Oaths sworn at The White Hart, Cullompton, 21 November 1723 before William Coleman, Thomas Carew, Thomas Brown and Richard Nutcombe esqs

William Colman, esq of Tiverton [Signed]
Richard Nutcomb (Nutcombe), esq of Clayhanger [Signed]
Robert Bluett, esq of Holcombe Rogus [Signed]
Mary Rayner, wife of William Rayner of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Andrews, wife of Clement Andrews of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Newte of ye same Bampton [Marked "N"]
Ann Norman, wife of John Norman of Tiverton [Signed]
John Deyman of Tiverton [Signed]
William Selleck, gent of Cullompton [Signed]
Richard Reed (Read) of Tiverton [Signed]
Humphrey Norman of Burlescombe [Marked "N"]
John Salter of Cullompton [Signed]
Mary Morgan, wife of William Morgan of Tiverton [Signed]
Agnes Bartlee, wife of John Bartlee of Tiverton [Signed] [Surname altered from "Bartlett]
John Martyn (Martin) of Cullompton [Signed]
John Martyn (Martin) jun of Cullompton [Signed]
Martha Newte of Tiverton [Signed]
John Bowdon of Tiverton [Signed]
George Drake, clerk of Sampford Peverell [Signed]
James Acland, clerk of Uplowman [Signed]
Elizabeth Culme, wife of Charles Culme of Bampton [Signed]
Mary Beere (Bere), wife of Richard Beere of Morebath [Signed]
Mary Sayer, wife of Nicholas Sayer of Morebath [Signed]
Jane Pearse, wife of John Pearse of Morebath [Signed]
Dorothy Sealy, wife of John Sealy of Morebath [Marked "S"]
Mary Norman, wife of Edward Norman of Morebath [Marked "N"]
Mary Sidenham (Sydenham), spinster of Morebath [Signed]
Dorothy Sidenham (Sydenham) of Morebath [Signed]
Anne Bidgood, widow of Morebath [Marked "B"]
Anne Badcock of Morebath [Signed]
John Stone of Morebath [Signed]
Charles Sutton of Morebath [Marked "S"]
Peter Morse of Morebath [Signed]
Edward Sinkins of Morebath [Marked "S"]
Mary Nossiter, widow of Tiverton [Marked "N"]
Anne Everton of Tiverton [Marked "A"]
John Harward, esq of Plymtree [Signed]
Lucy Harward, wife of John Harward esq of Plymtree [Signed]
Elizabeth Pratt, wife of William Pratt of Plymtree [Signed]
Rebecca Salter of Plymtree [Signed]
Christian Harward of Cullompton [Signed]
John Carwithen, clerk of Uffculme [Signed]
Hester Carwithen (Carwithyn), wife of John Carwithen clerk of Uffculme [Signed]
Simon Oland, gent of Morebath [Signed]
Robert Kerslake, clerk of Holcombe Rogus [Signed]
Edmund Gould of Tiverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Wheeler (Wheller), widow of Tiverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Stubbs, wife of Lionell Stubbs of Tiverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Napper, wife of John Napper of Tiverton [Marked "N"]
Mary Radford, widow of Tiverton [Signed]
Joan Tristram of Tiverton [Not signed]
Ann May, wife of Walter May of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
John Seldon of Tiverton [Signed]
Joan Fowler, spinster of Tiverton [Marked "F"]
Thomasine Mills, widow of Cullompton [Marked "M"]
Ann Mills of Cullompton [Signed]
John Northleigh of Talaton [Signed]
John Harris of Talaton [Not signed]
Nicholas Harris of Talaton [Signed]
Catherine Harris, wife of Nicholas Harris of Talaton [Signed]
Joan Venn, wife of John Venn of Payhembury [Marked "V"]
Joan Pinsent, wife of Jonah Pinsent of Talaton [Marked "P"]
Mary Pyle of Talaton [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Pyle of Talaton [Marked "P"]
John Godfrey of Talaton [Marked "G"]
Robert Stephens of Talaton [Marked "S"]
James Miller of Talaton [Marked "M"]
John Miller of Talaton [Signed]
George Pyle of Talaton [Signed]
Nicholas Glanvill of Talaton [Marked "G"]
William Fawkner of Talaton [Marked "F"]
William Fawkner jun of Talaton [Signed]
John Heyman of Talaton [Marked "H"]
William Sanford of Talaton [Marked "S"]
Clement Acland of Talaton [Marked "A"]
John Mathew of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Robert Fawkner of Talaton [Marked "F"]
Mary Crideford of Talaton [Marked "C"]
Christopher Churchill of Talaton [Marked "C"]
Mary Churchill of Talaton [Marked "C"]
Richard Wey of Broadhembury [Marked "W"]
Alice Mathew of Broadhembury [Marked "M"]
William Salter of Payhembury [Marked "S"]
Joan Harris, wife of William Harris of Plymtree [Marked "H"]
Aaron Harris of Broadhembury [Signed]
Abraham Churchill of Plymtree [Marked "C"]
Margaret Heathfield of Cullompton [Marked "H"]
