Oaths sworn at At the home of Jonathan Stoodley, Highweek, 14 November 1723 before John Lear bart, Richard Reynell and Rawlin Mallock esq

James Salter, clerk of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Joan Payn of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Mary Collaton of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Pooke of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Joseph Ellacott of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "E"]
George Parr of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
John Chinick of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
William Sampson of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "S"]
Richard Wilkin of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "W"]
Henry Blackaller of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Mary Cawsey of Combeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
John Newcombe of Kingskerswell [Marked "N"]
Susanna Cudlipp, wife of Richard Cudlipp clerk of Denbury [Signed]
Joan Hall, widow of Denbury [Marked "H"]
Thomas Hooper of Denbury [Signed]
Elizabeth Windsor of Denbury [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Perrot (Perrott) of Denbury [Marked "P"]
Andrew Neyle of Denbury [Marked "N"]
Thomas Spry of Denbury [Marked "S"]
John Lowe of Denbury [Marked "L"]
Thomas Jenkin of Denbury [Marked "J"]
Anne Edwards of Denbury [Signed]
Francis Bond of Highweek [Signed]
Elizabeth Bond of Highweek [Marked "EB"]
Christopher Rendel of Ogwell, East [Marked "R"]
Thomas Sillack of Bickington [Signed]
John Dicker of Bickington [Marked "D"]
Thomas Randle of Ipplepen [Not signed]
Joakim Gilbert of Ipplepen [Not signed]
Nicholas Snelling of Cockington [Marked "NS"]
Rebecca Snelling of Cockington [Marked "R"]
Lucy Stephens of Cockington [Marked "L"]
George Borton of Cockington [Marked "B"]
Grace Dyer of Cockington [Marked "D"]
Wilmot Follet of Cockington [Marked "F"]
Elizabeth Punchen of Cockington [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Pulman of Cockington [Marked "P"]
Thomas Ley of Cockington [Signed]
Andrew Windsor (Winser) of Cockington [Signed]
Elizabeth Hole of Cockington [Marked "H"]
Samuel Holman of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Joan Holman of Combeinteignhead [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Hingston, widow of Combeinteignhead [Marked "G"]
Mary Long of Combeinteignhead [Marked "L"]
Grace Long of Combeinteignhead [Marked "GL"]
Joan Long of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Jane Holman of Combeinteignhead [Marked "H"]
John Neck of Kingskerswell [Signed]
William Neck of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Henry Brawn of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Lydia Brawn of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Richard Hayward of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
Grace Clampit of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
William Foster of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Thomas Neck of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Richard Palk sen of Kingskerswell [Marked "P"]
Richard Palk jun of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Anne Codner of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
Margaret Bully of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Priscilla Little of Bishopsteignton [Marked "L"]
Amy Dyer of Paignton [Not signed]
Elizabeth Bow of Cockington [Marked "B"]
William Robins of St. Nicholas [Marked "R"]
John Sellick of St. Nicholas [Marked "S"]
Mary Rich of St. Nicholas [Marked "R"]
Mary Gascoigne of St. Nicholas [Marked "G"]
John Holman of Highweek [Not signed]
Richard Rodd of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
William Wallis of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Peter Gotham of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Peter Oxenham of Abbotskerswell [Marked "O"]
Peter Yabsley of Abbotskerswell [Marked "Y"]
John Ford of Abbotskerswell [Marked "F"]
Susanna Bully of Abbotskerswell [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Ford of Abbotskerswell [Marked "F"]
Anne Full of Abbotskerswell [Marked "A"]
Amy Hoddy of Churston Ferrers [Marked "H"]
Charity Barnes of Combeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
John Rich of Coffinswell [Signed]
Stephen Alexander of Coffinswell [Marked "SA"]
William Newton of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Robert Vening of Abbotskerswell [Marked "V"]
