Oaths sworn at Woodbury, 4 October 1723 before Richard Duke, William Hull, James Gayer esqs and Daniel Newcomb clerk

Theodore Taner, esq of Clyst St. Mary [Signed]
Isabella Taner, widow of Farringdon [Signed]
Isott Force, widow of Farringdon [Marked]
John Bennet (Bennett), esq of Aylesbeare [Signed]
Thomas Wright, gent of Clyst St. Mary [Signed]
Mary Coombe of Clyst St. Mary [Signed]
John Gilbert (Gilberd) of Clyst St. George [Signed]
Margaret Gilbert, wife of John Gilbert of Clyst St. George [Signed]
Mary Stafford of Budleigh, East [Signed]
Roger Gould of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
Giles Coles of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "+"]
Edward Holwell, esq of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
Jane Holwell, spinster of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
William Wood of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "WW"]
Abraham Pasmore of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "AP"]
Mary Hayman of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Thomas Elson of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "TE"]
Margaret Gainson of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "MG"]
Andrew Parker of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Jane Giles of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "J"]
James Giles of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "JG"]
George Periam of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Mary Bass of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "B"]
Susanna Court of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Spicer of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "ES"]
Thomas Rowell of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "R"]
John Worth of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "JW"]
George Hayman of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Snow of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Andrew Periam of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Richard Sprage of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
George Bussell of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "B"]
John Snow of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "JS"]
Michael Hooper of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
John Comins of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "C"]
William Pincomb of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Edward Harris of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Joseph Farrant of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "F"]
Agnes Webber of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Mary Peeke of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
John Blackden of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "JB"]
Nicholas Burt of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "NB"]
Charles Wood of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Robert Clarke of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "C"]
Gilbert Godfrey of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "GG"]
Samuel Watts of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "SW"]
Simon Branscomb of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "SB"]
George Andrew of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "GA"]
Nichodemas Corder of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "NC"]
Mary Watts of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Mary Carder of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Mundy of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "M"]
Sarah Critchard of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "C"]
Mary Gotam of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "MG"]
Aaron Pridis of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "AP"]
Joan Edwards of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "E"]
Mary Parker of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Susanna Blaze of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "B"]
Robert Elson of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "E"]
Joan Shepheard of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Martha Wood of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Susanna Blackdon of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "B"]
