Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 14 October 1723. Justices not named.

Thomas Cholwiche (Cholwich), esq of Heavitree [Signed]
William Cholwich, esq of Blackawton (Oldstone) [Signed]
Mary Trickey of Kenton [Marked "T"]
John Simons of Kenton [Signed]
Francis Hollet (Hollett) of Kenton [Marked "H"]
Luce Stidson of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Mary Fryer (Frayer) of Kenton [Signed]
Elizabeth Balster of Kenton [Marked "B"]
John Dyer of Kenton [Signed]
Susan Bastard of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Sarah Benger of Kenton [Signed]
Anne Quick of Kenton [Marked "Q"]
Mary Widger of Kenton [Marked "W"]
Mary Hempson of Kenton [Marked "H"]
Mary Wooten of Kenton [Marked "W"]
John Crapp of Kenton [Signed]
Mary Bennet of Kenton [Marked "B"]
Edward Slocombe of Kenton [Signed]
John Slocombe (Slocomb) of Kenton [Signed]
William Pulling of Kenton [Marked "P"]
Thomas Underhay of Kenton [Signed]
Mary Jerman of Kenton [Marked "J"]
Thomas Symons (Simons) of Kenton [Signed]
Mary Symons (Simons) of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Mary Richards of Kenton [Marked "R"]
James Hooper of Kenton [Marked "H"]
Robert Pulling of Kenton [Marked "P"]
Mathew Warring of Kenton [Marked "W"]
Wilmot Shelson of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Quick of Kenton [Marked "Q"]
Elizabeth Goldsworthy of Kenton [Marked "G"]
Samuel Dyer of Kenton [Signed] ["John" crossed through beneath "Samuel" in signature]
Philip Peniwill of Kenton [Marked "P"]
Jacob Rugg of Kenton [Signed]
John Killingford of Crediton [Marked "K"]
John Sampson, esq of Farringdon [Signed]
Christopher Hunt of Crediton Heavitree [Signed]
Thomas Sowdon of Whitestone [Marked "S"]
Anne Trego (Tregoe) of Whitestone [Marked "T"]
John Shorte (Short), esq of Kenn (Bickham) [Signed]
John Cooke (Cooke) jun, gent of Exminster (Kenbury) [Signed]
Elizabeth Cooke, wife of Samuel Cooke esq of Exminster [Signed]
Thomas Lethbridge, gent of Jacobstowe [Signed]
Deborah Row, widow of Exminster [Marked "R"]
Grace Smith, widow of Exminster [Marked "S"]
Walter Binford, yeoman of Exminster [Marked "B"]
Bridget Osborne of Clyst St. George (Kennaford) [Signed]
Dorothy Wright, spinster of Clyst St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Johns, yeoman of Woodbury [Signed]
Thomas How, gent of Kenn [Signed]
William How, gent of Kenn [Signed]
William Heyne (Hayne) of Alphington [Signed]
Lucy Rodd, wife of Bampfylde Rodd esq of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Lucy Ivie, wife of John Ivie esq of Oxton of Kenton (Oxton) [Signed]
Elizabeth Lee, wife of Richard Lee esq of Clyst St. George [Signed]
Frances Lloyd of Clyst St. George [Signed]
Anne Taner, wife of Theodore Taner esq of Clyst St. Mary [Signed]
Elizabeth Cook (Cooke), widow of Poltimore [Signed]
Mary Cook (Cooke), spinster of Poltimore [Signed]
Mary Brown, spinster of Brixham [Marked "B"]
Anthony Ball, gent of Colyton [Signed]
Mary Basten of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Martyn of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
Robert Greenslade of Woodbury [Signed]
Robert Lovering (Lovery) of Woodbury [Signed]
Edward Tapley of Woodbury [Marked "T"]
John Boord of Woodbury [Marked "B"]
John Coleridge of Woodbury [Marked "C"]
Jane Hellmore (Helmore) of Lympstone [Signed]
Thomas Hooper of Bicton [Signed]
John Trowbridge of Heavitree [Marked "T"]
Henry Badcock of Morebath [Signed]
Mary Escott of Morebath [Marked "E"]
James Cruwys (Cruse) of Morebath [Signed]
Richard Quick of Morebath [Signed]
Richard Gould of Heavitree [Marked "G"]
John Brown (Browne) of Shobrooke [Signed]
John [Illegible deletion] Chartor of Poltimore [Signed]
Nicholas Medland of Bridford [Signed]
Joseph Berry of Bridford [Signed]
William Weeks (Weekes) of Whitestone [Signed]
Elizabeth Cunnet of Whitestone [Marked "C"]
Agnes Shute of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "S"]
Thomas Hele of Upton Pyne [Signed]
Peter Tucker of Upton Pyne [Marked "T"]
Nicholas Conibee of Upton Pyne [Marked "C"]
Grace Woodly of Upton Pyne [Marked "W"]
Thomas Holmes of Upton Pyne [Marked "H"]
Richard Ley of Upton Pyne [Signed]
John Smith of Upton Pyne [Marked "S"]
Peter Raddon of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
William Townsend of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "T"]