Alice Cross of Halberton [Marked "C"]
Joan Clark, wife of John Clark of Uffculme [Marked "C"]
John Osmond of Uffculme [Marked "O"]
John ?Dam of Uffculme [Not signed]
Margaret Burd, wife of Bernard Burd of Uffculme [Marked "B"]
Henry Western (Westron) of Uffculme [Signed]
Samuel Bishopp of Uffculme [Marked "B"]
William Shiles of Broadhembury [Signed]
Robert Pratt of Broadhembury [Marked "P"]
William Middleton of Broadhembury [Signed]
Joan Middleton of Broadhembury [Marked "M"]
Robert Hill of Broadhembury [Signed]
John Shile of ye same Plymtree [Signed]
Giles Bowerman of Hemyock [Signed]
William Clotworthy of Cullompton [Marked "C"]
Lawrence Butler of Plymtree [Marked "B"]
Richard Gange of Uffculme [Signed]
William Brook of Uffculme [Signed]
Richard Bowbeer (Boobeer) of Uffculme [Signed]
Joane Southard, widow of Uffculme [Marked "S"]
Abraham Tapscot (Tapscott) of Uffculme [Signed]
Augustine Stephens of Cullompton [Marked "S"]
Margaret Elworthy of Halberton [Marked "E"]
James Holway of Uffculme [Signed]
William Holway of Uffculme [Signed]
Peter Holway (Hollway) of Uffculme [Signed]
James Brook (Brooks) of Uffculme [Signed]
Elizabeth Bishopp of Uffculme [Marked "B"]
Abigail Callard of Uffculme [Marked "C"]
Edward Callard of Uffculme [Marked "C"]
Humphrey Stark of Uffculme [Marked "S"]
William Kent of Uffculme [Signed]
John Kent of Uffculme [Marked "K"]
Christopher Beedle of Calverleigh Loxbeare [Marked "B"]
Thomas Duckham of Loxbeare [Marked "D"] [Residence unclear because previous entry is altered.]
John Carpenter of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
Hieram Arther of Tiverton [Marked "A"]
Thomas Drake of Bampton [Signed]
Eleanor Drake, wife of Thomas Drake of Bampton [Signed]
Elizabeth Spurway, widow of Bampton [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Portbury, wife of William Portbury of Bampton [Signed]
Edward Hill of Bampton [Signed]
George Hill of Bampton [Marked "H"]
Mary Hill, spinster of Bampton [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Hill, {wife of Robt} of Bampton [Marked "H"]
Mary Langwell, wife of George Langwell of Bampton [Marked "L"]
Margery Bowbeare of Bampton [Marked "B"]
John Philleps (Phillips) of Bampton [Signed]
Mary Stile, wife of James Stile of Bampton [Marked "S"]
Joane Phillips, wife of John Phillips of Bampton [Signed]
Agnes Stone, widow of Bampton [Signed]
James Style of Bampton [Signed]
Joan Quick of Bampton [Marked "Q"]
Elizabeth Milton, wife of Richard Milton of Bampton [Marked "M"]
Mary Lock, wife of Henry Lock of Bampton [Marked "L"]
Eleanor Gamans of Bampton [Marked "G"]
Edward Chamberlynyne (Chamberlyne) of Bampton [Signed]
Robert Hill of Bampton [Signed]
Mary Surrage, widow of Bampton [Marked "S"]
Robert Hill of Bampton [Signed]
Christian Hill, wife of Robert Hill of Bampton [Marked "H"]
Richard Newte of Bampton [Signed]
Roger Oxenham of Bampton [Signed]
John North of Bampton [Signed]
James Surrage of Clayhanger [Signed]
Elizabeth Surrage, wife of James Surrage of Clayhanger [Signed]
Robert Daniell (Daniel) of Hockworthy Clayhanger [Signed]
John Locke of Hockworthy [Signed]
Dorothy Lock (Locke), wife of John Locke of Hockworthy [Marked "L"]
Mary Cowling of Bampton [Marked "C"]
Joan Chamberlyn, wife of Edward Chamberlyn of Bampton [Marked "C"]
Joan Westcomb (Wescombe), widow of Bampton [Signed]
Mary Lewis, wife of William Lewis of Tiverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Lewis, wife of Samuel Lewis of Tiverton [Marked "EL"]
Mary Jones, wife of John Jones clerk of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Hill, wife of Richard Hill esq of Broadhembury [Signed]
Hannah Nutcombe, wife of Richard Nutcombe esq of Clayhanger [Signed]
Roger Grabham (Grubham), clerk of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Mary Grabham, wife of Roger Grabham clerk of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Francis Huysh, clerk of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Sarah Huysh, wife of Francis Huysh clerk of Clyst Hydon [Signed]
Frances Cleveland (Cleaveland) of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Cleveland (Cleaveland) of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Kestlake, wife of Peter Kestlake of Holcombe Rogus [Signed]
William Gard, clerk of Cadeleigh [Signed]
John Harris, gent of Talaton [Signed]