Jane Hanover of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Margaret Winter of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Thomas Parish of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Robert Wood of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Martha Kittell of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "K"]
Robert Wood of Littleham (Exmouth) [Not signed]
Mary Stafford of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Spicer, widow of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Sarah Parish of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Joan Edger of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked]
Margaret Bishop of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked]
Mary Edger of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked]
Michael Adams of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "MA"]
Elizabeth Brown of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "EB"]
Mary Varder of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "V"]
Richard Hayman of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Philip Shale of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Thomas Salter of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "TS"]
Thomas Weekes of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
Thomas Perkins of Clyst Honiton [Signed]
Mathew Lee of Woodbury [Signed]
Gilbert Langdon, clerk of Woodbury [Signed]
John Bishopp of Rockbeare [Marked "RB"]
Robert Chown of Rockbeare [Marked "RC"]
Thomas Barne of Rockbeare [Marked "T"]
John Pierce of Rockbeare [Marked "P"]
John Snook of Rockbeare [Marked "S"]
Samuel Pyle of Rockbeare [Marked "P"]
Mary Pyle of Rockbeare [Marked "MP"]
Charles Chown of Rockbeare [Marked "CC"]
Richard Farrent of Rockbeare [Marked "RF"]
Thomas Dennis sen of Rockbeare [Marked "TD"]
Thomas Dennis jun of Rockbeare [Marked "TD"]
William Green of Rockbeare [Marked "WG"]
John Homer of Rockbeare [Marked "JH"]
Robert Farrant of Rockbeare [Marked "RF"]
George Channon of Rockbeare [Marked "C"]
Josias Bidgood of Rockbeare [Marked "B"]
William Bidgood of Rockbeare [Marked "WB"]
Meflin Saunders (Sanders) of Rockbeare [Signed]
William Pyle of Rockbeare [Signed]
Robert Skinner of Sidbury [Signed]
Robert Lee of Salcombe [Signed]
Thomas Nossiter of Sidbury [Signed]
Samuel Smith of Sidbury [Marked "SS"]
Elizabeth Cockam of Lympstone [Marked "C"]
Robert Adams of Otterton [Marked "RA"]
Joseph Perryman of Otterton [Marked "P"]
William Braddick of Otterton [Marked "B"]
Simon Ramson of Otterton [Marked]
George Pulman of Otterton [Marked "P"]
Edward Hare of Otterton [not signed or marked]
Thomas Carter of Otterton [Marked "TC"]
Thomas Braddick of Otterton [Marked "B"]
Elias Carter of Otterton [Marked "C"]
Joan Rugge of Otterton [Marked "R"]
Anne Westcott of Otterton [Marked "AW"]
Elias Pinn of Otterton [Marked "EP"]
Christopher Harwood of Otterton [Marked "H"]
Martha Farrant of Otterton [Marked]
John Adams of Otterton [Marked "JA"]
John Skinner of Otterton [Marked "JS"]
Ephraim Carter of Otterton [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Carter of Otterton [Marked "EC"]
Hugh [Surname illegible] of Otterton [Not signed]
Richard Baily (Baylie) of Otterton [Marked "B"]
Mary Kingman of Otterton [Marked "K"]
Rebecca Grindell (Grindel) of Otterton [Marked "G"]
Richard Dollin of Otterton [Marked "RD"]
Thomas Seymor of Otterton [Marked "TS"]
Anne Candy of Otterton [Marked "AC"]
John Butson of Otterton [Marked "B"]
Humphrey Dyer of Otterton [Marked "HD"]
John Rugg of Otterton [Marked "JR"]
John Seymour of Otterton [Marked "JS"]
Joan Stokes (Stoakes) of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
Mary Chard of Otterton [Marked "MC"]
?Thomas Dyer? of Otterton [Not signed]
Edward ?H... of Otterton [Not signed]
William Dolling of Otterton [Marked "WD"]
John Austen of Otterton [Marked]
Roger Warren of Otterton [Marked "RW"]
John Cotton of Topsham [Marked "C"]
Michael Hooker of Topsham [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
John Dally of Pinhoe [Signed]
Samuel Stafford of Lympstone [Marked]
Abraham Granger of Clyst Honiton [Marked "AG"]
Thomas Trevilian of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "T"]
Joane Elson of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "E"]
Agnes Spicer of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "AS"]