Peter Skinner of Dawlish [Signed]
Mary Berry of Dawlish [Marked "B"]
Thomas Pethebridge of Manaton Bickington [Marked "P"]
John Woodley of Wolborough [Marked "W"]
Thomas Pethebridge (Pethybridge) of Manaton [Signed]
Mark Taylor of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "T"]
John Sloman of Wolborough [Marked "S"]
Grace Chaplin of Coffinswell [Marked "C"]
William Rennel (Rennell) of Ogwell, East [Signed]
Thomas Law sen of Denbury [Marked "L"]
Mary Bareblock, wife of James Bareblock of Wolborough [Marked "B"]
Anne Furse of Paignton [Marked "F"]
Mary Steer (Stear), wife of Bartholomew Steer of Highweek [Signed]
Mary Hyne of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Phillipa Creed of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
John Bayly (Baely) of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Jane Bayly (Baely), wife of John Bayly of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
John Berry of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Samuel Taylor of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Thomas White of Ipplepen [Marked "W"]
Edmund Coleton of Brixham [Signed]
Thomas Guppy of Brixham [Signed]
Nicholas Courtis of Abbotskerswell [Marked "C"]
Joachim Gilbert of Littlehempston [Marked]
Elizabeth Mathews, wife of Henry Mathews of Ogwell, East [Marked "M"]
Joan Choldich of Ogwell, East [Marked "C"]
Mary Bickford of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Mary Bickford jun of St. Marychurch [Marked]
Thomas Sheppard of St. Marychurch [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Stoneman (?Stonman) of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Mary Venning of Abbotskerswell [Marked "V"]
Margaret Venning of Abbotskerswell [Marked "O"]
Sarah Wotton of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Martha Wotton of Bovey Tracey [Marked "W"]
Honour Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Sarah Burring of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
John Hosegood of Paignton [Signed]
Thomas Wallis of Paignton [Marked "W"]
John Taylor of Paignton [Marked "T"]
Richard Hosegood of Paignton [Signed]
Richard Gooderidge jun of Paignton [Marked "G"]
Edward Dashper of Paignton [Signed]
Susanna Bussel (Bussell) of Paignton [Marked "SB"]
Amy Dyer of Paignton [Marked "D"]
Amy Dugdale of Paignton [Marked "AD"]
Richard Codner of Paignton [Signed]
Henry Lashe (Lash) of Paignton [Marked "L"]
John Yabbacombe of Paignton [Marked "Y"]
John Rapson of Paignton [Marked "R"]
John Bennet of Cockington [Marked]
Richard Lander of Cockington [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Jackson of Cockington [Marked "J"]
Nicholas Nosworthy of Cockington [Marked "N"]
Nicholas Adams of Cockington [Marked "A"]
George Jonson (Johnson) of Cockington [Marked "J"]
John Weekes (Weeks) of Cockington [Marked "W"]
Humphrey Thorne of Paignton [Not signed]
Thomas Guppy of Brixham [Not signed]
William Gillard of Brixham [Signed]
Peter Crowte of Brixham [Marked "C"]
John Coyde of Brixham [Marked "JC"]
Jasper Colyer (Collier) of Brixham [Marked "C"]
Joan Gillard of Brixham [Marked "G"]
George Preter of Brixham [Signed]
Samuel Fost of Paignton [Signed]
Henry Dugdale of Churston Ferrers [Marked "D"]
David Langner of Churston Ferrers [Marked "L"] [Surname altered, original spelling unclear]
John Farley of Brent, South [Signed]
William Adams of Marldon [Signed]
Mary Payn (Payne) of Combeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Fynes, wife of Norris Fynes of Wolborough [Marked "F"]
Sarah Call, wife of Richard Call of Wolborough [Signed]
Joan Boon of Highweek [Marked "B"]
Jane Gale of Wolborough [Marked "G"]
Elizabeth Venning (Vening) of Wolborough [Signed]
Joanna Steer of Wolborough [Marked "S"]
Anne Bussel (Bussell) of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Katherine Smith of Paignton [Marked "S"]
Mary Grant of St. Nicholas [Not signed]
John Rowell of Ilsington [Marked "R"]
John Chistopher of Teigngrace [Marked]
William Butland, gent of Wolborough [Signed]
Mary Butland, wife of William Butland of Wolborough [Not signed]
George Dugdale of Stoke Gabriel [Not signed]
Mary Pulton of Combeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Nicholas Whiteway of Marldon [Marked "W"]
Mary Harris of Marldon [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Bully (Bulley) of Marldon [Marked "B"]
William Peters of Marldon [Marked "P"]