William Harris of Plymtree [Signed]
Richard Grant of Tiverton [Signed]
Anne Grant of Tiverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Pooke of Kentisbeare [Signed]
John Thorn (Thorne) of Tiverton [Signed]
Simon Merson of Kentisbeare [Marked "M"]
William Deyman, clerk of Uffculme [Signed]
Anne Salter, wife of John Salter esq of Cullompton [Signed]
Elizabeth Downe of Tiverton [Marked "D"]
John Tristram of Tiverton [Not signed]
Joan Tristram, wife of John Tristram of Tiverton [Signed]
Margaret Burridge, wife of Caleb Burridge of Tiverton [Marked "B"]
Sarah Birchensha, wife of Thomas Birckensha of Tiverton [Signed] [Surname altered from "Birckenshaw"]
James Thomas of Tiverton [Signed]
Caleb Burridge of Tiverton [Signed]
James Staplin (Stapelin) of Tiverton [Signed]
James Staplin jun of Tiverton [Signed]
William Horford (Harford) of Tiverton [Signed]
Charity Windsor of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Anstice Hill of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
John Beadell of Tiverton [Signed]
Richord Symonds of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
George Paddon of Tiverton [Signed]
William Hooper of Tiverton [Signed]
Thomas Waldron of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Richard Hunt of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
Henry Seman (Seaman) of Tiverton [Signed]
William Blackmore of Tiverton [Marked "B"]
John Were of Culmstock [Signed]
Mary Were, wife of John Were of Culmstock [Signed]
Mary Pratt, wife of John Pratt of Willand [Marked "P"]
Mary Binford, wife of John Binford of Willand [Signed]
Richard Haydon of Tiverton [Signed]
William Franke, clerk of Broadhembury [Signed]
Mark Western (Westron) of Uffculme [Signed]
Elizabeth Dennis, wife of Robert Dennis of Willand [Marked "D"]
Philemon Mortimore of Silverton [Marked "M"]
William Mudford of Cullompton [Signed]
Alice Frost, wife of William Frost of Tiverton [Marked "F"]
Elizabeth Deyman, widow of Tiverton [Signed]
Agnes Southey of Culmstock [Marked "S"]
John Knight of Plymtree [Marked "K"]
Julian Pedericke of Plymtree [Marked "P"]
Samuel Raddenbury of Plymtree [Marked "R"]
Robert Skinner of Plymtree [Signed]
Richard Moxey of Plymtree [Marked "M"]
William Potter of Plymtree [Signed]
John Horwood of Hemyock [Marked "H"]
Hugh Northam of Uffculme [Marked "N"]
Hugh Northam jun of Uffculme [Signed]
James Roach of Uffculme [Marked "R"]
Hugh Sweetland (Sweatland) of Uffculme [Signed]
John Dunne of Uffculme [Marked "D"]
John Dunne (Dunn) jun of Uffculme [Signed]
Thomas Dunn of Uffculme [Signed]
Robert Dunne (Dunn) of Uffculme [Signed]
Margaret Rugg, wife of Theophilus Rugg of Uffculme [Marked]
Thomas Stone of Uffculme [Signed]
William Tanner of Uffculme [Marked "T"]
John Green of Uffculme [Marked "G"]
William Hookway of Uffculme [Marked "H"]
Joseph Davy of Uffculme [Marked "D"]
John Langdon of Uffculme [Marked "L"]
Jane Coleman of Uffculme [Marked "C"]
Mary Northam of Uffculme [Marked "N"]
Courtney Babbidge of Uffculme [Signed]
William Shaddick of Uffculme [Signed]
Simon Gibbons of Calverleigh [Marked "G"]
Elias Venn of Tiverton [Marked "V"]
Edward Were of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Martha Dell of ye same Loxbeare [Marked "D"]
Thomas Mander of Loxbeare [Marked "M"]
Thomas Melhuish of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Margery Were of Calverleigh Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Robert Mullens of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Richard Hill of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
Robert Westcomb of Uffculme [Signed]
Samuel Thorne of Loxbeare [Marked "T"]
William Burg (Barge) of Cadeleigh [Signed]
Sarah Capron of Sampford Peverell [Marked "C"]
Humphrey Sweetland of Willand [Signed]
Charles Jennings, collector of excise of Tiverton [Signed] [Entry reads: "Charles Jennings Collr of Excise inhabiting in Tiverton".]
Thomas Mathews of Tiverton [Signed]
James Gange of Uffculme [Marked "G"]
Peter Norrish of Sampford Peverell [Marked "N"]
John Bampfield of Sampford Peverell [Marked "B"]
John Moore of Sampford Peverell [Marked "M"]
James Osmond of Sampford Peverell [Signed]
Joan Osmond of Sampford Peverell [Signed]
Francis Cowlen (Cowlen) of Sampford Peverell [Signed] [Surname altered from "Colwing"]
John Gill of Halberton [Not signed]
John Gill of Halberton [Signed]