Anne Venman of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "V"]
John Silley of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "S"]
Thomas Holmes jun of Upton Pyne [Signed]
Elizabeth Skinner of Brampford Speke [Marked "S"]
Edward Avery of Heavitree [Marked "A"]
John Smalridge of Bridford [Signed]
Anne Hall of Bridford [Signed]
Nicholas Browning of Bridford [Signed]
Nathaniel Adams (Addams) of Bridford [Signed]
Thomas Lamacraft of Bridford [Marked "L"]
John Avant of Bridford [Marked "A"]
John Esly (Estly) of Bridford [Marked "E"]
John Hore of Bridford [Marked "H"]
Mary Sparke of Bridford [Marked "S"]
John Coose of Bridford [Signed]
Thomas Woodley of Bridford [Signed]
Augustine Holman of Bridford [Signed]
William Osburn (Osborn) of Bridford [Marked "O"]
Thomas Payne of Bridford [Marked "P"]
Nicholas Amery of Bridford [Marked "A"]
Edmund Stodden of Bridford [Marked "S"]
Robert Connet (Connett) of Bridford [Signed]
Andrew Payne of Dunsford [Signed]
John Holman of Christow [Signed]
Samuel Spurway of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "S"]
Thomas Wannell of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
[Crossed through entry, illegible] [Not signed]
John [Surname illegible] of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Not signed]
[Forename illegible] S... of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Not signed]
Mary Townsend of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "T"]
Richard Wannell of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "R"] [Illegible crossing out beneath residence.]
Isaac Morrish (Morris) of Topsham [Signed]
Joseph Jerman of Rockbeare [Marked "J"]
Mary Jope of Kenton [Marked "M"]
David Towill of Kenton [Marked "T"]
William Towill of Kenton [Signed]
Mary Jerman of Kenton [Not signed]
James Horne, butcher of Exminster [Marked "H"]
John Benger of Powderham [Signed]
Henry Rowling of Powderham [Signed]
John Ware of Kenton [Signed]
Mary Turner of Thorverton [Signed]
Philip Back of Thorverton [Marked "B"]
Richoard Browning, widow of Bridford [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Westcombe (Wescombe), wife of James Westcombe of Teignmouth, East [Signed]
Elizabeth Smith, spinster of Teignmouth, East [Signed]
Katherine Smith (Smith), spinster of Teignmouth, East [Signed]
Philip Abel (Aboll) of Wolborough (Newton Abbot) [Signed]
Elizabeth Collins, spinster of Alphington [Marked "C"]
Anne Searle (Serle), wife of Benedict Searle esq of Northleigh [Signed]
Elizabeth Fortescue, wife of James Fortescue of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Elizabeth Sweeting, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Rugg jun of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
William Wade of Topsham [Signed]
Mary Bastin of Broadclyst [Not signed]
Elizabeth Martyn of Broadclyst [Not signed]
Lawrence Southcote (Southcot) of Crediton [Signed]
Richard Webber of Crediton [Marked "W"]
Henry Perkins of Exminster [Not signed]
John Sowton of Exminster [Not signed]
Robert Wannell of Exminster [Not signed]
Thomas Lee of Kenn [Not signed]
Elizabeth Moore, widow of Broadclyst [Signed]
Robert Hawkins of Broadclyst [Signed]
John Pitt, gent of Thorverton [Signed]
Susanna Thomas of Thorverton [Marked "T"]
William Thomas of Thorverton [Signed]
Sarah ?Bart/?Burt of Thorverton [Signed]
Benjamin Palmer of Sandford [Signed]
Edmund Browne (Brown) of Shobrooke [Marked "B"]
Edward Browne of Shobrooke [Signed]
Richard Barnbery of Shobrooke [Signed]
Henry Ward of Shobrooke [Marked "W"]
William Browne of Shobrooke [Signed]
Mary Arscott (Arscot) of Shobrooke [Marked "A"]
James Boyse (Boise) of Shobrooke [Marked "B"]
William Force of Shobrooke [Signed]
William Skinner of Shobrooke [Marked "S"]
Robert Crook of Shobrooke [Marked "C"]
Thomas Troak of Shobrooke [Marked "T"]
John Channon of Silverton [Signed]
Thomas Wills, mariner of Kenton [Signed]
Mary Wills, widow of Kenton [Marked "W"]
Richord Simons, widow of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Bulford, widow of Kenton [Marked "B"]
John Eastcott, mariner of Kenton [Marked "E"]
John Ware, mariner of Kenton [Marked "W"]
Humphrey Knight of Kenton [Marked "K"]
Richard Withecombe, mariner of Kenton [Marked "W"]
Joseph Langdon (Lando) of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Langdon of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]