Lawrence Peek (Peeke) of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Thomas Wish of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
William Mason of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "M"]
Anna Brown of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "B"]
Mary Carder of Littleham (Exmouth) [Not signed or marked]
John Varder of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "V"]
Richard Staple of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Winter of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
William Knight of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "K"]
Robert Baker of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Webber of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Thomas Whiterough of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Jo: Weekes of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "JW"]
James Tillt (Tilt) of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "JT"]
John Harris of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Samuel Baker of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "B"]
Jane Jolley of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "J"]
Daniel Moore of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "M"]
Mary Westcott of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
John Salter of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Joan Cross of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "JC"]
Thomas Quash of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked]
Roger Wanell of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Gilbert Cowd of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "C"]
Richard Dyer of Otterton [Signed]
Thomas Dyer of Otterton [Signed]
Anne Lee of Otterton [Marked "AL"]
Abraham Granger of Clyst Honiton [Not signed]
John Brown of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "JB"]
Sarah Warren of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "SW"]
George Stokes of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Henry Hayman of Topsham [Signed]
William Wolcomb (Woolcombe) of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Framingham of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Fendall of Topsham [Signed]
Samuel Burridge of Topsham [Signed]
Simon Gawin (Gawen) of Topsham [Signed]
John Halfyard of Whimple [Marked "H"]
James Holwill of Whimple [Signed]
Robert Westcott of Whimple [Signed]
John Channon of Whimple [Marked "JC"]
Alice Fley of Rockbeare [Marked "A"]
Samuel Stafford of Lympstone [Not signed]
Henry Compton of Topsham [Signed]
James Reynolds of Rockbeare [Marked "R"]
Ambrose Churchill of Rockbeare [Marked "C"]
John Churchill of Rockbeare [Signed]
Edmund Chown of Rockbeare [Marked "C"]
John Perram of Rockbeare [Marked "P"]
John Elliott jun of Rockbeare [Marked "E"]
John Elliott of Rockbeare [Marked "E"]
Edward Payne of Rockbeare [Marked "P"]
Richard Chown of Rockbeare [Marked "RC"]
John Serjeant (Seargeant) of Rockbeare [Signed]
Joseph Harwood of Rockbeare [Marked "JH"]
Richard Elliot (Elliott) of Rockbeare [Marked "E"]
William Tilt of Rockbeare [Marked "T"]
Richard Richards of Rockbeare [Marked "R"]
Thomas Lake of Rockbeare [Marked "TL"]
William Lake of Rockbeare [Marked "WL"]
Michael Pyne of Rockbeare [Marked "P"]
Richard Lake of Rockbeare [Marked "L"]
Joan Lake of Rockbeare [Marked "L"]
Sarah Pounce of Budleigh Salterton [Marked "P"]
Joan Mogridge of Topsham [Marked "M"]
Dorothy Burges of Topsham [Marked "B"]
Abel Thomas of Topsham [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Fendall of Topsham [Signed]
Jane Fendall of Topsham [Signed]
Sarah Heath of Topsham [Marked "H"]
William Tross (Trosse) of Woodbury [Signed]
Peter Trosse (Trosse) of Clyst St. George [Signed]
Jane Trosse of Clyst St. George [Marked "JT"]
Elizabeth Webber of Harpford [Marked "W"]
William Webber of Harpford [Marked "WW"]
Philip Webber of Harpford [Marked "P"]
John Webber of Harpford [Marked "JW"]
Thomas Bornell of Harpford [Marked "B"]
Jo: Seward of Harpford [Marked "JS"]
Richard Hall of Harpford [Marked "RH"]
Bennet Potbury of Harpford [Marked "P"]
Nathaniel Langley of Woodbury [Marked "N"]
William Sanford, clerk of Topsham [Signed]
Edward Jago (Jagoe), gent of Topsham [Signed]
John Stokes of Aylesbeare [Marked "S"]
Richard Persell of Aylesbeare [Marked "RP"]
