Oaths sworn at The Dolphin, Honiton, 25 November 1723 before John Drake bart and Thomas Carew esq

Mary Bragge, spinster of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Martha Drewe, spinster of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Mary Drewe, spinster of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Mary Cooke (Cook), wife of Thomas Cooke clerk of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Joan Wakely, wife of Thomas Wakely of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Priscilla Lumberd, wife of John Lumberd of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Anne Luff, spinster of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Catherine Harward, wife of Charles Harward of Talaton [Signed]
Margaret Wright of Feniton [Signed]
John Tilman of Seaton and Beer [Marked "T"]
Margaret Fry of Awliscombe [Marked "F"]
Elizabeth Pidgeon (Peidgeon) of Awliscombe [Signed]
Thomas Hall, clerk of Feniton [Signed]
Ann Putt, wife of Reymundo Putt esq of Gittisham [Signed]
Mary Warry, wife of George Warry of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
Gilbert Yarde, clerk of Buckerell [Signed]
Dorothy Yarde, wife of Gilbert Yarde clerk of Buckerell [Signed]
John White of Broadhembury [Signed]
John Norman of Broadhembury [Marked "N"]
Mary Pratt, wife of William Pratt of Broadhembury [Signed]
Elizabeth Shiles, wife of William Shiles of Broadhembury [Signed]
Sarah Melhuish, wife of Joseph Melhuish of Broadhembury [Marked "M"]
John Stevens of Broadhembury [Marked "S"]
Edward Canniford of Broadhembury [Signed]
Joseph Johnsling of Broadhembury [Marked "J"]
Edward Clark of Farway [Signed]
Mathew Bartlett of Farway [Signed]
John Guppy of Sidbury [Marked "G"]
George Zane of Yarcombe [Marked "Z"]
James Mecham (Meacham) of Yarcombe [Signed]
Jane Mecham (Meacham) of Yarcombe [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Mechan (Meacham) of Yarcombe [Marked "E"]
Joane Willie of Yarcombe [Marked "W"]
Henry Willie of Yarcombe [Signed]
Joan Smith of Yarcombe [Marked "S"]
Grace Pym of Yarcombe [Marked "P"]
Mary Mecham (Meacham) of Yarcombe [Signed]
Hugh Boles of Yarcombe [Signed]
Ephraim Burford of Yarcombe [Marked "B"]
Mary Parris of Yarcombe [Marked "P"]
Jane Dinham of Honiton [Marked "D"]
Anne White of Honiton [Marked "W"]
Margaret Norman of Honiton [Signed]
Samuel Serle of Luppitt [Marked "S"]
Richard Berry of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Marked "B"]
Rebecca Berry, wife of Richard Berry of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Marked "B"]
Mary Warry of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Not signed]
Robert Fox of Yarcombe [Marked "F"]
George Evens of Yarcombe [Marked "E"]
Simon Spiller of Yarcombe [Marked "S"]
Israel Mutter of Yarcombe [Marked "M"]
Samuel Sparke of Yarcombe [Marked "S"]
John Spiller of Yarcombe [Marked "S"]
Simon Spiller jun of Yarcombe [Marked "S"]
Ursula Armage, spinster of Yarcombe [Marked "A"]
Christian Bayley, spinster of Yarcombe [Marked "B"]
Robert Harrison of Luppitt [Marked "H"]
