Oaths sworn at At the home of Richard Ball, Hatherleigh, 15 November 1723 before Arthur Arscott and Richard Yeo esqs

John Harris of Lifton [Signed] [Beneath this: "Mem'dn John Harris of Hayne Esqr took ye test & proved a certificate of his having received ye sacrament according to ye usage of ye Church of England"; Residence "Hayne inhabiting Lifton"]
Mary Coham, wife of Stephen Coham gent of Sheepwash [Signed]
Jane Veale, wife of Walter Veale gent of Hatherleigh [Signed]
William Paddon of Dowland [Marked "P"]
George Bent, gent of Exbourne [Signed]
Joseph Newcombe (Newcomb) of Exbourne [Signed]
Marmaduke Spettigue, gent of Northcott Hamlet (Boyton in Cornwall) [Signed]
Elizabeth Palmer of Dowland [Marked "P"]
John Langdon of Merton [Signed]
John Arscot of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "A"]
William Arscot (Arscott) of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Humphrey Smale of Lew, North [Marked "S"]
Walter Bailey of Beaworthy [Marked "B"]
Sarah Bailey of Lew, North [Marked "B"]
Joan Philps (Phips), wife of William Philps of Hatherleigh [Signed]
Richard Duning (Dunning), gent of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Elizabeth Kelland, widow of Tawton, North [Signed]
Jane Durant of Tawton, North [Signed]
John Beare jun of Highampton [Signed]
Anthony Cornish of Torrington, Black [Signed]
John Abbot (Abbott) of Sourton [Marked "J"]
Thomas Metter of Beaworthy [Marked "M"]
John Norleigh of Bradford [Marked "N"]
John Langbridge of Dolton [Marked "L"]
John Crewys (Cruwys) of Dolton [Marked "C"]
James Short of Meeth [Marked "S"]
Humphrey Lock of Beaford [Marked "H"]
Susanna Merrifield of Hatherleigh [Marked "M"]
Deborah Britton of Tawton, North [Marked "B"]
Richard Ware of Tawton, North [Signed]
Joan Ware, wife of Richard Ware of Tawton, North [Marked "W"]
Philip Townsend of Tawton, North [Signed]
Mark Tozer of Tawton, North [Signed]
John Arscott of Tawton, South [Signed]
Nicholas Northcott of Tawton, South [Marked "N"]
John Dunning jun of Tawton, South [Signed]
William Sloman (Sloeman) of Tawton, South [Marked "S"]
Judith Squire of Tawton, South [Marked "S"]
John Pedler of Tawton, South [Signed]
Henry Nild of Chulmleigh [Marked "N"]
Martha Fortescue, wife of Brown Fortestcue of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Peter Tattershill of Exbourne [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Tattershill, wife of Peter Tattershill of Exbourne [Marked "E"]
Joan Baily of Winkleigh [Marked "B"]
Anne Dunning jun of Honeychurch [Marked "D"]
Philip Babbage of Hatherleigh [Marked "B"]
Anna Phillis Leach, wife of C: Leach of Hatherleigh [Marked "L"]
John Prouse (Prowse) of Inwardleigh [Signed]
Robert Ford of Monk Okehampton [Signed]
Richard Wivell of Buckland Filleigh [Signed]
Thomas Brock (Brocke) of Monk Okehampton [Signed]
Roger Tuke of Ashbury [Signed]
George Courtice of Highampton [Marked "C"]
John Barries of Holsworthy [Marked "B"]
Silvanus Batcock of Lew, North [Marked "S"]
Degory Credacott of North Petherwin [Marked "D"]
Thomas Pearce of North Petherwin [Marked "T"]
Charles Reed of North Petherwin [Marked "R"]
John Credacott of North Petherwin [Marked "C"]
John Bate of North Petherwin [Marked "B"]
William Glanfill of North Petherwin [Marked "W"]
Richard Short of North Petherwin [Signed]
Rose Palmer of Inwardleigh [Marked "P"]
Roger Bond of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
John Lacey of Inwardleigh [Signed]
Isaac Beare of Sourton [Marked "B"]
John Hearn of Lewtrenchard [Marked "H"]
Richard Slee of Iddesleigh [Marked "S"]
John Anstis of Iddesleigh [Marked "A"]
Susanna Hammett of Iddesleigh [Marked "H"]
Henry Jones of Iddesleigh [Marked "J"]
John Cupper of Iddesleigh [Marked "J"]
Joel Hammett of Iddesleigh [Marked "H"]
Walter Cupper (Cooper) of Dowland [Signed]
Simon Paddon of Iddesleigh [Marked "P"]
Mary Bray of Iddesleigh [Marked "B"]
Agnes Bray of Iddesleigh [Marked "A"]
Simon Chidley of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "C"]
Thomas Baker of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "B"]
George Hayman of Iddesleigh [Marked "H"]
Joan Thomas of Iddesleigh [Marked "T"]
Mary Northcott of Iddesleigh [Marked "N"]
David Pedler of Beaworthy [Marked "P"]
Mary Pudner (Pudner) of Inwardleigh [Marked "M"]
Agnes Oliver of Highampton [Marked "A"]
Anne Oliver, wife of William Oliver of Highampton [Marked "O"]
Hugh Braund of Highampton [Signed]
Thomazin Blatchford of Highampton [Marked]
Richard Tuke (Tuk) of Highampton [Signed]
John Tremlett of Hatherleigh [Marked "T"]
Anne Ellacott of Hatherleigh [Marked "A"]
Edward Bowden of Hatherleigh [Marked "G"]
John Gliddon of Hatherleigh [Marked "J"]
Charity Lock of Hatherleigh [Marked "L"]
Richard Ballamy of Exbourne [Signed]
John Ballamy of Exbourne [Marked "J"]