William Hayman of Aylesbeare [Marked "H"]
George Drake of Aylesbeare [Signed]
John Bayly of Aylesbeare [Marked "JB"]
John Hall of Aylesbeare [Marked "JH"]
Edmund Trump of Aylesbeare [Marked "ET"]
John Holwell of Aylesbeare [Marked "H"]
William Wood of Aylesbeare [Marked "W"]
Philip Hall of Aylesbeare [Marked]
John Hall of Aylesbeare [Marked "JH"]
John Hayman of Aylesbeare [Marked "JH"]
Thomas Stoakes of Aylesbeare [Marked "Th"]
Elizabeth Pyne of Aylesbeare [Marked "P"]
Joyce Force of Aylesbeare [Marked "JF"]
William Taylor of Aylesbeare [Marked "T"]
Robert Skinner of Aylesbeare [Marked "RS"]
Charles Drake of Aylesbeare [Marked "D"]
Samuel Warren of Aylesbeare [Marked "SW"]
Henry Spiring of Aylesbeare [Marked "HS"]
Elisha Abbot of Lympstone [Marked "A"]
Margaret Halse of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Holwell of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Joseph Holwell of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
John Thomas of Budleigh, East [Signed]
John Thomas jun of Budleigh, East [Marked "JT"]
Feater Braddick of Budleigh, East [Marked "B"]
John Bending of Budleigh, East [Marked "JB"]
Martin Bending of Budleigh, East [Marked "B"]
George Channing of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Thomas Callender of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
John Teed of Budleigh, East [Marked "T"]
John Teed jun of Budleigh, East [Marked "T"]
William Channing of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Philip Channing of Budleigh, East [Marked "P"]
Robert Brayn of Budleigh, East [Marked "B"]
Francis Hill of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Francis Hill jun of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
John Elliott of Budleigh, East [Marked "E"]
Joan Starr of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
Abigail Anly of Budleigh, East [Marked "A"]
Henry Cowde of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Margaret Hill of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Richard Sweetland of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
John Elliott (Elliot) of Budleigh, East [Marked "E"]
William Hooper of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
John Marshall of Budleigh, East [Marked "M"]
Christopher Labbet of Budleigh, East [Marked "L"]
Mary Sharp of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
Samuel Braddick of Budleigh, East [Marked "B"]
Samuel Parker of Budleigh, East [Marked "P"]
Dinah Williams of Budleigh, East [Marked "W"]
William Mercer of Budleigh, East [Marked "M"]
Margaret Bennet, widow of Budleigh, East [Marked "B"]
Philip Cross of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
George Sanders of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
Simon Minify of Budleigh, East [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Lavis of Budleigh, East [Marked "L"]
Samuel Baker of Budleigh, East [Marked "SB"]
Thomas Allridge (Alridge) of Budleigh, East [Marked "A"]
George Pengelly of Budleigh, East [Marked "P"]
John Labbet (Labbett) of Budleigh, East [Marked "L"]
George Parker of Budleigh, East [Marked "P"]
William Crook of Woodbury [Marked "C"]
Joan Bass of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
Rose Payne of Lympstone [Marked "P"]
Joan Bass of Lympstone [Not signed]
Rose Payne of Lympstone [Not signed]
Agnes Smith of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
James Palfrey (Palfry) jun of Lympstone [Signed]
Jacob Manston of Lympstone [Marked "M"]
Henry Smith of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
Francis Rowell of Lympstone [Marked "R"]
Joan Smith of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
Charles Braddick of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
John Roberts of Lympstone [Marked "R"]
Christian Stofford of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
Samuel Peek (Peeke) of Lympstone [Marked "P"]
Ann Haynes of Lympstone [Marked "H"]
Mary Woolen of Lympstone [Marked "W"]
Agnes Farmouth of Lympstone [Marked "AF"]
Thomas Farmouth of Lympstone [Marked "T"]
Hannah Morring of Lympstone [Marked "M"]
Thomas Payne of Lympstone [Marked "P"]
Martha Richards of Lympstone [Marked "R"]
John Grant of Lympstone [Marked "G"]
Sarah Lovering of Lympstone [Marked "L"]
Jemima Lovering of Lympstone [Marked "J"]
Joan Peek of Lympstone [Marked "P"]
Agnes Leet of Lympstone [Marked "L"]