Henry Woodrow of Plymtree [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Morey of Payhembury [Marked "M"]
Gertrude Hilson, wife of Mathew Hilson of Honiton [Signed]
Elizabeth Zane of Yarcombe [Marked "Z"]
Robert Furzey of Yarcombe [Marked "F"]
Mathew Hilson sen of Honiton [Marked "H"]
John Bragg of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Marked "B"]
William Morgan of Feniton [Marked "M"]
Margaret Thorn, wife of Gawen Thorn of Cotleigh [Marked "T"]
John Bishop of Feniton [Marked "B"]
Jane Lee of Seaton and Beer [Marked "L"]
Rebecca Smith, spinster of Honiton [Signed]
Richard Hurford of Upottery [Marked "H"]
Mary Combe of Upottery [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Pavey, wife of Leonard Pavey of Yarcombe [Marked "P"]
Beatrice Spiller, widow of Yarcombe [Marked "S"]
Sarah Batstone, spinster of Yarcombe [Marked "B"]
Edward Tucker of Upottery [Marked "T"]
Ann Clark, widow of Honiton [Signed]
Elizabeth Tonken of Honiton [Marked "T"]
Daniel Haydon of Sidbury [Marked "H"]
Catherine Haydon, wife of Daniel Haydon of Sidbury [Marked "H"]
William Francis of Honiton [Marked "F"]
Daniel Acreman of Honiton [Marked "A"]
Lewis Mogford of Branscombe [Marked "M"]
William Baxter of Upottery [Marked "B"]
Hugh Lewes, clerk of Broadhembury [Signed]
John Fouracres (Fowraker) of Kentisbeare [Signed]
Thomas Hewes, gent of Honiton [Signed]
Susanna Terleat of Honiton [Marked "T"]
John Kerslake of Honiton [Signed]
John Hockins of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Rebecca Harward, wife of Thomas Harward of Plymtree [Signed]
Prudence Sumpter, wife of Thomas Sumpter of Cullompton [Signed]
John Thorn (Thorne) of Buckerell [Signed]
Thomas Oake of Honiton [Signed]
James Bussell of Colyton [Signed]
Ann Bussell of Colyton [Marked "B"]
John Marwood of Colyton [Signed]
John Skarr of Colyton [Signed]
Jonathan Leighton of Colyton [Signed]
Robert Tucker of Colyton [Marked "T"]
Hannah Bagwell of Colyton [Marked "B"]
Thomasine Salter of Colyton [Marked "S"]
Mary Hatson of Colyton [Marked "H"]
George Hart of Colyton [Signed]
Daniel Toup of Colyton [Marked "T"]
Edward Pullen of Colyton [Marked "P"]
John Restadick of Colyton [Marked]
Francis Bagwell of Colyton [Signed]
Francis White of Colyton [Marked "W"]
William Molleings (Mollings) of Colyton [Signed]
Mary Gaitch, wife of Benjamin Gaitch of Axmouth [Marked "M"]
Sarah Restorick, wife of John Restorick of Axmouth [Marked "R"]
Prudence Cross, wife of William Cross of Axmouth [Marked "C"]
Argenton Stocker of Colyton [Signed]
Richard Stokes of Colyton [Signed]
Daniel Power of Colyton [Not signed]
John Swetland of Colyton [Marked "S"]
Peter Blackaller jun of Colyton [Signed]
John Bond of Colyton [Not signed]
Charles Warren of Colyton [Signed]
Peter Tilman of Colyton [Signed]
Thomas Clinch of Colyton [Signed]
James Ford of Colyton [Signed]
Charles Warren of Colyton [Not signed]
Aaron Wishlade of Colyton [Signed]
Abraham Swayne of Colyton [Signed]
Mary Gatcomb, widow of Colyton [Signed]
Edmund Putt of Gittisham [Signed]
Mathew Escot (Escott) of Payhembury [Signed]
Mary Cass, wife of George Cass of Honiton [Signed, signature unclear.]