Jacob Bartlet (Bartlett) of Marldon [Signed]
John Eales of Paignton [Marked "E"]
Mary Strong, wife of Samuel Strong of Wolborough [Marked "S"]
Mary Butland, wife of William Butland of Wolborough [Signed]
Anne Baker of Combeinteignhead [Marked "A"]
Thomas Parnel (Parnell) of Combeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Richard Clare of Combeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Mary Randel of Combeinteignhead [Marked "R"]
Melchisedeck Cawsey of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Martha Jeffery of Combeinteignhead [Marked "J"]
Robert Lyles of Combeinteignhead [Marked "L"]
Richard Underhay of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Mary Pullen of Teignmouth, West [Marked "P"]
Susanna Call, wife of William Call of Wolborough [Marked "C"]
John Leach of Tormoham [Marked "L"]
Thomas Brand of Tormoham [Marked "B"]
Walter Dearing of Tormoham [Marked "D"]
William Alward of Tormoham [Marked "A"]
John Bingham (Benham) of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
Elizabeth Beardon of Wolborough [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Mayo of Combeinteignhead [Marked "M"] [Residence altered, original entry unclear]
Phillipa Christopher of Bovey Tracey [Marked "C"]
John Caine of Ilsington [Signed]
John Rowell of Ilsington [Marked "R"]
Jacob Baker of Ilsington [Marked "B"]
Andrew Narramore of Ilsington [Marked "N"]
Thomas Poynt (Point) of Haccombe [Marked "P"]
William Margray of Highweek [Marked "M"]
Mary Westlake of ye same Wolborough [Marked "W"]
Thomas Lanecraft (Lancraft) of Kingsteignton [Signed]
William Way (Waye) of Kingsteignton [Signed]
John Way of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Richard Leaman of Ipplepen [Marked "L"]
Samuel Bond of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
John Lear of Kingskerswell [Marked "L"]
Alice Howett of Kingskerswell [Marked "H"]
Mary Crockell of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
John Dashford of Marldon [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Whiteway of Marldon [Marked "W"]
Thomas Langaller of Marldon [Signed] [Residence not stated, inferred from previous]
Richard Long of Combeinteignhead [Marked "L"]
Andrew Holman of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
John Northcot (Northcott) of Combeinteignhead [Marked "N"]
John Axon of Combeinteignhead [Marked "A"]
Nicholas Taylor of Abbotskerswell [Marked "T"]
John Lamshead (Lambshead) of Wolborough [Marked "L"]
Thomas Payne (Paine) of Wolborough [Signed]
John Brooking of Wolborough [Signed]
John Babb of Wolborough [Marked "B"]
William Beck of Wolborough [Marked "B"]
Henry Harris of Wolborough [Marked "H"]
Jane Philips (Phillips) of Wolborough [Marked "P"]
Margaret Upton of Wolborough [Marked "U"]
Thomas Way of Wolborough [Marked "W"]
Zacharias Roach of Marldon [Marked "R"]
Susan Luscombe of Marldon [Marked "L"]
Mary Babb of Teignmouth, West [Marked "B"]
Thomas Tothill of Kingsteignton [Marked "T"]
Thomas Dymond of Kingsteignton [Marked "D"]
Samuel Milton of Kingsteignton [Marked "M"]
Peter Beare (Bear) of Kingsteignton [Marked "B"]
Richard Morrell of Kingsteignton [Marked "M"]
Roger Evans of St. Marychurch [Marked "E"]
Gregory Campion jun of Highweek [Signed]
Gilbert Seager of Highweek [Marked "S"]
Samuel Colcheart (Colchard) of Highweek [Signed]
William Alexander of Highweek [Not signed]
John Mayo of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Elizabeth Hellyer (Hellier) of Combeinteignhead [Marked "H"]
William Windsor of Combeinteignhead [Marked "W"]
Thomazin Wootton of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Anne Gotherbed of Combeinteignhead [Marked "G"]
William Wilmot Middleton of Combeinteignhead [Marked "M"]
George Clampit (Clampitt) of Combeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Thomas Codner of Abbotskerswell [Marked "C"]
William Croker of Abbotskerswell [Marked]
Mary Hanover (Hannover) of Abbotskerswell [Marked "H"]
Edward Crispin of Buckland in the Moor [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Crispin of Buckland in the Moor [Marked "EC"]
Gregory Whitburn of Lustleigh [Marked "G"]
Martha Dyer of Kingskerswell [Marked "D"]
William Bickford of Kingskerswell [Signed]
John Cole of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
Charles Pool (Pooll) of Teigngrace [Marked "P"]
John Pool (Pooll) of Teigngrace [Signed]
Jane Yeabsly of Wolborough [Not signed]
Margaret Wey of Wolborough [Not signed]