Robert Burrow of Exbourne [Marked "R"]
Peter Eastabrook of Exbourne [Marked "E"]
Dennis Rolle, clerk of Merton [Signed]
Mary Whitlock, wife of Elston Whitlock clerk of Langtree [Marked "X"]
Edmund Page of Merton [Marked "P"]
Margaret Potter of Ashwater [Marked "P"]
Mary Luxmore, wife of John Luxmore of Broadwoodwidger [Signed]
Mary Hill, spinster of Bratton Clovelly [Signed]
Katherine Lethbridge of Jacobstowe [Signed]
Elizabeth Courtis of Dowland [Marked "C"]
John Bailly (Beally) of Tavistock [Signed]
John Worden of Sourton [Marked "W"]
Margaret Yeo of North Petherwin [Signed]
Elizabeth Yeo of North Petherwin [Signed]
Mary Credacot (Crodacott) of North Petherwin [Signed]
Mary Pedler (Pedlar) of North Petherwin [Signed]
Henry Nicholls, gent of Merton [Marked "N"]
Humphrey Brawnd (Braund) of Clawton [Marked "B"]
Mary Lethern of Winkleigh [Marked "M"]
John Tossell of Burrington [Signed]
Elizabeth Holloway of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "H"]
Gregory Parr of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "P"]
William Clotworthy (Clatworthy) of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "W"]
Simon Chambers of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "S"]
Maudlin Woodman of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "M"]
John Babbage of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "B"]
Richard Babb of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "R"]
Simon Avery of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "A"]
Thomazin Smith of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "T"]
Grace Triggs of Tawton, South [Signed]
Susanna Allen of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "A"]
William Rogers (Roggars) of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
Anthony Lake of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "L"]
Mary Gale of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "M"]
Mathew Combe (Coombe) of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "C"]
John [Surname illegible] of Holsworthy [Not signed]
John Rowe of Hatherleigh [Marked "R"]
Susanna Paddon, wife of John Paddon of Highampton [Marked "P"]
Sarah Cornish of Highampton [Marked "S"]
John Merrifield of Inwardleigh [Marked "M"]
William Pudner of Inwardleigh [Marked "P"]
Edward Bidwell of Inwardleigh [Marked "B"]
Robert Bidwell of Inwardleigh [Marked "R"]
Joanna Squire of Inwardleigh [Marked "S"]
Alexander Merrifield of Inwardleigh [Marked "M"]
Robert Medland of Jacobstowe [Marked "R"]
Moses Woolland of Jacobstowe [Signed]
Elizabeth Medland, wife of Robert Medland of Jacobstowe [Marked "E"]
William Ball of Jacobstowe [Signed]
William Newcombe of Jacobstowe [Signed]
Richard Newcombe of Jacobstowe [Marked "R"]
Henry Keener of Jacobstowe [Marked "K"]
Henry Luxmoore of Bratton Clovelly [Marked "L"]
John Macy of Inwardleigh [Marked "M"]
Edward Rowe of Inwardleigh [Marked "E"]
Mary Weeks of Inwardleigh [Marked "W"]
John Banbury of Inwardleigh [Marked]
Mary Weeks (Weekes) of Inwardleigh [Marked "M"]
Richard Brock of Inwardleigh [Marked "R"]
Honour Guscot (Guscott) of Inwardleigh [Marked "G"]
Joan Brock of Inwardleigh [Marked "B"]
Mary Henwood of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "H"]
Mary Woolland, widow of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "W"]
Jane Paddon of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "P"]
Susannah Turner of Hatherleigh [Signed]
William Heard of Hatherleigh [Signed]
John Hissett of Bradford [Marked "H"]
Joseph Rawley (Rawleigh) of Torrington, Black [Signed]
Arthur Mounsey of Torrington, Black [Marked "M"]
Moyse Wills of Torrington, Black [Marked "M"]
Rebecca Lott of Torrington, Black [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Martyn of Torrington, Black [Marked "M"]
Richard Downe of Torrington, Black [Marked "R"]
James May of Highampton [Marked "J"]
John May (Maye) of Highampton [Signed]
John Heane of Highampton [Marked "H"]
Humphrey Parish of Highampton [Marked "P"]
Mary Chichester of Highampton [Marked "M"]
Margaret Heale of Highampton [Marked "H"]
John Hissett of Sheepwash [Marked "J"]
Walter Spry of Ashbury [Marked "S"]
Robert Middleton (?Meddeltn) of Lew, North [Signed]
Thomas Westlake of Inwardleigh [Marked "W"]
Robert Morcombe of Inwardleigh [Marked "RM"]
William Allen of Highampton [Marked "W"]
Ann Wonnacott of Ashbury [Marked "A"]
William Pote of Lew, North [Marked "P"]
Richard Woolland of Exbourne [Signed]
Edward Watkings (Watkins) of Lew, North [Signed]
Bartholomew Madge of Torrington, Black [Signed]
John Allen of Sheepwash [Signed]
George Newcombe of Inwardleigh [Signed]
Thomas Glass of Hatherleigh [Marked "G"]
Mary Leverton of Hatherleigh [Marked "M"]
John Wood of Sampford Courtenay [Signed]
John Northcott jun of Hatherleigh [Signed]