Oaths sworn at The parish church, Witheridge, 5 October 1723 before William Fellows, Samuel Cruwys and John Hacche esq

[Note: Parish of residence is not explicitly stated for a number of those who appear on this roll. However, the document layout is otherwise as on the other oath rolls. Therefore, where a list of names are grouped together with place of residence stated for the first in the list, it has been assumed that subsequent subscribers were from the same parish. On this occasion, squared brackets have been used to indicate where parish of residence has been inferred from a previous entry.]

Agnes Prowse of Anstey, West [Marked "A"]
Eleanor Handford of Anstey, West [Marked "H"]
James Handford of Anstey, West [Signed]
John Hill of Anstey, West [Marked "H"]
Arthur Ayre of Rackenford [Marked "AA"]
Mary Ayre of Rose Ash [Marked "M"]
Anne Vicary of Rose Ash [Marked "V"]
Mary Radford of Witheridge [Marked "M"]
Margaret Greenslade of Witheridge [Marked "G"]
Richard Thomas of Rose Ash [Marked]
William Greenslade of Witheridge [Marked "G"]
Christopher Partridge of Witheridge [Marked "CP"]
Benjamin Bidgood of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Jon: Elworthy of [Witheridge] [Marked "E"]
John Radford of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Jon: Mogford of [Witheridge] [Marked "M"]
John Carpenter of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Thomas Hill of [Witheridge] [Marked "H"]
Thomas Hill jun of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Thomas Heale of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Peter Maning jun of Chulmleigh [Signed]
Humphrey Aram, gent of Chawleigh [Signed]
Thomas Kerslake of King's Nympton [Signed]
Robert Lane of Morchard Bishop [Signed]
Thomas Elworthy of Witheridge [Signed]
Robert Westacott of Chulmleigh [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Pearse of Lapford [Marked "E"]
John Govier of Witheridge [Signed]
Marks Tucker of [Witheridge] [Marked "M"]
John Stone of [Witheridge] [Marked "X"]
Thomas Walker of [Witheridge] [Signed]
George Voysey of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Robert Greenslade of [Witheridge] [Marked "R"]
Absalom Thomas of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Alice Thomas of [Witheridge] [Not signed]
Robert Steere of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Andrew Peaster of [Witheridge] [Marked]
John Pollard of [Witheridge] [Marked "I"]
Agnes Comins, wife of Roger Comins of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Roger Comins (Comyns) of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Ananias Moore of [Witheridge] [Marked "A"]
Dorothy Cockram of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Grace Elworthy of [Witheridge] [Marked]
John Philpe of [Witheridge] [Marked "+"]
William Greenslade of [Witheridge] [Marked]
William Prist of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Martha Gregory of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Thomas Westerne of [Witheridge] [Marked]
John Barnes of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Thomas Clarke of [Witheridge] [Marked]
John Sarles of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Iset Sarles of [Witheridge] [Marked]
George Cockram of [Witheridge] [Marked]
John Duckham of [Witheridge] [Marked]
John Duckham jun of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Richard Warren of [Witheridge] [Marked "R"]
James Patridge of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Thomas Warren of [Witheridge] [Signed]
John Patridge (Partridge) of Rackenford [Signed]
Alice Thomas of [Rackenford] [Marked]
Hester Franke of Burrington [Not signed]
Sarah Woollacott of Burrington [Not signed]
Amy Flood Ford of Burrington [Marked]
John Beelley (Beely) of Burrington [Marked]
Robert Avery (Averay), esq of Cruwys Morchard [Signed]
John Ford of Burrington [Signed]
John Radford jun of Witheridge [Signed]
Mary Radford of [Witheridge] [Not signed ]
Richard Greenslade of [Witheridge] [Marked "R"]
Mary Crooke of [Witheridge] [Marked "C"]
John Fletcher of [Witheridge] [Marked "J"]
Joan Fletcher of [Witheridge] [Marked "J"]
William Ditchett of [Witheridge] [Marked "D"]
Edward Bodley of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Elizabeth Greenslade of [Witheridge] [Marked "E"]
John Hill of [Witheridge] [Marked "H"]
John Ditchett of [Witheridge] [Marked "D"]
Anne Parkhouse of [Witheridge] [Marked "P"]
George Voysey of [Witheridge] [Marked]
Robert Hole of [Witheridge] [Marked "H"]
Thomas Ayre of [Witheridge] [Signed]
Agnes Brooks (Book) of Tiverton [Signed]
William Bidgood of Woolfardisworthy, [East] [Signed]
John Comyns of Woolfardisworthy, [East] [Marked]
Thomas Whitehorne of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Marked "X"]
Richard Pope of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Signed]
Catherine Pope of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Signed]
Mary Pope of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Signed]
John Avery of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Marked]
Richard Melhuish of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Marked]
John Wood of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Signed]
Lewis Godsland of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Marked]
Roger Com of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Not signed]
Hugh Gale of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Marked]
Susanna Russell of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Marked]
Thomasin Bidgood of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Marked]
Robert Bidgood of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Signed]
Luke Hosegood of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Signed]
George Pyper of [Woolfardisworthy, East] [Marked "P"]
John Morrise (Morris) of Poughill [Signed]
Amos Bragg of Kennerleigh [Marked] [Signature is attempt to write "Amos".]
John Wilcox of Chawleigh [Signed]
Margaret Wilcox, spinster of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Sarah Wilcox of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Grace Wilcox of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Henry Reed of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
Robert Northcott (Northcote) of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
John Snell of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
George Snell of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Anthony Snell of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
John Howe of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
John Reed of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Philip Yeoland of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
William Pyke of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
William Wilson of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
John Jury of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
John Partridge of [Chawleigh] [Marked "X"]
Thomas Cudmore of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
Agnes Blackmore of [Chawleigh] [Marked "X"]
Elizabeth Drake of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
George Bird of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Philip Sowden of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
Mark Bird of [Chawleigh] [Marked "M"]
John Cawsey of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Anthony Bird of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Susanna Snell of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Mary Cawsey of [Chawleigh] [Marked "M"]
Charles Voysey of George Nympton [Not signed]
William Passmore of Chawleigh [Marked]
George Webber of [Chawleigh] [Signed]
Richard Viccary of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
Richard Burges of [Chawleigh] [Marked]
William Snell jun of [Chawleigh] [Signed]