Margaret Langford of Lympstone [Marked "L"]
Thomas Western of Woodbury [Marked "W"]
George Venn of Lympstone [Signed]
Margaret Venn of Lympstone [Marked "V"]
Robert Venn of Lympstone [Marked "V"]
George Barons of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
John Baker of Clyst St. George [Marked "B"]
Robert Denham of Withycombe Raleigh [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Lovering of Lympstone [Marked "L"]
John Lennard of Lympstone [Marked "L"]
Margaret Picke of Lympstone [Marked "P"]
William Taylor of Lympstone [Marked "T"]
John Blight of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
George Foxwell of Lympstone [Marked "F"]
Henry Mitherell of Lympstone [Marked "M"]
James Palfrey of Lympstone [Marked "P"]
Robert Periam of Lympstone [Signed]
Katherine Chanter of Lympstone [Marked "C"]
Isaac Baker of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
Henry Smith of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
Henry Whitemore (Whitmore) of Lympstone [Marked "W"]
John Colwill of Lympstone [Marked "C"]
Richard Pearce of Lympstone [Marked "P"]
Peter Scott of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
Mary Comings of Lympstone [Marked "C"]
Abraham Webber of Lympstone [Marked "W"]
Thomas Christophers (Xstophers) of Lympstone [Marked "X"]
John Bass jun of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
Jacob Baker of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
Robert Scott of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
Philip Bishop (Bishopp) of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
John White of Lympstone [Signed]
Thomas Smith of Lympstone [Signed]
Dorothy Gelly of Lympstone [Marked "G"]
Richard Jones of Lympstone [Marked "RJ"]
Mary Jones of Lympstone [Marked "M"]
Mary Drake of Aylesbeare [Marked "D"]
Hannah Drake of Aylesbeare [Marked "HD"]
William Searle of Aylesbeare [Marked "W"]
Isaac Kerslake of Aylesbeare [Marked "IK"]
John Clarke of Aylesbeare [Marked "C"]
William Spurway of Aylesbeare [Marked "S"]
Gilbert Tanner of Aylesbeare [Marked "T"]
Edward Langsford of Aylesbeare [Marked "E"]
Thomas Hare of Aylesbeare [Marked "T"]
Edward Hare of Aylesbeare [Marked "EH"]
James Speare of Aylesbeare [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Seward of Aylesbeare [Marked "ES"]
Robert Garlick of Aylesbeare [Marked "RG"]
Thomas Pearse of Aylesbeare [Marked "TP"]
Joseph Green of Aylesbeare [Marked "G"]
Susanna Davy of Aylesbeare [Marked "D"]
Nicholas Oats of Aylesbeare [Marked "O"]
Robert Carter of Aylesbeare [Marked "RC"]
Joseph Feater of Aylesbeare [Marked "JF"]
Hannah Hare of Aylesbeare [Marked "H"]
William Rugg of Aylesbeare [Marked "WR"]
William Tilt of Aylesbeare [Marked "T"]
William Perriman of Aylesbeare [Marked "P"]
Sarah Rugg of Aylesbeare [Marked "R"]
Richard Rugg of Aylesbeare [Marked "RR"]
Richard Coffin of Aylesbeare [Marked "C"]
Joseph Pyle of Aylesbeare [Marked "P"]
Richard Coffin of Aylesbeare [Marked "C"]
William Braddick of Aylesbeare [Marked "WB"]
Richard Southwood of Aylesbeare [Marked "S"]
Thomasine Force of Aylesbeare [Marked "T"]
Joseph Long of Aylesbeare [Marked "L"]
George Holway of Aylesbeare [Marked "G"]
Thomas Ashford of Aylesbeare [Marked "A"]
Michael Manly of Aylesbeare [Marked "M"]
Richard Eveleigh of Aylesbeare [Marked "E"]
Richard Coffin of Aylesbeare [Not signed]
Agnes Burt of Aylesbeare [Marked "A"]
Joseph Irish of Aylesbeare [Marked "J"]
Henry Terleat of Budleigh, East [Marked "T"]
Andrew Terleat of Budleigh, East [Marked "T"]
William Terleat of Budleigh, East [Marked "WT"]
Samuel Terleat of Budleigh, East [Marked "ST"]
Samuel Harris of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
William Hill of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Philip Litton of Budleigh, East [Marked "L"]
Henry Calendar of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Samuel Teed of Budleigh, East [Marked "T"]
Jane Scott of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
Samuel Woollcott of Budleigh, East [Marked "W"]
Hannah Teed of Budleigh, East [Marked "T"]
Robert Barnes of Budleigh, East [Marked "B"]
John Teed of Budleigh, East [Marked "T"]
George Woolcot of Budleigh, East [Marked "W"]
William Sanders of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
John Manyard of Budleigh, East [Marked "M"]
