Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 10 October 1723 before John Ivie esq, Thomas Carew esq, James Bulteele and John Fowell esqs

My Lady Ann Acland, widow of Broadclyst (Killerton) [Signed]
My Lady Cicily Acland, wife of Sir Hugh Ackland [Residence not stated] [Signed]
Elizabeth Acland, spinster of Broadclyst (Killerton) [Signed]
Grace Acland, widow of ?Redway [Not signed]
Elizabeth Beavis, widow of Clist House [Signed]
Margaret Cealy (Ceely) of Clist House [Signed]
Richard Duke, esq of Otterton [Signed] [Richard is partly written over an abandoned entry beginning "Elizabeth".]
Elizabeth Duke, wife of Richard Duke esq of Otterton [Signed]
Susanna Cooke, spinster of Otterton [Signed]
Thomas Cholwich jun, esq of Farringdon [Signed]
Joan Ratcliffe of Broadclyst [Marked "R"]
Robert Ratcliffe of Broadclyst [Signed]
Philip Wilcocks of Broadclyst [Signed]
John Taswell of Broadclyst [Signed]
George Dennis of Broadclyst [Marked "D"]
John Cox of Broadclyst [Signed]
Elizabeth Wolcombe, wife of Robert Wolcombe esq [Residence not stated] [Signed]