford [Marked "P"]
Thomas Mugford of Harpford [Marked "M"]
Robert Kenwood of Harpford [Signed]
John Bastone of Harpford [Signed]
Anstice Mathew of Clyst Hydon [Marked "M"]
Richard Pratt of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Amos Pratt of Clyst Hydon [Marked "P"]
Henry Richards of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Edmund Northcot (Northcott) of Clyst Hydon [Marked "N"]
John Eveleigh of Clyst Hydon [Marked "E"]
Thomas Pyle of Clyst Hydon [Marked "P"]
Robert Sims of Clyst Hydon [Marked "S"]
John Barrett of Clyst Hydon [Marked "B"]
Michael Crichard of Clyst Hydon [Marked "C"]
Edward Richards of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
William Pratt of Clyst Hydon [Marked "P"]
John Blampin of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
William Minify of Clyst Hydon [Marked "M"]
Moses Webber of Clyst Hydon [Marked "W"]
Richard Lowdwell of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Humphrey Doddridge (Doddridg) of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Edmund Cruchett (Cruchet) of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
John Pratt of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Ann Pearse of Clyst Hydon [Marked "P"]
Mary Vinicomb (Vinecomb) of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Alice Haydon of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Mary Ayer, widow of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Frances Haydon, widow of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Anne Hanbury (Hanbury) of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Rebecca Bayly of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "RB"]
Mary Carter of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "MC"]
Elizabeth Stoakes (Stokes) of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "ES"]
Elizabeth Sesse of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "ES"]
Elizabeth Hull, widow of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "EH"]
John Carter of Otterton [Marked "C"]
Henry Clark, clerk of Sidbury [Signed]
Susanna Bowcher of Sidbury [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Palfrey of Sidbury [Marked "P"]
Eleanor Lane of Sidbury [Marked "L"]
Anne Huish (Huysh) of Sidbury [Signed]
Francis Searle of Sidbury [Signed]
Melony Salter of Sidbury [Marked "S"]
Mary Vawter of Sidbury [Marked "MV"]
Thomas Cox of Sidbury [Marked "T"]
Edward Fortune of Sidbury [Not signed or marked]
Thomas Searle of Sidbury [Signed]
Joseph Searle of Sidbury [Signed]
Martin Carslake of Sidbury [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
John Welsman of Sidbury [Signed]
William Flood of Sidbury [Signed]
Tho: Moria Oaton of Sidbury [Marked "O"]
John Davy (Davey) of Sidbury [Signed]
Edward Pidgeon of Sidbury [Marked "E"]
James Rogers of Sidbury [Marked "R"]
Joseph Bussell of Sidbury [Marked "JB"]
Jane West of Sidbury [Marked "W"]
Sarah Lee of Sidbury [Marked "L"]
Joshua Flea of Sidbury [Not signed]
John Wheaton of Sidbury [Marked "W"]
Francis Searle jun of Sidbury [Signed]
Edward Cawley of Sidbury [Not signed]
Rebecca Howley of Sidbury [Not signed]
Martha Pidgeon of Sidbury [Not signed]
James Lee of Sidbury [Marked "L"]
Mathew Adams (Addams) of Sidbury [Signed]
Nehemiah French of Sidbury [Marked "N"]
Elizabeth French of Sidbury [Not signed]
George Farthing of Sidbury [Marked "GF"]
Sarah Farthing of Sidbury [Marked "S"]
Thomas Wheaty of Sidbury [Marked "W"]
Daniel Salmon (Solman) of Sidbury [Signed]
William Flood [Not signed]
Mary Caddew of Otterton [Marked "C"]
Jane Ramson of Otterton [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Braddick of Otterton [Marked "B"]
John Carter of Otterton [Not signed]
Philip Thomas of Otterton [Marked "PT"]
Frances Baily of Otterton [Marked "FB"]
Grace Slader of Otterton [Marked "S"]
Ellis Pynn (Pyn) of Otterton [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Stogdon of Otterton [Marked "S"]
John Baily (Baylie) jun of Otterton [Signed]
Richard Pynn of Otterton [Marked "R"]
John Conaut of Sidmouth [Signed]
John Skinner of Feniton [Signed]
John Palmer of Feniton [Signed]
Anna Atleigh of Sidbury [Signed]
John Nossiter of Sidbury [Marked "N"]
Ellis Pynn of Sidbury [Marked "P"]
William Hamett of Sidbury [Marked "H"]
William Smith of Sidbury [Marked "WS"]
Martin Kerslake (Carslake) of Sidbury [Signed]
William Westcott of Sidbury [Signed]
Richard Raymond of Sidbury [Signed]
John Taylor of Sidbury [Signed]
Joanna Davy (Davey) of Sidbury [Signed]
John Buffett of Sidbury [Marked "B"]
Thomas Sarell of Sidbury [Signed]
John Poger of Sidbury [Marked "P"]
Nicholas Davie of Sidbury [Marked "ND"]
Thomas Chanon of Sidmouth [Signed]
Sarah Drake of Sidbury [Signed]
Mary Nosseter of Sidbury [Marked "MN"]
Robert Thomson of Sidbury [Marked "T"]
Edward Fortune of Sidbury [Signed]