Anne Trenoth of Wolborough [Not signed]
Richard Hole of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "H"]
James Lapthorn of Ipplepen [Signed]
Sarah Border, wife of James Border of Wolborough [Marked "B"]
James Amyatt (Amyat) of Wolborough [Marked "A"]
Vincent Windsor of Wolborough [Marked "W"]
Samuel Moore of Wolborough [Marked "M"]
Baldwin Port of Stoke Damerel [Marked "P"]
Richard ?Hole/?Hele of Stoke Gabriel [Not signed]
Mary Brooking of Wolborough [Marked "B"]
William Cock of Kingsteignton [Marked "C"]
Grace Stoodley, wife of Jonathan Stoodley of Highweek [Marked "+"]
Hugh Bradford of Highweek [Marked "B"]
Susanna Atwill of Highweek [Marked "A"]
John Ford of Highweek [Marked "F"]
Richard Redstone of Highweek [Signed]
John Lammicraft of Highweek [Marked "L"]
William Alexander of Highweek [Marked "A"]
Robert Weymouth of Wolborough [Marked "W"]
Nicholas Tucker of Combeinteignhead [Marked "TT"]
Charles How of Kingskerswell [Marked "H"]
Richard Ford of Wolborough [Signed]
John Ralph of Brixham [Signed]
William Stobell (Scoble) of Brixham [Signed]
Thomas Honywell of Brixham [Marked "H"]
William Honywell of Brixham [not signed or marked]
John Collyer of Brixham [Signed]
John Churchward of Brixham [Marked "C"]
Maud Hurrell, wife of John Hurrell of Kingskerswell [Signed]
John Wallis of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Thomas Collings (Collins) of Ipplepen [Signed]
Ezekiah Rowe of St. Marychurch [Signed]
John Cocks of St. Marychurch [Signed]
John Wills of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
John Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Samuel Pitman of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
Thomas Hussey of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
John Pittell of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
Richard Carell sen of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Richard Carell jun of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Gregory Honey of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Margery Tilley, wife of Gilbert Tilley of Paignton [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Garner of Paignton [Marked "G"]
Gilbert Langmead of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Robert Voysey of Marldon [Marked "V"]
William Hussey of Marldon [Marked "H"]
Samuel Varder jun of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Mary Tapley, wife of John Tapley of St. Marychurch [Marked "T"]
Eleanor Dinch, wife of John Dinch of St. Marychurch [Signed]
John Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
William Hussey of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
Margaret Browse of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
John Coll of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
John Clogg of St. Marychurch [Marked "JC"]
William Adams of Ipplepen [Signed]
Joanna Leman, wife of Richard Leman of Ipplepen [Marked "J"]
William Rowe of Littlehempston [Marked "R"]
William Call of Wolborough [Signed]
John Craft of Wolborough [Signed]
Margaret Churchward of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "M"]
Mary Hall of Denbury [Marked "H"]
Joan Woodley of Wolborough [Marked "W"]
Dorothy Chappell, wife of Gregory Chaple of Wolborough [Marked "C"]
Susanna Lovecraft of Kingsteignton [Marked "L"]
Peter Gale jun of Torbryan [Marked "G"]
Ambrose Helmore (Hellmore) of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "H"]
George Dugdall (Dugdale) of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "D"]
John Woodley of Wolborough [Signed]
Edward Colton, clerk of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Mary Colton, wife of Edward Colton of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Martha Barter, wife of Walter Barter of Kingskerswell [Marked "M"]
Grace Buckingham, wife of Alex Buckingham of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Mary Barter, wife of Jonas Barter of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Rebecca Reynel (Reynell), wife of Thomas Renel of Wolborough [Marked "R"]
Mary Pearse, widow of Wolborough [Signed]
Mary Langaller (Langler), wife of Thomas Langaller of Wolborough [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Narramore, wife of Andrew Narramore of Wolborough [Marked "N"]
Martha Prowse, widow of Abbotskerswell [Marked "P"]
John Finch of Paignton [Marked "F"]
James Churchward of Paignton [Signed]
Richard Cross of Paignton [Marked "C"]