Edmund Trent of Culmstock [Signed]
Henry Carew, clerk of Membury [Signed]
Maximilian Wolcot, clerk of Cotleigh [Signed]
George Chorley (Churley) of Culmstock [Signed]
Nicholas Harris, clerk of Culmstock [Signed]
Christopher Gillard of Culmstock [Marked "G"]
Joseph Ewens of Upottery [Marked "E"]
Mary Macey, spinster of Hemyock [Marked "M"]
Joseph Morgan of Churchstanton [Marked "M"]
Mary Pulman, widow of Broadhembury [Marked "P"]
Henry Rugg of Uffculme [Marked "R"]
William Donne of Uffculme [Marked "D"]
Edward Osmond of Uffculme [Marked "O"]
Nicholas Dodge of Uffculme [Marked "D"]
Humphrey Wood of Uffculme [Marked "W"]
Zachary Helliar of Upottery [Marked "H"]
Martha Bishop, widow of Payhembury [Marked "B"]
Edward Shobrook of Hemyock [Marked "S"]
Ann Pratt, wife of Robert Pratt of Clyst Hydon [Marked "P"]
Joseph Ham of Upottery [Marked "H"]
Samuel Ham of Upottery [Marked "H"]
Thomas Snook of Upottery [Marked "S"]
Simon Mathews of Upottery [Marked "M"]
George Cox of Upottery [Marked "C"]
William Loosemore of Upottery [Marked "L"]
Robert Gerrade of Upottery [Marked "G"]
Stephen Taylor of Upottery [Marked "T"]
John Clapp of Upottery [Marked "C"]
Hannah Hodder, widow of Upottery [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Salter of Upottery [Marked "S"]
Gideon North of Upottery [Marked "N"]
Lawrence Palmer of Feniton [Marked "P"]
John Lane of Yarcombe [Marked "L"]
Thomas Harden of Upottery [Marked "H"]
Julian Harden, spinster of Upottery [Marked "H"]
Edward Batstone of Yarcombe [Marked "B"]
Abigail Long, widow of Honiton [Marked "L"]
Hannah Pumroy, wife of William Pumroy of Gittisham [Marked "P"]
Eleanor Warren, spinster of Upottery [Marked "W"]
Alice Warren, spinster of Upottery [Marked "W"]
John Baker of Sheldon [Marked "B"]
Sarah Ham, spinster of Luppitt [Marked "H"]
Philip Gould of Feniton [Marked "G"]
James Bishop (Bishopp) of Feniton [Marked "B"]
James Holway of Hemyock [Marked "H"]
John Mogridge of Awliscombe [Marked "M"]
William Lock of Harberton [Signed]
Elisha Bennet of Harberton [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Osmond, wife of Thomas Osmond of Harberton [Marked "E"]
Robert Hutchins of Combe Raleigh [Marked "H"]
Martha Hilson, wife of Mathew Hilson of Honiton [Marked "H"]
Margaret Rugg, widow of Shute [Marked "R"]
Eleanor Huntly, widow of Honiton [Marked "H"]
John Smith of Shute [Marked "S"]
Susanna Richards, widow of Honiton [Marked "R"]
Mary Clapp, spinster of Honiton [Marked "C"]
Thomas Deem of Farway [Signed]
Ciprian Moore of Payhembury [Marked "M"]
Catherine Tidbury of Honiton [Marked "T"]
John Seaward of Upottery [Marked "S"]
Hannah Hobburd, wife of John Hobburd of Honiton [Marked "H"]
Alice Edwards, wife of Joseph Edwards of Honiton [Marked "E"]
Mary Hussey of Upottery [Marked "H"]
Daniel Hingston of Upottery [Not signed]
William Newberry of Upottery [Marked "N"]
John Broomfield of Hemyock [Marked "B"]
Susanna Bampfield, wife of Thomas Bampfield of Awliscombe [Marked "B"]
Thomas Deeme of Awliscombe [Signed]
John Davy of Awliscombe [Marked "D"]
Mary Brown, widow of Awliscombe [Marked "B"]
Nathaniel Pring of Awliscombe [Marked "P"]
John Serle of Awliscombe [Signed]
John Pring of Awliscombe [Marked "P"]
Henry Pring of Awliscombe [Marked "P"]
John Speed of Widworthy [Marked "S"]
James Sanders of Gittisham [Marked]