Katherine Sweetland of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Elliot (Elliott) of Budleigh, East [Marked "E"]
John Cowde of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Peter Carpenter of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
John Giss of Budleigh, East [Marked "G"]
Charles Hall of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Sarah Barnes of Budleigh, East [Marked "B"]
Richard Hall of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Francis Hopping of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Thomas Western of Budleigh, East [Marked "W"]
Christopher Harris of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Abraham Carslake of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Agnes Luccis of Budleigh, East [Marked "L"]
John Pidgeon of Woodbury [Marked "P"]
Mary Harrison of Bicton [Marked "H"]
Richard Upham of Bicton [Marked "U"]
Edward Chamberlin of Bicton [Marked "C"]
Phillipa Periam of Bicton [Marked "PP"]
Grace Chamberlin of Bicton [Marked "C"]
William Hall of Bicton [Marked "H"]
Clement Periam of Bicton [Marked "P"]
James Searle of Lympstone [Signed]
John Hayman of Lympstone [Marked "H"]
John Pyne of Lympstone [Marked "P"]
Robert Adams of Lympstone [Marked "A"]
Edward Roberts of Lympstone [Marked "R"]
Mary Hayman of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Benedict Webber of Woodbury [Marked "W"]
Mary Searle of Woodbury [Marked "S"]
John Carpenter of Woodbury [Marked "C"]
Richard Bartlet (Bartlett) of Bicton [Marked "B"]
Jacob Clark of Bicton [Marked "C"]
Sarah Gouldsworthy of Bicton [Marked "G"]
Richard Elliot (Elliott) of Bicton [Marked "E"]
Richard Smith of Bicton [Marked "S"]
Walter Elliott of Bicton [Marked "E"]
Christopher White of Bicton [Marked "W"]
Richard Bowdon of Bicton [Marked "B"]
John Connet of Bicton [Marked "C"]
William Cox of Bicton [Marked "WC"]
John Haydon of Woodbury [Marked "JH"]
Nicholas Holwell of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Giles Harris of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Edward Holwell, butcher of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
John Dagworthy of Woodbury [Marked "D"]
John Dagworthy jun of Woodbury [Marked "D"]
Edward Bidgood of Woodbury [Marked "B"]
John Trappell of Woodbury [Marked "T"]
Thomas Critchard of Woodbury [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Dwelly of Woodbury [Marked "D"]
Dorothy Gibbs of Woodbury [Marked "G"]
Hannah Branscombe of Woodbury [Marked "B"]
Agnes Saunders of Woodbury [Marked "S"]
John Snow of Woodbury [Marked "S"]
Joan Pearce of Woodbury [Marked "P"]
Gilbert Braddick of Woodbury [Marked "B"]
Samuel Stogdon of Woodbury [Marked "S"]
William Holwell of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Richard Chowne of Woodbury [Marked "C"]
Walter Holwell of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Philip Sercott (Sercot) of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "S"]
Edmund Thomas of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "T"]
John Bolt of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "B"]
William Skinner of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "S"]
Joseph Skinner of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "S"]
William Edmunds of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "W"]
John Stretchley (Strechly) of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "S"]
Joseph White of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "W"]
Michael Pope of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "P"]
Joseph Hopping of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "H"]
Francis Michell of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "M"]
Joseph Palmer of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Kenwood of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "K"]
Francis Row of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "R"]
William Parrott (Parrot) of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "P"]
Richard Pike of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "P"]
Robert Stokes of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "S"]
Charles Leet (Leat) of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "L"]
John Stokes of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "S"]
William Heathman of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "H"]
Robert Tidball of Sidmouth [Signed]