Sarah Smith of Paignton [Marked "SS"]
Mary Calego (?Calego) of Paignton [Marked "C"]
William Blackford of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Abraham Dyer of Paignton [Marked "D"]
James Pollard of Paignton [Marked "P"]
Robert Burnell of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Thomas Warren of Paignton [Marked "W"]
William Gardner of Paignton [Signed]
Elizabeth Lymbery (Lymbeere) of Paignton [Marked "L"]
Catherine Langler of Paignton [Marked "L"]
Mary Tomlyn of Paignton [Marked "T"]
Mary Hodge of Paignton [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Fost of Paignton [Marked "F"]
William Honywell (Honeywell) jun of Brixham [Signed]
Thomas Payn of Wolborough [Not signed]
William Back of Wolborough [Not signed]
Edward Prowse of Teignmouth, West [Marked "P"]
Richard Matthews of Teignmouth, West [Marked "M"]
Christopher Edwards of Teignmouth, West [Marked "E"]
Thomas Jeffery of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
John Wilking of Teignmouth, West [Marked "W"]
Isaac Skinner of Teignmouth, West [Marked "S"]
William Clift of Coffinswell [Marked "C"]
Honour Fuddern of Paignton [Marked "F"]
Margaret Way of Wolborough [Marked "W"]
Anne Trescowthick of Wolborough [Marked "T"]
Jane Yabsly of Wolborough [Marked "Y"]
John Beavis of Ipplepen [Marked "B"]
John Evans of Broadhempston [Marked]
Richard Codner of Abbotskerswell [Marked "C"]
William Alward jun of Abbotskerswell [Marked "A"]
John Burrow (Barrow) of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
William Hall of Abbotskerswell [Marked "H"]
William Colwill (Colwell) of Abbotskerswell [Marked "C"]
John Baker of Tormoham [Marked "B"]
Edward Ward of Tormoham [Marked "W"]
Robert Cowell of Tormoham [Marked "C"]
John Bow of Tormoham [Marked "B"]
William Baker of Tormoham [Not signed]
Elizabeth Furneaux of Buckfastleigh [Marked "F"]
Elizabeth Mitchelmore (Michellmore) of Buckfastleigh [Marked "M"] [Surname altered, original spelling unclear]
Elizabeth Mitchelmore (Michellmore) jun of Buckfastleigh [Marked "M"] [Surname altered, original spelling unclear]
Mary Mitchelmore (Michelmore) of Buckfastleigh [Marked "MM"] [Surname altered, original spelling unclear]
Elizabeth Warren of Buckfastleigh [Marked "W"]
Mary Bartley of Buckfastleigh [Marked "B"]
Mary Luscombe of Buckfastleigh [Marked "L"]
Gilbert Stephens (Stevens) of Ipplepen [Marked "S"]
John Tozer of Ipplepen [Marked "T"]
Grace Harris of Ipplepen [Signed]
Grace Tozer of Ipplepen [Marked "T"]
Philip Berry of Ipplepen [Signed]
Hannah Jane of Ipplepen [Marked "J"]
Thomas Wotton of Ipplepen [Marked "W"]
Thomas Osborn of Ipplepen [Marked "O"]
William Hooper of Ipplepen [Marked "H"]
Timothy Rogers of Ipplepen [Marked "R"]
James Boys of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Susan Butland of Paignton [Marked "B"]
William Gotham of Paignton [Signed]
Elizabeth Ball of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Agnes Veal of St. Marychurch [Marked "V"]
James Baker of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Weymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Michael Hall of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "H"]
Richard Blackler (Blackaller) sen of Broadhempston [Marked "B"]
Mary Barter of Broadhempston [Marked "B"]
John Luckcraft of Broadhempston [Marked "L"]
William Blackler of Littlehempston [Marked "B"]
Henry Cumins (Cummings) of Denbury [Marked "C"]
Mary Michel (Michell) of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Nicholas Wilkins of Teignmouth, East [Marked "W"]
William Blackford of Combeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Melchisedeck Cawsey of Combeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Thomas Randal of Ipplepen [Marked "R"]
William Howard of Coffinswell [Marked "H"]
Robert Pease of Coffinswell [Marked "P"]
John Carnel (Carnell) of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Richard Carnel of Kingsteignton [Marked]
Mary Sampson of Kingsteignton [Marked "S"]
Abigail Westcot (Westcott) of Kingsteignton [Marked "W"]
William Meyne (Mayne) of Wolborough [Signed]
Humphrey Thorn of Wolborough [Marked "T"]
Henry Wotton of Wolborough [Marked "W"]
Henry Searle of Torbryan [Marked "S"]
Thomas Rowse (Rows) of Torbryan [Signed]
Gilbert Cuddeford (Cuddiford) of Torbryan [Marked "C"]
Christopher Howard of Torbryan [Marked "H"]
John Endle of Torbryan [Marked "E"]
Jeffery Avent of Torbryan [Marked "A"]
Thomazin Wotton of Torbryan [Marked "W"]